If the beta version of CyanogenMod isn't quite stable on your device and you're uncomfortable with the idea of installing a nightly, today marks a big step forward. The CyanogenMod team has rolled out the first release candidate for 10.2. If you want a relatively clean build of Android 4.3 for your phone or tablet, this is a pretty solid way to go.


The first 10.1 release candidate (with Android 4.2) came out a week before Google unveiled Android 4.3. That turnaround clearly hasn't occurred this time, as KitKat is already nearly a month old, and 10.2 comes with Jelly Bean. If you have a Nexus 5 or a Moto X, then there's a good chance you're already familiar with what Android 4.4 brings to the table, and that's newer software than what you will see here.

But many of the devices that receive this release candidate will never see Android 4.3, let alone KitKat. That's part of what makes flashing ROMs so appealing. So if you're ready to go, keep an eye glued to download.cyanogenmod.com. Only a few devices are available right now, but more builds will hit the download servers as soon as they finish baking. Just give it time, and be sure to grab the appropriate GApps package before you flash.

CyanogenMod Downloads

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  • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

    Ah, a new version of the commercial Android fork. Okay.

    • h4rr4r

      Is that supposed to be a joke?
      The android that ships on all phones is commercial. Nor are they forking android. They pull from AOSP like everyone else.

    • NeedName

      I'm happy to pay CM a reasonable fee for their work. . . why not? They give long term support better than any OEM that's cashing in on Android.

      • NeedName

        and yes, I know CM doesn't charge. . . they need to!

  • LFB

    One question. Will CM isntaller flash the new RC?

    Or the installer only flash stable releases.

    • http://blog.k12.com/ Scott Holm

      Pretty sure CM installer only flashes stable builds

      • zack

        I just installed on my galaxy Nexus a couple days ago, and the installer gave me a snapshot build. So, I think this will be sent as an update to your phone via the cm installer

    • beboo

      in Common questions on CM site
      What build type of CyanogenMod is installed with the installer?

      The installer uses a stable snapshot build unique to the
      installer. These are stable builds designed to provide all core
      features and functionality of the device.

      Can I update to a nightly build?

      If you are feeling adventurous, sure. You will need to go to our Download Portal
      and download the zip file for your device. Save the zip to your SDCARD
      and you can install via Recovery. You may need to wipe cache and data
      after installing via recovery.

  • h4rr4r

    No toro? I has a sad.

    • http://www.zadig.info Mario Gaucher

      the RC1 is just starting to upload for the different devices... patience my friend!

  • Filipe

    I guess they do not like the i9100, even i9000 received.

    • abobobilly

      AFAIK, Development for Exynos is relatively very difficult. Which is why its slower for S2, and some other devices with Exynos chipset.

      But there are plenty of other people working on S2, using same build as Cyanogen Mod so i don't think you should be worried.

      I am already on Kit Kat 4.4 on my i9000 which is in its BETA stage, and i am enjoying the experience A LOT. (Its smoother than ever)

      The point is, development doesn't end at Cm's "official" releases. "Open Source" community have its great advantages, and i admire those people who keep working on our devices without asking for any return :)

  • Emulators + Android = Win

    Great to know baby's first custom rom is still updating.

    • mustbepbs

      You can have your AOKP PACMAN GUMMY whatever the hell.

      CM is so rock solid and doesn't ham fist all these features that never work and constantly break. I've been running nightlies for CM10.2 for months and they've never given me trouble. They have a solid feature set and none of the fluff.

      • Emulators + Android = Win

        You can have your baby's first custom rom.

        Slimroms, PA and AOKP is so rock solid and doesn't ham fist and remove features that they assume no one will ever use. I've been running Slimroms for months and they've never given me trouble. They have a solid feature set and none of the fluff.

  • coffeefuckyeah

    when do you do you think these will be available through the CyanogenMod installer

    • Ixil

      I would think soon, they are calling them "verified" versions. I don't think theybare going to let users wait very long for these releases.

  • Sandro

    Why not for Xperia Z1? I changed from Note 2 to Xperia Z1 'cause I thought developer support for Sony devices would be better. No, it's worse. That sucks -.-

    • Ambroos

      There's an issue with unlocked bootloaders on the Z1 that prevents the camera from working. There are some custom ROMs but most devs are waiting for a fix from Sony.

    • Adnan Irshad

      How on earth do you ever thought that, i mean samsung is really awesome and more and more developers are interested in samsung devices just because of their sales.
      While sony is yet to make an impact as far as their os skin is considered which is the primary cause of their hindered sales.
      Better to stick to your samsung else if you really are so tight about samsung, you could lay your hands on devices like nexus 4 'cos man i love nexus 4

  • Lucas A.

    I have not seen the 10.2 RC1 Gnex Maguro release. Anyone?

    • DantheUSCFan

      I just installed it and everything seems to work except Google Apps. You need to go to the Cyanogenmod gapps download page and get the zip that applies to 10.2, which I'm doing right now.

    • carrasko90

      It seems that for now only "Nightly".

  • http://evert.meulie.net Evert

    A bit of a n00b question, but: can I update CM 10.1 -> 10.2 without factory reset / reinstalling all my apps?

    • Hacup


  • Krae

    GNex 7 users, are having error using MX player? It says not compatible and playstore wont work either. :( Is it same to downgrade to 4.2.2??

  • Reshma

    I guess he is right

  • cisco dietz

    hi i am using the 10.2 samsung galaxy 3 mini. love it. work beautifully. i have one question, the clockworkmod file is 3.3 gigs, how can i recover space? what can i remove? thanks.