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While most of us won't be getting our hands on Xbox Ones until November 22nd (or ever, if that's not your thing), a few lucky souls would probably be happy to hear that the official SmartGlass app for the console is now out on Android. This app is rebuilt from the ground up compared to the old Xbox 360 companion, and while it does do much of what the old app did (in addition to a few new things), it's got a brand-new Windows 8-esque interface.

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Even if you don't have your XB1 yet, you can make use of the Favorites and Pins functions to start laying out your One's UI when it does arrive, through your existing LIVE account. The new app allows you to look up help content, watch recorded game sessions, pin content that will then show up on your console, connect with friends on Xbox LIVE, and features companion functionality for various types of content, including games, TV, live sports, and movies.

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The new app requires an Android 4.0+ device and seems to be compatible with most modern hardware. If you're chomping at the bit for a taste of the Xbox One, this app may sate you for a few short hours as your wait for Friday drags on.

David Ruddock
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  • remister

    They better update the 360 SmartGlass app to compare with this one. I am liking the One's version.

  • anon

    you the unlucky bastard ;-)

  • mike GameStop

    Cant believe anyone would be chomping at the bit for an Xbox one. Pre orders have tanked badly here. Our ganestop , it's 10x ps4 fit every 1 Xbox one. Its the same at other stores in our area

    • Mike Harris

      What are you trying to say? That the PS4 is outsold the Xbox One by a 10:1 ratio in pre-orders? I haven't found a place in North/Central Jersey or South Florida that had either one available for pre-order.

      I know lots of people "chomping at the bit" for an Xbox One, so I don't understand your comment. Both systems are going to do great. I'm so sick of the fanboys trying to argue over which one will do better. Why can't they both be successful? As a consumer and a video game enthusiast, I would hate to see one of them be a failure. That just means we all lose.

  • RL010

    I think AP means you poor bastard. Ps4 is gonna beat the giant xbox one

    • Mike Harris

      Beat it at what? Stop trying to be a silly fanboy and just enjoy the fact that we as gamers get two great options.

      • RL010

        Stop being a dumbass you dumbass. I have a xbox 360 and NOT a ps3. So how can i be a fanboy if i'm switching brands? Next time you call me a fanboy, i will put my foot up your ass. Heil Red Forman. King of ass kickers

        • Mike Harris

          You will do nothing, other than act tough behind your keyboard, fanboy.

          You're a fanboy because you made the childish little comment "Ps4 is gonna beat the giant xbox one." I really couldn't care less what system you currently have. The fact that you made such an asinine, uneducated comment like that proves you're a fanboy. If you were an actual gamer, you'd be happy that both systems are coming out.

          • RL010

            Bla bla bla bla ...

  • ShahinTr

    That title though, "you lucky bastard!". LOL :D

  • Mike Harris

    I would have preferred them to just update the Xbox 360 SmartGlass app to be universal for both platforms, but I guess I can't complain. At least they have it available for the launch (unlike GTA V's Android companion app).