Third-party music players are a little less important ever since Google cleaned up Play Music, but there's still something to be said for the venerable old doubleTwist. This app has gone through several UI iterations and adjusted its feature set to better serve Android users as time went on. With the newest update, the app improves support for tablets with a UI overhaul, among other improvements.

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Here's the full changelog straight from doubleTwist v 2.3:

  • Redesigned UI, including new UI for 7" and 10" inch tablets.
  • Artist view now shows artist image and biography (if available).
  • Easily create new playlists, batch-add songs to the Play Queue or delete songs using doubleTwist's unique multi-select design.
  • Launch Magic Radio stations directly from your music library: you can now easily create new Magic Radio stations while browsing your music library by Artist, Album, Song or Playlist.

The new design has a lot of Android UI elements, but it doesn't look like a cookie cutter Holo app – there's still that doubleTwist vibe throughout. Tablets now have a dual-pane view with easy-to-access playback controls and bigger album art. On that note, the app also supports the proper full-screen lock screen album art in KitKat now.

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The Magic Radio features are cool, but keep in mind that isn't a free feature. You can try it free for 7-days, but after that it's $24.99 per year. You also get all the doubleTwist premium features with it, though.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Jonathan Seymour

    This is a great, and well overdue update!

  • Thomas Lovett

    I wish other apps could use the All Access feature, but since they can't I just can't justify using other music apps. It's a shame, really

  • Primalxconvoy

    " Third-party music players are still very popular since Google still can't support folder view (and many other features most android users want) in Play Music..."

    - fixed it for you.

    • Steph Chi

      Love that!

    • sweenish

      First I've ever heard of this. Artist, album, genre and playlists too good for you?

      • Primalxconvoy

        Not good enough, actually. Players like Poweramp and even the not-quite-as-good mixzing all offer folder view and other functions. Folder view is great for those who want quick custom music collections or who like to drag and drop music onto their devices and find their music easily again. With folders you don't need playlists then.

        • sweenish

          The folder is the playlist, though. Just more rigid in structure. If you want to adjust your "playlist," you have to actually move the files around. That's just messy.

          And I already drag and drop and find music easily because apps auto scan. Folder organization is a good thing, don't get me wrong, it's how nearly all players make their directories human searchable.

          But I don't see actual folder viewing as a way to find music in the app as worthwhile in the least. Playlists are more dynamic, and there's a reason I add all that metadata to my tracks. And when you say most users, I don't buy it. You're literally the first person I've ever seen make this complaint, ever. Across any platform.

          I'm glad you have options for what you want, but why lodge a complaint? Why not link to a feature request and hope other people chime in? Maybe post something a little more pro-active and positive instead of just pissing on other apps?

          • Primalxconvoy

            I think you'll find a few posters here already agreed with my post. There are numerous apps that support folder view because it's a desired feature. Also, i don't need to fiddle around with any data to use folders. Once they're doing by the player, they're table useable.

            Also, i want peeing on any app. If anything, the OP made the suggestion that 3rd party music app users were in the minority. I daresay that it's not just folder view that draws people to choose other music players over Google's stock offering and I'm certain that they'll chime in soon and tell you why they prefer another music app over Google's paltry offerings.

          • didibus

            The reason folders work better for me, is because all my tracks have broken metadata and every way I've found to edit metadata on tracks has been more cumbersome to me than simple folder renaming and creation.

      • Somnambulator

        probably well over 95% of my music has accurate metadata. I still greatly prefer folders because I usually listen to an entire album or 2 at a time. I don't have time to make playlists while driving, which is when i use poweramp almost exclusively. folders are easy to navigate if the hierarchy is created efficiently. plus, probably 1/2 my music is electronica of one sort or another and contains multiple DJs per song, remixes, etc and is a PITA to properly categorize or choose quickly. I'd rather listen to an entire folder, which would either be everything from an artist, a specific album, or a misc folder created for singles, than create 1000 playlists. If I were to browse the library instead of folders, I'd have like 5x the number of albums because of all the singles with an album listed in its tag.

    • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

      This. Any player without folder view is a straight FAIL for me. No matter what other features it has. That said, 3 years on, nothing's managed to sway me away from Poweramp anyway.

      • xnifex

        I keep trying all of these new apps when they go on sale or someone writes an article but I always go back to Poweramp.

      • meelyg

        Does Poweramp have DLNA play song to device?
        Deal breaker if not

  • Eric Bright

    I prefer Play Movies, but I can't use it because it doesn't play AVI.

  • Ano

    What I don't understand is the lack of support for samba concerning music players to setup direct play from Windows shares, nas, WDTV Live, etc. As if those smb-shares are local folders on Android devices. Only ones I could find ArmAmp, BsPlayer, XenoAmp and Neutron. Especially last two have terrible UI and BS missing lockscreen-support among others if I remember correctly. There are a few more apps with smb, but to terrible to mention.

    Also support for cloud concerning music apps very lacking. And with cloud I don't mean their own shitty closed cloud, but main stream cloud such as gDrive, , Skydrive, Dropbox, etc. which ArmAmp has. Google Music support for other apps would be great, because personally I don't like the app from Google itself. (A lot of countries still no acces to gMusic).

    If someone knows other worthy music apps with support for samba and mainstream cloud I would love to be informed about that.

    Too bad by the way stock Android lost its support for Cifs to setup smb shares as local folders on a Android device. With that every app could be used to play/open every file over the network

  • sweenish

    I like that it can access your cached Play Music, but hate that it only works if you use SuperSu. What kind of broken root implementation relies on a specific root app?

  • meelyg

    Is the broken "auto play next track" on airtwist device play fixed yet?

    • Guest

      lol yeah still brokes. On the brightside the new UI is awesome

  • greatcornholio

    How to delete individual songs?