There are a number of themes in Android news so common that we can almost pre-write the posts. One of the near certainties has always been that Verizon is going to take forever to update its phones. Well, that's why this news is so surprising. KitKat is coming to the Moto X on Verizon first, and it's happening today.


This will jump the Moto X on Big Red directly from Android 4.2 to 4.4, and leaves the other versions of the device in the dust. In fact, there hasn't even been an OTA update for the Nexus 4 or the Google Play edition Galaxy S4 or HTC One. Yes, everything you thought you knew about Android updates is wrong. Here's the list of improvements in Android 4.4 according to Motorola:

  • An improved phone dialer. Now you can search for contacts directly from the dial-pad and easily see and tap on those you contact frequently.
  • More gallery goodies. KitKat packs in some cool, new gallery effects—such as Posterize, Highlights, and Edges. You can even use the Draw feature to annotate your photos freehand with your finger.
  • New Hangouts app. All of your conversations now in one place—texts, video calls, and other chats all together in one app. Plus, you can now send animated gifs and share your location.
  • Color emojis. For when words aren’t enough, the Google Keyboard now includes colorful characters to send in text messages and other communications.
  • Drag to focus and expose. An updated camera app lets you control both the focus and exposure of your photos. Simply drag your finger to set just the right exposure and focus point.
  • And more… Restyled status and navigation bars, new full-screen mode, and enhancements to Motorola features like Touchless Control.

The Android 4.4 update is rolling out in phases, with the first one starting today. Verizon being Verizon, it will probably watch for any sign of trouble in the first batch of updates. This might even technically be a soak test, which means a delay after the first push. However, the official announcement from Motorola would seem to indicate that the software is pretty solid – it would be a black eye if they made all this fuss, then had to pull the update because the something was busted.

There's nothing official on other carriers, but Motorola says it will have more soon.

[Motorola, +Motorola]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Pretty incredible. Ahead of all GPE devices and Google's own Nexus 4 OTA nonetheless. That's just crazy.

    I bet Verizon begged Motorola to start with them to get some karma back for the poor update schedule in the past. My guess is a) they asked Motorola to give them priority, which means they made sure testing was as fast as possible and b) Motorola's changes to stock Android are minimal compared to all other OEMs' skins, which makes testing a whole lot easier.

    However, I do also have a suspicion that this is a PR stunt. They're saying it's starting to roll out today in stages, but what if the first stage is actually the soak test? If people start getting the update today without being in the soak test, I'll be truly impressed.

    • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

      Must be... why the hell are they taking so long to release an OTA when the software is ready... i'm pissed off at Google now.

      • MikeCiggy

        Moto is a Google company. Who are you mad at?

        Anyone think maybe this is Google trying to give Moto an upper hand against the other OEM's. Breathe some life back into the company.

        • Mystery Man

          But if I went to most people and asked hey is your phone on jellybean or kit kat their response sound be: "dafuq?"

          • Ty

            That is soo true. I work at Verizon and if I tell a normal customer a phone has Jelly Bean they look at me like I said it runs on candy and unicorn farts.

          • Crispin Swickard

            Might be good to stick with version numbers. No worse that Windows Phone, and their fruit version numbers... I think they may have dropped that moving from 7 to 8 though. I haven't heard mention of it in a while. I wonder if apple has some secret naming convention for their updates..

          • jacob

            this. this so hard.

    • Garrett

      I'm impressed! Motorola doesn't seem to mess around with updates. One more reason for me to pick up a Moto G when it comes to the US.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Absolutely. Lean, mean, fast, functional, and useful, only messing with things that matter the most (like camera and convenience) - Motorola gets it.

        • Seiga

          Not just that, but their Radios are top notch! I don't think I have ever had a signal drop or clarity issues with a Moto device ever! And now that Google owns the technology, it makes it just that much better. Want to talk a bout the BMW being the Ultimate Driving Machine? Motorola is the Ultimate Mobile Machine!!!!!!

