If you've ever looked at your Android keyboard and thought, "Man, that thing is just too opaque," then this is a big day for you. Fleksy keyboard has left beta and is available for download in Google Play. This alternative input method uses aggressive autocorrect and gestures to do away with much of the keyboard UI – even making it completely transparent.

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Fleksy seems to be one of those things that either works for you or doesn't – Not a lot of middle ground. You just start typing, and even if you completely miss some letters, Fleksy is often able to figure it out. Thus, you can make the keyboard transparent and mash the kind of right keys and get real words. New languages are on the way as well, according to the Fleksy blog.

I checked out Fleksy when it was in beta, and felt like it had some potential. Your mileage may vary, but many of the recent reviews are solid. It's free, so it can't hurt to give it a shot.

[Fleksy Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    I like the idea of a semi-transparent keyboard, not necessarily completely invisible.

  • Trent Russell

    so the two biggest things that are bothering me are the placement of the backspace key and the sensitivity of the swipe-for-space. I can't seem to get it right every time and i end up with this huge string of characters, and unlike swiftkey, it can't correct for that.

    • Chris Ford

      You can swap the backspace and enter keys in the advanced settings menu.

      • Trent Russell


  • Stanley Chan

    Ive tryed, really do. But I cant , just cant use this keyboard.

    Ill keep with the old way google keyboard.

  • Chris Ford

    It's only free for a month. After that, it's $3.99

    • TerrenceT

      How you get this information?

      • Chris Ford

        Go into the settings for Fleksy. At the very top, it says "Upgrade from Trial Trial expires on: 1/4/2014" Tapping on that takes you to a Play Store purchase screen for $3.99.

  • miri

    Tried it. Pretty spiffy, but after getting used to Google's gesture typing, I can't go back to hunting and pecking.

    • ithehappy

      Now get used with Swype.

  • sweenish

    It's super pretty, and pretty accurate. However, I don't like the asking price at all.

  • Dwayne

    I know individual mileage varies, but for me this was awful...I'll hang with swiftkey, thanks.

  • didibus

    This keyboard is very nicely done. Everything feels polished and well thought of. The settings menu is the best keyboard settings I've seen, easy to navigate and understand. I'm not sure I am convinced about the keyboard concept itself. I type slower than when swiping, and it requires two hands. If they added swiping to it, I would be more interested. I like the mini form factor of the keyboard, but I don't understand the point of the no keys one. I thought it was going to be transparent so that I could see the app under it, but it doesn't, it's just white.

    • Brendan

      The whole key to this keyboard is that everything is fast. Instead of trying to slide t do a space, try just flicking from left to right. You should feel a noticeable improvement.

      Also, that must be a phone issue if you can't see under the transparent keyboard, as that's what it's designed for and it works for me.

      • didibus

        It's fast, but not as fast as swiping is for me. Also, swiping requires almost zero concentration from me, can be used one handed, and puts less stress on my wrists and fingers. But most annoying, is if you need to perform precise edits or typing. Like URLs are pretty hard to input with Fleksy. Or going back into a long text and fixing mistakes is difficult. I love it's polish though. It also lacks my natvie language for now, and I'm waiting to see how it deals with multilanguage, if I have to switch between both, or it can be smart enough to auto correct from one to the other.

        It's funny that the transparency didn't work for me. Nexus 4 running KitKat.

        • Brendan

          Works for my on my HTC One.

  • The Guest

    Good neat keyboard but for not me coz I'm so into swiftkey & samsung stock's one.

    • aritra

      samsung stock one is the best one!

  • Ric

    Swiftkey is finally getting some competition.. this isn't bad but Magic Keyboard 2 and Kii are a lot better.

    • Ric

      Actually after a bit more playing, there are more than a few problems with it. The prediction could be a _lot_ better.