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Do you find that Instagram, Hipstamatic, and all the other me-too photography apps out there just aren't doing it for you? Then why not try VSCO Cam, the most anticipated iOS camera app port among Pabst Blue Ribbon drinkers and fedora enthusiasts! Here, let's check out this promotional video so we can get a quick look at all the impressive features offered in this exciting new app.

Okay, so that wasn't helpful at all. According to the app description, the photo processing in VSCO creates stunning photos that were "previously unattainable on Android." That's right, your phone's manufacturer spent years of research and millions of dollars developing and miniaturizing the technology that goes into your camera, but its raw potential has been completely untapped until the latest filter-filled photo app came along. Magical.

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Users can apply the pre-set processing settings in various strengths, which at least gives you some degree of control over the effects, and the minimalist interface includes the basic controls for photos. (Plus a square "selfie frame" guide!) Once you take those shots you can view them in the swanky gallery, complete with multiple thumbnail sizes and integrated sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Which is somehow way better than using Android's built-in share function with literally unlimited options. Shared photos include date, geolocation, and preset information, and some admittedly robust photo editing tools are included in the gallery.

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But wait, you can't have a hipster photo app without an integrated social network that gives the illusion of artistic elitism and exclusivity! Enter the VSCO Grid, a "minimalist publishing platform for showcasing the best in photography." Once you set up an account you can browse the gallery and profiles, and upload your own photos. "But Jeremiah," I hear you ask, "how will I make photos of my lunch and pets stand out among such incredible demonstrations of photographic skill?"

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With filters, of course! And not just any filters - these are the best filters in the world, so fantastic that they call them "preset packs!" Some of them are so good, in fact, that you have to pay money just to get them! It's like you're a professional photographer! You could probably write those in-app purchases off on your taxes or something.

So that's VSCO Cam, another camera app that thinks it's better than all the other camera apps. It's compatible with Android 4.0 and up. Go nuts, folks.  

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Tyrone Thomas

    I actually do like this app, but this short review was refreshingly a funny take on it!

  • Dr Tashique Alam


  • Bluewall

    It's not that bad to be honnest, not worst than Snapspeed. Way more tweak and features than Instagram

    • http://twitter.com/geoff5093 Geoff Johnson

      More expensive though

      • Sara Frey

        It's free. What are you talking about?

        • http://twitter.com/geoff5093 Geoff Johnson

          The IAP's

    • Suhas

      What's wrong with Snapseed? I haven't used it; just downloaded recently and thought it got some cool features after going thru it.

      • Bluewall

        Nothing wrong, just that if you find Snapspeed good, you should find this one too

  • Paul Brocklehurst

    thank you for doing an Emperor's New Clothes on the silly fixation with 'filters'. great stuff :)

  • Laurence

    I don't understand why this blog entry takes such a snarky and, well, dickish tone. Isn't the strengthening of the Android ecosystem something that Android fans should be happy about?

    Besides, the reviews I've read say that this offers a bunch of relatively advanced features that apps like Instagram don't. (That said, I do wish there were a few more text labels in the UI.)

    • Jeremiah Rice

      It's probably because I'm a snarky dick.

      Seriously though, I am very much against apps that throw a bunch of filters and a quasi-exclusive gallery together and call it a social network. Every Android phone has a camera. Every Android phone running 4.0 or later has some pretty great editing tools. All of them can share to any social network. These artificial platforms and "tools" are completely unnecessary, even for people who love taking and sharing photos.

      • sunilsathees

        Probably like those dicks over at Adobe, WHO NEEDS PHOTOSHOP WHEN YOU HAVE MS PAINT?!?!

      • Bluewall

        I think VSCO Cam is more a photography tool than a social network imo :)
        And it has some fine tuning you won't find on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

      • Ryuuie

        Well, this and the fact that that trailer is the worst trailer for anything ever. Even worse than Activision's "teaser trailers" which show nothing. This shows less than nothing. It's just "here, this is our app, never mind what it does, you KNOW it's good because it was on iOS!"

        The app is shit and it deserves all the snarky, dickish blog entries it gets.

      • Laurence

        It just feels like you've barely even considered the app on its own terms, and just jumped straight to "filters = suck".