          • brkshr

            The radios on the Bionic were horrible, but that is the ONLY Moto I have ever seen anyone complain about the radio (myself included).

            (Don't get me started on BMWs! Let's just say I don't think they are the "Ultimate Driving Machine")

          • Dycius

            What's the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?

            A porcupine has it's pricks on the outside. ;)

          • Jadephyre

            BMW translates into "Bei Mercedes weggeworfen" which is german for "Thrown away (at) Mercedes".
            Also, Beemer drivers aren't the only pricks, people who drive Audis belong in that group too.

          • ltredbeard

            You two generalize much?

      • Magneira

        4.4 garanteed for the G by january!

        • ddpacino

          Should be awaiting users when they first power on their new devices.

    • MrJigolo

      My Nexus 10 didn't even get the OTA yet either. This is pretty great for Moto X owners.

      • Matthew Fry

        Sideload it. I haven't seen any crashes yet, copy/paste is fixed. It's actually... very usable.

        • fabulosospucas

          I sideloaded an OTA to a nexus 7 but it soft bricked my device so, be careful. Should have at least a backup.

        • Chris

          Could we see a screen shot of the home screen? I'm interested to see Motorola's iteration of KitKat :)

    • rkeller62

      One of these days people are going to get how the Motorola Soak tests work. About 1K people are 'invited' to the test and provide direct feedback to Motorola via private forums andsurveys. Another ~20K random users also get the software update. That is why Motorola and VZW post the release and change notes at the start of the soak test

    • Wyatt Neal

      I agree. I don't believe for a second this is "standard practice" from here on out. This is something that I'm betting they either paid to get priority on or they worked an advertising deal with Moto to get in the game.

      The PR soak test is an interesting theory as well. It would be nice to be able to see how that process "actually works" because I'm betting that they aren't going to hundreds of thousands of Moto X's updating today (or this week) based on their past performance.

      Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see them improve; one of the main reasons I walked away from them. But a tiger doesn't change its stripes and a successful CEO doesn't change a lucrative business model without something else to replace it.

      • Joshua

        >a successful CEO doesn't change a lucrative business model without something else to replace it.

        Let's approach the issue objectively here: Verizon maintains the single best 4G network in the US, hands-down. Sure, in some areas some carriers may be better, but overall across the nation Verizon definitely wins. Since this is what most people are after in a carrier, they already have a good business model base. If--and this is a big if--they can change their update process to be more quick and efficient to the point where they can update in a Nexus-like timeframe, then their already successful model should have no real negatives. They would certainly be justified in charging more than other carriers, as they would have the best service in several regards. I really want to see where this all goes. Here's to hoping there's some change in the air.

        • blumpkinator

          except the HUGE negative of not being able to bring your own unlocked device due to the handicap of CDMA for voice calls/sms.

          Also let's not forget Verizon's efforts to repeal net neutrality laws.
          Verizon can die in a fire.

          • ltredbeard

            I hate verizon for many reasons, but won't voice over LTE make devices portable from other carriers to verizon.

          • blumpkinator

            In theory. once volte is standard practice, you would just need a phone with the appropriate frequency bands for VZW LTE.

            Volte standardization is years away though. On the one hand, verizon could embrace it and be able to sell/refarm their cdma spectrum and retire the old equipment. On the other, the CDMA baggage grants them a huge level of control over what phones people can use on their network.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

      >> I bet Verizon begged Motorola to start with them to get some karma back for the poor update schedule in the past.

      I doubt it -- I just don't think Verizon cares about non bug/security fix updates.

      • pfmiller

        KtKat is a fairly substantial update. There are absolutely bugs, security and otherwise, which have been fixed.

    • Bendichi

      It's genius. KitKat is the version of android that's meant to be available to "everyone". What better way to prove this than to have Verizon push the first non-Nexus update, even beating most nexus devices.

      Especially after google fcuked over Galaxy Nexus owners.

    • andy smith

      I'm going to put on my tin foil hat and say that there was a quid pro quo for keeping the LTE N7 off the official VZW airwaves. This was the upside for Google/Motorola.

