Good news, everyone! The coveted Nexus 4 OTA to Android 4.4 is finally here after a brief delay caused by several serious bugs. It started rolling out very slowly a few days ago, but it wasn't until just now that we were able to finally identify the OTA zip urls for those of you who want to flash KitKat manually without having to wait any longer. No need to mash the Check for updates button over and over - let alone it doesn't actually do anything.

So grab and flash the 239MB KRT16S Android 4.4 OTA right now, no matter what your rooting/bootloader situation is. Of course, if you've modified the system partition in such a way that the OTA won't apply cleanly anymore, you have to either revert those changes and try again or flash the factory image.

image Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-15-58

The latest Nova Launcher beta enables transparency and works like a charm:

Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-21-33 Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-22-01

You can also grab The Google Experience Launcher With Translucent Bars And Google Now [APK Download] if you so fancy.

Disclaimer: Android Police isn't responsible for any harm to your device - proceed at your own risk.


In order to complete the steps below, you need to have the Android SDK installed. The SDK contains the latest version of adb and fastboot, which you will need for flashing. You will also need a MicroUSB cable to execute adb sideload, fastboot flash, and other commands. You don't need a USB cable if you're just planning to download the OTA zip directly to your device and flash it using a custom recovery.

You must be running Android 4.3 JWR66Y or Android 4.4 KRT16O for this OTA to work.


Download the 239MB OTA zip signed-occam-KRT16S-from-JWR66Y:

Or if you already got the first OTA to KRT16O, grab the 9MB zip signed-occam-KRT16S-from-KRT16O:


Note: This method, just like the native OTA update procedure, does not wipe your data, and your bootloader does not need to be unlocked. You should be able to use either the stock recovery or a custom one.

adb sideload the zip you downloaded above by following my earlier guide here. If something fails, try to fix it by restoring the system files you've changed or use the factory image.

Here's what you should expect to see if you're using the fine TWRP recovery:


And now that you've flashed yourself some KitKat, go read up on what's new and enjoy! Oh, and hopefully, this update fixes the nasty wireless charging bug too.


Rooting a Nexus 4 is very easy but requires an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery. I recommend using TWRP.

  1. Flash TWRP from here (fastboot flash recovery FILENAME.img).
  2. Reboot into recovery (adb reboot recovery or hold Power+VolDn, then select Recovery).
  3. Flash the latest version of SuperSU.
  4. You should be rooted.

Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-31-16 Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-31-06

Thanks, bobhobelman and vladeco!

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • djakdekiel

    Massive update in Poland :P

  • Guest

    Good news indeed

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Disqus turns GIFs into JPGs? ಠ_ಠ

      • Paul_Werner

        Yeah tried to fix it and I think I double posted out of excitement

  • Paul_Werner
  • Daniel

    Nice, thanks:-) Maybe I should try out that ART stuff now...

  • Richard Borkovec

    I keep getting an error with this:
    "/system/app/GenieWidgets.apk" has unexpected contents
    E:Error in /tmp/update.zip

    Anyone know how to fix that?

    • Bluewall

      Are you sure you haven't modified something in /system ?

      • *unix

        Probably you deleted GenieWidgets.apk like I did. Flash system.img of android 4.3 again (fastboot flash system system.img) and apply the update.

        • Richard Borkovec

          I never delete any system files, but when I looked in the system it's not there. So apparently some app I had deleted it.

          • *unix

            Just flash system.img again. It worked like a charm for me.

          • Richard Borkovec

            Apparently my computer hates me because now it doesn't even recognize that my phone is in Fastboot mode. Using elementaryOS (linux), and running what you said said "fastboot: command not found."

          • *unix

            You downloaded and extracted 4.3 factory image and changed directory to the folder where you extrated system.img right (cd /xy/xy/)?

          • Richard Borkovec

            Yup. cd Downloads/occam-jwr66y/image-occam-jwr66y
            Then I typed in "fastboot flash system system.img" and it says "fastboot: command not found"

          • *unix

            I see the problem. In that folder (image-occam-jwr66y) another zip called image-occam-jwr66y.zip is located. Extract that one. You will see a file called system.img. That´s the one you have to flash.

