Amazon's Android Appstore held great promise when it was announced, but the reality has often proven annoying to use. A big part of that was the terrible Appstore app that was used to install purchased content on a device. Today things are getting better in that department. The Amazon Appstore client has jumped from v5 to v7 and has gotten a complete UI overhaul in the process.

Screenshot_2013-11-19-21-30-43 Screenshot_2013-11-19-21-30-27 Screenshot_2013-11-19-21-30-01

The new UI is still recognizable as Amazon, but it looks more like the updated Kindle Fire tablets, and less like something designed explicitly to taunt you. The scrolling is vastly improved and there's no more legacy menu button (yay). The interface is still a bit confused by Android UI standards – there's a menu overflow button on the left that opens a navigation drawer, for example. There are still a few spots of lag too, like scrolling in the navigation pane.

You can grab the new version of the Appstore directly from Amazon's site, but devices might not show the update when you check from inside the app at this time. There's a download link at the bottom just in case. There are also some screens from the old app below for comparison.

Screenshot_2013-11-19-21-28-22 Screenshot_2013-11-19-21-27-28 Screenshot_2013-11-19-21-26-08

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[Amazon – Thanks, TheManii and Victor Lee]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Ale


  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    cool, but v5 to v7?? that's kinda odd

    • Steve Freeman

      They were probably originally working on a straight v6 update, but decided to change it enough to require a new version number. It happens.

  • pld

    I wonder if it still runs constantly, whether the app is active or not, consuming a large portion of system resources? That was what inevitably pushed me to uninstall the previous version and abandon all my apps.

    • Brad

      Thing that annoyed me was updating separately... plus the amazon apps aren't as up to date. e.g. plants vs zombies... I rebought it and realized there were a ton of differences. Rebought my apps and called it a day... it's not like the faotd was ever anything but a stupid in app purchase riddled game anymore.

    • sst787

      I think it's the "Collect App Usage Data" in the Amazon Appstore settings that keeps it running in the background collecting info. I disabled mine and I haven't had any problems with system resources. I also noticed it actually speeds up app load times for apps downloaded through Amazon if you have it disabled. At least on my Galaxy S3 there was a slight pause when I would open an app before disabling that setting. What bothers me about the Amazon Appstore is that doesn't show new features added to a new app update like it does in Google Playstore. If they add a "What's New" section in the app description that would make the Appstore a whole lot better.

    • snips

      The appstore does have to run in the background. But then again, so does google play.

  • Martin

    Twitter hit v5 too..

    • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

      v5.0.1 takes you back to the shitty old UI. So DO NOT update. You've been warned!

  • Thatguyfromvienna

    Doesn't seem to be running for me.
    I'm staring at that spinning circle for about three minutes already but at least it's better designed than in the past.

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      OK, working now.

      • Intruder7s

        How did you make it work ?
        I am stuck at "initializing appstore..."

  • CBNforum

    The most annoying thing about Apps from Amazon is that it keeps asking me and my kids to relogin to use the apps. When my kids are not with me, they are locked out of the apps until I can relogin since I don't want them to have my Amazon pwd. I hope this new version fixes that.

  • Alice

    Hmm...the navigation drawer. Did the dev team read about Android Design Guidelines? Totally disappointed...

    • johan

      thing about amazon is they don't really care about android design guidelines. Their stuff just has to look good in their little sandbox....

  • exadeci

    Still not a native app but just an app loading html...

  • Andrew

    Still doesn't let you download apps over 50mb unless you are on WiFi. Hey Amazon: I have an unlimited LTE plan that is currently 4x as fast as my crappy DSL-powered WiFi! I know what I'm doing, so please give us the option to bypass this restriction!

    • justme

      This is possible from the Wi-Fi options

      • Andrew

        Unfortunately the largest option it gives you is 50mb. Beyond that, it forces you to use Wi-Fi.

  • Mike Harris

    If it wasn't for the free paid app every day, I wouldn't even have Amazon's Appstore installed on any of my devices. The sad thing is that I don't even install 99.9% of the apps I get. I tell myself that I take them just in case I might eventually want to use one of them (you can re-download anything from your purchase history since it's saved to your profile), but the truth is that I can't see turning down a free app that normally costs money.

  • BKPhil

    I remember the Amazon Apps store. Feels like eons ago...

  • Markoff

    installed yesterday, tried to create amazon account, end up on 2nd screen when they asked me for my address like it would have something to do with installing free apps, so uninstalled and using Play Store, but mostly Cool Market from Coolapk.com without any questions asked

  • Maniac

    Crashing my shield... anyone else having issues?

  • Qliphah

    I hope they fixed the issue with just installing apps. Everytime I install the faotd I have to exit the app and relaunch it several times to even get the install dialog. Then I'm lucky if it doesn't do a parsing error or some other download error.

  • Frustrated app user

    This damn new version will not respect my auto rotate setting being OFF! I am about to lose my mind!

  • mommadillo

    I can install the Appstore on my tablet (a cheapo from Hisense) with no problem. The problem comes when I want to run the app. There's no icon created during the install routine. The program shows up in my list of installed apps, but there's no way to start it from there. So far, the only method of running the program that works is running the installer again since it gives you the option to run it after installing. What a bunch of BS. Aren't there ANY competent programmers anymore?