Since the OTAs for KRT16S started rolling out in the middle of last week, some Nexus 4 owners updating from Jelly Bean are experiencing really troubling behavior after installing the new version. There are reports of issues with core interface functionality like a non-working Home button, Quick Settings toggle, a broken dialer, and various other issues. Not all affected devices have had exactly the same results, and many weren't hit, but some unusual complications have definitely started turning up.


The problems seem to be limited to those upgrading from the final version of Jelly Bean (JWR66Y) to the most recent build of KitKat (KRT16S) via the OTA, or using the factory image without wiping data. Devices updated from the KRT16O factory image posted a couple of weeks ago seem to be unaffected. A specific cause for the malfunction hasn't yet been identified, but various reports suggest there is no connection to whether a device is rooted or if the bootloader is unlocked.

So far the only fix for the malfunction seems to be wiping data through a factory reset. This has the side-effect of clearing out all of your installed apps and locally stored data, so be sure to make a backup first. For the more advanced users this probably won't be more than an inconvenience, but the average person is likely to be put out quite a bit.

Update: A possible fix has been suggested by Paul O'Brien. If you have adb set up on your computer, try running 'adb shell am start -n com.google.android.setupwizard/.SetupWizardTestActivity' from the command line. Alternatively, if you use a launcher capable of running custom activities (Nova and Apex are popular choices), try going to the widget drawer and creating an activity pointing to Setup Wizard > SetupWizardTestActivity, then run it. Once the Setup Wizard has started, go through the normal steps for setting up a phone. In theory, this should fix the various button issues. None of us at Android Police can reproduce the bug, but this method shouldn't cause any adverse effects. Good luck, and let's hope this works for everybody! - Thanks, Paul!

We can't be sure how widespread the issue is, especially since it doesn't appear to have hit the Nexus product forums or AOSP issue tracker, but we've certainly heard complaints from quite a few people. Hopefully there won't be too many affected, and perhaps a new OTA will come out with a more reliable upgrade script. In the meantime, if you haven't yet updated, keep this in mind when deciding if you want to continue with the installation. As usual, we'll keep you posted if we get any more information.

Cody Toombs
Cody is a Software Engineer and Writer with a mildly overwhelming obsession with smartphones and the mobile world. If he’s been pulled away from the computer for any length of time, you might find him talking about cocktails and movies, sometimes resulting in the consumption of both.

  • SimonPieman

    Who wants to bet hacked on GEL launcher is at fault, and it's nothing to do whatsoever to do with the OTA.

    • NotTheTodd

      I'm using the GEL on the newest OTA with no problems. Sideloaded the OTA from Jelly Bean.

      • Sir Oliver

        How does GEL behaves? Mine (Nexus 4, updated to 4.4. from 4.3 sideloaded) is having problems staying deafult. Every so often a pop up window will appear to choose between stock laucnher and GEL.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      It's happening to people before they would even have the opportunity to install GEL. That's not it.

  • discovery

    I have an issue where the Gallery app doesn't show in the recent apps list. If I was in the gallery and hit the home button or switch to another app, when I hit the recent apps button, the Gallery app is not there. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Paul_Werner

      I have this issue too on my N4. I don't have any of the other issues mentioned though. Not happening on my N7 that I flashed the factory image on (N4 I updated OTA from JB to KK)

    • Paul_Werner

      I found out from someone above in the comments that this only happens with the old gallery icon that you may have on your homescreen or in a folder. If you replace it with the one in the app drawer (or just launch from the app drawer) then it will show up in the recent apps list again

      • discovery

        Great! Thanks!

  • Zyre

    When will the Nexus 4 get the Google Experience (Home) launcher?

    • Cesar

      Officially, probably not any time soon. But, if you have the latest version of Google Search installed, you can just install the launcher apk manually. The download is here. http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23212708291676903

      • Sir Oliver

        Ok, I asked once in the original post, but, no answers, so Ill try here:

        Has anybody who had installed GEL (Search Home) on Nexus 4, with 4.4. update, managed to keep it as Default launcher? The option in Settings > Home is only working for a while, and also answering "Always" on launcer prompt is not a permanent solution, it keeps for a while and for some activities, then after the resrtart there it goes again.

        • Sir Oliver

          To clarify - launcher stays on, with all paraphenalia, but it is poping Option window to choose which launher to use, every so often. And picking Always does not resolve problem except for a while.

