The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best smartphones money can buy. However, it does take a lot of money to buy one. As an unexpected thank you for buying its giant tablet-phone, Samsung is offering $50 in Google Play credit, and all you have to do is enter some information online.


It's easy – just hit up the website below and input your phone number, IMEI, and a few other bits of information. You should get a confirmation email, and not long after, an email with a code that can be redeemed in Google Play for $50 to put toward apps, games, music, and more. We've already given this a shot, and it worked like a charm. The code arrived in about 10 minutes, but your mileage may vary.

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This promotion runs through January 6, 2014, so you have some time if you plan to pick up a Note 3 in the near future. $50 should help you load up the device with all sorts of cool content.

[Samsung Google Play Credit – Thanks, Matt Colontrelle]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Worked on my AT&T Note 3 that I got at release. What a fantastic surprise free $50.

    • Guest

      will it be working outside of USA !!! such as India

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        Um. I wonder what "US only" means...
        Wait let me ask... Um. India?

    • Nachiketa
      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Yeah, those are all known though. This Note 3 one came as a surprirse.

        • Nachiketa

          Oh didn't knew. i had just came to know about it 2 days before.

  • Kaero

    If only it worked for Canada too :( That would be a nice surprise.

  • Brandon

    Worked Great for me on my Sprint Note 3 that I also got at release. Took about 3 minutes for the code to arrive in my email.

  • James

    got the email within 5mins thanks

  • serotheo

    This + the Note 10.1 $25 credit :)

  • Anonymous

    Can I pull this off with a US proxy?

    • wilflare

      seems like they track the IMEIs

      • Anish


  • Jerrett Taylor

    Worked great for my T-Mobile Note 3.

  • Guest

    Does it will be working outside of USA !!! such as India

    • Fredy Nativi

      No USA only it's in the title.

  • Fredy Nativi

    Worked on a replacement device. Got the code within two minutes.

    • WHO?

      Yea i have a replacement and have both boxes still.... For TESTING purpose i tried both IMEI's and only one went through :( lol

      • jonathan3579

        I own 3 Note 3's. (Different lines though.) I just had to use each phone number and IMEI but now I'm rocking $175 Google Play credit. The worst part? I went through 200 of the Top Paid apps in the Play Store and I own most of them already. :S

  • http://vividgiftideas.com/ Vivid’s Gift Ideas

    That's a pretty good bargain -- Andrew @ vividgiftideas.com

  • topazaaron

    Awesome, worked with my Verizon Galaxy Note 3

  • Alex Thomson

    Not working for Verizon's developer edition! Sammy is going to make earn this by having to call. After trying dev ed one I was able to redeem with retail version. Weird. Can you receive$50 for each note 3 you own?

    • Lexster

      It's based upon the IMEI, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get it for every Note 3 you have. Once you enter everything, they email you a redemption code to put into the Play Store, so you can technically redeem it using whatever Play Store account you want.

      • Alex Thomson

        You would think but the developer edition isn't working. Confirmed with another dev ed owner.

        • Lexster

          That sucks...not sure why they would exclude the developer version...I know it's only for US only phones. Maybe the Developer version is somehow considered "international" and was excluded. :(

          • Alex Thomson

            It's a Verizon phone do it's not considered international. For some reason it's like the imei#'s aren't in circulation. I'll have to call them to get my credit. Hopefully, they will accommodate.

  • rezzler76

    I just got fiifty bones on google play! Yes! Yes! Android Police is tha bomb! Thanks for the headsup! You guys rock!

  • Dissappointed

    It'll check your imei. Tried mine, and it didn't work. It's obvious that they would verify the IMEI and your phone has to be bought from the USA.

  • jiade

    wow, my god. this phone is much better than yours, all people crazy love it, don't miss: http://6yo.org/s/?PIENO

  • Fifth313ment

    Worked for me on my T-Mobile Note 3! Yay, thanks a million!


  • wickets

    thanks Matt Colontrelle and Ryan Whitwam and AP.......$50 is always welcome!! even if it is care-of the two super douchebags +j k shin and and +oh-hyun kwon haha

  • guest

    However, it does take a lot of money to buy one - are they selling unlocked in US?