        In my brief period of tinkering with it, the filters seem very different to Instagram. Instagram is flashier, while VSCO seems to focus more on replicating the look of actual film. Also, VSCO is less of a social network, and more of a photo editing tool that you can use to upload to other social networks. (The "grid" feature barely counts as a social network, in my view.)

        Yes, there are other apps that do similar things, eg. Snapseed. But what's the problem with users having more options and more choice?

        Tbh, I probably won't use this app myself, because I'm not a huge mobile photography nerd. But these developers have clearly put a lot effort and thought into this app, and it annoys me to see people just dump all over it for no good reason.

      • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

        No offense, Jeremiah, but by this point in time, tossing the word "hipster" around for anything filter-related is pretty silly, sad, dated, and really just kinda ignorant & dumb. Face it, the "hipsters" won. Your bros are wearing skinny jeans & wondering if their budding mustaches look cool and your grandma is debating between Rise and Brannan filters for the photo of your little sister.

        Good rule of thumb: When the evening news cast uses the word "hipster" it may be time for you to move on to some new word choices.

        Here's the deal... This is considered a "top teir" iphone app. These kind of releases, whether you like the app or not, are important to the android ecosystem.

        As for the app itself, as someone who uses vsco through lightroom on a daily basis in my work, I'm glad I finally have it on my phone.


        • storm14k

          I don't know. Maybe "hipsters" won in some places. In others they get strange looks.

          Any way no this kind of release is NOT what the Android ecosystem needs. The problem? This "top tier iPhone app" crap. If we allow our ecosystem to be judged by their bar then yes Android will always be second rate. Nevermind if some of the best apps to hit the smartphone world are on Android and can't even be done on iOS. We'll just keep considering Android to be second rate because it doesn't get the latest app with the same filters and a new social network all over again. How does that help Android or the developers of real innovative apps?

          • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

            First: People getting strange looks for looking different is never a bad thing. Times change, people change, fashion changes, etc, etc. Welcome to earth, we are called humans.

            And, sorry, but I disagree. It's very important. When all the big apps continue to go to android, more up and coming app developers will also go to android. Yes, Android has some amazing Android-first apps, I don't think anyone is disputing that, but when you still got, for example, companies like Nike who are more than happy to take a shit on your Nexus, yeah.... getting some big iOS-first apps on our phones is still pretty important.

            Sorry. I've been on Android since my old HTC EVO 4G, never had an iPhone. I don't ever envy the device, but even I can admit they get many of the better apps first.

            But hey... could be worse. We could be on Windows or Blackberry, eh? amirite? Bleh.

          • storm14k

            Being annoying doesn't change either. To each their own.

            There's the problem again. The "big apps". What "big apps". Its about time we stop and start asking ourselves just what made these apps so "big". Able to manage your life for you in a single tap? Ok maybe that's big. Using the same digital image processing over and over with a new name is NOT big. I say this as a software engineer. Everytime you get excited over some rehashed piece of code you lower the bar of innovation and only doom yourselves to seeing pointless apps. Nobody is going to work to be innovative when they can head over here http://www.jhlabs.com/ip/filters/ grab some code, put a new name on it and hit stardom.

            And worse yet you all don't yet seem to realize that the only thing that makes some of these apps "better" is the fact that they are on iOS and not Android. Nothing else. The tech media will simply hype the app because its iOS only. Just stop for a second and actually compare features here folks. There is nothing different about this app than any of the others besides the layouts used.

          • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

            Software engineer, eh? You see, in the world outside of the screen that is in your face 99.9% of the day, there are these non-tech humans that roam this dying ball of our's. More often than not, they are the ones who, by the sheer volume of the noise they generate, create these things called "important apps", "big apps", & "oh my fucking god, I need to have it right meow apps". They are the ones that made Angry Birds so important to every app ecosystem. They are the ones that show their friend this awesome new thing called Instagram to their friends with that suddenly crappy Samsung Fascinate. They are the ones that create demand, envy, and, what every app developer hopes & prays for, that must-have desire.

            Correct me if I'm wrong..... but to date, every single one-OS-only-release "must-have" app has been on the iPhone first. Maybe a few have been iPhone & Android simultaneously, but I'm preeeeeeetty sure, the saliva-inducing ones for the masses has been iOS.


            Is VSCO one of those apps? Not necessarily, but as someone who uses the full-sized VSCO and understands what VSCO the company is actually trying to do, this app was an important one for people like me. One that actually had me considering leaving for iPhone next year. *egad* I don't expect you to understand that, your needs are probably different than mine.