          • Kevin Turabian

            Updates to the Google search app or any other launchers you have will cause the dialog to reappear. Same thing happens when you have something like Nova or Apex launchers after an update.

        • Alex Irvine

          Yep. I don't have any permanence/default issues running GEL on my Nexus4, with KRT16S.

          The default Launcher is "Launcher" with a round blue icon.

          I do however have a weird issue where the majority of my 4-wide widgets are being forced to 3 wide.

          • Sir Oliver

            Are you sure? Some of the widgets that used to be 4x1 are now 3x1 For example - Power Control Widget, on 4.3 was 4x1, and was ocuping whole width, now it is 3x1 and has room for one more icon in the same row.

            On the other hand, What's this Song and Avast's widget are still 4x1 andiheyt still take a complete row.

        • aaron cooper

          I have it as the selected launcher, and I have never come across your issue. It has been my selected launcher since I installed the apk.

        • Sir Oliver

          Tx people. So, ok, now I know my installation has a problem, its not how it should work.

          • Sir Oliver

            So, after I learned it is not how it should work ;) I started looking for the culprit. And found the app that was causing it.

            Local Sync - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.psencik.simple

            For some reason Kitkat was treating the app as a Launcher, though it is not, and that prevented GEL to be permanently slected as Home app.

            I got rid of it, and now GEL works as it should.

            Once again, thanks to all! :)

  • http://www.geekdevs.com Deepak Mittal

    I sideloaded the OTA after downloading it from this blog. Its been 2 days and so far it's been working pretty good. I have none of those issues mentioned.

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    The OTA screwed my N4 all up also. Home button, settings, etc didnt work at all or were very sketchy. I figured it was my launcher, Apex Pro. I did a clean install with the factory image and that fixed everything.

  • evolutionx1

    I have experienced the sharing menu broken sometimes. Sometimes when I try to share a picture, a screenshot, it directly launches Instagram and tries to share over there. It does not open up a sharing menu where the app has to be selected to share the image.

  • Yash Raj Chhabra

    i don't have this issue..

  • paulatmodaco
    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I had this issue. Ended up resetting. I might just restore to the backup and redo the update, then try this fix.

      Does it also fix the same wonk with Quick Settings?

      • paulatmodaco

        Yes, it fixes both.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Thanks. Could you talk about what goes wrong here and how your fix works exactly? Also, does it resolve it once and for all and survive reboots?
          Cheers, Paul.

          • paulatmodaco

            Well, it sounds like the device becomes 'unprovisioned' for some bizarre reason, the provisioned flag normally gets set at the end of the setup wizard. Hence, the easiest fix is just to run the setup wizard again. :)

          • Paul_Werner

            Do you know of any possible fix for the Gallery app not showing up in the recent apps list?

          • paulatmodaco

            Weird, i've not seen that one!

          • mlj11

            Mine works fine. How are you accessing the app?

            I think that the KK update brought a new Gallery app, or at least an app with an activity name that has been somewhat changed from the one in the previous version.

            My guess is that if you continue to use the same "link" (ie the app icon for the "old" Gallery app that you might have dragged onto your homescreen) to access the Gallery, the app won't show up in Recent Apps. In order to fix the problem you might need to tap on the "new" app icon, wherever it is.

          • Paul_Werner

            That was my fix, thanks. I did have the Gallery icon in a folder with other camera and picture editing apps & since it looked like the same icon to me I didn't think to try the one from the app drawer.

          • Sir Oliver

            If there are no Home and other citied problems, will the command if it is run, "break" something else?

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Well, would you look at that - I restored to 4.3, updated again, and now it's fine. No issues with the buttons. Go figure.

          • Guest

            Well, it sounds like the device becomes 'unprovisioned' for some bizarre reason, the provisioned flag normally gets set at the end of the setup wizard. Hence, the easiest fix is just to run the setup wizard again. :)

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

          This seems to be a pretty good answer. I tried running the wizard on a device that didn't have the problem. Part of the way through, I got out of the wizard and it left me with a non-working Home button and nothing visible in my notifications. Once I went back in and finished the wizard, everything worked just fine.

          I updated the article with your fix. It would be great if this works for everybody. Thanks, Paul!

      • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

        Hey, first of all, big thanks to you Cody and Artem/AP staff for following-up on this! It is definitely appreciated.