          • Richard Borkovec

            When I extract the factory image, I went into the folder and extracted the image-occam-jwr66y.zip folder, and in that folder I see the system.img file. That's what the cd is changed to right now, into the folder that has the system.img file.

            occam-jwr66y-factory-74b1deab.tgz extracted to occam-jwr66y (a folder), in that folder was the image-occam-jwr66y.zip folder. I extracted that and in the image-occam-jwr66y folder is the system.img.

            My phone is already in fastboot mode, and connected to my laptop.

          • *unix

            One last try: Do you see your device when booted up with "adb devices"? If so, run "adb reboot-bootloader" and try the flash command again.

          • Richard Borkovec

            Totally forgot to run that. And nope, it doesn't show up...weird considering it was about half an hour ago.

          • *unix

            Strange. Try "adb kill-server" and afterwards "adb devices" again. If that does not work, I can´t help you anymore.

          • Richard Borkovec

            Well that didn't work either. Does putting it into Recovery Mode help at all? That was the only way I could get it to see my device in adb.

          • *unix

            You could try that. Maybe flashing in recovery mode works.

          • Richard Borkovec

            Thanks for all the help! I really do appreciate it.

          • blahmoomoo

            I had a similar issue; turns out the Google Drivers have a messed up config that prevents my computer from matching the Nexus 4 sideload mode to the Google drivers. Fortunately, it isn't that hard to fix, and I'm sideloading now. Note that this method will get Windows to shout at you that the driver is no longer signed, but it's working.


          • Parth Sane

            You should install fastboot using these commands on the terminal.

            sudo atp get-install fast boot

            This will install fastboot for you.

  • ViperX

    Today i've got an OTA on my factory image 4.4 KRT16O but my build number is still KRT16O. Maybe due to custom kernel?

  • http://web-industry.eu/ Maciej Salamon

    Hmm, when I'm trying to reach recovery (stock) im getting "no commend" message :/
    Anyone knows what may causing it?

    • Richard Borkovec

      Hit the Power Button + Volume Up button at the same time to bring the menu up.

      • http://web-industry.eu/ Maciej Salamon

        Ok, great thanks for help it worked :)
        (when got "no commend" message I long pressed power button and that for few seconds volume up. Than it worked).

      • Sir Oliver

        Does "Enable USB Debuging" option have to be enabled?

      • slurivariv

        This helped SOOO much. I thought I was going to have to unlock my bootloader for a minute (I wouldn't mind doing it, but I don't want to wipe).

  • Ben Baranovsky

    Does anyone know what's holding up the 4.4 update for the HTC One GPe?

    • Bluewall

      I guess they want to release it for every Nexus first

  • Michael Koch-Schulte

    I just got my OTA update at 3:30 CST. Winnipeg Canada.

  • http://youtube.com/jedijens Jens Törnblad

    When the download had finished and I grabbed my phone to connect the USB cable, I realized my phone beat me to it.

    • http://about.me/barrae Maximiliano Barra E.


    • fs

      Please dont tell me you actually bought KitKats to take that photo. That would be really sad.

      • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

        Why would it be sad? He gets to eat them afterwards! =D

      • jordanjay29

        I hope that was sarcasm...

      • JohnGaspardo

        The get a life store must have been too expensive...Priceless....for everything else there's mastercard!

    • tscolari

      Same on mine, but mine never returned from the boot...
      keeps loading android with the new animation forever here :(

  • GGab

    doesn´t work on my Nexus 4 because my version is JWR66V!!! WHY??

  • Ben

    The update made my phone quite slow. I'd recommend holding off for now...

  • Steve Williamson

    I got Stock N4 and Got the update but mines just stuck on the bouncing balls

    • http://danielbrierton.ie Daniel Brierton

      Plug out the USB during the boot animation. My girlfriend's was just boot looping until I plugged it out.

      • Steve Williamson

        unplug it you mean?

  • Peter ‘Firefox’ Fox

    Actually got the genuine OTA so didn't have to go through all of this, makes a change!

  • Vilmar

    In the prerequisites paragraph it says KRT66O, should be KRT16O.

    Thanks for the article/link!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Whoops, thanks.

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    Fibally? The Nexus 5 has been available for about two weeks (talking when orders shipped).

    • selonmoi

      Yup. In spite of the fact that there are way more different devices to get it, Google definitely has gotten better at rolling out the updates. I remember waiting three months to get ICS on my Nexus S.

