If you dig gaming on the go and like the idea of having a controller instead of touch controls, then you've likely considered PowerA's Moga controllers. At this point there are four to choose from: last year's Moga Pocket and Pro, and this year's Hero Power and Pro Power. Each have their own allure – for the Pocket and Hero, it's size. For the Pro models, it's the feel of a full-size controller to get your game on with. If you're sold on the idea but don't want to shell out the asking price, Amazon has a good deal going right now that may be able to sway you over the other "OK, I'm going to buy this" side of the fence.


Here's the gist:

Unfortunately, the Moga Pro Power didn't get a price cut, so if you'll still have to shell out a full $80 if you want a full-size controller with a built-in battery.

There's no word on how long these deals will last, so if you want to buy, better do it now by hitting the links above.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Akash Singh

    Not available for Canada :( would've gotten one

    • Joshua Hill

      The pocket wasn't available for Australia but the Hero Power was. Might depend on which of the three controllers are being offered by which seller.

    • Valerie Rub

      You need to search in Google.com.ca local searching. Amazon set a store in every country and deliver product here.

  • Valerie Rub

    Good for Listing your Product on Amazon. If you want to sell your product in Asia choose Olox.com and share your product Description and image it will sell as soon as possible.

  • xero1

    I got the Moga Pocket from gamestop for $16 out the door. Works great since my HTC One is rooted. The MOGA universal driver is the key.

  • CerealFTW

    I really wanted the power pro. Not sure now that the hero is now $46. Great deal but I'm conflicted. Not sure if the extra size and battery is worth $33 more :-/