Motorola is continuing its tradition of being transparent about which devices are on the docket for OTAs. The company's online tool has been updated to indicate several new devices will be joining the Android 4.4 fold.

2013-11-20 02_43_06-- Motorola Support - Find Answers _ Motorola Mobility, Inc.

2013-11-20 02_42_24-- Motorola Support - Find Answers _ Motorola Mobility, Inc. 2013-11-20 02_42_44-- Motorola Support - Find Answers _ Motorola Mobility, Inc.

According to Motorola's site, the Droid RAZR HD (regular and developer edition), Droid RAZR MAXX HD, Droid RAZR M (regular and developer edition), Electrify M, and the Atrix HD. So, there are some surprises in there, especially the Atrix HD on AT&T. That device never really caught on, and the developer edition isn't listed as getting the 4.4 update – only the AT&T version. We can't rule out that this is a mistake.

2013-11-20 02_43_22-- Motorola Support - Find Answers _ Motorola Mobility, Inc. 2013-11-20 02_43_52-- Motorola Support - Find Answers _ Motorola Mobility, Inc.

2013-11-20 02_44_16-- Motorola Support - Find Answers _ Motorola Mobility, Inc. 2013-11-20 02_45_28-- Motorola Support - Find Answers _ Motorola Mobility, Inc.

The tool only says the updates are coming, not when. Some will obviously arrive sooner than others, mainly the devices added in the last update. At any rate, there are sure to be some happy Motorola customers today.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • evolutionx1

    Seriously loving the new Motorola! Go Go Go!!

    • Guest

      In your wet dreams. :D

    • sourabh sekhar

      Companies with losses like HTC and Motorola are starting to take android updates seriously,while samsung takes a year to optimize and load all their s-bullshit .

      • Chris

        And even after a year, it's not fully optimized.

      • Nevi_me

        It's called S-hit ...

        • José

          I have a Motorola razr maxx and a Samsung galaxy s3, (not 4), and the only think good about the Moto is battery and the Gps..., for the rest, Samsung is superb in everything else. More ram, camera, software, screen size, andriod 4.4 updated this week, etc. There is no comparison... Sorry for my motorola which I used to love.

  • Xergio

    Maybe the Motorola Defy could get KitKat...? hahaha

    • evolutionx1

      Hahah, I still have mine as a backup phone. Quarx might help us :P

      • pepcok

        wait.. Defy already has Kitkat, Quarx has been busy with it :)

        • evolutionx1

          Quarx = Defy God

          • pepcok

            Yeah, it's amazing what the man is capable of.

      • Xergio

        I also still have mine! Quarxs work on Defy is astonishing! ;)
        But cooked roms are another topic... we were talking about official updates =P

  • Leonardo Loures Quirino

    Bummer, my wife got the Razr i. I was hoping it would get updated...

  • Jondan Rothfus

    I would LOVE to get KitKat for my Droid RAZR Maxx (non-HD), but I know I'm dreaming for that OTA. I guess I'll have to wait and see if AOKP will have anything. Not holding my breath there either, though.

    • Mr-Glass

      Yeah that is a shame for a phone that is totally capable.. Also I Hashcode and Dhacker are no longer supporting the omap platform... :(

      • Chris

        Yeah it's actually quite sad. When I saw the title of this article, my hopes skyrocketed. Then I saw the devices, and cried a little :(

        What sucks more is that our XT912/910's had a rushed JellyBean update. You may not notice, but there are a several issues with the update that will never be addressed.

    • Марк Соколовский

      As a reply to all of you, I do have to say, that those of you with Droid Razr Maxx's (original, non-HD) phones, shouldn't lose all hope for 4.4. I am running an Android 4.4 stock OS (cyanogenmod 11) rom, and honestly it is incredibly fast and beautiful.. and unlike earlier versions of android, this version fully takes advantage of the slightly lower 256ppi and 4.3" size, and takes advantage of it. The GUI difference, along with new fonts make the screen seem more detailed, and punctal with it's graphics, for some odd reason, i mostly noticed that with fonts. A quick google search finds the roms needed for 4.4 on Droid Razr Maxx's.