    • jordanjay29

      Except all the news this week was about the Moto X getting their OTA before the Nexus 4. So 'finally' makes sense.

  • Lpp

    You should put an md5 hash in these OTA articles.

    • blahmoomoo

      Isn't the MD5 in the filename from the Google servers? EDIT: nope.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        The SHA1 is.

  • Jacob

    This didn't work for me. Got the OTA and the install errored out. Went into manually try it and I get symlink failed error 7 - this phone is completely stock. Guess I will have to wipe since it won't restart now and then apply the factory image. :-/

  • Rodrigo

    Do I need to download the android SDK if ill be flashing directly from my device?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      No, if you use a custom recovery, you don't need the SDK. If you have a stock one, then you do as you can't flash from the device using the stock recovery.

  • Ash

    Is it no longer possible to update without the ADB sideload steps? I remember my last few updates being possible by simply downloading the file and restarting in recovery mode.

    • brnpttmn

      I'm wondering too. The link provided for the steps says that if you have a custom recovery you can just flash as normal, but I get an error when I try to do it.

      • Alberto

        I'm stock rooted with custom recovery I updated using ota. Just click on install then custom recovery it will said invalid signature you have to process click yes to install & then it ask you if you wanna fix roots, click yes then reboot

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      If you have a stock recovery, you have to sideload.

      • Ash

        Darn. I've tried three times to deal with ADK and it always ends in frustrating Java errors and screens that don't match what people say they should. Guess I'll wait for the OTA. Thanks Artem!

      • brnpttmn

        Any suggestions for TWRP? I keep getting errors. I'm stock rom, but I have flashed the 33/84 hybrid radio.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Maybe flash back the stock recovery and see if the custom one is the problem.

        • Stanislav Gruzdov

          Be sure to hawe the last version of TWRP.

  • bse88

    How should i proceed if i have Cyanogen Mod installed?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Flash a factory image.

  • scsharp

    Above it says "You don't need a USB cable if you're just planning to download the OTA zip directly to your device and flash it from recovery." When I go into recovery I don't see an option to flash the zip. I already moved the zip to my SD card. what am I Missing or doing wrong. Mind you I haven't done anything like this since the Nexus One days.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Only the custom recovery has this option anymore, not the stock one.

      • scsharp

        Thanks for the info. It's been a while since I tried anything since the Nexus One days. I've just been using stock on GNex and Nexus 4.

  • Brian

    Ota installed.... In Hongkong

  • Ashford Wilmar

    it is mentioned that this can be done via cwm, is that true? And will that process wipe user apps and data and remove my custom recovery which is cwm?

    • Thri1hous

      Just updated with Ota The 9mb file because I was already on 4.4 but after the update I wasn't rooted and then tried to boot to twrp to root again and I had stock recovery!

  • AnthonyRyan89

    i saw the update soon as i got home from work on my N4

  • Harisha Kumar K

    Just got the update here in India..

  • anmolm97

    If I have a rooted Android phone, with an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery installed, can I still install the OTA?

  • Robert

    Why do you have to have android version JWR66Y? I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and I'm still stuck on 4.2 Jellybean. I just learned of using ABD Sideload today as a way of updating without rooting and I really want to try it but I don't want to brick my phone or lose any files... What are the risks if I try and update from JDQ39 (4.2)?

    • anmolm97

      Unlock your bootloader and root your phone, then install a custom recovery and install a 4.4 rom. Use "Wugs Nexus Root Tootkit" its awesome

  • Jagannath Patil

    Works like a charm !! Thanks AP and Google :)

  • Kompre

    Got it last night! I have to say that a without GEL there isn't so much difference with jelly be an visually. Also because some google apps were already updated prior the OTA.
    Not sure if I like the phone dial, now I have to tap twice to summon any keyboard to type the contact I want to call.
    Also anyone noticing the weird number input when typing on a qwerty keyboard?

  • aditya

    No need to do all these steps, just follow following steps
    1) Goto settings --> Apps --> all --> Google application framework
    2) Stop the application using force stop option.
    3) Clear the data using Clear data option
    4) Goto settings --> About -> System Software -> Should show date as 01/01/1970 if yes, click on Check for Update.
    If your phone is in the batch you will get the OTA update. Other wise wait for few days.