            But leaving all that and forgetting this specific app, certainly you understand the importance of these types of apps getting to Android, if not when the iOS one comes out, but shortly after, and maybe, juuuust maybe, as more people adopt Android and more app developers see the big names developing for Android, the next round of awesome must-have-now apps (again, for the general public) might just come to Android first.

            Wouldn't that be grand?

          • storm14k

            No. No I do not understand the importance of an app that does nothing more than the apps and quite honestly the Android devices themselves already do coming to Android. Excuse me if I'm not only looking at a screen 99.9% of the time but also thinking logically 99.9% of the time. For the non-tech humans out there I believe you would say "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
            My whole point was to stop creating "big apps" on emotion and envy and to start actually seeing the value or lack there of in apps. Stop following trends and letting hype tell you what's good and what's not. You see this mentality contributes heavily to the dying ball you referenced. We're told that Real Idiots of Dancing or some other reality crap is what's hot while a documentary on climate change is not. That's the same as thinking their LG G2 is now crap because their friends have Instagram on their iPhone and they don't. Some of use can't think outside of that hype machine and 99.999999999999% of the time I'm not in that group. Maybe if you'd spend more time trying to help people see the light and think rather than trying to justify their brainless desires our dying ball might be saved.

        • DirkBelig

          Old: Hippies
          New: Hipsters
          Eternal: The need to beat the living crap out of them

      • Ecir Haimerj

        Lol, yeah you really are..

      • Ivan

        Go eat a dick ugly weirdo!

      • hkpuipui99

        Isn't it already obvious that it's not always about functionality, but presentation?
        By your definition there's really no need for competition. Instagram shouldn't exist because Facebook already does photo sharing, nor Vimeo because YouTube already does video. Why are there so many Reddit apps to choose from when Chrome can handle it just fine?
        It's about presentation. It's about polish. It's about choice.

  • karthik nayak

    someone hates the app :P

  • Jonathan

    No self-respecting hipster would wear a fedora. ...

  • prometheus1010

    What's with the snarkiness? This is often regarded as one of the best iOS photo apps and VSCO has brought it to Android. Shouldn't we be happy to have more options.

    And yes, it is certainly possible for VSCO to add features and quality over what the phone manufactures create. VSCO makes pro quality Lightroom preset packages which are extremely well regarded by photographers (and quite expensive), so they have some experience in this specific niche.

    • NinoBr0wn

      I'm glad someone else said it. Other sites were happy to see it finally come to Android. I could barely get through the sarcasm here to read the article.

    • xHabeasCorpusx

      Well the snarkness is probablly due to the mainstream public looking to find another way just to apply filters and call themselves photographers. 1,000 years from now archelogists will call this the dark ages of photography. Food. Feet at the beach. Stupid hand signs, duck face, and filters.

      • ScratchC

        people will always call themselves and claim they can do something... that's nothing new though....
        just like anyone that cooks a meal call themselves a chef... or a person that drives fast thinking they're a race driver... or someone who sings in the shower calling themselves a singer... giving them a tool that makes it easier doesn't qualify any of them as pro... as they would still be lacking the skillset to actually perform...
        adding a filter wont make anyone a photographer 95% of the time it ruins great photos... but this app is a great tool... like many other options... to correct a picture and to really allow the person taking the picture to "develop" a photo as he intended it to look like. these "filters" in the physical world just meant using different film and different camera bodies and developing pictures with a certain exposure on certain paper etc... .. in the digital world this is all easier and greatly abused, sure.. . but it isn't anything that hasn't been happening since before all the "filters" as they are just presets to achieve a certain look.

    • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

      I agree. And, I own a Nexus 5, so I'm willing to give anything a shot.

      (ASIDE: HDR+ mode is giving me great pictures, but it's not practical in every situation)

      • Nick V

        HDR+ is just awesome. I love it.

        • Daniel Orchard

          2nd that, until I try and take pictures of my kids. And they move. Bastards...

  • John Q. Nixon

    Was the snarky and dismissive tone really all that necessary? If you're so negative about the app's very existence, why not...not write about it? The world could do without it.

