It's that time again - Google has pushed out an update to the Play Store with plenty of enticing new features. We've got the APK, so after a brief rundown of some of the more notable features (we'll scour the APK in the coming days for any hidden goodies), we'll give you a link to download the app for yourself.

What's New?

One of the most exciting features packed into the 4.5.10 update is an indicator for in-app purchases. This seems to be more of a binary yes-or-no indicator (it won't give you insight into cost or quantity of IAPs), but it's great to see some kind of indication of whether the app you're about to download will be asking you to make further transactions.


The update also brings some tweaks to the review process and its related layouts. First, the Play Store's got a new layout for viewing your own review, and a large five-star selector if you've yet to rate an app. There's also an explicit "Edit" button, which should make the ability to edit your review a little more obvious.

Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-02-16 Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-01-04

Unlike previous versions of the Play Store, 4.5.10 allows users to delete their reviews as well. Oh, and the stars have been changed too - they're now green, sans outline, and a bit sharper. Update: We didn't catch this originally, but it turns out the stars are colored according to what category they belong to - Books has blue stars, Movies & TV has red stars, etc. Thanks Nicholas for pointing this out!

Across all reviews (your own included), avatar images are now encapsulated in circles rather than squares. This is a small touch, but brings the app a little closer to its web counterpart.

Elsewhere, some information and typography (related to devices, users' names, and versions) have been adjusted. Check out the comparison images below - on the left is 4.4.22, on the right is the new version.

Screenshot_2013-12-05-21-01-33 Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-01-27

Screenshot_2013-12-05-21-04-44 Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-04-38

Another addition to the Play Store is an activity feed. Essentially, the Play Store will now allow you to view and share a stream of your Play Store activity with others, all connected to your Google+ profile. This feed will show your +1s, ratings, etc. and allow you to click through to G+ profiles as well.

Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-06-30 Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-06-44 Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-14-05

The Play Store is also a bit more forward in providing recommendations and encouraging users to rate items, offering up items with huge star selectors to enhance the store's suggestions for future content. To further aid you in discovering new apps or games that you'll like, the Play Store will include items rated by your G+ contacts, and will float those contacts' reviews to the top in individual listings.

Screenshot_2013-12-06-02-29-32 Screenshot_2013-12-06-01-38-01

File Size History

  • com.android.vending-4.0.27.apk 5.89 MB (6,181,458 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.1.6.apk 5.75 MB (6,036,474 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.1.10.apk 5.76 MB (6,040,792 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.2.3.apk 5.76 MB (6,046,580 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.2.9.apk 5.84 MB (6,129,144 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.3.10.apk 5.75 MB (6,036,657 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.3.11.apk 5.75 MB (6,038,575 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.4.21.apk 5.84 MB (6,126,172 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.4.22.apk 5.84 MB (6,126,834 bytes)
  • com.android.vending-4.5.10.apk 6.62 MB (6,951,714 bytes)


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing Play Store. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take weeks, download and install it just like any other APK and enjoy the new Play Store experience.

Thanks Santiago Rosales, and thanks to Joseph Bellone for the APK!

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • coolscrotie

    I'd loooove to have a "gift" feature where i could gift another google user an app/song/whatever. I pay, the one that gets the gift gets a notification and can choose to install/download whatever

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      This is one of the features that everyone's been asking for for a very long time and for whatever reason, Google just hasn't implemented it yet. I'd love to have it too.

      • hairyback

        It's strange that. You would think that would generate a lot of income for them. I know for myself I would have spent so much money on this already.

      • mustbepbs

        Well look how long it took them to give Gmail the ability to empty your spam and trash!

        Google is on their own damn time.

        • squiddy20

          Wut? The "ability to empty your spam and trash" has been there since Gmail was started. It's a basic feature of any email provider.

          The ability to export your Gmail and Calendar data on the other hand, is new.

          • mustbepbs

            I'm talking about the app.

    • Kwills88

      i always wonder what was the point of us having a wishlist if we can't share it with others and have them buy us stuff from it...should just rename it to bookmarks.