        With that said, forgive my ignorance for not knowing how to run this command, but how do you restart the setup wizard on a non-rooted Nexus 4?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

          You'll need to turn on debugging from the developer options screen on the device. Here's how to get there: http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/11/13/reminder-tip-developer-options-are-hidden-in-android-4-2-heres-how-to-find-them/

          You'll also need to install the latest version of adb on a computer. Some guides suggest installing the SDK, but you don't need to. Just make sure you're getting the latest version. This is probably a good guide if you're on Windows: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2225405

          Once both of those are set up, then you just need to connect your device and open a command prompt, then type in that line from above

          • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

            Thank you very much Cody, but now I'm getting more and more frustrated. I installed all the things I need to run commands on a Mac, but then when I put the code in, it's saying that it's offline. I just can't figure out how to fix it!

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

            While it's worth getting adb working, take the easier route I describe in the update to the post. Use Nova launcher, create an activity pointing to the Setup Wizard, then run through the steps. It's way faster than worrying about working through some of the odd adb / usb bugs that might be getting in the way.

          • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

            Just did that Cody, it was very, very simple (huge props to the Nova developers). Everything seems to be working fine now, will update with any future problems. Thanks so much again for your help!

          • khairul

            im so sorry.. i really dont understand what you mean when u say "Use Nova launcher, create an activity pointing to the Setup Wizard, then run through the steps" could u explain.. step by step.. layman terms.. really appreciate it

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

            You're having problems with this now? Huh, I thought a Google Search update had fixed this issue.

            Anyway, here you go.

            1. Install Nova Launcher from the play store and open it (link)

            2. Long-press on the background (not on app or widget) and tap on 'Shortcuts' when the dialog appears.

            3. Tap on Activities

            4. Find 'Setup Wizard' in the list and tap to expand it

            5. Tap on the list item with the words "SetupWizardTestActivity" in small print. This will create an icon on your start screen called "Setup Wizard"

            6. Tap on the icon and follow the prompts until it finishes.

            That's it!

          • kalai vanan

            not working with me,.. i just did that :( .. help me..

          • ruli

            Hi All, i tried using apex and nova and run the setup wizard. Seem it doesnt fix my problem. Sometime its work.
            I did the factory reset, and still not solve my issue. Please help

          • David

            Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A thousand times. Just, thank you.

    • edukr

      It worked! Thank you so much, dude! REALLY!

    • Wout Mertens

      Yey that worked, thanks!

    • Larry

      Thanks Man! That worked, such a relief!

  • http://cassidyjames.com Cassidy James

    I feel like I had this issue when I first updated my Nexus 4, but restarting it fixed it.

  • qqq

    I had a similar issue when updating my Nexus 7 2012 from JWR66Y to KitKat. The Home and Multitasking buttons were really unresponsive and the action was delayed a lot, the drawer crashed often too. I had to install the KitKat factory image to fix it and now it's silky smooth.

    • Paul_Werner

      Same here. Good thing I had a Titanium Backup so getting it back to how I like it wasn't overly time consuming

  • http://ntang.tumblr.com/ Nicholas Tang

    I took the standard OTA, no root, but w/ the GEL set up. Works like a charm, transparent bars and everything. I've been considering root'ing and ROM'ing my N4 since I got it (I've done that to every other phone I had) but stock Android has been good enough recently that it feels almost redundant. Not a fan of the ginormous icons in GEL, but otherwise, I like it.

  • Danilo Augusto de Oliveira

    Once I read about a power button bug in Jelly Bean 4.3 - Which persists on KitKat. It doesn't work properly, sometimes forcing me to restart it to get the power menu option. Does anyone also have this problem?

  • Max Simmons

    Anyone else having battery problems on nexus 4 since update?

    • fijisiv

      I have found that when I do a search 'Google Search' keeps the phone from going into deep sleep. If left unattended, Google Search consumes much more battery than it should. The workaround is to kill it after doing a search. Other than that, I have found battery life improved between 4.3 and 4.4.

      • Max Simmons

        So if I kill search every time sheet I use it should help? Wonder if it's got something to do with GEL being on and keeping search permanently on?

        • ascaryghost

          I've been having battery problems too. Before I was able to get at least a day and a half on a full battery including 8 hours on data while I'm at school. I figured its just GEL so I just switched back to the stock launcher and I'll see if that fixes anything.

          • Max Simmons

            Hope they can fix this, but doubt they will with GEL being nexus 5 exclusive. I used to get best part of a day with data on whenever out the house but am barely getting 5 hours now! No new apps added since!

