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Version 5.3 of the Google Play Music app is flying out to Android devices right now, bringing with it... not a lot, actually. A quick look inside reveals bolded "Listen Now" text in the slide-out menu, a version update to 5.3.1316M, and not much else. But as usual, our hyper-intelligent cloud of futuristic swarming nanobots is pouring over the APK file, and there's plenty to be excited about.

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What's New?

Update: Commenter Nick Saulino spotted what we didn't: there is indeed an option to save downloaded music to the SD card or internal storage. The option doesn't appear if your device has no external storage. (That's what you get for testing apps on a Nexus device.)

original 2013-12-05 15.12.16

A guest commenter also noted that a standard share menu has been added to each track and album.

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Update: The update is live in the Play Store. Here's the full changelog:

What's New


  • SD card support for offline music on KitKat (Experimental support on some older devices)
  • Added ability to shuffle all songs from an artist in All Access
  • Made it easy to share links of songs, artists and albums to your favorite social networks

This isn't a full teardown, but here are a few things hinted at in the new code for Google Play Music 5.3:

  • SD card downloads for All Access and/or cloud music

    <string name="sdcard_internal_storage_long">Internal (on this device)</string>

    <string name="sdcard_external_storage">%1$s %2$s External</string>

  • Sound Search playlists within Google Music

    <string name="sound_search_card_title">Sound search playlist</string>

    <string name="sound_search_card_content">"Hear a song you like while you're out and about? Tap the microphone on your home screen. Google Play identifies the song and adds it to the Sound Search playlist."</string>

  • Broader user interface changes


  • Music URL sharing

    <string name="music_url_share_activity_picker_title">Share via</string>

    <string name="music_url_track_no_result">Track currently unavailable</string>

  • Coupon support

    <string name="coupon_status_ok">Coupon redeemed</string>

    <string name="coupon_status_invalid">Coupon invalid</string>

Again, none of these new features are actually on display in the new version of the app - in fact we're hard-pressed to see any significant changes beyond the aforementioned text tweak. We'll have a comprehensive teardown post later today. If you'd like to see for yourself, check out our downloads below. The Play Store should be auto-updating to everyone over the next week or so.


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

File name: com.google.android.music-5.3.1316M.934206

Version: Android 2.3+

MD5: 1c9dd0bc789785870fea6d5754db5f88

Thanks, Steven Zeck!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Wazzifer

    You can now share albums/tracks to other apps rather than just Google+. Granted it is just a link that takes you to the track on the web or in app, but it is about damn time.

  • http://gplus.to/rjv Roger V

    I'd love to start seeing a more social aspect to GPMAA. One of the biggest things I miss from Spotify is the shared/collaborative playlists. I know you can share playlists on GPMAA, but searching/finding them is a huge pain.

    • Mr E

      I don't particularly care for a "social" aspect, but having better playlists and/or the ability to combine multiple artists/songs/etc into a single radio station would be great.

  • Nick Saulino

    This is great!

    • jammer

      Maybe I'll finally be able to upgrade to the latest version. I've been holding out since they removed this functionality.

      • blahmoomoo

        EDIT: Ignore me. Stupid Disqus not loading images when clicking on new comments.

        • Mr E

          So the setting is actually there now, but it doesn't do anything?

          • blahmoomoo

            I didn't see the image because Disqus fails to load images when you load new replies without refreshing the page. Wish they'd fix that...

          • Kevin Kintner

            It is there and it works, I have already tested it on my phone. I cleared all Music data and pinned an album and it downloaded to my external SD card in the AndroidData folder just like it would have on the internal storage.

          • Mr E


      • MattE303

        SO happy to see this! What a pleasant surprise after support told me "no way, it isn't gonna happen, it's a licensing issue". I too was blocking updates after the version with the "hack", and was getting ready to root just so I could use Music2SD. The feature works great on my Galaxy S3 (Verizon). The update nuked all my pinned music files, but it remembered what I had pinned and automatically downloaded the files again.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Nice, looks like Jeremiah's phone doesn't have an SD card, so the option didn't show up. He's updating the post now.

      • Mr E

        Pfft, phones w/o sd cards FTL :-P

        • fixxmyhead

          Not everyone needs a crap load of storage. The only reason why I would need more is for more porn cuz I'm running low due to that fact. Otherwise I'm good

          • John Smith

            Recommendation: Point-Of-View porn on a mobile device is actually pretty damn exciting ! pffft now I can't stand up at work. Thanks a lot for making me think about it :-/ :->

    • c_topher_v


      At first the option was grayed out for me. I tried unpinning my music and clearing cache in the Settings portion of the app, but that didn't work. I then went into App Info and cleared Data and Cache and Force stopped. When I opened the app up again the settings to download to SD card was then active.

      This is HUGE!

