Minus a couple of hiccups, Samsung is reliably updating its later models to the last version of Jelly Bean. Sprint's branded version of the Galaxy Note II is the latest phone to get the Android 4.3 magic, complete with updated compatibility with Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Gotta sell those $300 add-ons, eh Sprint?

sprint update

Samsung is following its release schedule almost to the letter. In addition to Android 4.3 goodies and Gear compatibility, this particular update (L900VPAMK4) adds HD Voice enhancements, Samsung KNOW compatibility, and a few visual touches to bring the Note II more in line with UI elements found on the Galaxy S4 and Note 3. As usual, the rollout will be coming in stages, so some of you may already have an alert while others may not get it for a day or two.

Root users, it's always safest to assume that any new over-the-air update will break your root functionality and make it difficult or impossible to get back. If root is important to you, wait for the industrious fellows at XDA, RootzWiki, or your Android forum of choice to find a solution. Everyone else, you know the drill: Settings, System Update, Update Samsung Software.

Source: Sprint Support - Thanks, Jeff!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • BigMixxx

    Wow, sprint got it fast. Verizon has to wait EVEN LONGER....
    (KNOX not KNOW)

    • Phillip Bee

      When the leak about the update was released I as surprised that Sprint & VZW were scheduled ahead of Tmo & ATT. Usually GSM is 1st. & it is actually happening .. ugh ..

  • Jack Holding

    When the update rolled out on the S4, I was unable to update OTA without un-rooting. YMMV.

  • Chris

    Yay! Hopefully this means ROM updates soon!!

  • EH101

    Great news, makes that leaked schedule look legitimate and still accurate. Here's to hoping the Verizon ota date was correct as well.

  • Anthony Evans

    anyone even get the update yet?

    • Anthony Hopkins

      Nope not yet . But they say either today or tomorrow

      • kt

        I got it..

  • bearballz

    Uugh... So the Note 2 gets the 4.3 update rolled out, but Sammy/Sprint still can't figure out the bugs for the 4.3 update for the S3? C'mon guys!!

    • Jason

      S3 is bottom priority, it is older than the note two , does not haves near the capabilities. I Ann honestly quite surprised they even have it in the schedule at all.

  • Pandora

    Okay Vodafone Australia, how many months till I get this update...?

  • WHO?

    In Texas and havent got the update yet Note 2 Sprint. 11/20/13 3:42pm CST

  • Raul Maka Rueda

    No update in South Florida

  • John

    What happen to the SPH-L900VPAMC2 model. Didnt even get a notice about it.

  • omilli

    Any got an update yet?

    • scott

      I did sprint note.2.Pittsburgh pa

  • Sangreazvl13

    yeahhh !!!!

  • gn2ii

    Verizon hello stop being the slacker, wake up there is a update, for once be the first in the line to get it... Oh you won't cause you're focused on the moto carp...

  • Greg Mitchell

    Still haven't seen this update in Orlando a day after the rollout began.

  • justin

    Where is it? Been refreshing system update for over a day now. Is this a lie?

  • Bothered

    I am not sure if we have been lied to or if the update is being slowing distributed out. I think if I don't get it by tomorrow I will call sprint. As far as Knox and the gear software on this update. I can do without it. I don't want either. I don't wear a watch and to have that big ass klunky thing on my arm would bug me to death. Just another device to help big brother track us. NO THANKS!!!

    • john

      Tell us the truth. It's because u can't afford it. Right? Because let's face it, the note 2 is a big ass clunky thing yet u have that don't you in fact at one point it stood as the best phone on the market for quite a while so when u say "just another device" you andall of us here know that's not the case. If that was the case it be a device with an apple logo. Get serious or get out

    • Scott

      if we was being lied to I would.be running the 4.3 update.as.we speak and its very sweet

  • Jorge Martino

    Hi. Hey i need to do the update via odin because my sprint note 2 is flashed to boost mobile, if i do the update via the settings, i will loose my flash... how can i do it ? Thanks

  • Lonchovilla

    The update has been removed from the Sprint Support link (updated on 11/21/13)

  • Jeffrey

    Does anyone know if the new Samsung keyboard in 4.3 replaces the old one or show's up as additional keyboard? I can't stand the new handwriting recognition on the note 3 and want to keep my note 2's old keyboard as an option.