    • Jacob

      yea, but I can't get my credit apparently.

  • Jimmy Le

    I got my 50 slackers already. Thank you very much Samsung.

  • Csacseg

    This stuff work in Hungary?

  • Keith Wright

    Wow! Thanks!

    • Tim242

      Nice Avatar!

  • Wazzifer

    It said we're out of gifts =(

    • Lexster

      Really? I just got mine about fifteen minutes ago when I heard about it. I'd say try it again. Unless they are limiting it to a certain umber per...state or city or something.

      • Wazzifer

        I cannot, if I put my phone number again, it automatically takes me to the IMEI registering page...once I enter that it says I've already used the code. So lame.

  • Don Linnerud

    5 minutes sign up to $50.00 Thanks Samsung!! What a SUPRISE!! Worked perfect!!

  • Linda B

    Cool! Thanks Samsung!

  • Unimatrix1986

    AWESOME. Worked on my T-mobile Note 3 got the confirmation within minutes had to tell my other buddies that got note 3's cuz I had to influence them. Sadly they are not to tech geek and still have no idea how to use the full potential to this amazing phone.

  • Jim C

    Way too cool! Apple never did this!! Note 3 here T-mobile. Email in 2 mins. $50 in my acct! wow....

  • BkEnigma

    Worked on my T-Mobile Note 3. Awesome :)

  • Dany Bouffard

    I wonder why Samsung decided not to include Canada in that reward program. Its not like Samsung is an us company only.

    • Irinel Loghin

      Welcome to the rest of the world...

      • Dany Bouffard

        Maybe Samsung customers from all around the world should write to them asking why they don't have this promotion in their regions.

  • Rahul Nebhnani

    why the fuck is it us only ?! >.<

    • android pimp

      because the us is the best moron dont ask dumb questions

      • Rahul Nebhnani

        yeah us is soo good that you guys can't even pay for your phones in one go

      • Irinel Loghin

        Good... People like you give the US a bad name... Keep em coming :)

      • EvilSnaKE

        BEst u say! Bitch!.. Still relaying on Indians as their engineers and techs! :,D

  • Arkar Kyaw Win

    Thank you, AP, I just received my $50 credit. Thank you.

  • Michael Pahl

    Was there anything like this for GS4 owners? Just traded my Razr hd for one.

  • CBNforum

    Just got mine... I guess it pays to read this site, otherwise I would not have known about it!

  • Linda B

    Done. SWEET! I received my credit in 3 minutes and applied no problem.

  • Lexster

    Woo! Now I was able to get an app I wanted but couldn't quite justify paying $4 for since I wasn't sure how much use I'd get from it.

  • Lucky

    Worked for me as well. Sprint Note 3.

  • Brandon Bradley

    Worked for mine and I bought it about a month ago! GREAT! THANkS GUYS! :D

  • Mr Steve

    Worked just fine - email arrived within 15min of submitting info. Glad I saw this article pop up on my Google News feed!

  • Irfan

    Not for UAE.

  • Tim

    How about a 4.4 update instead Sam?

  • Alix8821

    If only I could use this credit to finally get Chromecast... Oh well! Still so awesome

  • Brian

    Wow... so easy. Thanks AndroidPolice and Matt Colontrelle !!!

  • Delfino Blackshadowsink Perez

    If you have the note 3 this dis written I just entered all the stuff they asked for and right away I got it for reel....

  • steve

    Hope you got in on this. On slickdeals, people are generating IMEI numbers and redeeming hundreds of credits...in essence they're stealing someone's code.

    • Freak4Dell

      It seems they've ruined it now. I didn't try, but I looked at that SD thread after I saw your comment, and apparently it's dead. Some people are having luck by sending a message to CS.

  • wilkins

    it didnt work for me i have the note 3 usa owner on verizons network.

  • Adlv

    Whooooa thanks

  • RaptorOO7

    I got my $50 today for the Play store. Nice and thank you very very much Samsung. Now go kick CrApple's ass in court.