        • fijisiv

          I did some experimenting last night and that seems to be the issue. Well, *my* issue. I did a search, checked back in an hour and Google Search had kept the phone awake for an hour. Then I disabled 'Hotword detection' (Google Now > scroll to bottom > menu > Settings > Voice > Hotword detection), did another search, checked back in an hour and Google Search had kept the phone awake for 5 seconds.
          Now that I've said that, I recall I have all of the location services turned off. So, turning off Hotword worked for me but it may require some additional testing and tweaking to unearth your battery issues.

    • Yvonne

      Since the update the battery life on my Nexus 4 is now less than a couple of hours. Can anyone help?

  • Gokh

    I have an issue where an application become my wallpaper when i return to the homescreen, anyone??

    • Gokh

      An also a bug which cause my galerie to show nothing, just black thumbnail...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      I've seen that one myself. It only happened once and I couldn't figure out how to reproduce it. Keep your eyes open for what causes that, I'd like to know.

    • Al

      something similar happened to me, just once: an app with semi-transparent background that normally would show the wallpaper, showed another app that was running behind. But it has never happened again since

    • jab416171

      I've seen that! It was weird.

      • Max Simmons

        Me too. Wallpapers deffo seem not to be loading properly

  • Yogesh Laxman Raut

    I used 'clear data' for google play services to get the Kitkat update forcibly, I have not found single problem after OTA update. My home button is not broken.

    • Sethu Sankar

      how much longer you waited after you cleared the data for google play services? read somewhere that clearing this may not push up your device priority in getting the update...I have a N4 ,still waiting for the update..but with the issues noted above now in dilemma whether to carry on with the update if i receive one

      • Yogesh Laxman Raut

        Ok. Well i waited 3 days for proper ota. But i did not get any. Latet i cleared the data and forced stopped the Google play services. Within 5 second i got update notification. I installed the update and before doing anything i did factory reset. Though i had some notification issues for merely 5 minute but later my phone worked way better.

  • Carlos Paixao

    How to use factory image without wiping data, AP?

  • Jose Caudillo Jr

    Am I the only one who sees the "remove" stuck on top when a widget gets flicked off?

    • Lalit Mali

      That issue. I've seen it somewhere else before and its annoying!

  • HB

    Had no problems at all.

  • Michael D.

    This must be the most bug-ridden android update, at least after ICS.

    I had the problems described in this article on Friday when I decided to update my N4 using the OTA. Ended up resetting.

    After two days Google now cards disappeared. Removed GEL, Google Now seems to be fine, for now.

    The gallery app doesn't seem to show albums/photos in picasa/google+ photos. I have to use the photos app to see them.

    The guides when you are trying to set an image as a background are gone.

    The dialer is a total ergonomic disaster.

    The problems with Google now and the gallery app also appeared in my N7 (2013)

    Since the Galaxy Nexus I stopped buying anything other than Nexus devices because I got tired of bugs/roms/crappy launchers/lost updates. Now I'm having the same issues with Nexus devices.

    Good work Google.

    • corbydjk364

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    • mustbepbs

      It's funny because I was doing the same thing, except the Nexus devices had more issues than the phones and tablets people try to get away from. Especially the Nexus 10.

      • Magneira

        Developers phone, not an phone for the averge joe, and I bet you guys are not the average joes. An update wilthout is an update without emotion ;)

        • mustbepbs

          Yeah except they're not sold as "developers phones". They're sold to the public and they're sold by carriers.

          • Magneira

            Sort of, first, you dont see adds for nexus everywhere, so its not on the league of a galaxy s 4 (a phone for the average joe), also the ones from carriers usualy take more time to update so they can sort the bugs. Anyway this is still a phone for developers and geeks, no need to cry for bugs, we know they will have then.

          • mustbepbs

            Actually Google does advertise everywhere for their Nexus products. I don't know where you're getting your "facts", but you need better sources.

          • Cesar

            I don't get the idea that Nexus devices are marketed specifically towards developers. I thought the only Nexus that was aimed towards developers was the Nexus One.

          • Max Simmons

            I don't think anyone is crying about bugs, just trotting about them, without us reporting them and talking nobody would even know they exist and so won't get sorted.

        • al

          Wtf, they're not developer phones, a*hole

        • Michael D.

          No, they are not developer's phones. They are just vanilla Android devices. Remember, Android has greatly matured since ICS. You get modern, consistent design without the bloatware and with fast updates.

          I forgot to mention that anyone that called my number after I applied the OTA and before resetting the phone, got a busy signal.

          And yet, you get someone to downvote the post.

