Update: Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside posted an apology for the Cyber Monday failures on the Motorola company blog. The company is also extending extra savings on accessories for the affected days. Here's a snippet:

I want to apologize to our customers and fans for the issues we experienced on our website with our Cyber Monday promotion. I want you to understand what happened, and what we are doing to rectify the situation.

You can read the rest of the apology and the action plan for the new sales days on Motorola's blog.


Like a lot of online retailers, Motorola got swamped today as scores of eager consumers flocked to purchase discount hardware. The Moto Maker customization site was barely usable, so a lot of online shoppers didn't get access to the promised $150 discount on the off-contract Moto X. Motorola has decided to make it up to them by offering the same discount both Wednesday, December 4th, and next Monday, December 9th.

Since the site is disabled at the time of writing (approximately 10PM Eastern), I'm going to assume that the rescheduled deals above will be offered, or at least attempted. If Motorola follows suit with the original promotion, that means that the Moto X will be sold at $349.99 for the customized 16GB model and $399.99 for the customized 32GB model, both without a contract and on all four major US carriers. There are no discounts for the on-contract models, though you can generally find them heavily discounted already.

Like Google itself, Motorola doesn't have a great deal of experience selling phones directly to consumers, as the stumbles around the Moto X and DROID Maxx Developer Edition sales show. But at least they're trying to stand by the original promise, which is more than you can say for a lot of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals out there. Naturally we'll alert you when the discounted Moto X models are available. Hopefully Motorola will have a larger stock of discounted devices.

By the way, the Developer Editions of the Moto X (both GSM and Verizon) are both out of stock at the discounted price, but they probably will not be offered again. 

Source: Motorola Twitter

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • sri_tech

    I want to know the answer sincerely.

    Why Moto X is a better deal at $350 compared to nexus 5. I have never seen Moto X because its not in India yet.
    But I used nexus 5 for some time (friend's) and its really a fantastic phone with great price and high end specs (even though its priced high in India than US but best value high end phone).

    I don't understand all the hoopla around moto X when nexus 5 has much better specs for the same price.

    At this point only thing could be battery life but my friend saying nexus 5 battery life is similar to other android flagships.

    • Nathan Talbert

      as it has been stated many times before, its not all about specs

    • josh_yth

      I have a Nexus 5, and I still wanted to try the Moto X at least for a bit. The Active Display and Always on voice listening is really enticing, and adding the great battery life on the Moto X...well you know I might like the Moto X better. The 720p vs 1080p is the only thing I like better on the N5, so I really want to give the Moto X a go and see how good the phone really is.

      • UCLAKoolman

        Personally I couldn't stand the over saturated AMOLED panel on the Moto X. The display is what I use the most on my smartphones, and the N5 is in another league in terms of resolution, size, and color accuracy.

    • gtg465x

      Innovative features. Moto X has several. Nexus 5 has none. Not about specs.

    • Jeremiah Rice

      For one thing, the Nexus 5 isn't offered on Verizon. For someone who literally can't get a signal from any other provider, that's a big deal. The Moto X has a much smaller and more ergonomic body design - hold one, it's fantastic.

      Motorola's software enhancements are actually pretty awesome as well, and they've demonstrated that they're committed to fast and complete OS updates. Motorola also has some of the best battery life and cell reception in the business. I've used both the Moto X and the Nexus 5, and I can honestly say that the better battery life on the former makes me prefer it.

      • sri_tech

        Thanks for your detailed reply.

        • Eli Friedman

          I'm using the Nexus 5 now and ordered my Dev edition Moto X this morning. I've realized that as I grow a bit older I care a lot less about how active the development community for a given phone is. I just don't have as much time these days to care about ROMs and all the associated little quirks and bugs that come with them. I would rather just root a Moto X and use a few Xposed modules.

          The Moto X does some really cool things with incredibly good battery life and a form factor that I much prefer over the nexus 5. I always said 4.7 was the largest screen on a phone that I would use and the 5 inch Nexus just proved it to me.

    • Zach Mauch

      I've had the nexus 5 since release and my wife has had the moto x for several weeks. My opinion is the moto x wins hands down. better battery life, better speaker, better camera overall, and wonderful add on features. Only noticable thing the nexus 5 has on it is wireless charging.

      Nexus may have the snapdragon, but that is only noticeable during intense operations. All other times, the moto x is a beast.

      • teolinux

        I'm the almost happy owner of a N5 (I hate the rattling buttons and the protruding camera preventing it to lay balanced on the desk surface). I despise Google and Motorola for not offering the Moto X on the European market.

        They have a cash cow in their hands and they don't want to sell it. Great move!

    • Camilo Gomez

      Battery is not drained in the middle of the day
      On screen notifications way better than LED notifications
      Always listening mode considerably reduces the risk of a car crash if you drive a lot
      The Nexus 5 is the same to the Nexus 4 as the iPhone 5s to the 5 nothing really new, just a bump in specs

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Motorola's last tweet says they have added more devices. Maybe different phones? Maybe additional dev devices?
    Earlier today the dev devices said out of stock at discounted price and about half an hour later they were back in stock.

    • ThatFool

      It is not different phones, they just upped the amount of motoxs that will be available

      • dapbmonkey4u

        I am planning on that but would be pleasantly surprised if they went beyond the Moto x. At least bring additional dev devices. I know jcase has unlocked the Moto x but on Verizon I think you can only get 16GB through Moto maker and the dev offers 32GB.

        • ThatFool

          What other dev phones would they have? Vz has 32 GB

  • SJ

    If only they sold the phone at this price from the start. Maybe they'll realize the demand.

    • thartist

      Don't be surprised if after the promo, they make those prices permanent

  • Zach Mauch

    fyi,the deal is still live, and has been live most of the day, on the t-mobile black and white none moto maker versions. It's a little hard to find and I don't want to post the link as it will get queued for moderation.

    just search "moto x tmobile site:motorola.com" and it will come up.

  • zanshi

    oh, my god. this is the best Christmas gift choice!! they declare they sell the lowest price and best quality, if some sell lower than them, they will refund us. is it true! really! hottest now!! don't miss: http://ick.li/aj992Y

  • Sporttster

    Bewildering to me all the fuss over this phone. The Note 3 runs rings around this thing as does the LG G2. Screen size is smaller and less pixel dense. Specs are lower. Has 2gb ram vs N3's 3gb. No sd slot nor removeable batt. Seems like a lemming chase...one, two run off the cliff, there goes the herd after em. Reminds me of 'Shallow Hal'. Dancing with the uglies and lovin it, lol....

    • m477

      Blah blah blah specs blah blah blah samsung

    • teolinux

      Then you start your phone and see a nightmarish Gingerbread looking Touchwiz... and realize that it can actually make a Snapdragon 800 lag !
      and you know that you get just one android update (with 10 months delay) during all your phone's lifetime

    • flosserelli

      Not everyone has $700 to spend on a phone (off contract)

    • gtg465x

      Maybe we don't all want giant, expensive phones with hideous skins and gimmicky features? I want a phone that I can easily use with one hand, that has a clean interface and innovative features. The Moto X fits that bill. The Note 3 and G2 do not.

  • Zach B.

    This is what the price should've been from day one (I'm actually considering it now), with an additional discount on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.. I can't get around buying a $500 phone with 2 year old specs when I can get a modern phone around the same price. (LIke an HTC One)

    If the Nexus 5 had the Moto X's active notifications, and the ability to go into Google Now while the phone was off... the Nexus 5 would be vastly superior and cheaper to the Moto X.. but because it doesn't it's about even on the scales...