If you love the idea of Chromecast but wish it worked with locally-stored media, then Koush's AllCast may be a solution. It doesn't actually stream media to Chromecast, but it does have support for Roku, Apple, TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, Panasonic Smart TVs, WDTVs, and DLNA Renderers, so if you have one of those, then you're set.

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Koush has been testing the beta application from his Google+ page for the past few weeks, but now he's created a beta testers group and released the app to Google Play, which means it's edging its way towards completion. If you'd like to grab the app and test it out, you'll need to first join the ClockworkMod Beta Testers Community, then sign up to be a beta tester for AllCast. After that, you should be able to install that like any other app from the Play Store – you can find the app here once you're all signed up.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Alex S

    Aaaand it's gone?

    • Brian

      You need to join the community and sign up for the beta. I can see it just fine in the store after doing those steps

      • Alex S

        Ah, my bad then!

    • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

      You need to sign up as a beta tester still I think, I can see it.

    • Popester

      Did you signup to be a Beta Tester?

      • Justin W

        Reading is not his strong suit

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    My Roku just became 110% more useful, still need YouTube then it will be perfect, if i was able to stream YouTube to my Roku using this then my goodness wouldn't that be just amazing?

    • Valerie Rub

      Which model you are using. If you are using Old model their is no function for Advance Devices. I think if you are going to buy latest brand is it grand for you.

      • Zed1

        Please, don't ignore me. I've got the most passionate feelings for you.

    • http://BGR.COM/ riggs

      I have the roku Lt model .. If you want YouTube... Install the plex channel and add YouTube to it.

  • Bojan Gutic

    "If you love the idea of Chromecast but wish it worked with locally-stored media, then Koush's AllCast may be a solution.

    It doesn't actually stream media to Chromecast, but..."


    • Mouse

      Because the API hasn't been greenlit for non-approved devs yet. He's probably got the code done for it. Just waiting on Google.

      • Freak4Dell

        Hopefully shouldn't be too much longer. Google is hosting a hackathon for Chromecast next weekend (which Koush was apparently invited to), and showing off the SDK there.

        • Roemraw

          If he has got the code ready that will be a short experience for him. Let the hackathon begin!
          -Run precompiled app with the code
          -Annnnndd you are done

          Unless he will be working on screen mirroring too :D

      • Magneira

        So, what does this do? I cast things from roku or xbox 360?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      Yeahhhh, "the idea of Chromecast." Never did I say "If you love Chromecast..." Two different things.

      • JustMe

        I think what he means is that in first sentence of your article you say AllCast is a solution for streaming locally-stored media and then in the very next sentence you say it's really not...

        • jimmyamazingz

          I think Cameron is saying that you can stream local media to the devices listed like you stream to chromecast but chromecast isn't supported just yet. I could be misunderstanding though.

  • sahibunlimited

    So it is just a DNLA app...

    • Koushik Dutta

      Apple TV and Roku are not DLNA.

      • teolinux

        what about casting from a home made NAS? (namely nas4free or freenas)
        What kind services should I activate on my NAS (DLNA? uPnP?)
        unless I misunderstood everything about the allcast........

  • Owen Finn

    Can this stream to a PC? Or XBMC?

    • Koushik Dutta

      It can stream to Windows Media Player, from my own testing. I hear it works with XBMC as well.

      • Owen Finn

        How, exactly?

  • Victor Loureiro

    Roku, Apple, TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, Panasonic Smart TVs, WDTVs, and DLNA Renderers

    What about Google TV, won't it work?

    • Koushik Dutta

      Google TV works too from what I hear.

  • Guest

    Hi Koush, how is this different from BubbleUPNP ? Unless its cheaper. btw, this works perfectly with my lg smart tv as well

    • Andrew

      Koush already answered this on G+: AllCast can stream to more than just DLNA, such as to Roku boxes.

      • Lalit Mali

        + All Cast is pretty

  • jamaall

    And I thought this was for chromecast 🙍

  • Gsizzle

    n00b Alert: What about LG smart TVs?

    • Nicklas

      I think it works on all TVs featured with DLNA, but i might be wrong. Anyway, i got it working in less than a minute on my LG TV. Just start the TV and open the app, voila.

    • Valerie Rub

      I loved their Color. i am using LG TV from Last 10 years no need to change still working perfect. before buy other is it not good Specially i don't Satisfied with their color.

