Just yesterday the Nexus 4, 5, 7, and 10 all received their first nightlies for CyanogenMod 11. Now KitKat-flavored builds are rolling out for a slew of additional devices. The team has shared a list of devices with incoming nightlies, and while it isn't yet an exhaustive list, it does include multiple variants of the HTC One (m7att, m7spr, m7tmo, m7ul) and LG G2 (d800, d801, d802), as well as the international Galaxy SIII (i9300).


The full list of devices is available below.

Devices that have (or will soon have) CyanogenMod 11 nightlies as of December 6, 11:10am PST:

  • apexqtmo
  • crespo
  • d800
  • d801
  • d802
  • deb
  • dlx
  • dogo
  • e975
  • e980
  • evita
  • exhilarate
  • flo
  • galaxysbmtd
  • galaxysmtd
  • grouper
  • hammerhead
  • hercules
  • i9300
  • m7att
  • m7spr
  • m7tmo
  • m7ul
  • maguro
  • mako
  • manta
  • mb886
  • mint
  • odin
  • pollux
  • pollux_windy
  • serrano3gxx
  • serranoltexx
  • superior
  • t0lte (Int’l)
  • tilapia
  • toroplus
  • toro
  • tsubasa
  • ville
  • xt897
  • xt897c
  • xt907
  • xt925
  • xt926
  • yuga

These devices are all marked to have builds produced, but they're not all yet available. The buildbots are currently cranking them out, and if your nightly isn't up yet, just check back later.

Of course, you might want to hold off before pulling the trigger. These are fresh files, and there's always the chance you will run into issues that have yet to be discovered. But if you are the adventurous type, or you have a backup device lying around, the official Gapps page has been updated. You know what to do.

Source: CyanogenMod

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  • PetKa

    ville gets it and endeavoru not? C'mon guys!

    • German Leon Azzi

      no one should be blamed but HTC, for not releasing SENSE5 kernel sources as they promised. As long as we dont have these sources, it is unlikely that CM11 will get to endeavoru, amid its declining modding community :(

    • epsiblivion

      nightlies dont' meean a stable release. we haven't got one since 10.1!

  • arc07693

    There's already an M1 snapshot for grouper

    • Franco Rossel

      There's snapshots for all relevant Nexus devices.

  • Brad

    CM should just compile AOSP builds for all of the devices throughout the process..

  • eric1743

    I find it frustrating that xt-926 (CDMA Razr HD) is getting 11 nightlies but they haven't gotten the 10.2 stable pushed out yet.

    • http://revanmj.pl/ Michał Jakubowski

      Getting nightlies of the new versions doesn't mean releasing stable compilation of the previous one - Samsung smartphones with Exynos usually stayed on nightiles and never got stable releases (besides those based on an Android version released by Samsung). Same thing may happen here.

      • Scott

        We have a stable CM10.1.3 build. I don't see how we don't have a stable 10.2

        • http://revanmj.pl/ Michał Jakubowski

          Doesn't matter. CM10.1 is based on Android 4.1 and 10.2 on 4.2. Having stable version of the previous version has nothing to do with getting stable compilation of the new one. Those are different under the hood and this often requires new drivers or some hacks for the OS to work properly. Because drivers are priopertary (this is a problem especially on CDMA devices) you can't do much without OEM releasing new ones. And CM team won't promote one version to stable channel just because new one arrived. It has to be stable and free of major bugs for this to happen.

          • Scott

            Well your first sentence is totally wrong. So yeah. My point is that 4.3 isn't that different from 4.2 and seeing we have a stable 4.2...

          • http://revanmj.pl/ Michał Jakubowski

            I just told you - just because you don't see many differences between 4.3 and 4.2 doesn't mean there aren't any major ones. 4.3 changed many things in graphics for example but you don't see that. Changes are under the hood. And they may require changes in drivers and libs. And since your OEM didn't release official 4.3 update, there are no drivers and libs for it. That means tampering with older ones and placing some hacks to make them work which takes time.

            Simple example - I thought CM 10.x for SGSII was good enough to become stable version. But it had a bug in emergency calling which I didn't know about because I never used this. This resulted in no stable version for a long time (as had had something to do with Samsung proprietary files which could be changed only by Samsung). Even now only CM 10.1 is stable SGSII as newest update from Samsung for it is Android 4.1. Same thing may apply here - there some serious bug you don't about that prevents CM team from promoting 10.2 version to stable channel.

          • Daffa Romero

            I'm sorry, but your second sentence is totally wrong. CM 10.1 is based on Android 4.2 and 10.2 on Android 4.3. While CM 10.0 is based on Android 4.1. Although, the GT-P3100 never received 10.2 Stable. Only 10.2 Nightly. That's what i'm using, tho. Can't wait for CM 11 Nightly.

    • Bob Etta

      Same thing for my t769 (Samsung Galaxy s blaze). The last stable is 10.0.