      I have no basis to make this claim, I just like to let my cynicism run wild on occasion.

    • Tyler

      I'm using 4.4 on my moto X right now.

      • Mike Larrabee

        World's definitely coming to an end. I have 4.4 on my X too via ota and that's before my Nexus 7 (2013) has gotten it via ota.

        • Tyler

          The worst part is that i have to wait for the ota on my nexus 10 because 4.3 f*** up my recovery so it doesn't exist anymore :( hoping 4.4 fixes that. I don't want to have to factory reset it.

    • usamaisawake

      Speaking just to the Verizon before other carrier aspect of this amazing quick turnaround for updating a carrier-contracted Android handset: How much is also just that Motorola and Verizon have had a deep partnership since the first Droid (which was Motorola's), and therefore Motorola starts work on all updates simultaneously but focuses more energy on Verizon's? I know someone who is a Motorola employee here in Chicago and he had told me months ago that they're under a lot of pressure to have the upcoming Kit Kat ready for Moto X and at that time all he could say was "a cheaper version of the Moto X," and he's on the Verizon team. (He even had a Verizon Moto X with a wood back).

    • abobobilly

      In a way, this is a slap on the faces of Nexus owners. Nexus devices were primarily famous for getting faster updates. I wonder what Google is doing these days to sustain that image. :S

      That being said, not getting Google Experience Launcher is really a "killer" (literally) thing to do in a Kit Kat update.

    • lcasale

      Looks like I'm a lucky recipient...

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    I don't belive it. BTW Did they ever fix the issue with the Nexus 7's not able to set up an account with Verison?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Nope, that's still being worked on.

  • boogie_monster

    Noooooooooooooo! What type of sorcery is this?

  • Huton Gergö

    Big big disappointing leaving nexus4 behind

    • jacob

      "leaving nexus4 behind"

      • oneyedmonkey

        Shut up Jacob, that's one reason people buy nexus devices over others.

        • NeedName

          cause it sure as hell isn't for long term support!

  • Brian

    rip nexus 7 (2012) & nexus 4

    • Brett

      Fortunately we have factory images, although that won't be sufficient for some of the less technically inclined. I feel that this may be signs of a shift away from the Nexus program as Google tries to close the fragmentation gap. So there may be some good news with this bad. I may pick a Motorola for my next phone.

  • TSON1

    w h a t

  • Josh P.

    if google had not released the factory images for nexus 4 owners... dear lord the outrage their would have been.

    • Freak4Dell

      Even with the factory images released, they still deserve the outrage. One of the biggest reasons for buying a Nexus is that it gets fast updates, and trying to keep to that by just releasing factory images is a copout. The OTA should have gone out long ago.

      • Scott Breitbach

        Indeed. I still haven't received the update on my (2012) Nexus 7!

  • Jefficko


    • Huton Gergö

      and NOW!!!

      • Raja

        Google Now is already updated. Jerk.

        • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

          Lol. Wut?

    • Michael Pahl

      On its way via USPS - might arrive within 5-555 days.

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    OK, that does it! Google, what the hell?!

  • TSON1

    "Violation of the NDA" caused the soak to get canceled? This is... unprecedented to say the least. It's been pretty much expected by this point that word will get out immediately.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Yeah, sure. I bet he's got "sources" for that info.

      • TSON1

        That's P3 though, isn't he credible? You know... the dev from back in the Droid 1 days? The co-pioneer of RAZR/MAXX leaks/development?

        • Freak4Dell

          P3 is usually credible, but I can't figure out why there would be an NDA for this, and why breaking it would matter even if there was an NDA. Soak tests go out to members of the public who signed up, and I was never asked to sign any sort of NDA when I signed up. If he's talking about the "rumors" that a soak would come soon, I still don't see why it matters. The purpose of a soak test is to test the software, and keeping the fact that a test is coming soon on the down low isn't going to change a damn thing related to testing bugs in an update.

          • TSON1

            Soaks always have NDA's. Namely, by signing up for the soak community you are agreeing to the aforementioned NDA.