      • Zed1

        Love you ma'am, will you go out with me?

  • http://about.me/d.bennett Dan Bennett

    When I click the link to the app's Play Store page I get this:

    • Pratik Holla

      I got that a couple times. Tried going back and clicking the link and i was ale to get in.

    • xnifex

      do you get this before or after you've signed up for the beta?

      • http://about.me/d.bennett Dan Bennett

        What, you can't even see the Store page if you haven't signed up for the beta?

        • xnifex

          correct, that's how the beta has & always will work. that's what the last paragraph of this article says too.

          • http://about.me/d.bennett Dan Bennett

            The article doesn't say you can't even view the Store page without signing up, just that you can't install the app. I've never heard of Play Store beta groups before, so I didn't know it was quite that strict. Thanks for clearing it up for me :)

            That said, I'm a little curious why people down-voted my OP rather than just clarifying the topic for me. It's not like I caused anyone any harm.

          • JustMe

            Reading doesn't hurt...

          • xnifex

            probably because they think "read the fucking article" but don't want to bother giving a little explanation to help you figure out what's going on.

          • Steph Chi

            Thanks for the explanation on beta, did't know that.

          • xnifex

            you're welcome

  • vwbeetlvr

    It did not work with my LG smart tv or my wdtv live. It does work with my xbox one.

  • Lou Hoffman

    Hmmm...not showing up for me, even though I've signed up and joined the G+ group.

    • http://gregramsaran.com Greg

      Worked for me. Join the G+ group, close the tab.
      Open the Join Link, join testing group, download app.

  • KanishkSingh

    Works with LG Smart Tv 2012.

    • Nicklas

      Yeah i got it working on mine as well.

  • Tony Ceralva

    Ey Koush! Add screen mirroring please! I would pay for an app that support Samsung Smart TV and screen mirroring. Thanks!

  • Dan

    So, does it just stream or does it cast? If it's streaming, deviceA tells deviceB to play the stream that it's sending and deviceA remains the source of the stream. If it's casting, deviceA tells deviceB to go play media from deviceC and that's awesome. Casting is the part of Chromecast that makes it worthwhile to me.

    Where's the Koush Ouya app that just plays casts? Kouyash maybe?

    • Nicklas

      It streams.

      • Koushik Dutta

        It casts and it streams. Depends where the source is. Local video is streamed. Dropbox/Drive video is casted.

        • Dan

          Shut up and take my money. The first Android app I ever bought was Droid X Recovery Bootstrap and you just keep cranking out cool stuff. Thanks.

    • Roemraw

      I bet it will cost stone cold Kash!

  • MJ

    I need a G+ account to be a beta tester? Come on! Ridiculous...

    • Freek Smulders

      There should be a way to use Google Groups as well, but I think Koush has to enable this. Dunno if he is willing though.

    • Martin Nutbeem

      Well to be fair, G+ communities work well as a feedback mechanism - allows for lengthy informative posts and related discussion. It's a pretty decent way for Koush to collaborate with the testers.

  • Jo

    doesnt work with roku xd model#2050

  • shadowsoal

    I can't seem to get the app to play videos that aren't visible in the "Gallery" app... Is there a way to put arbitrary video into that app?

    • Pratik Holla

      I just used solid explorer to go to my DCIM folder which had a video i just made. It showed the AllCast share intent there. Try it from a file explorer

  • Valerie Rub

    Do you have list of product that you are going to selling. here is few product details with their brand names.

    • Zed1

      Love you. It's that simple.
      Caress your skin softly is all I want.
      Then put my throbbing penis in your anus and make love until I make you poop.

      • Guest1

        Lol that escalated quickly!

  • meelyg

    Is this an alternative to Shortbeam?

  • Johnny Bravo

    Is it compatible with all dlna servers?

  • Gabriel Serrano

    So how do you stream to Apple TV?

    • Eric Marciniak

      Share something to allcast and make sure your apple tv is on. Worked great for me!

  • Ali Mohamedali

    ps3 was not mentioned and mine is broke and about to be shipped out for service so i can't currently test it out. anyone else try with a ps3 yet?

    • Stuart Law

      It works with ps3

  • Jeff C

    this can only be used for video? no music support?

  • tintin.92

    "Apple, TV"

  • Felipe Luongo


  • Guest

    i like that

  • Jacques Aucamp

    Cast everything to everything. How can that not be a great feature?