When a new version of Android drops, it's Nexus this and Google Play that. But for a lot of advanced users (especially those who don't have the choice to go Nexus), custom ROMs are their first taste of the latest and greatest. In the tradition of independent developers and tinkerers delivering the goods, the relatively new OmniROM team has released nightly KitKat builds for no less than fifteen devices.

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Here's the full list of phones and tablets:

  • Galaxy S II (i9100G)
  • Galaxy S II AT&T (SGH-i777)
  • Galaxy S III (i9300)
  • Galaxy S III LTE (i9305)
  • Galaxy Note (N7000)
  • Galaxy Note II (N7100)
  • Galaxy Note II LTE (t0lte)
  • Galaxy Note II LTE AT&T (t0lteatt)
  • Galaxy Note II LTE T-Mobile (t0ltetmo)
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 7 2012 3G
  • Nexus 7 2012 WiFi
  • Nexus 7 2013 WiFi
  • Oppo Find 5

If you haven't heard of OmniROM, it's a new family of custom ROMs that's quickly gaining steam among Android power users and enthusiasts. Well-known developers Chainfire, Dees_Troy, and Xplodwild are on the dev team, and they aim to offer both a solid, compatible ROM and a host of custom features that aren't available on stock or AOSP builds. They're also striving to deliver nightly builds that are stable enough for end users to rely upon during the day, and they encourage bug reports (even on nightlies) to foster a more active community.

OmniROM also has unique features like flippable quick settings, multi-window and multi-workspace modes, and various visual tweaks available to end users. New features for the Android 4.4 build include a more discreet, non-obtrusive call notification, virtual stereo widening and a Bass Boost center frequency setting in DSP Manager, and per-app permission control in the Settings menu.


If you've got a custom recovery ready to go, head to the Downloads page below to get started. Most of the supported devices already have at least three or four nightly builds posted, and some have over a week of backlog. Even so, a backup is probably a good idea. (Don't forget your Gapps - this one's is from Paranoid Android KitKat, but has been reported as compatible.) According to the OmniROM blog post, more devices from Sony, HTC, and others are in active development.

Source: OmniROM blog 1, blog 2, OmniROM downloads

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • hyperbolic

    SGS2 G and not the SGS2 international ? weird..

    • meelyg

      works fine on sgs2 int

      • hyperbolic

        No idea how it works on the int since they specific wrote i9100g.
        Maybe it worked for you but maybe it will brick my phone.

        • meelyg
        • Harsha

          There is omniROM for SGS2 International version too. It's a separate ROM. Maybe the post forgot to update it in the list. Look up in XDA forum

        • matsaid

          it will not work with I9100..they have different chipset Exynos vs Ti Omap ..surely will brick your phone

  • KilpiBan

    I find the lack of Nexus 10 on that list quite disturbing.

    • nnyan

      So donate a N10 to the Devs.

      • KilpiBan

        They don't have one? Huh.

        • nnyan

          I don't know if they have on or not, but that's not the point. Since I was a big vague I'll be clear. If I (or a team of dev's) decide to make a ROM using our FREE time which for the most part is just a HOBBY since we are not being paid for it (and donations are not anything you can count on) then it's OUR choice as to which devices we want to support. End of story. Instead of bitching like little kids people should either find another ROM or maybe get involved in dev work. Maybe even take the time to learn and make their own ROM for their pet device. Oh...wait...that takes time and effort and most of these whiners are just leeches that are to lazy to donate let alone contribute to the community.

  • de

    no galaxy nexus??

    • Dheeraj Chowdary Nekkanti

      I came here just for that. :( Looks like we'll have to wait for CM.

      • http://ishq-e-mustafa.blogspot.com/ Abdulmusawwir Qadri Barkaati

        Same here man!

      • SickoPsycho

        CM11 ports are already available for the GNex. I'm running one now as a daily driver and have yet to experience any problems- and I put my phone through the paces. =) FML (fork my life) is the name of the ROM I'm running and having tried most available 4.4 Roms I have to say its hands down the best one out.

    • César Augusto Ramírez Franco

      They even support the SII, why is the GNex not getting some love? :(

      • Andrew Chandler

        The GNex has a TI OMAP SoC, and all the other Samsung devices in OmniRom's current support list are Exynos-based. The new drivers & binaries have been out for hardly a few weeks. They'll likely have a build at some point, but just not right at this moment.

        • Andrew Jiang

          The Galaxy S II I9100G also uses OMAP. Omni is just currently lacking somebody who has a GNex to be its maintainer.

          Also, the "new" drivers weren't really new, they've been out for more than half a year already.

          • Andrew Chandler

            Not the Kit-Kat ones.

