SwiftKey introduced several new keyboard layout options earlier this month, including the ability to split keyboards and move them around, empowering users to position the keyboard precisely where its most accessible. Unfortunately, some features were lost in transition. Today's update does its part to address these drawbacks. Now left-handed users, or people who just prefer having the option, can again move the number pad to the left side of the keyboard.

To access this option, just hold down the "123" key and select Themes.


This update also brings back a number of other lost features, such as the missing dollar sign for people not in the US and the keyboard's traditional spacebar sound effect. However, the bug fixes don't stop there.

What's new:

  • Fixed loss of personal language when you upgrade – if your personal language has previously been lost the best thing to do to restore personalized predictions is to go to Settings – SwiftKey Cloud, sign in and personalize from your SMS and Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Restored missing dollar sign – you can find a range of currency symbols by pressing and holding on the letter X, or by going to the numbers layout (accessed via the 123 key) or the symbols layout – accessed via the 123 key then the {&= key – and looking in the top left.
  • When keypress sounds are turned on, the spacebar sounds different to the other keys – you can turn keypress sounds on and off under Settings – Sound & Vibration
  • Extended layout on tablets now works properly – doesn’t just show predictions with no keyboard underneath
  • Restored missing bottom row in Russian and Thai layouts
  • Restored predictions in right-to-left languages (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic)
  • Backspacing on a flowed word at the beginning of a message now works
  • Pitch theme no longer shows white background when flowing
  • Fixed problems with entering names in Google +
  • Fixed problem with entering money amounts on Google Drive
  • Flowing long words sometimes got “stuck” – now fixed
  • Fixed a bunch of force closes

The update should already be available in the Play Store. Have at it.

Source: SwiftKey

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Polish Guy

    TouchPal X is free of charge and waaaaaaaaay more acurate. :)

    • motoridersd

      Thanks for the suggestion. I am checking it out. I love SwiftKey but the latest updates have changed things around and I don't like it as much anymore. I like that TouchPal X does mixed language prediction, and that's one of the features SwiftKey had over all the others.

  • Jupiter

    Swype better.

    • Polish Guy

      Swype drains battery like hell!

    • med1vg

      Thats very debatable.

    • Owen Finn

      I used to agree with you... until about 3 months ago. Now I've switched to Swiftkey full-time. It seems to be quicker, lighter and more accurate.

    • anehlo

      I too like Swype better. I feel that it's more accurate when gesture typing (probably obvious). I don't tap type, but if I did, I'd probably like SwiftKey better. Another commenter mentioned that Swype drains battery but I have not noticed any change in battery performance since switching from SwiftKey to Swype.

  • Brian Walker

    I'm really glad they gave this option. Having the numbers on the right was so jarring in the recent update. The key to change to numbers is on the left, and then you have to travel across the keyboard to get to the numbers? I could never get used to it.

    • Simon Belmont

      This! I'm actually right handed, but it just works better for me to have it on the left side for some reason for the reason you outlined.

      Very glad this was brought back. SwiftKey listens!

    • corbydjk364

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  • http://www.failuretodream.com/ lostboardmayhem

    Have they found a way to combine it with the tablet version of the app so that the updates are listed in the normal place? I would rather not buy the app a second time to fix the problem but I only had the tablet version before they were combined

    • HolyFreakingCrap

      No, they have relisted it as Legacy.


      Ive just demanded a refund and if they dont I will file a charge back with my cc company.

      • Manny Soares

        aww does the baby need its diaper changed?

      • Troll Detecter

        *troll detected*

    • Ruth

      Hey lostboard, if you purchased SwiftKey Tablet from Google Play, you will be able to access updates. Log into the store with the account you used to purchase, go to "My Apps", and you will see an app called “SwiftKey Tablet (Legacy)”. Updating to this app will give you all of the functionality of the combined SwiftKey (phone+tablet) app.

      If you have also purchased SwiftKey we recommend that you simply install SwiftKey on all your devices and then uninstall SwiftKey Tablet. You can use SwiftKey Cloud to ensure that your learned language is transferred.

      I hope that helps? Ruth @ SwiftKey

      • http://www.failuretodream.com/ lostboardmayhem

        Thank you, I had not noticed it was on the app list as the "SwiftKey Tablet (Legacy)" now. Everything is up to date now!

        • Ruth

          Great! Glad you found it.

  • EH101

    Used to love this app (SwiftKey) but always found it hard to make it reliably predict custom words. I'm now trying the updated Google Keyboard in the Play Store and honestly, I don't miss SwiftKey so far. The only issue I have is it sometimes doesn't auto-space when it should. Predictions in typing and sliding have so far been on par with SwiftKey but much better in contact recognition and custom word prediction. I think I may just stick with it.