  • Rey M.

    the note 2 sprint support site shows it was updated today and is no longer showing the MK4 4.3 update

    • joseph molina

      are you still on mc2 ?? if so i have found a way to manually update here :http://www.mediafire.com/download/yxu7eu47h4dhaht/USER_L900_SPT_MC2_to_MK4_Update_FWD.zip just download it
      make sure your not rooted!!! .
      1.make sure your current build is mc2
      2.download the file from the link
      3.copy the zip to your external sd card put it in your download folder
      4.backup any files you want to save pic/music ect
      5.power off your phone. then hold volume up plus home plus power till the samsung logo comes up than release the power but keep holding the home and volume up!
      6. when in manual mode scroll down using volume down select apply update from sd card using power button .
      7.find the download folder open it and find the zip.
      8.select it and confirm using power once it reboots you will have 4.3 on your sprint note 2 .. it worked for me !!!!!!

      • joseph molina
        • joseph molina

          please remember you half to do the stupid captcha on media fire its very easy just hit play wait till it reveals the code than type it in select enter and your download will be there in the green box. enjoy !

      • joseph molina

        if the other links dont work for you

        go here and follow the downloads it should work


      • joseph molina

        and if all else fails just google mc2 to mk4 you will see it the 2nd one down under sprint community .

      • PaulMonroeJr

        I did this method, I just downloaded the update, dropped it on the SD card rebooted into stock recovery and it updated me to 4.3. Its very, very, smooth. I got tired of waiting for it OTA.

  • Do you know???

    There is no 4.3 upgrade for android note II to sprint . This was a conspiracy to see how many individual with pre- purchase products supported by android 4.3. Call Sprint and see if they are part of the conspiracy.

  • fabian

    Flash your sprint or verizon phones to prepaid .wwww.flashusaphones.com

  • leon33

    Grand Rapids Mi i got the update today 11/22/2012

    • scott

      Are you on sprint and how is it is it like butter or sand lol

    • CaceBoggie

      You have a note2

  • arwa

    I didn't get any update yet on saudi arabia " follow me @i_rooshii "

  • Steve Hendrix

    If my phone is flashed to another carrier will I still get the update because I havent yet im on page plus

  • frankie253

    No update here yet

  • PaulMonroeJr

    Soooo, I checked some of the forums and it's still going out in phases. I think Sammy is being cautious with this one due to the problems the S3 and S4 were having with the 4.3 update. I went to the support page and its showing as being updated as of 11-22-2013, and they still have the update being currently sent out to users. Were all probably just impatient.

  • PaulMonroeJr

    Its still going out to people in stages. I think Sammy is being cautious due to the issue with the S3 and S4. The support page with this comment was updated today sooo

  • John

    My whole family has switch over to samsung and don't even get updates. It's better to switch back to iPhone at least I get updates from them. Or even cancel on sprint when my contract is up

  • kt

    I got an update..:)

    • Scott

      so did I is knox an app in the drawer on yours it.isn't on mine only in the app manager

  • Keir

    Does anyone know if the gear watch works with the note 2 atm, or roughly when the update is due in UK

    • rotomi

      Yes the gear is compatable with S3,S4 and note 2 & 3

  • diako

    Im frome iran but i cant updaet 4.3

  • deadsyblood

    I am running 4.3 on my note 2 in minnesota

  • Jerry

    Still waiting for Sprint 4.3 to arrive in Ft. Worth as of 12/7 for my Note 2. I check for updates every morning.