Last Updated: December 29th, 2013

The 1080p update to the Nexus 7 is all the rage at the moment, but that doesn't make the original Tegra 3 version from 2012 any less worthy. And since it's now being discounted just about everywhere, it's considerably more worthy than it might otherwise be. Case in point: Groupon is offering the WiFi tablet on its online-only shopping portal at $119 for the 16GB version, $149 for 32GB.

nexus 7 groupon

These are new tablets according to the description, which technically puts the discount at $80 and $100, respectively. Now obviously that's not accounting for the new model: Amazon is currently offering the 32GB model for $194, for example, and Staples has a one-day coupon that brings it as low as $130. Even so, it's good deal on a solid tablet (currently running Android 4.4!) with free shipping to boot, and free returns if you're not satisfied.

The deal will be valid for another three days, but quantities are limited, so you might want to get an order in soon. Unfortunately Groupon is only shipping to the lower 48 states  - Alaskans, Hawaiians, and Canadians need not apply. You're allowed to purchase as many as three for yourself and another two as gifts, so if you like your stocking stuffers extravagant, let your fingers do the walking to the source link below.

Source: Groupon

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • K

    US only :(

    • David Spivey

      Amazing how you did't read the description, then complain. It's not even all US. Just THE LOWER 48 STATES. Please don't complain about something that's already described in the article.

      • elchuby

        Geez... Chill man, I don't see him complaining he's just sad about it.

        • jacob

          to be fair, in EVERY COMMENT SECTION of a US-only post there is this comment. every one.

          • elchuby

            Yeah but it doesn't hurt anyone though.

        • Anthony James

          so if you like your stocking stuffers extravagant.

  • Ty

    Awesome, just ordered one for my little sister.

    • Anthony James

      let your fingers do the walking to the source link below.

  • Roman

    Be aware that this is the first generation before buying.

    • Me

      well it DOES say 2012...

  • Julius Besser

    How does the 1 day Staples coupon get the new Nexus 2013 as low as $130? Is that supposed to be $180?

    • Eloy Antunez

      It DOESN'T. It brings the 16gb 2013 version to $180. At staples I mean.

  • deltatux

    Damn, wished it worked in Canada.

  • SoCalT

    I'd be aware of Groupon. There are several lawsuits against them and I had my groupon account 100% stolen. And they did nothing about it. I had to cancel my cc associated with the account.

  • Anfronie

    Just bought 2 ....I hope everything goes well!

  • Anthony James

    You're allowed to purchase as many as three for yourself and another two as gifts.

  • Matt Hay

    Look like they are sold out of the 16gb model now.

  • Davey

    2nd gen is supposedly very buggy and doesn't play games as well as this model.