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Virgin Media TV customers in the UK, you can now watch your TiVo live television service or recorded programs on your Android device, anywhere! Anywhere with a WiFi connection, that is. Assuming that you've got a phone or tablet running Android 2.3 through 4.3, but not KitKat 4.4. Oh, and you can't be rooted. Have fun!

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All kidding aside, there seem to be some serious issues with Virgin's new TV Anywhere app for Android, starting with the aforesaid KitKat support. Other early reviews are decrying the lack of support for older, non-TiVo Virgin DVRs and the rooted device restriction, which American football fans can probably sympathize with. Others want to watch TV over the mobile network, and again, this is a common restriction when it comes to live TV streaming. Device support is spotty as well: the Nexus 5, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy S4 are showing as incompatible for me, though your results may vary.

If you can get over all that, Virgin TV Anywhere offers a full program guide and remote recording, even when you're on 3G. The app also works as a basic remote for the TiVo box to make searching for shows easier. The interface isn't great, but it does at least follow the general look of the TiVo menus. Naturally you'll need to be a Virgin Media TV customer to log in to the app.

Virgin Media is celebrating the Android app launch of Virgin TV Anywhere with the addition of nine extra channels to join the UK’s most comprehensive entertainment-anywhere service. They accompany an already unrivalled range of channels on Virgin TV Anywhere, which puts customers in control of their TV viewing and planning on mobile devices and online.

Virgin TV Anywhere offers more live channels than Sky Go, with 90 available online and 67 to watch on mobile and tablets. 39 of these channels are not available on Sky Go, including BT Sport, ITV, Channel 5, CBS Reality Premier Sport and many more. Virgin TV Anywhere is the first provider to offer the full range of UKTV channels as part of a multiplatform deal, all nine new channels to join the service are Alibi, Dave, Drama, Good Food, Home, Really, Watch, Yesterday and CBS Reality.

The Virgin TV Anywhere app is free to all Virgin Media TiVo® customers, taking advantage of Virgin Media’s cutting edge home entertainment and expertise in television, broadband and mobile to deliver an award winning* service that can be enjoyed wherever there is WiFi in the UK.

The entertainment-anywhere service gives customers the ability to remotely manage their TiVo set-top box, including scheduling and deleting recordings in real time.

The app also helps customers rate shows with TiVo’s trademark Thumbs Up/Down, see the recommendations TiVo has tailor-made for their household to watch and even acts as a touch/gesture-based remote control when at home. Customers can even sort out recording clashes by giving your favourite shows a higher priority to make sure they don’t miss them.

The Virgin TV Anywhere app is available across iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, and is now available to download from the Google Play Store. It is now compatible with a wide range of Android mobiles and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Google Nexus tablets and Samsung Galaxy Note with more Android devices joining the line-up in the very near future.

Already boasting around 2,500 hours of content from the UK’s biggest on demand library for Virgin TV customers to enjoy on a computer, Virgin TV is working to replicate this service for mobile and tablet devices in the future.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Martin Nutbeem

    Can't be rooted? So about as useful as their TIVO Netflix app then (spoiler: It's shite).

  • Paul Taylor

    How does an app detect whether the device is rooted, anyhow? That sounds like the kind of thing that could be circumvented in a few minutes, if anybody was remotely interested in this app.

    • Daniel Smith

      Could check for /system/xbin/su

      • marycontrary

        That's the most basic check.

      • Kiisu

        I removed busybox and superuser from my installed apps (phone is not actually rooted anyway) before I could get the app to work. So I presume that the above check (or similar) is what is used

    • Jon Bradley

      If the Sky Go (rival uk provider) app is anything to go by it can't be circumvented. They check for non standard recovery, SU traces etc.

      XDA hasn't managed to get the last few versions working for over a year.

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    It's like they have an idea and they go out of their way to implement it as badly as possible. Come on Virgin, sort your blinking life out.

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    If people are smart enough to root there devices, why can we not get around a root restriction?

  • smeddy

    I use Root for various reasons, none of them illegal or copyright-related, but for amazingly useful tools, tweaks, apps.
    These companies can screw off with these restrictions.

  • Primalxconvoy

    Xmbc is still available for android anyway.

  • marycontrary

    I don't get this agenda against root. Yes, many idiots can use root for evil. But there are many of us here who are rooted purely for good. We have purchased every single app because we understand what it means to developers, we use root for backup/sync/nothingbloodyevil. What have they got to lose by disabling the app on rooted devices?

    Screw them anyway. We don't need their shite app.

    • the man

      They have agreements with their media partners to lose because rooted devices can bypass their drm controls

  • smallcoder

    Well, that's a first. New app won't work with latest OS haha (not). Ah well, nothing much on anyway...

  • abobobilly

    Virgin Media?


    She doesn't look like a Virgin :p

    /i kid

  • Stephen Smithett

    Working fine for me on my SuperSU rooted Nexus 5, downloaded using APK Downloader, installed fine first time.

  • James Wilson

    Crap got a new samsung galaxy tab 3 8:: wont work

  • G Man

    So hang on a minute... I admit I'm no geek... but after trying for 2 hours to connect my mobile to the same IP address as my tivo box... am I right in thinking the VM tv anywhere app works on any android device other than a mobile phone at the moment... all i can get it to do is work as a remote control for my tv.... sorry for stating the obvious.. but I thought I already had one of those magical handheld devices designed exactly for that purpose....
    Please will some tell me I'm wrong... ?