        • tapan pandita

          the i9100g has a TI OMAP SoC and it has been supported for a while now.

    • PhoenixPath

      No HTC One, no Nexus 10...

      I should be surprised...right?

      • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

        HTC One is now live

        • PhoenixPath

          Well, ok then.

          Checking the website now. :coolbeans:

          • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

            Well, it's uploading, check back in a few minutes, my bad ^^'

          • PhoenixPath

            I see how you are...

          • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

            Here it is for m7ul, coming up for m7att in a couple minutes.

          • PhoenixPath

            Let the downloading begin.

            Any of your fellow devs jumping at the chance to support the n10 yet?

          • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

            We have one guy who has a manta, so hopefully he'll have some time to look at it this weekend.

          • PhoenixPath

            Well played, Sir. Well played.

            Never enough ROMs for a flashaholic like me, so I can't wait to seeewhat you guys do. Thanks! :)

            (My One has had 3 ROMs on it already since Sunday....I just can't stop...)

          • PhoenixPath


            Two "arcturus.ogg" files in /media/notifications.

            "vega.ogg" as well.


            (I throw my own audio files in and 7zip hates duplicate filenames...)

        • PhoenixPath

          Couldn't get it to boot on my GPe 4.4 device.

          I'll try again later when I have more time to mess with it.


  • Daniboy

    Running 4.4 OMNI on my i9300 since the first nightly, very stable and great battery-life

    • kitze

      international i9300?

      • Daniboy


    • Alberto Blasi

      Is it any faster than 4.3? I have CM 10.2 on my i9300 but i find it somehow slower than 10.1.

      • Daniboy

        definitely faster and better battery-life

    • Armando

      your 3g works well????

      • Daniboy

        yep, no problems

    • Bryant Pritchard

      can u root your omniROM?? I can't :( that means no auto update on the nightly builds even though it tells me three a new version via my phones auto update... dang!

      • Corey Scott

        You need to flash SuperSU after the ROM. If you put it in the FlashAfterUpdate folder (which is inside the OpenDelta folder, where your nightlies go when you download them), recovery will flash all three and reboot your device. Nice and easy one-click update solution.

  • David Jones

    Would love to have them bring out builds for the international SGS4 and Nexus 10.

  • Samyak Ranjan

    No HTC One? Bad choice.
    But OMG, kudos to the speed! :D

    • Karlo

      You got HTCOne GPE AOSP on xda.
      Eazy to flash and you get OTA from Google.

      • PhoenixPath

        FYI: GPe is not AOSP. Looks can be deceiving...

        That said, did the full GPe conversion a while ago on my T-Mobile HTC One and played with the 4.4 OTA for a while.

        Running HTC One Nexus Edition ROM right now.

        Will probably be trying ARHD (mike1986) or MaximusHD (LlabtooFer) soon depending on who drops 4.4 with Sense first (they both have it and have posted regarding it, but are waiting for...something.)

        (It's an F5 nightmare over there right now...)

        • Karlo

          The only thing i hate about this ROM is that there is no root built in and no "Tap and Pay".

          • PhoenixPath

            Check out HTC One Nexus Edition (xda). It's basically a Nexus 5 ROM for the HTC One.

            Tap and Pay, root, transparent statusbar (works on lockscreen as well)...basically what GPe should have been.

          • Karlo

            But i dont know why ROM devs strap away that Tap and Pay.
            I already found way how i can get it work here and tested it on my Nexus 7 2013.
            Im 101% sure that Samsung and others OEMs will do same.
            Tap and Pay will stay forever Nexus only.

  • Giorgos Angelos McKriss


    Y U NO GNEX???

  • Deeco

    Although it has some great unique features, what else has it to offer compared to PA?

    • Jaredsutter

      Apparently it has "some great unique features." You want it to cook your breakfast?

      • Deeco

        Yes, if your mom is making it.

  • Karlo

    Hell yea flashing my Find 5

  • Mkvarner

    Just managed to wipe my ROM because of something I did when updating it in Aroma, perfect timing OmniROM :)

  • KilpiBan

    To those wondering why there is no Gnex build: Texas Instruments stopped supporting Galaxy Nexus and have not released drivers compatible with Android 4.4. This is what I gathered, anyway. That means extra effort from everyone willing to build a bug-free version of Android 4.4 for Gnex.

    • matsaid

      maybe its in the work...the I9100G basically have same internal with gnex...it works quite nice with few bugs

    • Karel

      I am running the latest KitKang ROM on my Gnex and most of the bugs are fixed as of now. No graphic glitches and no webview glitches anymore.

      • KilpiBan

        Huh. Thanks for the heads up!

      • http://ishq-e-mustafa.blogspot.com/ Abdulmusawwir Qadri Barkaati

        +1 to that!

