In a series of tweets earlier, HTC offered some insight into the status of updates coming to the DNA and One, hopefully giving some comfort to owners of the respective devices, though updates can never come soon enough for many.

First, HTC addressed concerns over the update to 4.3 for One owners on Verizon, indicating that getting the update cleared with good old VZW would be "a two step process," involving an update for compatibility, and the actual 4.3 update in December.

The above was quickly followed with a clarification that the update's delay would not put the One's 4.4 KitKat update off track - HTC assured gentle tweeters that the update would still be delivered by the end of January 2014.

Finally, HTC responded to an anxious DNA owner who found the lack of update to 4.4 so disconcerting that switching "to Sony Xperia" was a definite consideration. HTC assured the tweeter that the update to 4.4 would be coming "by the end of Q1, pending certification from your carrier."

Regardless of which device you're currently pressing the "check for updates" button on, it's nice to see community engagement from HTC, and some clarity on the manufacturer's current update game plan.

Source: HTC on Twitter

Liam Spradlin
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  • challenge_accepted

    First Motorola now htc. Have oems finally giving into nerds demands

    • mgamerz

      Moto X and HTC aren't even in the same league for updates. Moto X has it, every other phone doesn't that isn't nexus.

      • yourmom

        Even Nexus doesn't have it anymore

      • Shadowstare

        My nexus 7 still hasn't been blessed with the 4.4 OTA update.

      • Juan Manuel Tastzian

        Well, let's be fair.

        It's easier to fit a Google 4.4 Android release to a ROM that has almost nothing different to vanilla (meaning they only have to fit the hardware, which they know pretty well) being a Google company (I don't buy that being under Google's wing doesn't help Motorola at all), that adapting the new release with the Sense 5.x overlay, which adds a couple of interesting functionalities that have to be, maybe, modified, and tested to make sure the release isn't bugged everywhere.

        Yes, I have an HTC One, so it would seem I'm defending them, but I think the Moto X is the best smartphone on sale officially in my country at the moment and I love it, so, love goes both ways (?)

  • Fiorta

    DNA won't see it... Thunderbolt all over again

    • Scott

      I think you're right.

  • TSON1

    If the DNA actually gets KitKat and/or Sense 5/6, I'm sure a fat lady will be singing somewhere.

  • McCoy

    Will HTC One V ever get 4.4, since it is compatible for lower config and all?

    • Mike Reid


      It was finished when released.

    • DevliegereM

      Keep on dreaming, low end devices get discontinued when they reach your hand :)

  • TylerChappell

    HTC - The king of false promises.

    • c00ller

      You gotta give them credit for not only fulfilling their targeted ETA in releasing 4.3, but also significantly earlier than Samsung and others did for their flagships.

      • TylerChappell


        • Simon Belmont

          Yeah. That would be Verizon holding up the works, not HTC. ;)

          Verizon is well known for being slow on updates. Haha, didn't we have a similar conversation the other day? :)

          • mustbepbs

            Not even true. Motorola was able to get the very first 4.4 update on their Moto X on Verizon 3 weeks from Google's unveiling.

            It's all smoke and mirrors. The OEMs are at fault here.

          • Simon Belmont

            Sounds more like a special instance to me. Google OWNS Motorola, so of course they had advance access to Android 4.4 to test on Verizon, and thus it was QA'd sooner and pushed out faster.

            I am glad that Verizon got the Moto X Android 4.4 update out so fast, but it is NOT the norm. Most of the time it IS the carriers that slow things down.

          • mustbepbs

            Moto doesn't get special treatment and has access to the code at the same time other OEMs do. Moto just has the least skinning out of them all so it takes the least amount of time.

          • Simon Belmont

            But that doesn't change the fact that carriers are the ones that usually slow down updates. It's not ALWAYS true, but it's USUALLY the case.

            To be honest, though, I'd rather them test the updates to death so I don't have a phone crippling bug than get it faster. QA is important.

          • Troy Perry Hicks

            Look at the Note 3 for example both Sprint and At&t get 4.4 before Verizon. So I agree with Simon Belmont. SPRINT ALREADY HAS IT. SO YES VERIZON WIRELESS AT FAULT HERE BECAUSE OF BS software of there own.

    • Mantas

      Look on the bright side- at least they are talking.

    • Tim Cook


    • peter

      i agree

  • GreatNews

    What's up with LG and Samsung?

    • defcomk

      Samsung Delivers, LG on the other hand only time will tell

  • Gav456

    Any news on HTC One Mini?

  • Brock

    The one got 4.3 faster than any device that wasn't a nexus. Yet people still cry. Get a nexus and **** off then.

  • Shadowstare

    I'm stuck on Verizon until the end of 2014 so If i can get 4.4 on my DNA by the end of Q1 (if Verizon acts right), then great. Hopefully I've have at least 4.2 to hold me over.

    I just have to be patient.

  • Simon Belmont

    Whether you want to believe HTC or not, you have to admit that it's refreshing that they're actually talking freely about it and giving updates about it on Twitter. Something you don't see much from other OEMs.

    HTC was dead on accurate about my wife's HTC One getting Android 4.3. Either way, it's nice to know that she'll have KitKat in a couple months instead of just being left wondering.

  • Dinesh

    Tyler Completely agree.

  • william

    Never trust HTC