    • PhoenixPath

      Yeah. Negative opinions should be silenced!! /s

  • Eszol

    Jeremiah at it again

  • Ivan

    Some people are really sick and they need help! When they see something about iOS and comming from iOS they already hate it, even without trying it.. You are DUMB as F*CK! :-))) Be thankful people are sharing it with you, and you have one more cool app to try at least... And the one who wrote the article.. You are hipster with or whithout filters stupid muthaf*cker :-))) Go search for HELP!

    • Pranav Tonseker

      Your tits. Calm them down.

      • Ivan

        Shut the fuck up ugly asshole.. Even with this big sunglasses is still easy to see you are ugly.. I don't take advices from people like you! :=)

        • Pranav Tonseker

          So basically, your angry floppy tits are still flailing around?

          • ivan

            For someone who had never seen tits, you use the word very often.. It's funny :-))) I am angry to people like you muthafucker.. NEGATIVE people who are bringing negativity in our world.. So go hide in you hole little fag :-)

          • Pranav Tonseker

            I like how you used *had* never. I indeed hadn't. Then your mother came along. Anyway, we digress.The negativity is clearly attributed to the wrong end, my friend. And that shouldn't really be the case when you don't agree with the opinion put forth on a blog. You may simply present a nicer argument, in a more civil manner, than calling one a 'hole little fag', whatever that may mean. If tech blogs aren't your thing, I suggest you comment on places that suit your mental capacity, like, YouTube? Or 9gag. You'll have a field day there.

          • Ivan

            Haha advice from you is like, shit teliing to parfume how it should smell.. Kill yourself and leave the world with one less idiot :-)))

          • sabby

            you are disgrace to trolling
            it was art once and people like you give trolls bad name :(

    • Jeremiah Rice

      You seem upset. Don't be mad. Look, I improved your comment. With filters.

      • Ivan

        How funny.. It's so funny, soo funny it will make me cry, literally.. But from feeling sorry about you... No filters can fix you man.. :-)

      • Samvith V Rao

        *clap* *clap*

      • Antonis Tsagaris

        This literally made me laugh out loud.

      • Jase Mase

        This is just too unprofessional, AP. Wow.

      • sabby

        so much win in this comment ..wow

  • KChristainsen

    LOL i watched this video initially and felt the same thing. It doesn't tell us anything

  • Pranav Tonseker

    Complete rubbish app. Horrible UI. Not user friendly at all. Uninstalled within 2 minutes. All that snark is justified. Calling this a photography tool, is not.

    • Ivan

      Eat a dick! Your face is horrible and rubbish too, but we are not complaining.. :-))

      • Pranav Tonseker

        I see that you have raised a very valid and relevant argument.

        • Ivan

          Put down this ugly glasses and you will see it ugly bastard :-)

          • Pranav Tonseker


          • Ivan

            This or these, they are ugly, you too.. Same shit :-)))

      • Paul

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    • SwankMonsta

      You're a idiot. VSCO is one of the top feature app on iOS.The UI is very easy to use, quit trolling noob.

      • Pranav Tonseker

        That doesn't stop me from not liking it, does it, now?

      • Pranav Tonseker

        also, *an idiot, you petty assclown.

      • DirkBelig

        Arguing that something is super popular on iOS to ANDROID USERS is like telling vegan hippies that Ruth's Chris steaks are awesome.

      • Nick V

        If this is what iOS users are clamoring for, then it all makes perfect sense.

    • Nick V

      I thought I was the only one who thought that. The UI and UX are terrible, there is no flow to the app. I am not sure what everyone made all the fuss about.

  • storm14k

    I think everybody complaining about snarkiness here let this completely go over their heads.

    First let me say thank you Android Police for publishing this.

    I see comments here saying "its a good app", "one of the best" etc. That makes little sense. It does the exact same thing most of the others do. The only reason half of these apps get any hype is because the tech media plays on the ultra short memory span of people to hype the same thing over and over. "Amazing filters", "Share your images with others" and so on and so forth... Its already been done. And worse yet the iOS community uses these rehashed iOS apps to claim that Android doesn't get good apps. And here some of you are falling right into the hype and validating that.

    This type of rehash hype does a disservice to good devs out there doing innovative things and especially those on Android. Their apps don't get coverage like this because the tech media is busy reinventing the tried and true hype of the day. Take a stand with Android Police and stop letting devs get away with reimplementing the same pic filters and social network apps over and over. Seriously I even thought about building a whitebox type of filter and network app to sell and have people rebrand it on their own. Its become just that obvious.

