While we're not entirely sure what changes Android 4.4.1 will be bringing across the host of Nexus devices it's currently rolling out to (aside from an improved camera on the Nexus 5), we do know that the latest release of Google's mobile OS is hitting the repositories of the Android Open Source Project as we speak.


Just head to the kitkat-mr1-release branch and you'll see the build number KOT49E. Update: The relevant tag for the update is android-4.4.1_r1.

4.4.1 is expected to be a bugfix release, by and large, and hopefully will address some of the issues we've been pointing out in our ongoing Bug Watch series.


David Ruddock
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  • Josh Crumley

    We know it breaks bluetooth audio :/ my bluetooth speaker has no volume controls, before the update it worked fine, now audio is super quiet on max from the phone.

    • Chris Caldwell

      good, I don't have it yet and my BT is way too loud with no way to lower it lol

      • PhoenixPath

        Same here on any 4.4 ROM or stock on my HTC One. BT is badly broken. Way to loud and adjusting it does virtually nothing. (Had to cut up some earplugs and put 'em in the earpiece).

        Really hoping they get that fixed...

    • rxbot

      Ah geez. Exchange fixed and BT broken. They really want me to stay on the iPhone I guess.

      • Bob G

        Moto X!

        • rxbot

          Thought exchange was a 4.4 bug vs. a device? Guess I'll find out. Picked up dev edition on Monday.

    • Niall Burnes

      Adjust the sound in the app i.e Play Music top left button at the top right(should be blue), then you can adjust on the speaker. This is what I had to do for my LG Tone+

      BT volume on device and on headset are now seperate. Unless of course I misunderstand what you're saying D:

      • Josh Crumley

        Its at max. My speaker has no volume controls and relies on the device to control it. Before the update it worked great, now its barely audible at max volume.

  • Zach Berger

    I'm hearing rumblings that Exchange client certificates are fixed too

  • J

    I noticed on the nexus four the lock screen has transparent nav and status bars. I don't remember it being like that on 4.4

    • Simon Belmont

      Indeed. Probably because the transparency on the lockscreen is separate from the transparency on the homescreen (GEL).

      I noticed since I installed GEL on my 2012 N7 running KitKat, I get homescreen transparency, but not lockscreen. So, Google has to code that transparency specifically (lockscreen). Hopefully this is a sign that GEL will be launched in the Google Play Store shortly. Good times.

    • Andrew

      OMG they finally did it. No need for a small little patch to make em transparent. Phew :))))

  • miri

    Can anyone with the update confirm whether they fixed the lock screen bug where if you long press a player widget (Music, chromecast, etc.) while expanded it will scroll to the left?

    • Mark01

      Not sure about that, but What'sapp and ART is now fixed, same with statusbar transparency when putting phone to sleep with notification expanded, also recents on landscape isn't overlapped

    • Melad360

      yeah they fixed that finally, as well as the camera widget showing a partially expanded white background when swiped over :)

  • Mark01

    Android-4.4_r2 or Android-4.4_r1.3 woot?

    What about android-4.4.1_r1 ?

  • Spasillium

    Waiting on the 4.4.1 factory images to play around with.

  • Robert

    I just got my update to 4.4.1 10 mis ago, in Australia.

  • http://www.zone38.net/ codeman38

    Looks like 4.4.1 fixes the maddening bug where you're not allowed to select an app to share something to. At the very least, Flashify is actually giving me a choice of browsers again.

  • John

    The tag is android-4.4.1_r1. No reason for it to be 4.4_r* because it's not a new revision of 4.4, but the first revision of the new 4.4.1.

  • Simon Belmont

    I just noticed a new Google Play Store has pushed. It's version 4.5.10.

    It looks like it shows the star rating for apps in a different way. Pretty cool.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


      • senor_heisenberg

        I know this is super random, bit since you guys seem to have connections, have you heard any rumblings about profile support finally coming to Netflix on Android?

    • Josh Crumley

      Got an apk good buddy? :D

      • Simon Belmont

        Wish I did. Sorry.

        I have noted it being pushed to several of our household devices, though. You should see it soon.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Can you pull the APK?

          • Simon Belmont

            Sorry. I wasn't able to. :(

            Long work day and needed to get some sleep. But I see you guys have got it covered anyway, as usual. :D

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
  • valladanger

    power control widget is now updated. Particularly the location indicator. You can now select the 3 different settings for low energy, high accuracy and off with visual indicator.

  • valladanger

    power control widget is now updated. Particularly the location indicator. You can now select the 3 different settings for low energy, high accuracy and off with visual indicator.

  • Jadephyre

    I've heard that on Android 4.4.1 Whatsapp is working with ART without needing to patch the library, is that true?
    I already switched to CM11 so I can't test that myself at the moment, but i'm looking forward to the changes being merged in, since that is the only thing keeping me from using ART at the moment (and i'm wary of mucking about with system libs).

    • jms

      Not working in my nexus 4 even after 4.4.1 update:
      'Unknown error code during application install "-24"'

      • arcticrobot

        You have to go to /data/data, delete com.whatsapp folder and reinstall. Problem gone.

        • jms

          Thank you! Now it installed and works

    • Rick Bosch

      Works perfectly for me. Had it installed, updated via OTA, changed to ART, rebooted and all is well.