Today Minecraft developer Mojang is launching a beta program for the Pocket Edition of its absurdly popular sandbox game. Anyone who purchased Minecraft on an Android device via Google Play is eligible to join. This will give you early access to new, experimental features before anyone else and allow you to provide feedback that could impact future versions of the title.


To enter the beta program, interested players simply need to request to join the Minecraft Pocket Edition Test Group on Google+. Once inside, they will be provided with instructions, but there is one caveat to keep in mind. Beta users will still be updated to the final version of Minecraft, and any worlds they create will work just fine with the final release. However, worlds created in the beta version may be corrupted when attempting to downgrade back to an older stable version.

Update: Here is a lengthy changelog of what to expect in the pre-release version.

Mojang is hoping to release version 0.8.0 out before Christmas, and the team reserves the right to limit the number of testers in the future if demand becomes too strong. Given the popularity of Minecraft, it wouldn't be all that surprising if they do.

Source: Mojang, Reddit

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  • Jan Moren

    This is the one single game I keep returning to, both on my tablet and on my laptop.

    • Ygor Vaz

      Incredible how someone can down vote your comment when you're simply stating that you like the game.

      • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

        Incredible how someone can down vote your comment for making a statement about how someone can down vote another persons comment when they were simply stating that they like the game.

        • Mr E

          Incredible how multiple people can down vote your comment about someone commenting about how someone can down vote another person's comment about liking a game....

    • Luqmaan Mathee

      I love the game but haven't returned for a while because I haven't felt for it. I will when I do though.

    • lambo

      Once they add unlimited world size feature, I'm in.
      Hate seeing end-of-world border on Minecraft PE.

  • Patrik Carlsson

    My 8 year old daughter would certainly like this.

  • samantha

    This is like the only game i play almost 24/7

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
  • chey023

    Everyday I'm sholvin

  • Mu

    Yo it's cool but they need to update it

  • 3laa zzzz

    can't some one upload a copy over 4shared because it a a beta release ...it has bugs and It doesn't feel right to pay 7$ for a beta !

  • 3laa zzzz

    I got the beta free :p lucky me :)

  • Arne Severin

    How.i.can install The beta.?

  • Abiel Zulio M

    i like Minecraft! ;)

  • Tab Nascent

    Hi love the pocket edition update but my son wants to go back to the old version so he can play with his friends. How do I do this without uninstalling?

  • Todays_adventure

    im just waiting for 0.8.0 update because i dont have androud D:

  • u don’t know me

    how would I get this on a kindle fire it's still android but doesn't have google play it has amazon app store.

  • nickorasu_senpai

    somebody can help me plis, i cant suscribe me HEEEEEELP!!