The AT&T-branded Samsung Galaxy S4 is once again getting its Android 4.3 update as an OTA. After an unexplained issue with the last Android 4.3 push, everything looks to be getting back underway according to Samsung's site and early reports on XDA. This is a big update for the GS4, but AT&T is probably going to take it slowly this time.


Here's the full changelog from Samsung's site:

  • Android 4.3 OS upgrade
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear compatibility
  • Group Play 2.5
  • Samsung Apps
  • Knox
  • Drag and drop to uninstall or disable applications
  • Call reliability improvements

The new update is build number 1337UCUEMK2 – the last one was 1337UCUEMJ9. So Samsung had to change something, but the very short turnaround time indicates it wasn't anything major (some users reported keyboard issues on MJ9). The update is pretty hefty at 719MB if you're coming from the Android 4.2 software. There is also a patch from MJ9 to MK2 for people who got the last OTA that clocks in at just 28.07MB. Begin hammering the update button – no promises, though.

[Samsung, XDA (image via XDA user mqlin)]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Sylar

    I wonder if this will fix the major battery life issues that the last update brought with it.

  • enoch861

    Aren't people not supposed to hammer the update button?

    • Ibrahim Yusuf


      • Anthony James

        There is also a patch from MJ9 to MK2 for people who got the last OTA that clocks in at just 28.07MB.

        • redsx16

          The server is getting hammered as it's slow to download this update.

  • James

    downloading now at a decent clip.

  • senor_heisenberg

    I hope there's some exploit in this update that allows the bootloader to be unlocked. I really miss having a nexus device. I'd gladly trade my S4 for a Nexus 5 if given the opportunity. I can't afford to buy one. :(

    • Mehmet Fatih

      nice avatar!

  • A_Noyd

    I love my Nexus 5. I got a Cataclysm ROM, and a bricked kernel (yeah, they actually named it bricked) and between the ROM, and kernel, it is a freaking rocket now.

  • Lirodon

    What is with the carrier branding in the corner

    • Gennady Yamamoto

      ATT's been doing this for the past year or so (at least since the LTE rollout). It's hideous.

  • Anthony James

    The update is pretty hefty at 719MB if you're coming from the Android 4.2 software.

  • Your Mother

    do any of you know if the S4 now lets you use more than 9GB of storage


    can you move apps and run them from the SD card?

    • Niko Hawley

      No, and no. You'll have even less space available, as the update takes up space (that's why you only have 9gb open on a 16gb phone.
      Running appa from SD means a ton of writing to sd, and that decreases the card life seriously, and its quite slow unless you have a crazy fast card. So they won't add it.

      • Your Mother

        The S4 really disappointed me, the One even more. I loved the S3 and I hope the S5 if a killer.

    • Ryan Hargrove

      You can add a 64 gig so sdcard. The phone needs memory to run.

  • Mitchell Martinez

    It lets me see emojis, but how do i type them?

    • DC_Guy

      Long press on the button to the left of the space bar to bring up keyboard options including emoji.

  • steelew

    ROOT PLZ!!!! Ok...I'll wait

  • Louis

    Unfortunately not getting the update yet. Went and checked said have the latest and will have to wait 24 hours to check again. AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB.

    • t4exanadu

      Same. The download just cuts out halfway through, which is frustrating because it takes a few hours to even get that far. Trying for a 3rd time in as many days.

  • Todor Todorov

    Which font are you using for your device in that screenshot? Thanks!

  • ncskywarn

    This is AT&T is definitely more stable but there still are major battery drain issues that have not been fixed

  • Larry

    finally...I have no issues either. It took forever to download, but I started with a clean install and built from backup. I am using the Battery Optimizer and have no issues.

  • mark emes

    Got the update last night and updated s4 seems fine except battery drain issue called att and they said no one has reported a battery drain issue yet...

  • t4exanadu

    I'm sick of trying to get this update to work. I was finally able to download the update without it suddenly stopping halfway through. I rebooted, it appeared to update, and then when it finished booting informed me that the update was interrupted and couldn't continue. The "continue update" button is grayed out, so I can't continue updating even though afaik the update is downloaded to my phone. I'm not going to bother attempting to download and update again. Might as well just install CM.

  • ariies84

    i seen youtube videos about update and even the call log style is different and camera..i now is different Model but then whats new for the sgh-i337?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.damiani.pr Tony Damiani

    I'm having the same problem. I have downloaded it twice and when it starts to install it said's "Update Interrupted" Question: Do I have to un-root my phone?

  • Jon

    Battery Hog and missing options really?

  • Mikey

    Equalizer was also causing issues on previous bad update. This new update seems to fix that issue. http://support.xiialive.com/topic/317273-equalizer-doesnt-work-on-samsung-s4-43/

  • oblivion328

    It's nearing mid January and still no update for me.