      Running Verizon S3 on 4.1.2

      • http://profiles.google.com/thelolotov Jacob Davis

        Didn't work for me, unfortunately. Using a Droid 4 running CM11.

        • Merri Mogridge

          Didn't work for me either. I'm on 4.3 on a HTC Sensation. I don't even have the option at all, just the 5 ones that have always been there.

        • nitropilot

          Try doing a force stop on google play music after the update. Having a droid M, my system automatically stopped Google Play and then restarted it. But some models you may have to force stop manually. Then again, this is a limited release so I'm sure many people have to wait.

          • http://profiles.google.com/thelolotov Jacob Davis

            I sideloaded the update myself, I know I have it. I also FCed after clearing data. I'm pretty sure it has to do more with the fact that I'm running CM11.

      • RajivSK

        Thanks, worked for me. (GS4 running 4.4GE rom)

      • Jon

        Worked for me straight away. International S4 i9505 on 4.2.2.

        A question though: What happens with the previous internal cache? Does it get moved? Wiped? Redownloaded?

        • nitropilot

          I unpinned all my previous musice/playlists and then repinned them. They were removed from my internal storage and put on my SD card. Although I would definitely suggest doing that when you are not using your phone. Maybe overnight because if you have a lot of music it takes up a lot of, well, everything.

    • Hayden Andrew

      Works for me. (Samsung Galaxy S4 - 4.2.2)

    • Joshua Hill

      What device?

  • Kaemo

    Uhm, there appears to be several Google apps waiting for updates.

    Calendar is one of them.

    • Spasillium

      Along with Gmail, Search, Hangouts, Books, Newsstand, Drive, Quickoffice, Wallet, Helpouts, One Today, Fiber, and Places for Business.

      More than likely it's a description change or something small on most of them which is lame. I wish Google would change it so the update date stays the same unless an actual update to the app itself is submitted.

  • PhoenixPath

    Sound Search playlists...

    I've been waiting for this one. Awesome!

    • Nightfall

      I still don't see the sound search playlist in the app :-(

  • Ivan

    I have a question.. To have Radio, do you need to have All Access? :-)

    • Wazzifer


  • Kevin Kohrman

    About time, I have maxed out my internal

  • Akshay

    It's not that they just bolded "Listen Now"... Whatever category you select is bolded (i.e. My Playlist, etc.)... I have a feeling that, knowing Google, this design convention will eventually spread to all of its Play apps.

  • Lackmann

    There's share via Bluetooth on the picture. Would you be able to share the songs bought in Google Play or just a link?

    • http://profiles.google.com/thelolotov Jacob Davis

      Just a link.

  • Alex James Simon

    Will this finally allow other music players such as Poweramp and Neutron to play Google Music stored songs

    • http://profiles.google.com/thelolotov Jacob Davis

      No. I don't believe so, unfortunately.

    • Jonathan Seymour

      Hound the music app devs for this. DoubleTwist has this ability, so it must be implementable.

  • http://www.deadware.org/blog Riccardo B. Desantis

    No option to set the storage location on the LG L3 I'm using as a MP3 player :( what was I expecting? ;_;

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    I'm guessing Sharing is only between All Access subscribers?

    • b0b

      Sharing only works for cloud stored tracks, All access or not.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

        It's lame that if you have it stored locally AND in the cloud it won't let you do that, nor play it onto Chromecast.

        • benjdm

          This update doesn’t fix that?

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            Not for sharing. I haven't checked Chromecast yet.

      • http://about.me/jovanphilip Jovan Philip

        More like sharing only works with bought-from-the-store tracks. I don't have the option to share my uploaded-to-the-cloud tracks

        • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

          That sucks.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Woohoo! Awesome external SD news! Google IS listening (sometimes).

    Now I can say goodbye to the "Music2SD" Xposed module, which was the main reason I installed Xposed in the first place.

    edit: I hope external SD support STAYS this time, since it used to be there (as a hidden feature) and was then removed.

  • Dyzo Bandit

    I just want to be able to create an instant mix using music stored on the device! Subway riders want mixes, too.

    • Nightfall

      I could do this before I signed up for GPMAA. Did they remove this?

  • Shaques

    So, will this automatically move the song's I've previously downloaded to the device through play music or do I have to erase and redownload? Haven't seen a change in available space yet.

    • George Millhouse

      it moved my music on its own

    • MattE303

      sounds like it will move it for you if your files were on internal storage. If you were using the SD card hack/backdoor from several versions ago, it will redownload, at least that was my experience.

  • Mike Gomez

    can anyone tell me why none of the new features are showing up on my Galaxy Player 3.6? i downloaded APK, cleared app cache and all app data, uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing seems to be working. HELP ME!!!!

    • Ambroos

      Well... Gingerbread might be the reason. It's really a dated platform and Google is trying to move away from it. Understandably.

  • enoch861

    How about they fix crashing when casting to Chromecasts? Or I'm I the only one having that issue?