      • teolinux

        "... and have them buy us stuff..."
        You're such a gold digger :P ;)

      • http://j.mp/scottbeamer Scott Beamer

        Who says you have to share a wishlist? I don't share my Amazon wishlist with anyone?

      • Miner55

        I agree, people could buy me Minecraft PE instead of some idiotic board games

    • mrjayviper

      One area where the apple app store is ahead

      • Sir_Brizz

        The only major way, really.

        • mrjayviper

          not sure about that. I can easily change my "home" country in the Appstore. Doesn't seemed as easy on the Google ecosystem.

          reason for this? some apps are only available in other countries. say US only. or perhaps music which is not license to where I am now.

          • Sir_Brizz

            All you're saying here is that the App Store lets you break your local laws more easily than the Play Store. I don't think that is much of an argument. I absolutely hate regional barriers as well with digital content, but that's not much of an excuse to skirt them.

          • mrjayviper

            still an advantage and I'm not breaking local laws? maybe Apple Appstore policy? :)

          • Sir_Brizz

            Chances are good there is a legal reason that content is not available in your area.

    • Android Developer

      I'd also love to have the "gift" feature.
      I'd also like to have one that tells me when the app is finally available to be downloaded and installed on my device, since some apps are temporarily unavailable for some countries/devices.
      It might also be nice to be notified of price cuts on apps you've chosen that you wish you had them.

      • Lumi

        Yeah, I think that price cut notifications for items on the wishlist should be on every single wishlist ever~

      • https://plus.google.com/106721695871122826476/posts?hl=en Aja Hemphill

        I do like the idea of a price monitor function... and of course the gift function as well.

      • Azeem Butt

        hello android developer can you help me please whenever i open google paly store its going suddenly stuck my phone please help me i reinstall it many time and also reset my fone but still same problem

  • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

    Haha, I have Ian Douglas in my circles as well.

  • Manan Patel

    I live in India and somehow my playstore app doesnt show paid apps at ALL!

    PS: I have not added a payment info

    • luffy

      Couple of the Apps in the play store are restricted by the country they are available in(Similar to Youtube Videos). So you could expect that to happen. This was the case initially with Google Music until it was available worldwide.

      • http://about.me/jovanphilip Jovan Philip

        Google Music isn't available worldwide. I'm in the Caribbean and it's not available on the store. I'm forced to side load it.

    • Akshay Mehta

      go on the play store site and download it from there. I do that when i'm not able to find a paid app

    • ashish

      I also live in India and I am writing this reply by paid version of Swype keyboard. Which I paid yesterday. Google play is very well shows paid apps since I believe quite a few years now.

      Don't know what prevents you.

  • 3laa_KaMal

    Great Update Facebook Have IAP ?!???

    • http://blog.artesea.co.uk/ artesea

      I think you might be able to purchase stickers to use in chat.

      • Tomáš Petrík

        If I recall correctly, they've been made free recently.

    • LJ

      promote post.

    • http://nrajesh.com Rajesh

      I am not an Android developer, but my guess is that there is a library or API for implementing IAP. Most likely FB included it while building their APK (for whatever reasons-probably something shady planned :D) and hence it shows up like this.

      • Roger Siegenthaler

        Actually it's because of the 3rd party APIs they provide for people with FB sign-in and stuff ;)

      • plaisthos

        No you still need to specify that your app uses IAP (i.e. require in the IAP permission)

    • Eastern37

      I'm pretty sure you can "highlight" your posts on FB if you want extra likes for a little cash.

    • jabbathewocket

      Yes they have a metric ton of in app purchases both in the app proper and that are linked to the app via 3rd party (clicking buy X in a game that uses facebook app to purchase addons)

    • heat361

      I believe its there because you can purchase gifts such as gift cards for friends through the app.

  • CRiTiCaL_FLuX

    Great. Now I won't buy a game just to find that the has in-app purchases too.

