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The last time we saw an expansion of Google Play Books was nearly a month ago when the service opened up shop in South Africa, Switzerland, and Turkey. Since then, it would appear Google has been making headway in its continued effort to bring more of its services to as many countries as possible. This time around, the list of countries in which Play Books is available has been updated to include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela.

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If you live in one of the above-listed countries and have been yearning for access to the world's largest eBookstore, now's your chance. Though Google has a long way to go in bringing its full suite of services to a global audience, it's clear that progress is still being made.

Source: Google Support

Liam Spradlin
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  • Carlos Rodríguez

    About time!

    I actually don't care anymore about this because I set up an US address in Wallet and use Psiphon/TunnelBear and I already have the US PlayStore. I downloaded a few books, and more important, I could upload my own epubs.

    Of course, now it's easier for all the people in my country.

    Now, I'm waiting for Play Movies here in Venezuela.


    • Raúl André Román

      How do you buy in the Play Store in Venezuela? I want to buy a couple of books but I don't know if they take Cadivi...

      • Carlos Rodríguez

        Like they do with apps, of course you'll need CADIVI.

        That's something we can't avoid. :(


    • Jörgen Pettersson

      How do you upload your own epubs? That would be great!

    • fjleon

      have you been able to buy phones in the play store as well? I had to buy the nexus 5 with teamviewer on a relative's US computer , no proxy or vpn worked for me

      • Carlos Rodríguez

        I haven't tried yet.

        Maybe next year when I have the money.


        • fjleon

          the nexus 5 is cadivi friendly! Less than 400$. But i don't know about google play, though i know they charge you tax and shipping, the 32GB costed me a little bit more than 430$. Sadly, they won't let you pay with amazon checkout either

          • Carlos Rodríguez

            I don't know if google lets you use Venezuelan cards. I think it doesn't because you need a valid US billing address.

            I think I might buy it from amazon or find a way to get it from Europe. I want the D821 model which has LTE for Digitel (1800 MHz).


  • Franco Rossel

    Thanks Google! This is actually the only service I cared about, now I don't need VPNs.

  • Alan Shearer

    NOw bring devices and movies, and we are all set!! (not a huge music listener :P

  • Agustin Tashdjian

    Finally, now i just need the cheap Nexus store and maybe Movies and Music :D

  • Luis Re Fraschini

    And Uruguay? :(

  • thartist

    Interesting! A little bird told me Microsoft would ditch Bing for Google if you bring the Nexus 5 to Argentina via Play Store at reasonable prices!

    You have to believe me! :D

  • Max

    Today it appeared in my app list (I am from Chile). It turned out I forgot to delete its APK the last time I flashed the gapps.

  • a

    About damn time, you lazy bums.

  • http://www.facebook.com/morrissex Javier Cárdenas

    Thanks Google, now I do love you!

    And good bye VPN. We were good lovers, but I don't need you anymore.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    I waiting for Google Devices to Open as well...
    Yes Google, im talking to you.

  • ginobili

    Oh god finally! I thought that this never would come, now i have really high hopes that they start selling devices here in Chile.

    • SlasH3R

      set your hopes a little bit low fella, i see it far, far away :/

  • SlasH3R

    and Ecuador!! ??

  • Boris Bozo

    what about Bolivia? :/

  • Fernando Orozco

    I see this as a good signal of play music finally coming to Colombia