A few months ago Spotify introduced the ability for users to stream music over Wi-Fi to a select speakers. The feature, coined Spotify Connect, was unfortunately limited only to iOS devices. Now an update has landed for the Android app that officially makes it multi-platform.


You will need a Spotify Premium subscription in order to make use of this feature, but that's not all. Only a few speakers currently work with Spotify Connect. Bang & Olufsen has the BeoPlay A9, and Pioneer has distributed a firmware update adding compatibility to several of their models.


Spotify Connect doesn't offer much that you can't already do with a Bluetooth speaker, but it does save you from having to pair your device. While you have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to use the feature, meaning you can't control music while away from home, that still amounts to a farther range than a Bluetooth device can typically manage. You will also be free to take phone calls without interrupting the music.

What's new:

  • New: Say hello to Spotify Connect. Listen to music on your Connect-enabled speakers, and use your mobile to control the music.
  • Fixed: Lots of bugs and nasty things.
  • Known issues: Images do not load properly on Android 4.4 Kitkat. We're working on it!

Obviously, this is only useful for people invested in Spotify, but for those of you, the wait is over.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/fariflux fari

    Well, they still have lots of bugs with Android 4.4, one of them being not displaying album covers. It's getting pretty annoying since this has been going on for almost a month already.

    • Konstigt2

      It even says so in the changelog... ^^^

      • http://twitter.com/fariflux fari

        They've been "working on it" for a long time now. ):

    • Roger Siegenthaler

      Oh come on -.-, not that many people are rocking 4.4 already for it to warrant any sort of developer time for them. All the 4.4 guys are google-addicted anyway so they should work on fixing other things first.

      • http://twitter.com/fariflux fari

        Well, a considerable amount of people already have 4.4 on their devices, and we are indeed paying for a premium service here, that includes the album covers.

        • Roger Siegenthaler

          a considerable amount... not really.

          I get it that it's a premium software but album art seriously isn't a high-priority thing.

          • remister

            All my Nexus devices is changing to 4.4 and it is ugly without the full screen lock screen art. Plus I usually use the Album art to know the different between the explicit version and edited version.

  • JR

    I wish they'd update their app so that you can stream to a ChromeCast.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Yes, I've been waiting. Now I don't need an AirStream (for AirPlay) on my Nexus 5 to listen to Spotify on my Pioneer A1 speakers (got two for under $100... great speakers for the price).

  • jsk225

    They totally ruined their app about two updates ago by eliminating the search history. Whenever I'm out and either hear or read about an album I'd like to listen to I used to quickly do a search for it in Spotify and then use that list to try new things. How much memory could it take up to keep that function. Until they bring it back I guess I'm stuck using an outdated older version of the app. Thank god for Titanium Backup.

  • Ivan

    Yeah and they closed it for unsupported countries to use it... :-)) No more spotify until tey add Bulgaria :-) (Even VPN can't help now)

  • motoridersd

    Ugh, the album art acknowledgement is just a slap in the face. If they've known about it for a month, why hasn't it been fixed? It can't be that hard. In the meantime, I've gone to Google Music, and I'm liking it. There are still a bunch of Spotify features I prefer, but it's such a waste to not have album art when using Spotify when it looks so nice on the new KitKat lock screen.

    • Josh Williamson

      A whole month you say? Ducking notifications have been addressed over a year and a half ago and still hasn't been fixed. Don't hold your breath on a steady response.

      • motoridersd

        Out of all my Android apps, Spotify is the one that needs the most work and it is rarely updated. The notifications annoy me every time and my workaround is a Trigger action to set the phone to vibrate when in the car, but when I forget, I curse when the music completely pauses.

        That's another huge point for Google Music. If only Google Music had better shared playlists, last.fm integration and a dedicated desktop player. They both have pros and cons.

    • Ancan

      I'm in the same seat as you, enjoying my free trial month of Google Music, and I think I'm going to be staying there.
      I miss the standalone player, and last.fm integration, but the Spotify-team is just incredible slow with updates and fixes and I'm tired of waiting for things that never arrive.

      • motoridersd

        I am a little sad that I didn't keep my original trial that would have made my subscription $6.99. I thought I could live with the Spotify shortcomings but now that I've had the features of Google Music I can't go back. They are incredibly slow, they never post change logs for their desktop updates, their Linux build is a mess, and we already know the Android annoyances.