  • wickets

    Until reviews become sortable, any update is pretty much irrelevant and as others have mentioned already, really useful features like gifting apps gets ignored..... Pity that all that goog brilliance gets wasted on figuring out what colour the stars should be

    • Mark Curtis

      I can sort by "Most Helpful" "Newest" and "Highest Rating".
      Pity you think the graphic designers deciding on a color would know how to code gifting.

      • wickets

        we can all do that, but can you read the 2 star ratings for an E.G google maps with 2+million ratings??? Ratings used to be sortable and then that feature was taken away....maybe by the graphic designers who needed nore bandwith for their colours?????

        • Mark Curtis

          That's more of a filter than a sort. But you're right they made the devs take extra time to remove a feature in order to give the time for graphic designers, that totally makes sense.

    • jabbathewocket

      The fact that you cannot rate or review an app without it being shared on G+ as your real name.. means there are no reviews on Play store worth reading anymore..

      The bulk of the world is actively avoiding google+ and this latest change is not gonna fix the issue (removal of real names across the board is just the start of what needs to happen to get any sort of usage of G+.. but then this is a company that thinks that Glass will ever be sold at retail and be allowed to be used in public.. pity they are throwing away so much goodwill on this nonsense)

      • Shane Hastings

        The App Store publishes your name with reviews also..

        • http://j.mp/scottbeamer Scott Beamer

          I have two Google accounts. One I use for personal/private/family stuff. The G+ profile is private, unused and lists me as "Scott J."

          It's also the account I use Google Wallet with and therefore I use it for all my apps (free and non-free).

          My other account is used for everything online that's not involving buying anything.

          Therefore, my reviews won't be tied to an account that anyone would recognize.

    • Matthew Fry

      But at least we got the wishlist in the web interface! That change put my rose colored glasses back on so I am oblivious to all complaints for a while.


    I know downloading the APK upgrades the current Play Store to the new version, but will that cause any problems in the future with the Play Store auto-updating itself? I assume the Play Store won't have any problems with downloading or updating apps if I download the APK, right? Sorry, it's my first time here and just really curious if manually updating will force me to manually update everything in the future.

    • Ishaan Rajiv

      No problems, if it is signed by Google. (Untampered apk - which updates without any signature issues.)

      • SSDROiD

        Thank you for the reply, very helpful! :D

      • mrjayviper

        How does someone confirms it's actually been signed by Google?

        • HebeGuess

          You can always verify the signature yourself.. Or installation would failed the signature doesn't match the original playstore in your system. The original version is distributed by Google to your phone manufacturers.

  • llf

    Please bear with my newbie question - when I try to install the apk, it prompts me to open it by some of my installed apps (e.g. BitCoin Wallet, Office Mobile, Player FM, etc). How can I fix it?

    • Artevius Hardin

      Use your file manager, go to the downloads folder, and open it from there. For some reason opening it from the downloads area always does that with my devices as well.

      • llf

        Yeah, it works. Thanks man!

  • Roh_Mish

    It now shows a toast notification that says that as i am using the test version, i cant write a review. there are a few more lines if you opn the apk.

    • Marco Kirk Biasin

      I can leave a review with no problem. Downloaded from link #1

      • Roh_Mish

        try using a test/beta version app like dashclock, nova, twitter, facebook

        • Marco Kirk Biasin

          You're right I can't leave it on nova launcher beta

  • Franco Rossel

    Activity feed? What's this, Facebook?

    • Nimer55

      I like the concept, I think I will be reviewing apps differently now that I know I'm doing it for my friends who get android phones, and will wonder what apps to download.

  • Billy

    Don't care because Google is just pushing out another beta tester. Where in the h e dbl hockey sticks is my paycheck for doing your dirty work Google?! Google releases something, then heads over to the android forums and watch as we figure out, AND FIX, their amateur builds.

    • Dissidence

      And pray tell, what major contributions to the mobile industry have you made lately?

    • Matthew Fry

      What in the h e dbl hockey sticks are you talking about? The play store app is not open source. Manually downloading and installing the apk provided here is voluntary as their staged rollout process is designed to avoid exactly what you are talking about.

