If you've been waiting for your magenta-flavored Galaxy S4 to get its long-awaited Android 4.3 update, check your notification bar now. According to both T-Mobile's official support page and some evidence from the denizens of XDA, the phone is getting its final Jelly Bean release as you read this.


screenshot credit: jbreeze228

The 4.3 update for this and other Samsung phones packs more than the usual updated software: it also makes Samsung's later phones compatible with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, previously restricted to the Galaxy Note 3. Other changes in 4.3 include the usual updates to core Android, plus visual tweaks for the TouchWiz interface, Samsung's KNOX security update, and a few adjustments and bug fixes. The download is an absolutely massive 781MB, so you may want to wait till you get in WiFi range or do the whole thing over the Kies desktop software.

If T-Mobile follows its pattern the update will go out in waves, so be patient if you don't see it right away. As always, those of you who have rooted your phones should assume that the update will break root, and that there may not be a method for getting it back immediately. If you rely on root apps or other modifications, wait until the folks in the Android community crack that sucker open.

Source: T-Mobile Support, XDA Developers - Thanks, Andrew Beard!

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Patrick Moore

    Just got the update

  • Jeremy Smith

    Hey just realized that's my screen shot lol. Thanks for the shout out! =P

  • Michael Parsons

    I just got this update it does fubar the entire system. The stocks apps that are located on the phone are no longer working properly, stock widgets do not work for the clocks. This is after a factory reset immediately after the software update. Don't install this update yet AT&T stopped the OTAs for having issues with 4.3 on Samsung phones as well.

    • Jeremy Smith

      Wow, I'm having the complete opposite experience as you. Everything is working great. Are you installing the T-Mobile version on an AT&T S4? T-Mobile waited to release their version after all the bugs were fixed and what a good call that was. Good job T-Mobile.

      • Michael Parsons

        T-Mobile S4. Had to reflash using kies and it fixed it! Must have gotten a corrupted update.

        • Jeremy Smith

          Glad to hear you got that resolved. That happens more common than one would think.

          • Michael Parsons

            I do Android tech support so I see this way to often. Was hoping to avoid a reflash.

    • Nelsen

      I had the opposite experience too. My phone is a bit faster/smoother and all the apps,widgets and even my next launcher is working smoother. I haven't any wifi, bluetooth or battery issues that I have been hearing about. I updated via Kies.

  • BT

    Soooo... About that gs3 update?

  • Mystery Man

    Baseband updated?

  • Top_Quark

    installed the update over the air (wi-fi), so far so good, nothing new noticeable....FYI i have an unlocked T-mobile GS4 (M919 model) which I'm using on another network outside of the US

  • Tim

    Any word on the galaxy s3 lte update for T-Mobile

  • David Coleman

    So far, so good! A bit smoother!

  • Bham

    In Canada, koodo is updating to same version as I write.

  • Jeffrey Pavlich

    I was hoping this was the 4.4 Kit Kat update. :(

  • Will

    I noticed the touch screen is a bit smoother. I also like the adjustments to typing and the swipe typing settings. Everything is a bit more accurate and smoother. The update is massive and took me about 30 minutes to download. But my tmobile S4 does seem to operate a bit more fluid. So far no complaints. I have not noticed any issues like AT&T experienced. I was looking forward to this update, I'm glad it finally got our OTA.

  • Menachem Segal

    Hi all,

    I recently switched to galaxy s4 from blackberry, I'm wondering if, like on blackberry, I must do a complete backup of all data and all my apps before I do a os upgrade? If I don't will I lose my apps etc.?

    How could I do a complete backup on my data, apps etc. ? Could anyone direct me to a guide, instructions how to do such a backup?

    Thanks in advance

    • peacheypie

      Hey Menachem,
      No need to do any back ups. Unless you wanna back up your pictures. But most of the time the updates don't really effect any of your pictures/contacts/apps. That I notice and I've been an Android user for a long time.

      • Menachem Segal

        Thanks peachey,

        would the update change anything on my home screen? Will I lose my folders? Shortcuts?

  • chris

    I have updated my T-mobile galaxy S4 but it won't let me connect to my wifi. What should i do?

  • rocxxsta

    Anyone having problems with thehdmi out? Mine used to work pefectly fine before the update. The freaking blows, now i cant watch my shows from my phone to my hdtv. I know similar people who have issues.

  • phill


  • hating 4.3 update right now!

    Tmobile Note 2. Great awesome phone. Hdmi out was working perfectly fine before update. Main reason why i got the phone was so i can do slideshows, presentations, and show my portfolio via hdmi out. Everything was perfectly FINE! Now im EXTREMELY FURIOUS because i cannot continue my work! ANDROID 4.3 DEVELOPERS PLEASE FIX THIS!

  • CTEK-Designs

    Sorry to say but since updating my galaxy s4 to jellybean 4.3 I have been unsuccessful in connecting to my HDMI TV, I even wasted another £25 on another adapter only to discover that it's down to the damned firmware. Does nobody check this out before rolling out new updates? Obviously not! Samsung/T-Mobile unaccountable again...