In case you haven't had the time to dig through our massive Black Friday weekend sales post, take note of the sales going on at Amazon right now. If you're in the market for a new phone, you can save some real cash up-front.

2013-12-02 00_59_38-Amazon.com_ HTC One, Red (Sprint)_ Cell Phones & Accessories

Keep in mind these are all on-contract devices for a little cheaper than the carriers sell them directly. Here's what we've got:

HTC One Max

Nexus 5



  • AT&T (white, black) – $0.01
  • Verizon (black) – $0.01 new lines and $29.99 upgrades
  • Sprint (white, black) – $0.01 new lines and $19.99 upgrades

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • AT&T (white, black) – $214.99
  • Verizon (white, black) – $169.99 new lines and $199.99 upgrades
  • Sprint (white, black) – $169.99 new lines and $199.99 upgrades

Samsung Galaxy Mega

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  • chrismalone

    Moto X you say? Don't see it listed.

    • gspida

      It's $0.01 cents on at&t in black and white.

  • Charles Sweeney

    Finally!!! A sweet deal on Sprint's Note 3 and it only took 2 months. I ended up getting my Note 3 on Sprint from Amazon for $149, no taxes. It should arrive tomorrow and I for one can't wait! The only down side for me is that it's on Sprint.

    • Rob

      Being a Sprint customer is definitely a challenge. I gave them an ultimatum to leave by 12/31 if their signal didn't improve where I live & work. On Oct 17 they lit up 4G, but now I find my new unlocked 32GB Nexus 5 isn't fully compatible with their network, and that I'll likely have trouble switching between voice/text & data until it's fixed. And there's no ETA on the solution. Seriously, it's one thing after another. :(