  • karanizer

    I didnt get the transparency in my N4! Help !!!

  • Robert Iagar

    the cool part is that by sideloading you still have the old messaging app... it's not replaced by the hangouts app...

  • allexif

    Actually I installed GEL over the kitkat on my nexus 4 and it also enabled transparency, no need to install third party apps for that, it will look and feel just like a Nexus 5 :)

  • Chris Marshall

    I installed the update, and rebooted. Now my phone is stuck on the start up screen, with the rotating circles.

    • Rash the bash

      If you have your data backed up, you can flash the complete 4.4 image for a nice fresh start - follow this video. It helped me

    • Marc B

      same thing to me . what should we do now ?

      • rayjay001

        Happened to mine too, bt I simply held the power button until the phone went off & restarted & everything went fine this time.

    • DHP

      Did you solve the problem?

  • Lnlkpln

    I did manually install it. Everything OK, though without GEL this update isn't too exciting at all. Everything looks almost the same excepting for some small changes. Then I installed the launcher, though for my taste, icons are oversized. It may work for the nexus 5, or even the nexus 7 but not for the nexus 4. Nova launcher fixes this all but, hey! It is not Google who is giving me this experience! It is Nova launcher (thanks guys, you are awesome!). So, I'm not happy at all with this update. I believe android 4.4 is all about nexus 5. Under the hood improvement? Might be but my nexus was snappy before this update too.

    • Lnlkpln

      And btw, non of my apps are able to go full screen... This update is frustrating. Shame on you Google.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/pamela-hill/ Pamela Hill

        Do you mean none of your non-Google apps? The developers have to update their apps to go full screen, not Google. Google cannot do that for all of the apps out there.

  • Demos

    I've got an issue: When it was "starting apps" during the upgrading, the phone got stuck and I turned it off impatiently. But next time I turned the phone on, it got stuck in the "boot loop". Could someone help me with this??? Many thanks!

    • WHYME


  • Lynyrd Cohyn

    Just wanted to say thanks, the sideloading worked a treat and my nexus 4 is now kit-katted up. I'll save the rooting experiment for a later date.

  • Marcel Jeannin II

    I just got the OTA of Kit Kat on my nexus 4. I won't need this but thanks. I'm really liking it on my nexus 4

  • frank

    i tried to update by OTA, but TWRP showed up and nothing happened. i rebooted and it is still 4.3. then i tried to check for updates again but it said i have the latest version. i also tried to flash the zip above but it failed. help

  • Sir Oliver

    Anybod managed to use GEL and not have to confirm Always every so often? Or to manage to select GEL Launcher in Settings > Home in such way that it remaines selected?

    • selonmoi

      Yup, using the APK from the article a couple of weeks ago, it just works for me. Stock, not rooted.

  • Ja5kQ

    Guys, need a little help here. I have Nexus 4; rooted; stock 4.3.
    I downloaded the file mentioned above (c7d8660a...KRT16S...zip) and placed it on /sdcard. Then I tried with Install option from TWRP recovery, made some progress...and Failed.
    I got this message:
    "system/lib/hw/power.msm8960.so" has unexpected contents.
    E: Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard/c7d8.....zip
    Error flashing zip '/sdcard/c7.......zip.

    Any idea?

    • Jasmin Dedeic

      Easy easy guys, stop racing to help me :)
      To those who may concern: I managed to overcome obstacles and finally install KitKat on my nexus 4 after 5 hours of digging and exploring. If anyone has similar problem and needs any help, I'm on your disposal.
      I wrote as Ja5kQ, btw.

      • h0ppl

        I have the same problem. Can you tell me how you solved this issue?

        • Jasmin Dedeic

          Yes I can.
          I suppose you are doing right everything that is told in this tutorial above. That means you have the right .zip file, your ADB is working fine.. So process of installation starts but fails to finish and you are stuck with 4.3. Right?
          This is what I did:

          I saw that the problem was always that file ("power.msm8960.so") as I mentiond in my first post, which, in my phone was with .bak extension instead of .so, like this: "power.msm8960.so.bak"
          So I extracted that particular file from Factory Image and replaced that corrupted one.
          What you need to do is to install Root Explorer app which will help you to replace that file and paste the correct one. I can send you that file if you want or you can try to extract it by yourself.
          After putting that file on the right place, update was finally accepted.
          Hope that you get it.