  • blyne


  • Peacen1k

    I really enjoyed reading this one! Thanks Jeremiah!

  • Samvith V Rao

    Jesus you guys...Calm down with the 'snark' comments. If you don't like reading Jeremiah's articles, then dont. Just don't fucking whine about it

    • Matthew Wing

      I *do* like reading most of Jeremiah's articles. I just don't think this is a very good one...and it's pretty obvious from the comments that I'm not alone in that opinion. Criticism isn't a personal attack.

    • Sara Frey

      This crap is filed under "news." It's not. That's why I personally hate it. I don't need people to tell me what to think so I don't need opinion pieces showing up when I'd like to read actual news.

  • OmniWrench

    Tried it out on my Nexus 4, not sure I'm getting the hype. The UI design is gorgeous, no question, but that's about the only thing that left me impressed.

    There's a noticeable delay loading the camera, even if you switch away, then switch back, or browse the pics you've taken in the app, then go back the camera.

    You have to manually "export" your pics to see them in the android gallery. They don't show up in gallery at all until you browse your "VSCO library", select a pic (pause to load... there it is!), then click "export", then click "export to SD" (wait for the progress bar.... done!).. now repeat for every single pic you want to see in the gallery. Joy.

    Tried back-to-back shots with the stock Nexus 4 camera and the VSCO one, VSCO lost focus a lot more and underexposed outside snow shots noticeably compared to stock (and I am not a fan of the stock camera app).

    Plus when you actually start poking around the adjustments and filters it's really confusing what does what. Every setting is some stylish icon that you have to click to figure out what it changes ("oh I see, this is the 'graininess' slider..."), the filter previews are so tiny that they're essentially useless, and backing out of accidentally tapping a filter ("Oh god, I didn't want G3 I wanted G2!") requires opening a slide out menu and picking between one of several back-arrows, that I guess are various types of undo?

    Not sure I'm going to be sticking with this one...

  • hkpuipui99

    Merits of the content aside, I'm disappointed with these type of articles because I see Android Police as a dependable source of information and light-journalism, not a personal blog of opinions.

    This article veers too close to subjective jeers and discourages its readers from trying the new app, which defeats the point of featuring it in the first place.

    • williamanthony

      The article is essentially linkbait, intended to draw kneejerk reactions in the comment section. I'm aware he's entitled to his opinions and I don't have to read his articles (which is absolutely fine), but I generally expect more out of a site like Android Police. I still read AP for the APK teardowns and actual informative coverage on the state of Android, but it seems like my list of sites that I can depend on consistently for quality information has been diminishing over the last year.

  • yeahwhatever

    Such quality writing

    Makes unsubscribing from this pile of sht much easier

  • Jeff Miller

    I would half to agree a little bit. The tone or opinion of the article was a bit over the top. There are a million apps on the Play store, why even focus on the crappy ones. If you dont like it, move on.

    Snapseed FTW....

  • Brad

    I like this article.

  • storm14k

    Now I must simply take it that many people had no idea that they were getting hyped into the same apps over and over and got a bit offended by this article.

  • Snippok

    The "snarkiness" to me is just plain honesty with a large dose of awesome humor! These posts are informative and as we all know - everyone has their own opinion! I say keep up the humorous reviews!

    • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas


  • Matthew Wing

    A little constructive criticism; unless "Childish Facebook Rant" is the tone you're going for, next time, put a little less effort towards trying to be "snarky" and/or "clever", and a little more towards writing an informative article.

  • Antonis Tsagaris

    I, for one, get the snark and support it.

    So VSCO came to Android - big FUCKING deal. It's nice to have a choice of one more app for photography but seriously - that's all this is. Not the second coming and certainly not the revolution in mobile photography it's pretending to be ("the standard"? Give me a break, you pretentious pieces of shit)

    The interface is by far the worst I've ever seen on a mobile photo app (I have to laugh with the "easy to use" comments on various Android- or general tech- blogs) - cryptic, disrespectful of any Android design convention and a mess in general. The filters are good but definitely not the best I've seen (Vignette on Android is far better IMO). And all the preceding hype just rubs me the wrong way. Tech blogs found their latest miracle app and served it to all of us in a blitz of impossible hype and now we're all supposed to buy it?

