KitKat is tasty, for sure, but it's not the only Android flavor that gets users excited. Many users are still waiting for the latest version of Jelly Bean to arrive on their devices. Considering just how many Galaxy SIIIs Samsung managed to sell, that's a good number of customers who will be happy to know that their wait for Android 4.3 will soon come to an end. If you have a Galaxy S III running on T-Mobile, an Android 4.3 update may now be available for you to install.

This update brings in support for both the Galaxy Gear and Samsung KNOX. The thing is, this release is only going out to the T999, the original non-LTE version of the handset. The LTE version, the T999L, is expected to come out in several days.


The update is available both as an OTA and a manual install using Kies. It's 486MB altogether, so make sure you have a stable connection before getting started.

Source: T-Mobile

Thanks, Woody.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Phil Shobo

    The 3rd OTA update for this model....Impressive!

    • grandautotheft5

      mainly bug fixes!!! updating to latest version is what makes it impressive which unfortunately is not kitkat.. look at moto X, now that's impressive

      • Crispin Swickard

        It was on 4.1 before this so there is much more than bug fixes.

        • Phil Shobo

          from what I hear we have
          -lock screen widgets
          -Knox and Gear support
          -transparent notification bar
          -SMS, Calendar, and camera upgrades

          • Doc Velasquez

            This is true.

    • Matthew Fry

      My wife will be super... unimpressed. I'm excited *for* her though! This coupled with the awesome International coverage they announced in October (which we'll be using in NZ and AU to great effect next month) makes for one happy T-Mobile customer.

  • Silver

    Yay! I'm finally getting this update... i'ts no KitKat but it sure is a step closer to it.

  • Brandon

    it says it's an optional update, I wonder if they fixed some of the bugs that the international version was having, or if that is a nice legal way of saying if it breaks... it's on you.

  • Alex

    Still waiting for Android 4.3 on my T-Mobile Galaxy S4........

  • pbm5362

    If anyone has installed it can you tell me if the new launcher and weather widget is present and if there are any other new features present?

    • human being

      I installed the leaked version few weeks ago and the only noticeable change is the setting page. There is a new weather widget but I don't like those samsung weather widgets. The phone seems to run little smoother than before. The stock launcher is pretty good but it's not as good as nova launcher. The stock camera app is impressive. It has "sound and shot" feature which allows you to record an audio and take a picture. There is also an "Screen Mirroring" option, which is self explanatory. I heard 4.3 has new Bluetooth settings but i haven't noticed any difference from before.

      • pbm5362

        Ok thanks man. I have at&t and who knows when we'll get the update especially after they pulled the plug on the s4 update.

        • human being

          Why don't you root it?

          • pbm5362

            I'm just a casual user who was interested in what the update will bring. My S3 is my daily driver. If I knew how to root, trust me I would.

    • evereste

      only thing I have noticed is more notification options...camera is the same and tbh, not worth risking issues others seem to be having..

  • Phil Shobo

    But why on earth would T-Mobile release this if Samsung has pulled updates for other US carriers or is this particular update flawless?

    • Brandon

      I haven't read anywhere that Samsung has pulled the update on carrier specific devices, just international versions, this is the first carrier specific gs3 update I have seen...and no update is flawless unfortunately.

      • Phil Shobo

        ahh okay, thanks mate!

      • Sir_Brizz

        They pulled the AT&T update.

        • pbm5362

          Yeah for the s4 and according to this site u.s cellular also suspended their s4 update too.

          • Sir_Brizz

            They pulled the S3 and S4 updates on AT&T as well.

  • Steve B

    Hopefully the 4.3 bugs that held back the international update is exynos specific.

  • Steve B

    Verizon GS3 should be Friday, if all goes well.

  • Joss7088

    my phone says T99UVDMD5 and web tmobile T999TUVUEMJC there a problem with that?

  • Bronislav Shtrom

    Heard from a friend who has the European non LTE S3 that this update makes the phone really slow. Can anybody confirm, or is it safe to update?

    Pretty sure the S3 will not get 4.4, or will it?

    • brian

      Updated my S3 to 4.3 and the issues with it are unreal. Heavy battery drain, false app notifications, wifi problems, phone slow, restarting by itself, sound is distorted, slow startup from lock screen, and even total lock up requiring battery removal.
      Now having to wait for another update to fix the update.

