Everyone makes mistakes, but most of us aren't producing marketing material for giant retail chains that sell technology to the general public. That's the kind of mistake we all get to laugh about. So let's have a chuckle at today's mistaken parties.


Having trouble choosing between a Samsung phone and a Motorola one? Well, now you don't have to choose with the new Verizon Samsung Moto X by Motorola at Costco. See, it looks like a Moto X, but clearly it was made by Samsung because ads don't lie. They should have a phone nerd read these before they go out.


Amazon has a lot of experience in retail, so surely it wouldn't make a rookie mistake like that, right? Eh, maybe. The 2013 Nexus 7 listing on Amazon looks alright at first, but then you get to the comparison table. See, even though the specs say Android 4.3, it's really just Honeycomb 3.0 according to the chart. It's kind of like the issue Walmart had the other day with the Moto X. Amazon needs to maybe add a little more human oversight to the process.


What about the venerable Nexus 4? It's running Symbian now, but only in France. But that's not as bad as the Sprint HTC One with the giant carrier badge... and TouchWiz. Seriously, who does this?


[Costco, Amazon – Thanks, @rjp and paxmos and Nabil L]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Serge Cebrian

    hhahahaa Honeycomb..
    i didnt know the tablets still came with that.. .. the good thing is that it will have a day one update to kitkat!

  • Michael Pahl

    "Tegra 3.0" - is there a Tegra 3.1? lol

  • Tuấn Ankh

    Is there a Mistake holiday around this time? Cuz companies have been making these weird mistakes lately.

    • Mike Reid

      Yes there is.

      The marketing people who make these ads are not "mobile knowledgable".

      And they get into the holiday spirit before the rest of us, cause they make/plan the holiday season ads.

  • Tanay Sood

    Not to mention the 32GB "Hard Drives" in both tablets

  • Alex Blair

    I always think its a thing to get old folks to not buy it, smells of apples

  • Cesar

    All jokes aside, I actually would like a Moto phone with a replaceable battery and MicroSD card slot, just like every Samsung phone has.

  • mustbepbs

    That last picture was made by a group of old men in a marketing department.

  • J

    Why is this even an article

    • Archit K

      For the lulz. AP is like Pillow - Warm and Cuddly.

  • Derek Duncan

    you guys sure you caught the right thing in the Nexus 7 on Amazon????? READ $229.

    • Tim

      The 16 gig one is 229$

      • Derek Duncan

        Yea...That was says 32.

  • Shamus Hand

    Let's not forget the ASUS MeMOPad packing an Intel Celeron!

  • Golden Eagle

    Amazon lists the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs
    OS: Android 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

  • Munchy

    Here's another one from bestbuy
    "HTC one with a powerfull 13MP camera"... who knew! :)

    • Matthew Merrick

      I might actually buy that...

  • dhruva

    even computers wont make this mistake

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      even computers wont make this mistake

      Of course not! There is simply no way any expertly contrived and properly maintained set of algorithms could return results that are obviously, demonstrably incorrect as proved via a quick Web search.

      For example, Google's vaunted Knowledge Graph (AKA: "The future of search") would know better than to report a best-selling author born in 1959 -- and who is still very much alive -- died 421 years ago, in 1592.



      Historical link, in case Google fixes this before you read it.:

  • krisyadao

    Since when do the Nexus 7s have hard drives?

  • Bob

    Amazon listing for me still has the 32GB priced at $269... did I miss the discount?