  • Manan Patel

    And there... Play Books not available in india .... Screw you to hell Google

    • ash

      What is your problem buddy. Both play store paid apps and play books. And also I can pay for books also. I think you need to learn how to use mobile. There is tabs at top mentioning apps, books, movies and games. Which all four are supported here in India.

      I live in Pune

    • Arun Golla

      I think google filters some users based on ip address. Sometimes when I use US based proxy, google play shows only free apps. Try using a different internet connection.

    • JoeMama11

      FU Hapu! STFU and stop complaining you little kid!

  • Hiwa Habibi

    Are we supposed to use mirror #1, #2... or #4? I have never done this before.

    • Symon Carter

      choose any mate but number 1 or 3 will be best for speed

      • Hiwa Habibi


      • jabbathewocket

        he is asking how to avoid the hijack adverts.. the answer is do not download anything from this site.. and avoid coming here in the future..

        • JoeMama11

          FUCK U

        • 7eff

          THANK YOU. The ad hijacking and mobogenie sh*t on this site is absurd. Goodbye.

          • Brendan Dillon

            As annoying as that stuff is, at least they don't seem to miss news like AC does.

        • Matthew Fry

          I don't get it.

        • Guest

          Go away!

        • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

          Can I ask specifically which mirror is doing this? I assure you these kinds of ads aren't present on Android Police, so if a particular mirror site is giving those to you, we want to stop using it.

  • Dennis Ulijn

    Whenever I download this APK and try to install it, Nova Launcher asks me if I would like to use it as a 'Restore backup'. I've had before that Pocket Casts wanted to import it... Anybody know how I can tell my phone to actually install the APK?

    • Marco Kirk Biasin

      Are you sure the file end with .apk? Or try to reset your "open with" option of nova and pocket cast

    • Marco Kirk Biasin

      Make sure that the file ends with .apk and reset "open with" preference of nova and pocket. If this is not working install a file manager or something else that should ask you if you want to open the file with it and now you should the "open file with" screen once again

      • Dennis Ulijn

        These solutions did not help... Uninstalled Nova, installed Play Store update, reinstalled Nova. After reinstall it suddenly worked again :S

    • papernick

      This also happens to me. Resetting "open with" preferences doesn't fix the problem I'm running cm10.2 on an international gs3 . The only way to install it properly is to open a file manager and open the APK there.

  • Chris Voyce

    Why do we have to sign up to fangsplay to get this Google play download! Which is supposed to be free but they ask you for your credit card details, be very careful , they are dangling the carrot

    • Marco Kirk Biasin

      I11uminati conspiration! You may click on the Android Police mirror #1
      of your choice, wait ten seconds and then click on the big green button
      instead of clicking on ads

      • Chris Voyce

        Thank you i have since realised my mistake and found mirror 3 did the job, sometimes on a mobile things are very small and close together, a very small pointer may need to be invented just for not miss tapping the ads ha

      • JoeMama11

        Conspire deesh you ahole! HAHAHAHA culo

      • andy_o

        To be fair, those ads with big "Download" buttons do give me pause. I don't know how at least the big ad networks haven't banned them.

        • Marco Kirk Biasin

          Beacuse they get money ;) install adblock plus or adblock edge on your browser, and the whole internet will change!

    • Matthew Fry

      Fake download links. They suck. I understand that file sharing websites need to make their money somewhere but those are designed to mislead.

  • vermaekansh

    why still we didn't have the device tab on mobile version of Google play store like we have it in web version. It would be very easy to place the order and even to track it. Hoping to get this in the future update.

    • KoRRo

      i don't think that the other devices manufacturers would be happy if they include the device tab

  • John Smith

    i would like to see a "Share My Apps" feature built in to the Play Store App so you can share your App List with friends and/or archive the list. i currently use the App by Matt Lawrence.


    • marplx

      Android??? Play Store??? I was under the assumption you were a Blackberry fanboi and a lover of Canucks...... no?