          • h0ppl

            Thanks for your help. Could extract the file from the factory image and now everything worked :)

          • Jim Kem

            could you send me the file "power.msm8960.so" or kindly upload it? :)

          • Jasmin Dedeic
          • Jim Kem

            Worked like a charm. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar - thank you! :)

          • Crístian Deives

            or you can rename the file and remove the .bak extension, the content is the same :-)

          • Jasmin Dedeic

            Or it doesn't work, I tried it first but nada ;)

  • elchuby

    You can follow this video tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6SVCOu49Bc

    • Ja5kQ

      Thanks mate. I don't know how I missed this video because I watched dozens of this :) Nice and easy, I just need to figure out how to get into that stock recovery and its beautiful options as shown on video, because I'm on TWRP>.<

  • Billi

    Hello, I bought second hand nexus 4 which have 4.2.2 installed when I download the 4.3 though Setting-> About Phone -> Software Update and Press Restart & download updates the teamwin recovery project open and I am unable to install update. Can anyone please guide me step by step how can I update my nexus 4 without bricking my phone.

    • Billi

      anyone please help me, I am so much worried. I purchased nexus 4 and cannot enjoy the kitkat :(

      • Jasmin Dedeic

        Try this video that elchuby posted. But first you should put back stock recovery to make it easier. Do you know how to do that?

        • Billi

          no dear i dont know it please guide me step by step each process. Thanks

          • Billi

            Can I directly install this 239 mb zip file?

          • Jasmin Dedeic

            Yes, you can try that approach. First download that 239mm file directly on phone, then go in TWRP recovery and just hit Install option. Next step is to choose previously downloaded file from list. It should work.

          • Billi

            Dear Jasmin, kindly explain it.

            Next step is to choose previously downloaded file from list

          • Jasmin Dedeic

            So, when you are in TWRP recovery, you can see some "buttons" like Install, Wipe, Backup....RIght?
            So, you press your screen on Install area, then you are in the Next step of process. Next step implies that you have to choose what to install. You can see explorer-like window where you can scroll down and up in order to find and pick your previously_downloaded_239MB file.(before of this process, you can move this file on root of sdcard so you can pick it from bottom of the list). When you find it, just click on it and then Swipe to Install when you are prompted.
            P.S. if the process fails, don't panic, just reboot and ask for other instructions.

          • Billi

            Unable to install .zip file.
            Error executing updater binary in zip
            Error flashing zip
            Please help me. much tensed :(

          • Billi

            I have power.msm8960.so in /system/lib/hw/power.msm.8960.so with .so extension

          • Jasmin Dedeic

            That file is ok I think. You probably have some other problem. Is there any other file that was mentioned to be corrupted instead of power.msm.8960.so?

            If you can identify that other file you can change that file with correct one, and try the install again.
            But if you don't mind for erasing all data from memory and make a clean install, I think that the better option is to install KitKat from scratch. I suggest you to read this:


            and watch all of these:


            in order to figure out how to clean install your android.
            So, to be clear, this is not for updating your 4.3 to 4.4. It is about wiping all of data and installing a new clean kitkat.

  • Marcio Ferreira

    KRT16S-from-KRT16O reported error via sideload:

    Verifying current system...
    "system/build.prop" has unespected contents.
    E: Error in /tmp/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

    What's wrong?

    • Jasmin Dedeic

      Try just to replace that file with new one

      • Marcio Ferreira

        Solved! Installed the new KRT16S factory image over KRT16O one. Keeping all user data. Thanks

  • Glenn

    Those who face this issue can go to safe mode and backup their data while on boot screen just keep pressing up and down volume button for some time phone will get into safe mode and can be backed up. This doesn't wipe any data.

  • tgif

    Hello, received a notification to update android to 4.4. On clicking the option to upgrade, now the phone is stuck on the google logo and it doesn't progress beyond that. Can someone please help ?

  • blipton

    How can I tell if my flash is still unlocked after google has updated my nexus7 to kitkat?

    Since i lost root, can wugfresh be used to root without wiping any data?