  • tay

    I'm waiting for the day Spotify allows me to have an "all tracks" page that allows me to combine my local files and "rented/streaming" tracks. Just like Google Play Music All Access does..

    I hate the whole "forcing to use playlists only" approach Spotify has.. But considering GPMAA is taking ages to reach to Sweden i'm forced to keep being on Spotify :/

  • TheLastAngel

    I don't see any reason why I should pay twice for using it on a phone or tablet. So I am never going to be a premium subscriber.

    • Roger Siegenthaler

      You don't???

      You just can't play simultaneously, as is the case with any streaming service...

    • remister

      I hope they update that policy soon, at least the Premium subscriber can stream music at the same time on 3 devices.

  • Reshma

    yaa well i miss a article

  • Emulators + Android = Win

    Now you sorted that out offer some music that is worth listening to for once.

  • Ed Chen

    Not sure why it says it requires them to be the same wifi network. It works just fine over data: http://imgur.com/az2bQbZ

    • Kel Varnsen

      How do you add devices to your list? ;o

      • Ed Chen

        You don't. You just log into Spotify on both devices.

        • Cat Astrophy

          How do you log into Spotify on a speaker?

          • Ed Chen

            I don't know. I assume you use a separate app that sets up the speaker.

          • Cat Astrophy

            So if you don't know then what is "You just log into Spotify on both devices."? This article is about playing from a device to the speakers. This requires Wifi to connect to the speakers.

          • Ed Chen

            I was talking about my two devices. You can also control your other devices using Connect. Of course, you need wifi to connect your speakers. Your speakers don't have mobile data. I'm saying the device you direct music to play remotely doesn't need to be on wifi.

          • Daniel Orchard

            I have a pioneer SMA1, it doesn't broadcast over the internet so to see it you need to be on the same wifi network as it. Anything with a data connection should be ok. The SMA1 also doesnt 'login' to your spotify account, its just a dumb device so even if it was direct on the internet it wouldnt magically show up because its not linked to your account in any way other than by being on the same local subnet as you are.

            I updated the firmware last month and have been waiting for this very impatiently. Before this I was using a hacked chromecast gmusic program to stream google music to the device via the cast button. It worked 'ok' most of the time but would randomly stop for no reason and the google music needed to stay open so it offered no advantage over bluetooth streaming bar perhaps bitrate (questionable)

            I also updated the pandora firmware in my SMA1 a while back and subscribed to that but the music selection was too repetitive and not customizable enough. Also the only remote to control the music was via pioneers poorly written app instead of direct from pandoras android application which was really pretty awful. It did the basics (change station and thumbs up) but it was clunky as hell.

            I have never been a spottily subscriber before today even though my friends are and I very much like I always have backed google and tried to convince them that it was a better idea.

            If this is as good as I think it is going to be I will cancel my gmusic for this in a heartbeat. Hardware embedded direct streaming with application remote is where it is at. Battery life, switching devices, sharing the music with friends...
            I honestly want to be able to control my wifi speakers in the kitchen via my phone or my PC or my tablet . I was so close to jumping on the sonos bandwagon but it was so closed it felt very apple-ish. I think this is a much better solution, and you can get out of it anytime you want. I wonder if the bigger pioneer SMA4 is still onsale at JB >:)

            All i want now is better multi speaker support and perhaps faster volume control (there is a fair bit of a lag in changing the volume remotely)

            Before you guys knock it, you really should try it. This is amazing.

          • Hal Lusk

            Were you able to use any multi-speaker (I am getting the Pioneer A1 and want to daisy-chain) method to work other than airplay through itunes?

  • remister

    Ontop of fixing the album art on 4.4, they need to fix the search history.

  • ddh819

    if this is premium only i will stick with running spotify on the laptop and then streaming via airfoil/airplay, and using spotimote

  • KJ

    Does anyone know if there are WiFi speakers out there (in the same vein as Sonos, or Jongo) that will allow you to stream music from cloud via Google Play Music?

  • NevvyC

    Since Spotify is an online entity - why can't I just control the music playing on Spotify on my iMac (through kickass speakers) from Spotify on my Android device via a 'Now playing' screen... seems ridiculous you need dedicated speakers.