  • evertjr

    The OTA made my friend's Nexus 4 bootloop. She was so afraid from losing her data. She never rooted or unlocked the bootloader... Luckily adb sideloading the OTA solved the issue without a factory reset. As much as I like KitKat this update was a joke... Huge delay, OTA issues, software diferences between Nexus devices and a capable device left behind left a really bad taste in my mouth. I'll try to forget but as much as I love my Nexus 4 I don't think I'll be getting another Nexus device.

    • B Heat

      I'm also stuck in the bootloop. Can you or someone tell me the steps of executing the "adb sideloading the OTA?"

  • Cary

    This really seems to be the downside of the Nexus devices: yes, you get the latest and greatest OS updates but you're also acting as an unofficial beta tester for all the bugs in the updates. I'm sure it's worth the trade-off for many but it needs to be acknowledged.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      That's a message people have to be reminded of with each release. To be fair, if somebody held off on upgrading for about 6 weeks, most of the nasty stuff is usually fixed with build releases or possibly a 0.0.1 release. Of course, then they couldn't say they're getting rapid updates from Google ;)

      Btw, this is why Nexus devices were originally intended for developers. We're a bunch that tends to be way more forgiving of bugs, even debilitating issues that require some serious hacking to fix.

      • deltatux

        I absolutely hate how people forget the fact that the Nexus program is just a showcase and for developers. Sure, it's a cheap device too, but it was originally meant for developers or those who are technically inclined to fix any issues that might creep up.

      • Michael D.

        I just want a device with the os as it was meant to be. Without bloatware or crappy launchers. Android as Google designed it. That's all.

    • Al

      It only happens when Google pushes updates that aren't ready. You shouldn't be a beta-tester in exchange for the latest and greatest, make that fact sink in, because not even Google would claim it is like that. They should learn once and for all that it damages their reputation badly when they do this and stop doing it. But they'll never learn: they think staged rollouts substitute proper testing just like they think forms, AI and clueless indians substitute proper support.

  • Sean

    Just to throw my two cents in...My Nexus 4 is running Kitkat Flawless. I upgraded from the latest JB to the latest Kitkat, which I recieved over the air(Im patient). Im not rooted and its completely stock. I did factory reset my phone after I got the update which I like to do after any update.

  • The_Chlero

    I will say this again:

    Since the beginning, this has to be the worst Android update yet. Karma its a bitch Google, leaving GNex out was not a good thing.

    • mustbepbs

      If anything Google spared the GNEX folks from this madness.

    • Mike

      I have to agree, this has to be one of the worst (if not THE worst) update Google has released yet. They released an unfinished product to us in a hurry to get the N5 out to sale before the holidays. It's an utter embarrassment and makes me seriously consider jumping ship to another platform.

    • Malcolm Love

      They didn't intentionally leave the Gnex out. Blame Texas Instruments for that.

      • The_Chlero

        TI has released an updated drivers for the graphic chip in the GNex. Blame Google for that stupid policy about supporting a product for only 18 months.

  • Josh P.

    I have to admit... I was kind of excited for official 4.4, coming from N5 ports before the img and otas. But I have noticed and others that there is extreme wake locks that can cause upwords of 15% battery loss per hour. A recent one that affected me other that the usual NLP Location stuff is AudioMix. More on that here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2520406

    It's not my posting but its insane that I have to uncheck system noises to avoid unusual battery drain.

  • Uncle_Rico

    hmmm... OTA'd my N4 Friday evening... I don't see any of the issues (yet) that are described here... I tried the Gallery scenario in Recent Programs.. nada.. works fine... Home button hasn't been hanging/glitchy.. battery consumption seems normal so far... 18-24 hours depending on voice usage. good to know, man... reset and reload.. just like Winders! :)

  • M1lkm4n

    Another bug on the Nexus 7 (2012): Play a song with Play Music, lock the device, turn it on, long press on the play button on the lock screen to skip to a certain part of the song and suddenly the lock screen widget will jump to the very left of the widgets. really weird and annoying...

