Oftentimes many companies take the easy way out and produce a simplistic endless runner to shoehorn any popular character into. But in the case of Sega's Sonic Dash, it's a match made in heaven. Endlessly running is what this blue hedgehog has always done in his free time, and to be honest, this style of gameplay isn't all that different from what's available in many of his latest mainstream titles. This release frankly makes sense, and as far as runners go, it's actually pretty good.

Sonic1 Sonic2

There's nothing forced about the gameplay here. Sonic's focus has always been running forward as quickly as possible, jumping over obstacles that get in his way. This game has that, complete with signature moves including double-jumping, speed dashing, and sliding. Our furry protagonist will barrel through worlds that should look familiar to any Sonic fan of the past decade, and he will even face up against various bosses. The game is more complex than most endless runners but simpler than a full-blown Sonic title, finding that nice middle ground that is ideal for gaming on the go.

Sonic4 Sonic5 Sonic6

Sonic Dash is available for free, and while there are in-app purchases present, they're not mandatory. Players can buy additional characters, power-ups, and more using the rings they collect throughout each stage, but anyone who would rather not make the time commitment can opt to buy the rings instead. This game was well-received on iOS, and for good reason, so give it a go by pouncing on the widget below.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Chris

    Now this is a good fit for a sonic game.

  • Alex R

    Enjoyed the game on my iPhone when it released. Glad to see this free game making a splash on Android so I can play it on my Galaxy S4!

    • Bondie

      Why won't it work on hp slate

  • mustbepbs

    Not showing as compatible for either my DNA or G Pad...

    • Spaniard85

      I'm seeing incompatible for my DNA too. Wtf?

  • RockAndRock

    So amazing ! *_*

  • Thomas’

    Access to your calendar? I wonder if some developer will learn to not use inappropriate permissions for games.

    • Evan

      I was about to install it, but those permissions for calendar events and confidential information seem rather unnecessary.

    • Matt McNair

      This is exactly what kept me from installing it.

    • Carlos

      Oh, Sonic will know when I go to the dentist.. .RUN!!

      • Deckard_Cain

        Pointless to run. It's Sonic we're talking about.

      • mustbepbs

        Right? People think their lives are so interesting that SEGA will care when they go visit their mum or have a doctors appointment.

    • James Aaron Anteola

      i just installed it, looks like they have game events with special challenges during the events. probably the reason for the calendar permission. not sure about the other permissions though..

    • flibblesan

      @flibblesan:disqus We will be removing this permission for the next update of Sonic Dash :)

      Source: https://twitter.com/HLGames/status/405659156033830912
      They also say they will be toning down the ads and providing the option to buy the app to remove ads entirely.

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php android.emu

    Hooray time to look for a hack to get all the IAP stuff for free.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/metallinatus Metallinatus

    Ok, any specific reason for not being compatible with my Galaxy Nexus?

    • Wyatt Neal

      Probably because Verzion hates fun.

    • remister

      GSM version?

      • http://steamcommunity.com/id/metallinatus Metallinatus

        Yep, GSM Galaxy Nexus....

      • Jays2Kings

        CDMA (Verizon) isn't incompatible too.

    • René Simonsen

      It's not compatible with my Galaxy S4 either.

      • ◎ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ◎

        Add Galaxy S2 to the list as well. This is really disappointing.

        • KK m

          Funny... My Galaxy S3 works with it.

          • BlueSonikku (FromTwitter)

            Hey, it's me from the above comment.

            I contacted Hard Light Studios. They couldn't find my phone type. Turns out my Galaxy S2 (a international version) was missing from the list. They added it to the compatibily list and now it works.

            Kudos to HLS!

          • KK m

            Good for you! :)

    • http://aqeeliz.com/ aqeeliz

      Nooooooooo! :'(

  • TheOtherJames

    I thought today felt just a little bit special when I woke up.

    • TheOtherJames

      I spoke too soon. This thing has video ads. VIDEO ADS!

      Die in a fire, Hardlight!

      • Roemraw

        I cam back to this article to see if those were mentioned anywhere.
        They also pop up at random times it seems.


        • Joseph

          Definitly a product of hell those video ads...

      • Anthony Tyson

        And they don't even go away if you make a $4 IAP.

        • flibblesan

          the developers wrote on Twitter that they will be changing that so you can remove ads by purchasing IAP.

          • Anthony Tyson

            Apparently they DO go away after spending $3.99 it just required me to reload the app(and didn't say so). The ads stopped showing up the next time I used the game. Kinda stupid.

  • bat0nas

    Not compatible with Galaxy Nexus?! You gotta be... :(

    • http://ishq-e-mustafa.blogspot.com/ Abdulmusawwir Qadri Barkaati

      Compatible with mine..
      GSM version..

  • L-ViZ

    calendar entries? c´mon, this is a game. or did they forget to write "nsa edition"?

  • Anthony Tyson

    8 months late

    • newyorker20103

      But they already caught up with the iOS Version.

      • Anthony Tyson

        Idk what you're trying to say. I'd rather have the game 8 months ago. Not to Menton we don't have the characters unlocked from all the global challenges they've done over the months.

  • 81crayons

    Way to many ads on this game. Just when the game is getting good here comes the ads. I will be deleting this from my phone and N7 I rather pay a fee bucks to not have ads

    • the sonic man

      If purchase rings it also removes the ads

  • Sean Lumly

    Wow! This game is surprisingly fun, and the graphics are stellar -- it has the feel of a sonic game through and through.

    But I can't help but feel it would be better if they took a page from the Android game Wind-up Knight (a fun and very challenging game in its own right!). Make a running game that has a number of discrete levels that have endings (ie not endless runnner). Give people access to the first world (eg. 5-10 levels), and then charge a fee to unlock the next 'world', or a discounted rate to unlock the full game. Provide a set number 'secrets' like special rings that can only be unlocked through discovery of hidden areas. Lastly, provide strictly-optional pay-to-win power-ups for those that are impatient, or want to customize the game.

    With the described game, it would not only be easy to try the game and fall in love, but also make a compelling purchase. As it stands, it's still a fun game, though knowing that it's a game of endless, mindless reaction to on-screen events, means I probably will not play it as much as I have other games.

  • Aryxz

    No support for galaxy nexus (cdma) on 4.2.2?! I've been waiting for this game since it came out on the iPhone, why Sega whyyyyyyyyy?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Oh my god, just let these classic franchises rest in peace already... Sonic, Mario, PACMan, etc. - just leave them all alone already

  • Johnsky

    best Sonic game since Sonic and Knuckles, no seriously. This game is better than Adventure (which is a joke), and everything after, ESPECIALLY "Sonic 4", aka the biggest mobile wasted money I've ever spent, more than SA on Steam. This is what Sonic should have been from 32X onwards. I do hope they give us Knuckles Chaotix.

  • NatT96™

    Sega forgot about my HTC EVO 3D. Apk. version to the rescue!

  • Ziodyne64

    Not compatible with my LG Escape? God. Dammit.

  • Ismail

    Sonic Dash is a really great android game. Nice share.