Dragon Age has a rich universe, one that has spawned novels, a film, comics, and, now, a mobile game. I know, try not to act so surprised. Yet though Heroes of Dragon Age may be free, it packs quite a bit of depth, as this is one adventure designed to forge the strongest, most-feared tactician in the land.


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With attractive 3D visuals and hundreds of collectible heroes and monsters, this title is bound to appeal to more than a handful of the series' fans. The game will pit these players against each other until the ones with the strongest characters and best tactics rise to the top of the leaderboard. But there's also a single player campaign for people who aren't interested in such public squabbles, complete with boss battles to test their prowess.

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EA soft-launched Heroes of Dragon Age nearly two months ago, so the game already has thousands of downloads in the Play Store. Now the game is more broadly available across the world. Links to both the North American and international versions are available below. Just be on the lookout for in-app purchases, as free titles typically come with price tags these days.

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  • Cherokee4life

    So it took me a second to realize that the first one was for North America..

  • hurrpancakes

    I noticed something very odd in this game. If I move my phone while in combat or the post combat screen, where it shows your xp and gold reward, the objects that are moving in the background stutter. Really odd

    • Mehmet Fatih

      like ios7 backgrounds i think. more games should use that technic!

      • hurrpancakes

        No, not like that. Stuff starts stuttering in a bad kind of way.

        • Mr E

          but but... it's a feature!

  • Rodalpho

    How bad are the in-app purchases in this one? It is an EA game, after all.

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      Indeed - this is the first question I ask myself everytime I see any "free" now. Would rather just buy a game outright for $X dollars instead of being nickeled and dimed for $X * 10.

      • keddren

        It's EA. Add another 0.

        • Mr E

          ouch ;)

          Fwiw, I seem to be in the minority, but sometimes I like the f2p model. I often end up not completing mobile games, so it acts as sort of a demo version.

  • http://www.geeknik.com/ geeknik

    So it's compatible with my shitty LG Spectrum 2. And last year's Nexus 7, but not this year's Nexus 7. Come on EA!

    • Quba Michalski

      Same here.

  • valynor

    This article is most excellently titled. After reading "EA releases" you know what you need to know right away.

  • CRiTiCaL_FLuX

    Free to play and EA... Enough said...

  • Jamie Sidford

    Have a read of some of the reviews on the play store. Some idiots have spent over $200!!! on in app purchases and still haven't received any of the epic or legendary characters! Typical EA greedy bastards!! AVOID.

  • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

    "This app is incompatible with your device." Sprint Nexus 5 :(