    • podycust

      it does it to me too! :(

  • _artem_

    I installed it by
    1. Titanium backuping all user apps and accounts, WiFi, sms, wallpaper to update.zip
    2. Wiping system, data, cache, dalvik-cache from recovery (twrp)
    3. Flashing factory image without -w option
    4. Installing TWRP again
    5. Flashing supersu from twrp
    6. Flashing update.zip from step 1
    7. Profiting. Absolutely the same setup, same wallpapers, same apps, same settings BUT new android version

    Had absolutely no issues and internal storage wasn't wiped

  • Holly Mao

    Here is my fool-proof guide for updating your OS

    -Once the OTA update is received by your device, do;
    -Back up!
    -Once backed-up, do;
    -A factory reset
    -Connect to WiFi; redownload the OTA update
    -Restore back-up
    -Clear cache
    -Reboot, and enjoy your bugless device running the latest OS

    *Manual update
    -Download the images
    -Back up!
    -Once backed-up, do;
    -A factory reset
    -Reboot to your device's bootloader
    -Flash the downloaded images at will
    -Reboot, and enjoy your bugless device running the latest OS


    • Al

      I'll do all that after the update screws up my device, not before. What's the point, really? It's all that work that I'd want to avoid, right?

      • Dissidence

        Laziness begets boot loops

  • discovery

    There's also a bug with the music widget. Sometimes when I long press to seek music, it flies to the last widget. This doesn't always happen. But what always happens is when I seek to the end of a song, and a new song starts, the bar scrubber stays at the end of the bar and it shows awkward song times.

  • SickoPsycho

    LOL- sounds like I'm having less issues running an unofficial port of 4.4 to my Galaxy Nexus than official OTA users are... #Imlovinit

  • Martim

    I had this exact issue while trying to apply the OTA, I thought I had messed up somehow. Ended up needing to do a factory reset and barely slept all night. After almost a full year of updates on my Nexus 4, I still haven't had one that didn't cause some error and ended up forcing me to do a factory reset :(

  • aaron cooper

    No issues here....

  • Sicsicpuppy

    THIS is my last Nexus .thought was the whole point of a nexus device , prompt well written program easily updated OTA .

  • Fraser

    What has happened!?! I downloaded the system update yesterday after getting a notification, worked fine for a day. My signal dropped out today so I turned my phone off and back on. Now I have 4 different coloured dots doing a little dance in the middle of my phone! I tried to factory reset, but same thing is still happening! Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do?

  • odyzmil

    I have an issue with the media volume.whenever i make a call the media volume mutes and it stays muted until i bring the volume up from the settings.

    • Yuval Zak

      Me too. Only a restart seems to fix it, until it happens again...

    • Jeroen Kluft

      I have sonething similair: sometimes when I enter the Settings the media and phone volumes mute. I have no idea what is causing this and the difficult part is that it isn't happening everytime.

  • S

    I ran the adb command as suggested by Paul O'Brien as seen in the Update section, and it resolved my issues. Thanks!

    p.s. the wizard didn't pop straight up, but I found it in running apps.

  • Gordon Lutz

    I haven't had any problems with my Nexus 4. Non rooted with the last ota side loaded.
    I am running the new launcher from those files taken from the Nexus 5 though.

  • vamsi

    Didn't find such a problem on my N4 after the kitkat. I guess this is not really widespread.

  • Matthew Greene

    You guys saved the day! I encountered all the stupid update bugs and it was driving me crazy. The fix using the custom activity with Nova Launcher worked like a charm. Fixed everything in a matter of 2 minutes.

  • Dimski

    I have updated my Nexus 7 to KRT16S and it looks like nothing has changed visually. Isn't the taskbar and function bar supposed to be transparent? Any ideas?

  • imran tadvi

    Sad battery drain plz help

  • Vinicius Levy

    Guys, anyone else still haven't got the OTA update on Nexus 4? I haven't. Should I worry about it?

  • Kumar Manish

    My power button does not work ! How do I switch my phone on now !!!!!!!

  • Andy Couch

    Argh! I had this same problem and did a factory reset to fix it. It's annoying to set everything up all over again. Where were you guys three days ago?!

    Also, on a related note. Anyone else been having trouble with the Android File Transfer (Mac) and a Nexus 4 running 4.4? It's been really unstable for me. It will drop the connection and I have to reconnect the cable and relaunch Android File Transfer to get it working again. Never had a problem with 4.3.

  • Anne

    In addition to broken home button I have no browser capabilities from embedded links and am not receiving text, email or message notifications. Also, all of my IM were lost.

  • Bruno Marangoni

    Well, the only bug I got was since I rooted my N4. Everytime I go to the home screen after I've installed an app, the wallpaper is cut in half Oo
    Also, I did sideload Kit Kat before the official updates, but received a notification to update again after that...

  • jarrenG

    Haven't had any of these problems. Nexus 4 never rooted updated via ota. I am running the Google experience launcher tho.

