A couple of days ago, Amazon and NewEgg slashed the price of the 32GB 2013 Nexus 7 to just $239. What made this odd is that the 16GB variant, which is just nine dollars less, didn't receive any sort of price cut. This of course made the buying choice super easy – the 32GB version was the only way to go. If $239 is still a bit too much to be easily justified, however, the 16 gigger is now only $199. If you're in the market for a seven inch tablet, that makes this one hard to resist.

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From the look of it, all three places are offering free shipping, but Best Buy will likely charge the required sales tax in all areas, and Amazon to some (like Texas, for example). Ebay is likely the best option for getting away from tax in general, though the seller may have to charge if you're in the same state (New York). Definitely something to check out if you plan on ordering. Speaking of – hit the respective link below to grab yours.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Guest

    Unfortunately none of them ship internationally :(

    • meme

      Too bad. They sell for $350 where I live so $199 would have been a real steal.

    • Vibrunazo

      Just use shipito.com or something like that. I used it to buy my chromecast because they didn't sell it on my country.

  • barefootbandit8

    On the subject of Amazon and taxes, one of my friends had an internship there and he told me that in some states Amazon employees can't even take business calls. I prefer to purchase products from Amazon due to not having to pay sales taxes. Apparently they take this exemption very seriously in order to keep customers like myself.

  • Detonation

    Paid this price on launch day :)

  • Gus70

    Pass.. Waiting on new Nexus 10 (2013)

  • Karrott

    Bought this yesterday for $259 with two day shipping. Attempting to cancel that order. And I just placed a new order for the $239 price.

  • Jason

    this will drop lower. it was 179 at staples last week. just hold off people

  • Phillip Bee

    Tax on BB & Amazon .. none on eBay

    • NeedName

      and no warranty with eBay usually ;)

      • Phillip Bee

        There was an option to get it through square trade

  • david

    ?anyone get their $25 google play credit yet