      • turdbogls

        how bout those random reboots? i was getting like 4-5 a day.
        might have to dust off the ol' G-nex (its been away for what, 3 weeks now:) ) and update it. its my new MP3 player.
        best MP3 player ever....32GB, HD screen, and Kitkat....Awesome.

        • SickoPsycho

          No random reboots here in 3 days since installing latest version of FML (fork my life). Running ART runtime, PA 0-day gapps. FML is a CM11 port, of sorts.

          • turdbogls

            sweet, Thanks, i reverted back to CM10.2 because of the reboots and so so battery life, but if all is well, I'll give KK another try.

            thanks again!

    • Christian T

      the bugs are already fixed, if you check the xda forum 3 roms are already bugfree, kitkang,unofficial cm and the slim ;)

      • sweenish

        Aren't they fixed by reverting the bits of 4.4 that broke it?

        I'm much more excited to see this next version of Shiny.

  • James_C_L

    Wow..Galaxy Note 2 Verizon support. I am pleasantly surprised. Is there a forum support for these builds somewhere

  • Stranger From a Far Coast

    Why is there no support for Samsung Galaxy SIV i9505 and Note III? Shouldn't newer devices get higher priorities?

    • chenxiaolong

      The Galaxy S4's proprietary sensor libraries are not built properly and don't respect the ABI version. The libraries from the new kit Kat Google Edition ROM should fix that though.

    • nnyan

      Most devs will only support devices they own.

  • unk

    Would love to try this out on my SGH-M919...

  • sourabh sekhar

    Very happy to see that Omni supports lots of older devices like the S2 and the OG note

  • yay

    Why i9100G and not i9100? :[

    • Testraindrop


  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Does it have halo? What about CM profiles?

  • Goran Simonoski

    GNEX or STFU.

    • nnyan

      Stop asking for devices, make your own, support dev with your time and donation or STFU.

      • Goran Simonoski

        haha. sorry, that was clearly a joke. or it wasn't that clear? :)

  • Roh_Mish

    Good on N2. Will also try it on N4.

  • Jase Mase

    Trying to install this on t0ltetmo & I don't get signal at all. Using latest TWRP.

    • partzman2

      To get data & cell, you need to flash with Clockwork Mod, not TWRP. You need to flash a T-Mo baseband after rom and PA Gapps 0824.

      • Jase Mase

        Ahh so there's a baseband that needs to be flashed. Thanks.

  • Paul Weiss

    Wow, support for the Note? Awesome, will try it.

  • Paarth Desai

    add gnex support pls :(

  • Chris Myhalsky

    Really? No Galaxy S4?

    • Ixil

      Or d2att, oh well, maybe next time. :-)

      • Chris Myhalsky

        Fair enough, just seems weird they'd have older ones like the SII but not the newer S4 lol

  • Shaggyskunk

    Note 3 hlte - would make you guys Kings!

  • Mitesh Pandey

    OMNI --> XplodWild ! Focal ! BBQ ! ;)

  • Bretton Key

    Does anyone know if this build has the multiwindow feature that was placed in the 4.3 build?

    • Mitesh Pandey

      Nexus 4 - Not Yet ! :)

  • Josh Michielsen

    OH MY GOD. These guys are literally Hitler for releasing a NEW ROM and not supporting *insert phone model here* precisely straight away. How could they possibly call themselves developers. God save us all.

    • RL010

      I hope you know that you're a stupid dumbass.

      • Mado


      • Nexus_FrEak


        • Serge Cebrian

          whats wrong with picards arm..or
          the photoshop is strong within this one

          • Money Loo

            The shadows are all wrong, dude!

          • john

            lol ur so dumb there r many lights so it apears behind them and on the table...
            how could shadows be wrong... whats the point .. think one second...

          • Anthony James

            According to the OmniROM blog post, more devices from Sony, HTC, and others are in active development.

      • nnyan

        Notice the sarcasm???

        • RL010

          Notice the Hitler in the post. Everybody who needs to do that to be funny or make a point is a Dumbass.

          • cy_n_ic

            Shit happens

          • nnyan

            and everyone has an opinion

      • Adrian Zugaj

        I hope you know that you're a stupid dumbass.

  • Luqman Nazmi

    Ah when I heard 15, I am pretty sure HTC One is in the list. BUt many of many Galaxy variants of the same model... hmmm... I iz sad..

    • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

      Well, don't get sad, they just appeared :)

      • Luqman Nazmi

        Hahaha. Nice!! Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  • hendra sucipta

    samsung galaxy tab p7500 , please.....

  • RL010

    Xperia T will be following soon _O_

  • Mado

    You guys complaining about your devices not supported is kinda giving a bad name to the community and should stop and consider a few things.