  • hairyback

    Can you sort the ratigs by number of stars yet? On Amazon I always flip to the two star ratings to get a feel for the things that are irritating people. I really miss that on the play store.

  • Nathan

    We are going back to the old Android green?

    • David Sousa

      Not exactly. This has been talked about a lot lately: we are heading, however, to any color as defined by each app. Google has taken holo blue out of the picture as to not interfere with the theme color you define for your own application. There has been a lot of customization to the Action bar color, menu selectors and even widgets (Views), and this includes color. The most notable example I can think of is Google Play music with its orange.

      However, before KitKat, there were still a few resources that were basically too difficult to theme, so you ended with orange and still hints of blue here and there, which was a mess. So, KitKat made gray the default color to not mess with any skinned components you may define.

      In the case of Play Store apps, that is green. But other apps are not forced to choose green. In fact, I didn't install it yet, but I can bet with you that the other sections, Movies, Music and Books, are probably skinned to their respective color themes in this new Play app. Red in case of the Movies section, for example.

      I didn't install it, so let's see. Going to install now.

  • xnadax

    One problem they still haven't fixed is that the web store allows 1200 characters in a review, while the app only allows 512. If you try to edit a long review in the app, it will be truncated.

  • Stanley Chan

    How about the keyboard? Any update from the playstore version?

  • Adrian

    I wonder when it will be fully Polish Google Store

  • Greg Barrett

    I'd love to be able to use my GP credit for partial purchases. You know? knock $5 off that $10 movie.

  • G

    A feature I truly dislike is the play stores ability to show what other friends are downloading. For me, I just don't care about what apps they are downloading. I wish there was a way of switching off this feature and I hope it comes to a future update.

    • Magnus Smedberg

      It doesn't show what they are downloading.
      Only the stuff they are rate and +1

  • Simon Belmont

    Yay. Glad this was pulled by someone else.

    I noticed this pushing last night, but I wasn't in a position of being able to pull it for you guys (long work day and desperate need of sleep). Sorry. Reference: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/12/05/android-4-4-1-is-now-in-aosp/#comment-1152374665 .

  • Nicholas McDonald

    Hep AP staff! The stars didn't just change to green, they also turned blue for Play Books, red for Play Movies & TV, orange for Play Music and purple for Play Newsstand. Green stars are only for apps.

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      Thanks for pointing that out Nicholas! I'm updating the post as we speak!

  • Justin

    Is anyone else having trouble opening the file? I've tried two mirrors and downloading it states that I can't open the file. Usually doesn't happen, so I thought I'd ask.

  • Derek R.

    What is the app to get the current down/up status? It shows up below the clock and battery.

    • Rakesh Kamat

      Network Monitor Mini. It can be found on play store

  • WHO?

    Whats the best way to share apps on my sons phone but dont want him to have access to some of the apps, emails, pictures. Just his games?

  • Francois-Xavier Launois

    Did you see you can batch remove apps from My apps/ALL list? It is a very nice feature, except it is very buggy: as soon as the list has to be charged (this list has always been processed like f*cking crap by the Play Store app anyway), the app crashes.

    Try long-pressing any app in this list that is not installed on your device.
    And it was available in the previous version anyway, just found out yesterday :)

    • Magnus Smedberg

      It's a very nice feature though it has been there for a while now.

  • alhinai21

    One great addition if I was using my tablet and brows an application that it designed for phones it will show that

    • Andy Stetson

      That was in the last update.

  • http://j.mp/scottbeamer Scott Beamer

    Too bad the account I use to make app purchases (and any app download) is different than the one I use for my active Google+ profile.

    Oh well..

    • XCMeathead

      Might be able to merge them?

  • ahmed waddey

    but i can still buy pro apps or see pro apps in playstore .why is that .my country is maldives

  • Stanley Chan

    Please, anyone was able to pull the key oard and mail apk?

    I wanna know the updates.

  • sadgsadg

    wow, my god. why Galaxy Note III smartphone is so popular in the world? almost everyone has one. why it is so attractive? can you explain it to me? I decide to buy one to have a try: http://xp.gd/fR

  • exe wee

    which button that i should hit to download the latest play store 4.5?????