    Where are the tech blogs (not the Android-specific ones, the rest of them) when Pushbullet gets released? A fantastically-designed, super-useful app on Android? Let me see: Pushbullet doesn't even merit a mention on The Verge. That's probably a coincidence, right? They must have mentioned Jotterpad X, right? No? Oh. Fantastical gets mentioned all the time so they must have mentioned an equally pretty and capable Android calendar called Digical, correct? No? Damn. But come on- they must have mentioned that you can write and compile Android apps on an Android device using AIDE, I suppose! Nope. Any mention of possibly the best Reddit client on any platform, called Flow? I give up.

    The problem is that what people are calling big apps in these comments have to be iOS apps in order to get any respect and win the "big, necesssary app" title from all the tech press. If it's a fantastic, lovely, really useful Android app that's released it may get mentioned once - if the devs are lucky. Drooling over the latest fad app that came to Android from iOS will only further the assumption that, no matter how many fantastic, exclusive, only-possible-on-Android apps get released, iOS has the apps and Android does not. Which is nonsense.

    I'm glad Jeremiah called it like he saw it. It only furthers my respect for Android Police.

    • Taco Monster

      Thanks for turning me on to Jotterpad X. It's fabulous!

    • Nick V

      Well said.

    • ScratchC

      not going to disagree completely but! VSCO makes awesome presets for Adobe Lightroom that emulate old film... now... if Android does get its rumored RAW support for imaging in combination with something like VSCOs "filters" that will be a huuuuge step forward in mobile photography. as RAW files offer way more editing possibility without degrading image quality Ala Instagram and even Vignette... and trust I have used Vignette since my Mytouch and had some awesome results but this isn't the same thing here... not at all.

      • http://gplus.to/mbirth Markus Birth

        I never get why people want to imitate ancient technology… we now have these ultra color-true crisp clear cameras and many people just want to give their photos a crappy look ...

    • CERN

      Jotterpad X=awesome! Thx

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    These pretty much sums it up

  • Chris Caldwell

    LOL its funny how the app itself has such an iOS attitude. Pretentious, pointless, completely devoid of innovation.

    • Ivan

      It's funny how stupid you are... Pretentious, pointless, completely devoid of innovation of brain :-)))

  • faceless128

    sounds like a quick cash-in from a dev throwing scraps because Android is just 'too big to ignore' now. why should anyone support a shit port that doesn't even use basic systemwide Android conventions and features?

  • Polina

    The funny part is that filters are so widely known and used nowadays that the ones who hate on it are the real hipsters..."hating on filters before it goes out of fashion and everyone hates it"

    • Arthur Dent

      Yeah, well I hated it before everyone started to hate on filters!

  • Arthur Dent

    This article rules.

  • mono

    Jeez Jeremiah, do you actually understand why VSCO is being called different than other camera apps or did you just go "oh lol damn there are filters here gotta ride the hating hipsters train"? This article isn't even insightful, it's basically a hate piece. The social network is actually good because the photos presented are often way better than other mobile photography social networks out there, save for EyeEm probably. AP, if you're doing a camera app review, please have someone who actually understand mobile photography to do it, not just someone who bash an app because it has purchasable preset packs on it. And people wonder why Android users are so stingy on spending their money to appreciate good features. Sheesh...

    • Simon Hurtado

      " if you're doing a camera app review"
      it's not, though. When they do a review they put [review]in the title, this is not a review.

  • Daniel Orchard

    ROFL, well played Jeremiah, well played.

  • andrevs

    :)))) great article, officer!

  • PitchanApp

    It can be pretty hard to think of new app concepts which use phone cameras. We're releasing our DuoVid app to Android sometime in the next two weeks which plays two videos at once. We haven't really got any direct competitors but its only a matter of time.

  • solidunit

    Are you serious with this? Did a hipster steal your lunch money or something? Clearly you dont know any hipsters, cause theyve probably moved on to using real cameras and developing their own film.

    The app is actually pretty damn good. Its already gets huge points from me cause its not a cropped view like the regular AOSP camera.

  • wenxiang81

    Sorry Android Police, have huge respect of the work you have done here but first of all, u guys really need to clean up your website design first.

  • hemanti

    I think Instafusion is a gre8 app to edit photos. i mostly use its blending and masking features.....

  • shuvoshri

    Effection,a simple easy-to-use filter app for android...