  • bogedy

    if i download this, will it link to the market and get updates?

    • Merri Mogridge

      Yes it will!

  • JazzEspresso

    I got updates all my devices; weird part, two of my tablest has SD cards, but don't see SD card option. However, on my Galaxy S III which has also SD card, can able to see SD card option. This must be something to do with phone versus tablet - SD card option only visible if you have phone/data and it has sd card slot...

    hope some others can confirm the above...I am quite disappointed!

  • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

    Next thing they should do is to make all of the action menus consistent. If you press on an action menu for an album on one screen, it should give the same options as pressing that menu on any other screen.

    For example:

    1) Go to the side menu and select "Playlists"
    2) Press the little action menu button for one of your playlists
    3) You'll see the following options: Add to queue, Keep on device, Add to playlist, Delete
    4) Press on the playlist itself to open it up
    5) Press the action menu button again in this screen
    6) You get: Shuffle, Add to playlist, Add to queue, Delete

    Why do these menus change so much? I find it really difficult to remember which particular menu has which particular options.

  • Jonathan Seymour

    No external storage option for me on galaxy s2 as usual. Freakin useless...

    • Dan

      Using no-name chinese phone with microsd, also no such option

  • Joshua Hill

    This SUCKS!

    Move to SD doesn't work on my SGS2, option not available. Google mentions in the app description the option is Kit Kat only and some experimental devices??? WTF

    • Jonathan Seymour

      Even kit-kat on the S2 it doesn't work. Complete bull.

      • Joshua Hill

        Ummm not sure what you are trying to say above man, might need an edit. S2 is still officially only 4.1.2. I'm currently running slim bean 4.3 and will upgrade once 4.4 builds are more stable.

        Are saying you have a 4.4 ROM installed on an S2 and it still doesn't work? If so do you have a greyed out option like others have reported because I don't even have that?

        • Jonathan Seymour

          Yes, S2 on custom 4.4 rom. No option, not even greyed out option.

          • Joshua Hill

            Totally lame Google. I can't see any reason why this feature should be available for some devices and not others. Seriously considering whether this service is worth my ongoing fee!

          • Jonathan Seymour

            My only thinking is that is has to do with the way it accesses the external sd. The way SGS2's are formatted you can't create a symbolic link to send things to the extsd. This was a hack a lot of people found to work, but due to the format of the SGS2 sd card it doesn't work on our device.

          • Joshua Hill

            Damn, I had suspected this may be the case but hadn't researched it. Google should really standardise the drive file formats for both internal and external storage.

          • Yoann Sampol

            You can move your songs on its external Sd with this trick, using symbolic link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1785245

            I used this successfully for months on my S2 (i9100g) but I don't have the new option in Google Music either on my S2 with CM10.2...)

    • Jon

      Try to delete the data and clear the cache...Someone got it working that way.

      • Joshua Hill

        Unfortunately storage location doesn't even appear. It's not greyed out like other users that have used that fix have reported. I'm not the only S2 user to have mentioned this. Also as I originally stated Google does explicitly mention in the Google Music app description that SD option is only for Kit Kat and some experimental devices. Thanks for the helphelp anyway.

  • brnpttmn

    BAH! They add a dedicated shuffle button to artists, but not for playlists!

  • SorinDobrin

    If you want offline Google music saved on your sd card , you can do it with Xposed framework and Music2sd module. You need ROOT.

    • Nightfall

      Now you don't need to do this.

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php rarely online

    And still no good music available.

    • George Millhouse

      maybe for YOU

    • MattE303

      everything I've wanted has been there, including all the euro symphonic metal bands I like. Your tastes must be wildly esoteric!

  • Nam Dang

    Worked on my HTC One, still on 4.1.2 (Japanese version sucks)

  • George Millhouse

    as soon as I chose external sd card it started to move all the music over right away. No need to delete and redownload all the music again. Nice job Google!

    • George Millhouse

      Note 3 btw

  • Stooloots

    So if I press the share button, GPMAA opens the Facebook share page straight away, without allowing to choose another sharing option, not even G+. Has anyone else faced the same issue? Thanks! Nexus 7 2013 stock android 4.4

    • Nightfall

      I think that's a bug with 4.4. 4.4.1 should fix this.

  • Franklin7777

    Droid RAZR Maxx here, no support for SD... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • http://mavi222.deviantart.com/gallery/ Mavi

    ZTE Blade doesn't have the option for SD card :( it is sad day.

  • nitropilot

    It is awesome. One simple change in my settings and now my music is stored on my SD card. the description said that it would only work in Kitcat and older phones. Apparently I have an "older" phone, which is the Motorola RAZR droid M....that I got 6 months ago. So if you think your phone is too new to use the update, I would definitely check it out anyway!!!

  • John

    Share option for non subscribers has been disabled :-(