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    Getting fed up with SwiftKey. I paid for the Tablet version but when they did the last update that version has disappeared from the Play Store and the Play Store now says I have the free version installed. Their support email reply to me was nothing but automated blabber.

    • Ruth

      Hi. If you purchased SwiftKey Tablet from Google Play, you will be able to access updates. Log into the store with the account you used to purchase, go to "My Apps", and you will see an app called “SwiftKey Tablet (Legacy)”. Updating to this app will give you all of the functionality of the combined SwiftKey (phone+tablet) app.

      If you have also purchased SwiftKey we recommend that you simply install SwiftKey on all your devices and then uninstall SwiftKey Tablet. You can use SwiftKey Cloud to ensure that your learned language is transferred.

      If you purchased SwiftKey Tablet from the Amazon Appstore or AndroidPIT, please contact their customer support teams at www.amazon.com/appstore-support or http://www.androidpit.com/faq to request that your purchase be transferred to the main SwiftKey app.

      I hope that helps? Ruth @ SwiftKey

  • Pete

    I used to love this app but since the 4.3 update they removed the ability to display arrow keys on tablets - crazy! It's ridiculous that they can be enabled on phones, but on something with a bigger screen you can't have them! Considering going back to the stock Google keyboard instead.

    • Ruth

      Hey Pete thanks for your message. You can add arrow keys on a tablet: The best way is to select the extended layout. To do this, go into SwiftKey settings->Theme & Layout->check Extended layout. This will offer left/right arrow keys on the primary keyboard pane.

      You can also access arrow keys when using SwiftKey on your tablet by tapping the 123 key in the lower left of your keyboard.

      Hope that helps, Ruth @ SwiftKey.

      • Pete

        Ruth, That is NOT the "best way". The extended layout only gives two arrow keys (left & right) and additionally the extended layout messes with the position of some keys on the keyboard. How hard is it to understand that the phone software allows us to display arrow keys below the keyboard all the time, yet tablets don't, which is crazy as tablets have bigger screens!

        I'm asking for one simple thing: A checkbox to say the arrow keys should be displayed all the time below the keyboard. I have this on my phone, so why can't I have this on my tablet? Is it really too much to ask? Is it really too hard to understand?

        • Adam Moran

          Being a condescending prick will get you places in life.

      • Pete

        Not an acceptable solution. I just want arrow keys below the keyboard all the time, like I can gave on my phone. Extended layout is nasty & only has left & right arrows, and pressing "123" is an unnecessary inconvenience. Phones have smaller screens than tablets, so why won't you let us have them on large screen devices but allow them on small ones? It makes no sense.

  • marycontrary

    I gave up on SwiftKey the day they decided to release that huge update which changed a billion things everyone was used to, things that did NOT need changing. Google Keyboard is great, albeit could do with better customisation options.

    • motoridersd

      I have the same problem with SwiftKey, they changed SO many things that I don't want changed. They should let us change more things to personalize the way we want them, just like they did the keypad.

  • Ethan G

    Been a fan of this app for a long while. When I got my Nexus 5 I used the stock keyboard until just recently to make sure I got a feel for a purely stock experience. Now I'm back to Swiftkey and consistently happy with it on the whole. Good fixes with this update and hope they keep doing what they do.

    • Ruth

      Thanks for the great feedback Ethan, the team appreciates it and more innovation is underway...

  • Nick V

    This is the best keyboard hands down. The last update was just what was needed. I had both the phone and tablet versions, and I am happy that they are one app now.

    If you are crying about this, stop. You sound like you used the last of you lunch money to buy both versions.

  • InfDaMarvel

    Wheres my emojis? How Tf don't you have emojis by know? At least add it into beta

    • Ruth

      Hi, we've confirmed we're working on emoji support. Thanks for your patience.

  • Nikhil

    I seem to have a strange problem and I'm surprised that no one talks about it here. Every time My phone goes to sleep, the keyboard defaults back to the stock Google keyboard. I did a quick search and Swiftkey seems to acknowledge the problem. Has this been fixed? Does anyone else face this?


  • Senk

    It's still complete horsesh!t that you have to sign up for the cloud service in order to have SwiftKey learn from texts, emails etc.

  • PuzzledObserver

    "Number pad on left side" What a relief! Thank you the author to show how to change that setting. Thanks.

  • Ben

    Thank you! I was reliving my childhood of being the lefty having to sit in the righty desk in school!

  • Irwin

    Still can't type "too"

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    "Fixed problems with entering names in Google+" oh god, finally. It's been driving me absolutely nuts.

    • Ruth

      Hey Artem, thanks! We know this one mattered to a lot of folk.

  • Sunny B

    Can swiftkey have the same layout as the stock google keyboard..With the numbers on the first row as we switch to the number layout. Kinda used to that and find it really difficult to use the numpad swiftkey offers!