    1) This is nonprofit and they didn't ask you a single cent;

    2) they can only fully support devices they own;

    3) not all devices are created equal - even nexus devices; and finally, the most important point that should be repeated forever,
    4) this is a privilege, not a right. Whether it is unlocking the bootloader, gaining root access, flashing a custom ROM, you can do that because you are *allowed* (kinda) to do so. Every players in the field, Google included, can just deny you any form of customization and you can't do anything about it. Gapps is a good example.

    In short, nobody owes you anything.

    • SickoPsycho

      While I agree with a lot of what you said- I can't agree with this... "this is a privilege, not a right. Whether it is unlocking the bootloader, gaining root access, flashing a custom ROM, you can do that because you are *allowed* (kinda) to do so. Every players in the field, Google included, can just deny you any form of customization and you can't do anything about it" It's not a privilege... it's a consumer market. The reason I dont buy motorola phones is because they denied me access to the bootloader so I simply went to another manufacturer. Supply and demand- if the consumer demands a product that can be monkeyed with then someone is gonna supply it.

      • Mado

        Agree with you. I guess I'm just irked that when new ROMs came out there will be a bunch of people who shouted "No Verizon version???" knowing full well how uncustomizable some phones are.

        • SickoPsycho


          • RTWright

            Well not to mention the #1 reason for why a ROM is not available on any device is because the ROM Devs for that ROM have no access to said devices. They can, as was put quite well in this response, can only work with what they have access to. So people who have ever used a ROM SHOULD already KNOW this, but yet they come here and and whine about their devices not have access to something. That in itself is stupid, idiotic and flat out selfish in their ways of thinking and acting.

            And no, it is a privilege, it's not yours or anyone of ours right to demand a dang thing from anyone as far as ROMs are concerned. You want to make demands? You do so with your Carrier or OEM, NOT with the ROM community. After all, they're the ones to blame as to why you don't have access to the latest Android Versions sooner. Seems we're always 2 versions or more behind on the stock OS on our devices all because of the Carrier and OEM not pulling their heads out of their asses and getting it done.

            This is why I'm such an advocate for not having updates to the OS go through ANYONE other than Google. Standardize the freakin' hardware, stick to it like PC's do, just let the company that designs the OS update the OS and OEM's just update drivers. Plain and simple this would kill this issue hands down. But people coming here and making demands or crying about their devices not being supported by those that aren't making any money unless someone is kind enough to throw a donation to them once in a while is pathetic!

  • brkshr

    I hope they fix up the call notification some. It looks horrible visually.

  • Ender Ceylan

    Oh god, why would they include Apollo? Aren't there less-outdated open source alternatives available?

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Now there's you and the Play Store. Go download whatever you want!

  • Derek B

    Just a heads up for those with a 2013 Nexus 7, WiFi will not work unless you flash a different kernel.

  • gs3vm

    Great work guys. Would love to see support for the virgin mobile s3. It has nothing.

  • Mehmet Fatih

    GT-I9100 would be better , g version is a little downgraded if I recall correctly.

  • nal

    Did they ditch 4x HD or what?

  • Chris P

    No Sony love :(
    Ah well, there's a keen bunch on XDA if I'm desperate for a KitKat fix.

    ...or I could buy a Nexus 5.

  • Anthony James

    (Don't forget your Gapps - this one's is from Paranoid Android KitKat, but has been reported as compatible.)

  • Atromanicious

    instead of whining for your device, why don't all of you banded banding up together and create your won freaking awesome rom. or you can donate some money to or even your phone to them so that they can work on it...free of freaking charge..
    ps: i have the sg2g lol~~

  • mido66

    landscape don't work in galaxy s2 GT I9100G

  • Craig Bryant

    Just flashed the latest t0lte nightly [fancied a change from cm] but lost root in the process! Why did this happen and is it just a case of rooting via Odin to get it back?

  • Bryant Pritchard

    Hey guys i have an i9300 intl s3 and i am using the OmniROM Nightly build updates...

    one bug to report if you will, i cant root the rom, i have tried Odin and Kingo but to no avail.

    this means i cant get SU privileges and most of all, i cant auto update to the latest nightly and have to manually keep upgrading daily to the latest build, regardless to say, this means reloading all my stuff again, everyday.

    Could you help a fellow out and try check on why we cant root the OmniROM 4.4 yet?

  • Dane

    Working great on Motorola Xoom tab
    Good Job

  • Cedgerton

    Good conversation! Need to jump off this topic slight, need to know if any one is having an issue with NFC on the new KitKat rom? I can't seem to get it to recongnize my Galaxy Gear. Anyone else having this problem?