  • mustbepbs

    DNA build is broken today :(

  • JohanBoskamp

    Well that was it for CM 10.2, was on the stable for 3 days :)

    • Mike Reid

      LOL. ;)

      Flash much ?

  • David Marion

    WHAT? No CM11 for *insert device name here*?

    Chill out guys...

  • dudldu

    i've just installed the nightly for crespo. i recommend you to not use the cm updater. make sure you have installed the latest version of your recovery. download and flash the cm11 rom and the google apps zip for cm11. i did also a wipe. i wasn't able to delete icons or widgets from the homescreen in tribuchet but you can still switch to GEL or install nova. the rest works pretty good

  • dudldu

    ... sry... for grouper not crespo ;)

  • Aniel

    Come on seriously, wheres the note 3.

    • Alberto Blasi

      just a genuine question: why should one use CM instead of the official ROM on a device that is built around the pen use? Afaik AOSP doesn't support the stylus properly, does it?

      • Thomas Lovett

        For some the CM benefits outweigh the pen benefits.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I don't ever use the pen, for instance.

      • https://plus.google.com/u/0/112976023578135276498 KryptonStudio

        I like Note 3, but I don't care about the pen...

  • Logan B.

    D801 finally has a CM build! Much excite!

  • tuseer
  • Simon Belmont

    Yeah. The GSM Galaxy Nexus has an official CM11 nightly now.

    Check it out: http://download.cyanogenmod.org/get/jenkins/50308/cm-11-20131206-NIGHTLY-maguro.zip .

  • Кристиян Атанасов

    Been using these CM11 nightlies for about 2 weeks now on my crespo. But the ones, the Kang guys are compiling (also known as KitKang ROM) :3 Amazing breathe of fresh air for my old phone. It's unbelievable and frustrating how 4.4 behaves on my 512 RAM dinosaur, it's like 5-6 times faster than the official Google releases, even from the latest stable 4.3 CM release. I just can't believe how manufacturers, deliberately leave out old devices, making the user to feel they are too old for the new software (while they're obviously NOT), and buy a new one. Yes, I realize my phone is really old now, but I like it and if it doesn't break in my hands from usage, I don't wanna change it. So God bless all the ROM guys out there for keepin'it real. :}

  • Renato Paredes Araújo

    I ve been using an unofficial cyanogen 11 nightly for i9300 without issues for some time now.

  • Stanley Chan

    Would like to know if the CM 11 will have google search home like N5?

    Anyone that have already installed CM 11please, post home screen shots...

  • Aki I.

    Hercules lives on.!!

  • Ixil

    I will happily await a d2att release. In the mean time I will randomly install random ROMs. :-)

  • Paul

    WHAT? No CM11 for Sprint LG G2

    • Daffa Romero

      You might wanna wait for it. Just be patient. Like me on my GT-P3100. No CM 11 for now.

  • a


    Thank you, CM. Fuck you, Google.

    • lucas710

      Um? without Google there would be no Android for CM to mod. LOL

  • Alberto Blasi

    best news is CM 11 for my Find 5 is coming next

  • GuilhermeMendes

    is there a way to enable pie controls in cm 11?

  • Crispin Swickard

    I now have 4.4.1 on my Galaxy Nexus before my N5... Other than the fact that I currently connect to google services this is an amazing feat. Good work on Cyanogen's part. :)

    • mauswe

      Can one update galaxy nexus from 10.2 without doing a fresh install?

      • Crispin Swickard

        I did without any problems using the just by going into CyanogenMod updates on the phone. I did have to reflash the GApps package since I wasn't getting connectivity to the Google Services. Otherwise it runs great.

        • mauswe

          I tried that but it tells me that the system is up to date. Well I'll wait and see. Thank you.

          • Crispin Swickard

            Make sure to change the update type option to "All versions (incl. Nightlies)" otherwise it wont show on the default option.

          • mauswe

            I think the problem is that I don't have the cyanogen update menu at all. Only the "stock" update menu. My friend with cm had that other update menu.

          • Crispin Swickard

            You probably used the installer app then. It does not have the update option for some reason. It would need to probably be flashed to one of the regular CM roms to give you the option. I don't know why the CM installer versions are like that. I don't know how they intend people to go to newer builds exactly..

          • klementes

            When you installed CM 11 via the official CyanogenMod updates, did you loose all your data (apps, pictures, saved games)?

  • https://plus.google.com/106261148188435264925/about Aaron Echols

    Asus tf700t is up for cm-11.0 now. :)

  • mbidd

    Is CM 11 ready for lenovo ideapad k1?

  • Daffa Romero

    There's one thing i don't understand. Why does hammerhead (Nexus 5), the phone that DOESN'T NEED CM 11 AT ALL, HAS A CM 11?

  • Bob Etta

    I just want to know: is it worth it to get the latest thing and deal with bugs on my only phone, or stick with a 10.0 stable release on my t769?