  • NateCress

    The Atrix HD was the last Moto device offered before the Moto X on AT&T. It makes since that Motorola is considering it's year old customers (who are on two year contracts) for another upgrade. When the Atrix HD was launch with ICS Google had just been given the reigns of Motorola. Moto still had a bad rep for not updating their devices (as did many OEMs). If Moto keeps their word on this for the Atrix HD, this device will have received a full 1.5 years of upgrade support. I don't expect that they will update the device beyond 4.4 though. (the Atrix HD was released in November 2012 if I remember correctly)

    • Chris

      I'm pretty sure it was the RAZR M and RAZR i.

      • TSON1

        The RAZR M and the RAZR i weren't on AT&T, the M was on Verizon only and the i was a global phone.

    • Anthony Carbonaro

      I've got the Atrix HD, and I was considering getting rid of it for a Nexus 5, but once I put in the battery from the Razr Maxx HD I decided that I'd rather have two days of battery life than an empty wallet. Here's hoping the Atrix HD gets 4.4

    • Lucas Ross

      Atrix HD was launched June 2012. So it's already approaching that 18 month mark. We'll see though.

  • mgamerz

    Still wont forget the paltry 6 months of support they gave my atrix.

    • Alejandro Gaydou

      Especially considering that they toyed with us with the whole ICS update right up until they made the blanket announcement that they wouldn't be updating a bunch of devices...

    • Andrew

      Yeah, that was an epic fail. And right after they said that Atrix 4G will not get an update somehow beta version has leaked. But it never worked well.

    • varun

      Yep, put me off buying Moto quite thoroughly. I might buy a Moto device if it's the next Nexus, but not otherwise. Quite sure this will also be retracted as they did for my original 4G.

  • Guilherme

    Razr i please :(

  • RadarJammer

    The RAZR i was not sold in the US, so Androidpolice might be unaware of that Intel powered device. In Europe, there is still no updated info about the XT890.

  • Sir_Brizz

    The Atrix HD will probably get Kitkat the day after never.

  • NeedName

    I still have a hard time trusting any Android OEM for updates. . . until they have something in writing my attitude will always be, buy the device the ROM community is supporting the most.

  • Mauro

    Still no 4.0 for the Atrix, fuck Motorola.

  • ken

    Not happy there's no mention of razr hd (XT925) or the razr HD Maxx (XT910)

    • Phantom

      did you even read the article? it says both of them will get kit kat

  • Ian Fay

    Woah! My phone is getting the update! And here I was worried about having to root it.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      I already tried rooting/ROMing, and there aren't really any great ROM's out there. None of them are as stable as stock.

      • Ian Fay

        Honestly, for me, I just can't afford a new phone if I screw up and brick it. The risk just wasn't worth it.

        • Qliphah

          If you're talking about the AtrixHD the root process is super simple, however like you I wasn't going to risk bricking for some custom roms. But just with root I was able to remove 90% of the AT&T bloatware, install some system tweaks and use a real firewall. It runs at least 3x's faster and doesn't reboot or overheat like it did before.

        • Ryan O’Neill

          There isn't that much benefit, honestly. Other than removing bloatware.

  • Steve

    Will The Atrix HD Ever Get The 4.4 Update?

  • Gilberth Cordova

    Motorola where's Kitkat to my Razr i ?

  • Elthon Cisneros

    Since OG DROID RAZR & RAZR MAXX owners(such as myself) most likely aren't getting Kit Kat 4.4 update(cuz of TI OMAP chip), we should be compensated for our lack of Kit-Kat. Give us at least a 4.2 or 4.3 update! Come on!!!! (Im rooted and running CM 10.1.3 but it would be nice to get an official update!)

    • John Westerdale

      Why are Razr Maxx (non HD) owners not included? Is the development of Android 4.4 for TI Omap chip too expensive? Does it require a separate development project?

  • Arch@ngel

    Photon Q (XT897) is still "Future Plan Coming Soon" Orz

  • Crabonok

    This 18 month update window crap is crazy...

  • Lorrellei Willis-Waterson

    I suddenly cannot get my device, (Motorola ((Android)) Razr M HD) to pick up the contents of my sd card or even the sd card itself. It happened yesterday when I downloaded Verizon Cloud on my network at home. Anyone have any instructions as to what I can do? My stuff is all on Verizon Cloud now and my device no longer picks up the micro sd card. I am bummed! I am not online all the time to use the cloud, I need the music and pics back on my device. Can anyone help? I live in Tijuana I have internet access on my device here too, but it is too costly to use. When I am home I am only using my telephone, not the rest of the device. Is it a Google related issue or is it from Verizon Cloud? Thanks for any help.

  • Victor Creeds