  • Andy Stetson

    Anyone else annoyed that the IAP indictor replaces the date when the app was last updated? Pretty annoying, now I have to go all the way to the bottom of the [sometimes loooong] description to see the update date.

    • Sir_Brizz

      Surely they did this on purpose. Ever since they started doing betas through the Play Store, that date has been wrong.

    • Tiuh

      Can't believe I didn't notice the date below the description. Thanks letting me know this.

  • Tiuh

    The thing that drives me absolutely insane in the "In-app purchases" indicator replaces the date it was last updated. THIS IS SO STUPID

  • Amir


    The new Google Play "Want quick suggestions?" feature is probably the cause of the flood of otherwise unexplained low ratings you're currently witnessing.

    It misleads users to unknowingly rate apps while make them think they are rating the suggestion engine accuracy.

    When a user sees the question "Want quick suggestions?" and an app he already has is displayed, his first instinct us to tell the suggestion system that it is wrong: this is 1
    It has nothing to do with his opinion on the app.
    And the feature doesn't allow the user to regret, or to leave a comment.

    The attached screenshot is a 6 month rating graph of my app, and the fall is about the day this feature was added.

    • ramding

      We noticed this too, have you contacted Google about this problem? What do you think, will they remove the huge amount of bad reviews because this/do anything about this? This affects us a lot, and the question is very misleading, cause if you made an app which is best in it's kind, you are more likely to get a lot of 1 stars!

      • Amir

        I've tried, but Google closed the case as "everything is as it should".
        They don't share details.
        I hope they will fix this, as I think they understand the value of the developers, and the impact this has on their motivation.

        • ramding

          We can only hope. This comes in a very bad time. I think masses of developers and publishers should contact Google about this for them to do anything about it.

    • Android Developer

      but why would the users mark it as one star?

      • Amir

        The user interface is ambiguous asking to rate in cotext of relevance, and some users might rate 1 star just to indicate that the quick suggestion is currently not relevant.

        • Android Developer

          Why would they think like this?
          They don't even have to click it...
          What is the app that you've shown here ?

          • Amir

            If a UI is ambiguous, than different users are bound to have different interpretations.

            They are not forced to click anything. They are not forced to open Google Play at all, or even the power button of their device.
            If there's a button - it will be pressed.

            The specific all is irrelevant, all apps are affected.

          • Android Developer

            This sounds very weird.
            Maybe some people think 1 star is the best?

    • ,mnioni


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  • john

    will this work on gingerbread ???

  • ridham

    Does it have gta sa.

  • Hart Russel Capili

    Hey! I just want to ask, how to download play store to my tablet logicom

  • Shadow

    Cant get it to work, its installs perfect but dosent want to start

  • phissith

    Just got my Omate watch got a link to here to download play apk, mine is running 4.2.2 so where can I get a compatible play store apk for it? Thanks!

  • don

    Its not play store its vendor.hahahaha

  • destiny

    Can someone give me step by step directions on how to download and put on my device?

  • Mohammed

    Name. Mohammed

  • Mohamed Nabil

    اليل ب ابتتبنتننت

  • sandhu

    I like this store

  • durgaanvesh

    I am very lucky I have got this play store .I am so happy to using this play store app this app is so good I love this app

  • Azeem Butt

    hello anyone can you help me please whenever i open google paly store its going suddenly stuck my phone please help me i reinstall it many time and also reset my fone but still same problem

  • hazmi sulaiman

    Cannot install
    When I install'an error pop out.'an package with same signature already indtalked'the error is something like that..can somebody help me?playstore version 3.4.7

  • hazmi sulaiman

    *installed,sorry for typo

  • wonosono

    Ok ssip

  • Arianna

    I want Google play store.

  • Bhavana Suresh

    I like it

  • Nicky RK

    Whenever i open google play store it always says to enable background data but i already did what do i do

  • Gió Lãng Du

    woa.... amazing.... it's all i find. thanks so much :)