    Only problem I've had was that using GEL combined with Dalvik caused crazy battery drain for some reason(I'm guessing?). Switched to ART now runs fine.

  • TPM

    Anyone have a problem with stereo output? I just updated and now sound only comes out of the left earpiece!

  • Eric

    Im having this bizarre flashing of a red bar on the edges of the screen. Happens mostly in the dialler or settings when I hit the home or back button. It really is nasty.

  • gianimal

    Thanks, Paul! Got the OTA update today and your fix worked perfectly.

  • Albert H

    For those who are complaining, sheeeeesh. Give Google the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure they noticed this bug in the wild and are working on a fix right now. Yeah, they screwed up. But this is why they're doing staged rollouts, right?

    Take a deep breath - Google is facepalming from that bug, and I'm sure they're working on a fix at the moment. And again, you are getting "cutting edge" software, so you should expect some glitches here and there with a release, which I am fine with since Google doesn't have a developer beta. (And no, Google internal testing doesn't count, just like how Apple has people with their phones in the wild as well before any beta is released.)

    So sit back, relax, and wait for that new OTA that waves the wand and magically makes 4.4 the release you were looking for. ;)

    Nexus 7 owner who upgraded and got some interesting bugs
    Nexus 4 owner who did NOT upgrade because he knew that said bugs would exist, and depends on the Nexus 4 for day-to-day work ;)

  • http://attackoftheandroids.com/ Mat Lee

    I get a weird unfortunately launcher has stopped working when I longpress on the Flipboard icon on my homescreen to the left. It's weird, but it happens everytime. None of the other shortcuts or folders I have do that. Not sure if this is related or not. Moto x Verizon on Kit Kat.

  • Reloj

    My nexus 4 with kitkat keeps crashing when I take pictures. Are you guys having thisb issue?

  • Eric Marciniak

    I've been on KitKat for about 2 weeks now on my Nexus 4 (N5 port) and just yesterday I started having issues with Exchange Service. It used 70% battery in just over 2 hours and 190mb of my data, putting me over my monthly limit and making my carrier bump me up a tier. I didn't even know I was using exchange but I guess Hotmail uses it.

    • Eric Marciniak

      Damn wrong article haha.

  • John 4

    I just updated and got this issue... I can't even text or call,and I get notification sounds but nothing happens. It wiped all conversations and links no longer work. Hoping one of these fixes works...

  • Amedee Van Gasse

    The issue is not caused by KitKat. I already had the same issue on JellyBean.
    Same solution tho.

  • ageor

    The "custom activity" method worked for me. Thanks!

  • FAL

    I had a reset of the phone done after the update messed up my phone with constant error messages,etc. and now I can't sign in to gmail because I get an error message that the google servers are busy and to try again later. Can't use anything if I can't sign in to gmail.

  • padman

    Am I repeating myself?

    The problem is serious, a Nexus 4 that's virtually useless after being sent the KIT KAT update on Sunday night;

    After instillation, the message " unfortunately process android.process.acore has stopped" appeared and has never gone away; I'm sure the result, unable to use the keyboard, text, and the phone itself is familiar to you boffs(?), but by this morning I'd had enough so sent Google Play ( phone supplier) a tweet explaining the problem; ( I'd already sent in dozens of 'reports to Google' with no joy or fix info), so when someone tweeted back appearing to be from Google Play, they suggested the 'factory reset fix'; I wasn't keen as it meant lost info; but after looking on a few forums, it was clear to us without technical nous,that was my only option;

    What a disaster, the message is still there, can't type,phone or use anything that needs input;

    Does anyone have any good advice that means at least I can use my Nexus 4 again? Or do I have to sue Google Play, Google or whoever to get recompense?

    I like others are outraged by this and unless Google act to sort it immediately, we'll be ditching our ANDROIDS for IOS at Christmas or soon after

  • Brad Stephens

    My camera hasn't been working sense I've updated

  • chaddog678

    So many bugs with this new update.. It makes me miss 4.3 :( First of all my wallpaper keeps resizing itself, gallery button doesn't work sometimes, lock screen is now laggy, the list goes on and on. I do however enjoy the new integration of google search in the dialer.. but other than that.. not a huge fan of the update

  • Cupcake6251

    I tried updating my nexus 7 tablet this morning, and it has been stuck on this loading screen since it restarted. If I hold the power button long enough. It shuts off. But then turns back on and after displaying the "google" screen for a few seconds. Goes back to the loading screen and stays there. Does anybody know how I can fix this?

