Two days ago, Google officially launched Newsstand, an app that combines Play Magazines and Currents to offer an all-in-one-place news source. To celebrate the launch of this new product, the company is now offering several magazines for free or at a discounted rate, presumably so potential customers can get their feet wet and see what the mag experience is all about.


There's a pretty wide variety of titles available for free and/or cheap right now, including MaximumPC, Men's Health, People, PC Gamer, Maxim, Wired, Women's Health, Entertainment Weekly, Runners, In Style, Sports Illustrated, BeerAdvocate, Vanity Fair, Bicycling, Linux Format, Redbook, and a lot more. Really, there's more.

The magazines appear to be either free or $0.99 for a single issue – head below to check out the full list and fill your Newsstand up.

Google Play; Thanks, Chris L.!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Testraindrop

    Interesting screenshot... nice bought magazines... :D

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      Those aren't *my* magazines, they're just a few of the ones offered in this deal.

  • testa

    Too bad the magazines are nothing more than expensive PDFs, otherwise I would be excited.

    • Mark Curtis

      Yes, "Free" is so expensive

    • shonangreg

      They are content. Authors and journalists and editors compose them. How could you possibly complain about people wanting to be paid for working to inform or entertain you?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

        All of my upvotes to you, sir.

      • testa

        My point was that they are simply PDFs: images of pages already most likely printed in a magazine. Given the fact that we are viewing these on dynamic display devices, I am really disappointed that these magazines are static pages rather than showing dynamic content like videos, moving images, etc.

        • Jake

          So you're complaining that magazines aren't television shows.

          • Mr E

            YES! Reading is for babies and old people!

          • testa

            So you think it's a bad idea to read an article, say, on future space travel and have a video in-line with the article that shows what they are talking about, or a field expert going into more detail?

          • Larry Mao

            You sound entitled.

          • testa

            I don't understand how I sound entitled due to the fact I am disappointed with the current implementation of digital magazine content. I am hoping for more innovation rather than paying twice for the same content. I'm sorry you disagree with me.

          • Marcus Clendenin-Bey

            It's really not that outlandish of a request to ask for more magazines to take advantage of the format that it's in. Having a magazine having some digital options like a linked table of contents or being able to view videos seems like a logical step to take.

          • Andy Stetson

            Golf Digest is taking full advantage of the Interactive features.

          • testa

            What? I'm saying that there is so much potential with doing digital magazines and the content publishers are holding the possibilities back because they are keeping the current digital magazine implementation in-line with traditional print magazines. Am I not allowed to have my own opinion?

          • MrNinjaPanda

            Actually there are interactive magazines on Google Play. They are marked with interactive badge (but I think they're only accessible on tablets). GQ is one for example.

          • testa

            I think I read one interactive magazine and all it had that was different was links you could click within the magazine to jump to pages from the ToC. I'm not sure if GQ has anything else though. I'll have to take a look.

          • MrNinjaPanda

            I bought a couple of GQ magazines, and there were couple of short videos, plus layout is completely different. Long articles are on one page, but you just scroll up and down. Plus sometimes with in an article there is scrollable content.

          • Guest

            Time Magazine works on my N5. It's interactive.

        • shonangreg

          Well, why didn't you say that in the first place? No searchable, selectable, reformatable text, just images. Are you even sure that is true?

          • testa

            Well maybe my initial comment was more snarky than it should have been, but my feelings are still the same. I've viewed quite a few magazines from Google Play (Popular Mechanics, Men's Health, etc.) and they absolutely feel like PDFs. Pinch-to-zoom, swiping between pages to get anywhere and they are just full of advertisements straight from print copies. Even if the content publishers didn't want to take advantage of rich media content in a digital magazine, don't you think an advertiser would want to do so to show off their product/service?

          • Guest

            You should take that up with the magazine, not GPlay.

    • Indianajonze

      and what exactly are you expecting from your digitized magazines?

      • testa

        Something a little closer to this example?


        Scrollable text, videos playing that are related to the content, different ways of getting around the magazine (instead of swipe-swipe-swipe-swipe) to get to the page you want to get to.

        • Indianajonze

          are you getting those things from your print magazines currently? its great to have extra features, but some ppl just want their damn mags in a digital format. nothing more

          • testa

            You're right, but I am left wanting more.

      • Guest

        Probably what Time does with their digital issue.

  • http://lightyear.be teranex


    • Serge Cebrian

      hey im part of the america big island/continent and still no stuff for mexico ..
      we want devices and magazines!!!

