The MicroSD card slot seems to be a dying feature on later Android phones (at Google's insistence, no less), but those of you who still have one will want to check out Amazon's daily Gold Box deals today. Among an appreciable smattering of other Transcend flash storage deals, the site has three great prices for MicroSD cards starting at just ten bucks.


On the lowest tier we've got a Transcend 16GB MicroSD card for ten bucks. You're unlikely to find a price that low at a brick and mortar retailer, especially since this is the very speedy Class 10 UHS-1 standard, which will be useful for gamers and media enthusiasts who store their apps on external storage. Moving up a bit, there's the 32GB version of the same Transcend card for just $16.99, a $6 saving, and a massive 64GB version for $34.99, a full 30% off the regular price. Make sure your device is compatible with the SDXC standard for that one.

There are plenty of deals to be had on today's Gold Box page even if you're not looking for a stocking stuffer for your Android gadgets. Standard SD cards and Compact Flash cards are available for shutterbugs, there's a pretty great deal on a 256GB SSD for system builders, and USB 3.0 flash drives are going for practically peanuts. If you want to get in on any of these deals, hurry: Amazon's Gold Box prices are only for one day, and they're also limited by stock and tend to go quickly.

Source: Amazon Gold Box

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • gk1984

    I would never buy a trancend SD card again. Bought a class 10 a few years back and it performs like a class 4. Don't expect much

    • Lumi

      Thanks for the heads up, Transcend almost never show up in local stores over here and I'm kind of worried about the quality.

    • Jayjay

      There are lot of fakes trancend and kingston cards out there... specially on Ebay... they lie about the class and the capacity most of the time...

      • gk1984

        I agree, I've seen others share their warnings about this, but from what I could tell, this isn't likely from the one I had purchased - still doesn't rule it out though. Capacity was accurate, speed just wasn't stable. It would peak at Class 10, but settle on a much lower speed. This was also purchased form Amazon, but can't remember which seller.

  • Göran Sävström

    Thank for the tip...

    Even though it doesn't seem like I can buy them from Spain (It seems these deals never turn out that well for Europeeans) it still made me take a look at the "local" Amazon site where I found a 32GB class 4 card for 5.41€.

  • jonathan3579

    I bought a Class 10 Samsung 16GB card for $10 from Fry's a few weeks back.

  • shonangreg

    I love google and Nexus, but local, removable storage, and the ability to connect to USB memory is just a no-brainer for a huge portion of smart phone users. Even in Japan I find myself in places with no signal, and I have only 7GB per month data cap. The media I carry around on my Galaxy Note and Arrows X are about the only thing that make them useful as media players.

    Is buying Google Experience devices, and not Nexus devices, the way to tell google to cut it out?

  • John Smith

    Of course Google doesn't want removable storage... who would stream music / video otherwise ? I am *never* buying a phone that doesn't contain a microSD slot !

  • Kornhans

    Great, I get the 64GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1

  • Hey an dress

    I have a 16 gb I have had it for a couple years now, I almost never use it now. But it would be nice to buy one of these just in case, if tthey are fast like they're advertising them

  • JakeZachariah

    i just bought the 64GB one for my Xperia ZL... now i can save videos to my phone to play during my lunch break!

  • Sokudoningyou
  • Skip Flem

    Today the price is $23, for one. $54 if you want the 2-pack.

  • nickola anderson

    Kingston is one of the best storage device selling brand. Its customer reviews is satisfactory and this storage media is really wor-effective.