      • Bronislav Shtrom

        Thanks for the honest info. Don't suppose you'd tell me if this ever clears up later?

      • Stephen Sanchez

        Im having some of the same problems. Biggest problem for me is that the phone won't charge. I'm not sure what's going to happen if it dies completely

  • MAC

    Just updated my phone. So far so good. No issues noticed so far except persistent download notifications of two old files that were already deleted from the phone. Fixed that problem by clearing Download Manager's cache.
    Phone is not slow as suspected by another poster.
    I haven't noticed anything else to not to recommend upgrade.

    • o.ramirrz

      im having the same issue

    • Andrew Oliver

      After spending an hour on chat with AT&T they couldn't solve this problem. As soon as i reset the cache and data on the download manager the problem was solved. Thank you!

    • fdf

      I had same issue(persistent old download). reset the cache and it is gone. thanks.

    • SantoshGaikwad

      Awesome Tip. thanks. I have this same irritating issue since last 3 weeks. Now i cleared the cache and data on Download Manager and it fixed the issue., Appreciate it.

    • SkaFan

      I cleared the cache but I'm still getting the notifications. Any tips??

    • SkaFan

      Nevermind my last comment...found out I did it wrong. Thank you for the tip! You solved my problem!!

  • human being

    root and get it right now..don't have to wait

  • Paul Williams

    I downloaded the update this afternoon. Fairly painless OTA - given that the update was 257 mb, it took less than an hour. Phone doesn't exhibit any bugs or issues with battery consumption that I read about in previous news articles.
    This is an incremental upgrade that was worth the wait.

  • oppa

    Is it the same for t-mobile korea s3 lte handsets? Or I'll just have to wait for the folks in SKT to announce their own official release?

  • Doc Velasquez

    So far so good, I was able to update at around midnight last night. It took about 30 min in total. A few noticeable and good updates. Phone seems to have gotten a little bit faster and smoother.

  • Brian

    no ota on my s4 yet either :(

  • Michael Alcantar

    So I took the dive and updated my
    T-Mo S3 to JB 4.3 I'm 10+ hours in and luckily haven't seen any off the problems discussed besides the notification bar showing downloaded files from my browser from 3 days ago, I went into my downloads and cleared all items and have yet to see them reappear on my status bar.

  • Corey Carter

    I'm a t-mobile customer and I download the 4.3 last night.who Can I report this to the battery life are going very quickly....

  • kassie

    Updated my s3 yesterday its good but drains the battery

  • carl

    Ive got the update for s3, dont download ,my phone hasnt worked properly since, its caused phone to pause, notto respond , drain batter and, loose wifi sometimes to the extreme of having to take the battery out

  • Elius Carvil

    After the update it starting to drain the battery life no more tomorrow. My phone and my wife's phone. It may last 4 hours and it's completely drained

  • evereste

    well. no problems this far..can't understand what all the fuss was about....

  • sj

    updated to 4.3 over 24 hrs ago and found no problems what so ever.my s3 is running
    better than before,it might be sucking a little more juice but nothing major.also new
    features that work well.update and enjoy!

  • o.ramirrz

    i have gs3 got the 4.3 update overall its good only complaint is that my download manager is acting up now with this update does anyone know how i can resolve this problem?

  • Anthony Arciprete

    Updated, now play store won't work.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    I wonder when HTC one will get 4.4

  • Angela Lentino

    I updated 2 days ago, and it has NOT been the same ever since. I kept getting download notifications, and discovered it came from PICSART app, uninstalled this app and restarted phone, continued to do the same, went to T-Mobile, explained the problem, they cleared Cache in download manager, and said "that should fix it!" She never mentioned bugs witht his new update. I woke up this morning to the SAME PROBLEM. It's only giving me notifications for one specific picture file in my photo gallery. I'm confused and frusterated as it makes my phone super sloooooow when trying to navigate and text. Anybody have any suggestions?? ARGH! The updates are ok I guess.....Not really diggin' it, but I'm a creature of habit and dislike change. LOL

  • Jill W

    Thank You Bertel. The info. on the Download cache was perfect! The 4.3 update on my Samsung S3 was looping on Downloads; not any more! Once again...thank you!