  • willian

    meu aparelho nexus 4 recebeu a atualização para android 4.4 e após dois dias ele parou de funcionar, tentei fazer o "factory reset" mais não adiantou de nada, agora estou esperando a assistencia técnica arrumar meu aparelho que me prejudica ,muito já que preciso do aparelho para trabalhar..

  • dmac

    I updated from 4.3 to 4.4 KitKat via official Google update on my nexus 7. Now cannot use flash player. have tried puffin and various servers. Puffin is the only one that kind of works but is painfully slow.Any ideas anyone? might have to factory re set.Bummer.

  • http://www.clawcalgaryroofing.com/ Calgary roofing

    I'm going to wait until the bugs get cleared out a little bit more

  • Pedro Henrique

    Hi! I´m having problems with online videos since I got the update from Jelly Bean to KitKat KRT16S.

    Not youtube or any other online video feed seems to work anymore. That´s about it, though. Waiting for an official fix...

  • Ana

    After getting kitkat my car hands free cannot see my phone book/contacts so I have to dial with the phone handset (not really 'hands free' anymore). This is annoying and has the potential to be dangerous for some people. I am hoping some of the suggestions here may help me fix this.
    There have been other weird issues such as using the wrong ringtones randomly - like the one I assigned for my boss for my husband. I think my browser crashes somtimes which never happened before but overall that is less of a problem for me.
    I wish I knew about the problems before I updated my Nexus 4. Using the phone in the car is important to me. I thought installing the system updates google play suggested were necessary to keep my phone working properly. I am holding off updating my nexus 7.

  • beverlie

    I have no idea what adb is or how to get there. All I know is that my nexus 7 told me to click a button to update my tablet and now many things are not working and I am very, very annoyed. I do not want to reset my tablet to factory settings because I have no idea how to back everything up and then get everything back on my tablet. Buttons don't work, it is slow and no longer smooth. KitKat stinks!

  • Gyro George

    I cant even find the play store what the fuck!!!!! Help HP help

  • fl1nty

    How about having the keyboard show up automatically every time a button is tapped which leads to a text box?

    In lots of apps when you hit the app's search icon the focus is on the text box for search but the keyboard doesn't show up. You gave to tap in the text box again to get the keyboard. Happens a lot in other apps like reddit is fun comment replies

  • tariq

    Friend' i have nexus4 after updating to kitkat 4.4 i am facing a problem of sim locket/deactivated several time a day. Is there any solution?

  • Kendoori

    The Nova launcher fix worked for me... Prior to this fix, I was not able to launch links from a Google search that was initiated from the home screen widget, nor was I was I able to use the home button. After going through the setup wizard everything began to work properly. I was previously running CM 10.2 and had done a "dirty" upgrade to 4.4.

  • William Rinehart

    This bug just happened to me after an OTA 4.4.2 update. The fix works. I created the shortcut and ran the setup. voila. resolved.

  • Robert Cathles

    I had all those issues straight after it booted up (it restarted twice while it was upgrading) and on first login I got the broken dialer, the quick settings weren't working etc. So I just did a power off, then turned it back on, and all was fine.

  • Fred Miller

    System reset did not fix mine. Google says it's a hardware problem. I should return it. Jeez.

  • deepesh bhavsar

    My Nexus 4 was working fine on Android jellybean but after updating to 4.4 and then to 4.4.2 I am facing some serious Issues.

    1.) Data connections shows that it is connected while no data transfer occurs. In short mobile data is not at all working.
    2.) after dropping the call the dialer screen freezes.
    3.) after updating to 4.4.2 battery is draining very fa

  • Areeb Qureshi

    If doing the setup does not help install button savoir from the app store and give it root permissions. My normal soft keys started working again afterwards.

  • Areeb Qureshi

    Try installing button savior and givivng it root permissions. This should solve the button issue

    • saurabh manik

      Hi, how to give button savior the root permissions.

  • Haik

    Oh, thank you so much mr. O'Brien,,, the problem got fixed !

  • saurabh manik

    Hi Paul,
    i faced the same issue when i upgraded the android to 4.4.4. after that i tried to downgrade the android version but it did nt work. currently i have CyanogenMod android version.
    The fix that you have explained , does it require same android version i mean google android , or the fix can work on the CyanogenMod version also.

    Please reply me ASAP.

  • http://seapip.com/ Thomas Gladdines