The Chromecast is already a pretty fantastic deal at $35, but less is always more when it comes to price. Both Best Buy and Amazon are offering the streaming dongle for $29.99. You still get the $6 credit for Google Play movie rentals from either retailer, so you won't be wanting for something to watch when you plug it in.


Google has been pushing the Chromecast hard as of late, adding a special section for Chromecast to the on-device Google Play Store to highlight the apps that can take advantage of it. Of course, those apps are still thin on the ground - outside of Google's wheelhouse there's only Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Pandora. If you're a regular user of these services, you shouldn't have any trouble justifying the purchase. If not... well, you could look at it as a $24 streaming gadget, assuming that you would have spent at least six bucks on movies.

Best Buy is offering free shipping, but in-store pickup is not available, so you probably won't see this small discount at any of their brick-and-mortar retailers. Amazon Prime members can get free shipping as well (and it's pretty cheap otherwise). There's no indication of when this sale will end. Chromecast could get a bit scarce around Christmas, so if you want a few for stocking stuffers, it might be best to pick them up now.

Amazon - Google Chromecast

Best Buy - Google Chromecast

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • David Hart

    $20 more and you could get an android stick that does way more.. and can also be used aslike a Chromecast.

    • vinterchaos

      What device are you recommending then?

      • David Hart
      • fzammetti

        If you want to pay a little more, here's the one I got and I'm been extremely happy with it:


        Although, oddly, it doesn't look like Amazon has it for sale now? Hrm, I got it from them not much more than a month back. Maybe just sold out. I actually have this *and* Chromecast, and truthfully, I find myself using the Chromecast a little more just because it's a bit more convenient... but I definitely ditto the sentiment: you can't beat having this available for when you need to play your own media, or show the family a web site on the big TV in the living room, or use some real apps, or even play some games.

        • Ryuuie

          The Chomecast SDK could be coming soon since Google has been sending out invites for a hackathon for it.in early December 2013.

          When that drops, we'll have a lot more apps using it...such as Plex.

          • fzammetti

            That's what I'm hoping for. I mean, I'm never going to feel bad about a $35 impulse buy, but more apps would make it a far more useful thing... but it's already the best Netflix player I've owned so that by itself makes it worth it.

  • RBI411

    It'd be such a better deal if it was $6 in play credit period. I've always been against renting.

    • Chris Cromwell

      * Valid for any movie rental or other content on Google Play valued at $6 or less

  • Alberto

    I order my 2 days ago from Google play store :(

    • jab416171

      I just ordered mine yesterday from Google Play store! :(

  • Humberto Cristobal

    Great just bought mine 2 days ago at Staples they didn't even know what a chromecast was

  • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

    Goddamn it, I just ordered FOUR of these for the various households in our family. Man!

  • Ryuuie

    Wooo. :D

    Glad I preordered Batman: Arkham Origins now because I used the $10 on the Chromecast. Picked one up for $19.98 as soon as I read this story.

    Thanks guys!

  • fzammetti

    I am SO glad they're having this sale 'cause $34.99 was WAY out of my price range, but $29.99?! That's insane and well within my range! Woo-hoo, Chromecast for me!

    (hmm, I may have forgotten to insert sarcasm tags in there somewhere)

    • Ryuuie

      It's more like $23.98 since you get $6 back Google Play credit when it ships and $5.01 off immediately. :P

      While that's not SUPER SUPER cheap (and no "super special Black Friday deal really is, honestly), it's worth considering that it's actually:
      - $24.99 + free shipping (3 - 5 day on Amazon, 7 - 14 on Best Buy)
      - The SDK will most likely become public very soon which would open you up to more apps.
      - You don't have to use the $6 for rentals as it's nothing more than $6 in GP credit...which you can use on actually buying a movie or an app, book, magazine, TV episode, or game.

      Compare this to the normal $34.99 price of the Chromecast:
      - $34.99 + free super saver shipping on Amazon, not sure about Best Buy.
      - The SDK will most likely become public soon.
      - No $6 credit.

      I'd say buying it now is a better deal, really. :P Nothing HUGE like a free one just for going to Google or anything, but it's pretty good. It's not as valuable when you look into how much things cost if you compare it to the Netflix thing, but it's better than nothing. That $6 can be used for anything except devices on Google Play.

  • John Daniel

    Just release it in the UK already.

  • Lars Jeppesen

    Still can't buy it in Denmark.. Google, please come on.. pull yourselves together :)

    ANd yes, I can get it at obscure prizing from the UK....

  • http://www.tedpavlic.com/ Ted Pavlic

    The BestBuy promotion was only for the 27th and 28th. You can still get it for cheap at BestBuy, but don't expect a promotional code on your receipt. Instead, just order from Amazon.