    • Mr E

      I believe they're building a barge to send your way....

    • Lexster

      Oh hey! Can you guys just resign yourselves to the fact that Google is a US company and will do most things in the US first because it knows our laws better than those of other countries and they don't have to worry about any import/export laws?

      • Alberto

        That would be OK if there was no competition going on, but iTunes is WAY more filled with content than Google Play in Europe :(

        • Brendan Dillon

          You might not have noticed, but Europe is prosecuting the crap out of Google. The EU doesn't WANT Google competing.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            The could've at least launched the Play Devices for Europe

    • bungadudu

      I don't get this..

      Although Android crushes Apple in Europe, Google does what to reward us for the trust it gets?

      Phuck that lame excuse about laws, regulations and Atlantic Ocean, we're not in the middle age, you just have to want to support the ones who trust you and more, are willing to give to you their hard worked for money!

      • Bruce Lin

        Excuse about laws? Google has already been sued by multiple European governments in Privacy, censorship, and antitrust.

        • bungadudu

          What does music, videos, magazines, Nexus, etc. have to do with privacy and censorship?

          • Bruce Lin

            Is there a reason you omit antitrust from my list? The more services they offer in more areas increases the risk of antitrust accusation.

            Because first of all, Google does not own those IP in the first place. Copyright law also differs from country to country. Even when you thought you follow the law you can still get sued. The book scanning suit in the us finally being over in years is a great example why they need to tread carefully in anything. Doing anything that the huge media conglomerate does not like and they will be stuck in courts forever.

    • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

      and India

      • Mandeep Singh

        India has almost all google services including devices
        What I think should be available is google fiber :P

    • Marcus

      Works for me in Canada, for once.

      • dobbsy

        Yeah, but it's different magazines. For instance, in the screenshot, the New Yorker is offered. Not to Canadians.

  • Mado

    Let's see, magazines are available for...Australia, UK, USA, Canada.

    Enjoy your Maxims, damn you

    • Karl Merkli

      even in CH those are avaiable

  • Wazzifer

    Time to read about which celebrity is hooking up with who while cheating on their wife/husband.

  • Mrtito32

    Thanks! In for the freebies!

  • johnforamerica

    Not much available in the "free" category, but free none the less!

  • Bradley Ruiz

    Free maxims :P

  • nvillaco

    Magazines... To me, real physical issues are not that entertaining but they look so damn good on the Nexus 7 2013 that it becomes a pleasure to read.

  • Mr E

    So about these free issues -- when you click to "buy" them, it gives a message saying that some subscriptions start out free or at a discounted price, but then will be charged the full price later. Are these confirmed free single-issues only, or are we really signing up for a subscription here?

    • nvillaco

      There's 2 separate buttons, "Add" means just that single issue, many of which are free. And "Subscribe" which is what u are clicking and not free.

      • Mr E

        Ah, ok. I was just clicking the price (the "free" text in this case) and it was showing that message. I do see the add/subscribe options if I click the thumbnail. Thanks

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

        This ^

      • duse

        Not true, you see the same message when clicking Add.

  • ksavai

    Not available in your country... any trick?

    • Ivan

      Yep. Vpn :-))) I am from Bulgaria and we have literally nothing than Apps :-) But with Vpn I have USA store and I can enjoy all goodies. And the best with this offer is you don't need no more added Credit card so you can download free stuff, or at least Magazines. :-))

      • Guest

        You need a US address and US based credit card for this to be "free".

  • Mr E

    Thank you, AP! I am now the proud owner of the Women's Health - Sexy Legs issue and Crochet Today!

  • Brandon Bradley

    Awesome deals AP saving me all kinds of $$$ for the holidays after cashing out on the Note 3 $50 play credit!

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    I can't do Google magazines until they let you add a digital subscription from the paper one like NextIssue does.

  • John Smith

    HOW do i DELETE a magazine once i buy it??????????

    • Marcus

      Good question.

  • Bo Kee

    Maybe i'm late this but just noticed if build no. is tapped five times, you become a developer :)

  • Damian Keffer

    Thanks for the heads up guys. I've been wanting to get into using my tablet for more magazines and stuff, and this is just the thing I needed to get my feet wet.

  • Emulators + Android = Win

    Too bad none of them are worth reading.

  • Primalxconvoy

    I read free news and magazine articles all the time on my phone. It's called the "internet".

  • user

    When you "buy" one of these free magazine issues does google send the publisher your name and home address?

  • Ralph1001

    BAH! No Hot Rod Magazine not interested.