  • Sk8tz

    Bullshit, I'm in Rsa and miss out on this offer. Prejudice

  • Carlos Cuevas

    Haven't received anything </3

    • Bartees L Cox Jr.

      Yea me neither. dafuq?

  • GeeCokerz

    Fuck this... only for us. Am in Ghana and bought my note 3 at a very high price

  • marl_mar

    Well it said someone has already entered my IMEI number

  • Bartees L Cox Jr.

    Why havent I gotten the code? So lame!!!!

    • Van

      I haven't gotten a code either, I registered more than 3 hours ago

  • Michael Minton

    They are all out now or so it says.

  • Mary Hazlett

    I got "sorry out of credits" when I tried this.

  • Ms.1nOnlii

    I got sorry ran out of credits... Are they only doing so many a day ?

  • Nico

    Apparently they're out of credits... Weak.

    • Brandon Fletcher

      Yeah, got the same message here. Dear Samsung: offering a promotion that you can't meet demand is WORSE than not offering the promotion at all.

  • Kiet

    Never got my code. Signed up & got the confirmation code this morning... Verizon Note 3

    Just sent them an email with the confirmation code to see what's going on...

  • Kevin

    Doesn't even give you a place to register. Total bullshit! All I get is out of credits!

  • Deenah

    Too bad US only :(

  • Lyka Boss

    Wow! Just heard about this and with my luck no credits available. Any one have an idea when this will be up again?

  • bnroberts

    So I submitted my info about 14 hours ago, no problems, got a confirmation code, but never received any email with redemption code. Now the site says that they are out of Google Play credits, wonder if I'll ever get the $50 they said they'd give me.

    • Kcarpenter5407

      I'm in the same boat. Yet to receive mine.

      • bnroberts

        Update, mine JUST showed up in my email inbox!

  • Edu

    In Spain Samsung gives you 100€ for a Note 3 (directly into your bank account) and 200€ if you buy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear


  • Kandie

    Keeps saying out of credit, check back later. This is day two. What's "later"?

  • fides

    Followed the link... and the message i got is... "sorry we're out of Google Play Credits"?

  • elidat12

    help I didn't receive my code close it to early with saving my email any advice how to retrieve it

  • elidat12

    well I saw the code but didn't give my email for them sent me the code :( I guess so happy to get forgot the important information

  • Shaun Richmond

    They already stopped this offer

  • Peter Gonzalez

    This is a bunch of crap. I registered my phone as soon as I get which was back in October and I never received an email about this promotion. Thanks a lot Samsung. Wow

  • Chris Rush

    Just checked the site and they say due to high volume they have ended the promotion

  • Robert Glover

    "Supply has been exhausted." So much for it running through January 6th.

  • Droid Head

    Got my code today, took almost 24 hrs!

  • http://pub.tigerpenguin.com/ tigerpenguin

    The Terms and Condition did say "A total of not more than 30,000 Gifts will be available during the Offer Period" in section 4. Gift Details...

  • Timothy Harvey

    Through January 6th?! Thanks for nothing Samsung. It's Nov. 22nd and you've "exhausted your supply" already?! Either pitiful planning or cheap scheme to get people to your site. Both make this loyal Samsung customer ready to jump back to Motorola. At least rhey never lied to me.

  • Asjed

    How do I get the free credits

  • 6paq

    Well the problem is that folks over at slickdeals.(net) stole people's IMEI numbers or generated them and redeemed them making them completely run out early. If you don't believe me you can read the thread over there. Some people claim they got over a couple hundred dollars worth of credit!

  • David

    Sorry promotion ended. Samsung ran out of money/credits

    • daviddwp

      I am totally aware the promotion ended, prematurely by the way, my point is there still advertising this special on internet sites...............

  • daviddwp

    that sucks Samsung says free $50 credit for app store, and ran out but steel advertising.

    shame on you.

  • pamcam

    They have exhausted Google play credits and u can't get them anymore.

  • Rich

    Bullshit Samsung. ..got a note 3, saw the advertisement and tried only to be told they were out....

  • vintage

    Is this only for overseas. ...as I'm from South Africa

  • Chris D

    are you fucking kidding me, I bought this day one and never heard about it till now

  • Guest

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