  • Cherokee4life

    I read "Hell Freezes Over" and "Verizon" and everything else at work can wait because I had to read this article asap. :) Oh Verizon

  • br_hermon

    Now's a good time to ask... I'm trying to get Verizon to give me a deal on a phone (LONG story) Anyways, I'm thinking about a 32gb moto X or a 32gb LG G2. Anybody care to weight in with their thoughts on those two? I'm a Nexus / Stock fan myself and would like to root and maybe rom either phone. I'm going to end up using this phone for 1 year then turn around and try selling it online.

    Thoughts? Thanks everyone!

    • mike dunham

      I can only speak for the Moto X. I purchased an unlocked Moto X and so far have zero regrets. This phone is fast and fluid and battery life is incredible. I am currently carrying my VZW GNex and a Moto X with T-Mobile. To give you a run down on battery life so far today:
      LTE Only on both phones:
      Both show 4h 52m 14sec on battery. GNex has 52% remaining, Moto X has 82% remaining. I have not used my GNex today, it has just been sitting on my desk.

    • tom

      if youre gonna root and rom you would lose the special functionality of the moto x so you might as well get the lg g2

    • mike d

      I picked the moto x over the g2. Two main reasons, I like the "pure android / google experience" look of the software and, more importantly, the size of the phone. The g2 just felt too big and I didn't like the button placement on the back.

    • Hobie Helbich

      I just recently got the Moto X, and it is awesome. Although the specs arent as great as say the G2, i have yet so see it even hiccup in performance- and Ive put it through its paces. Honestly for you I would say it comes down to personal preference on the software side. If you want close to stock android with a few nifty extras (touchless control, active notifications, quick capture camera, ect) then definitely go with the Moto X. If you want to mess with root/custom ROMs then I'd say go for the developer edition if possible (otherwise locked bootloader, although you can root-mine is). If you want a top-spec phone with LG's questionable android skin, but top of the line features, then the G2 is for you. And if you can unlock your G2's bootloader then it would ideally be one of the best devices out there with a good custom ROM (there is a Cyanogenmod 10.2 snapshot available). If you are intent on running a custom rom, then I would go with the G2. But like I said, its mostly up to your preference on the software side

  • TheLastAngel

    Google us making a mockery of their Nexus customers.I curse them by the old gods and the new!

  • Michael Pahl

    oh look

    • fixxmyhead

      OMG this shit made me lol. Like for reals man

    • tanknspank

      I just..

      • PhillipCun

        i LOLed

  • Biba Nishima

    You jealous Nexus!
    I have never waited for an OTA as it never comes in time. Go grab the factory image and flash the hell of it.

    Btw, writing this this on my Nexus5, sorry.. - -'

    • Walkop

      Same. Its the best device ever; and its not like we won't get our update! Seriously, folks, this is GOOD news. Motorola keeping up with updates helps the entire Android ecosystem.

  • Ryan Callihan

    Holy shit. Still no sign of 4.3 for the Galaxy Nexus? So glad I left them...

  • wideopn11

    VZW just wants to squash the ability to root as quickly as possible with an update. Silly people, this update isn't for you. It's just made to LOOK like it's for you.

  • fixxmyhead

    Holy shit that headline is funny. Damn! Fucking for reals man. I'm still on 4.3 on my Nexus 4 here. I have the kit kat rom on my phone but haven't loaded it yet cuz I know alot of my apps won't be optimized or even work. Fuck that's embarrassing for Google for not even having an ota for the Nexus 4. And what's even worse is that it's Verizon the most fucked up biggest piece of shit carrier on the planet.

    Damn I'm still kinda drunk

  • http://blog.k12.com/ Scott Holm

    I'm blown away. Seriously glad I stuck with Verizon and got the Moto X, and got to keep my unlimited data. I'm in heaven for now, but who knows if we'll get similar treatment when the next release comes out. Either way, hoping I get this today!

  • Rahul Gupta

    Thank you Google for ditching Nexus4 with OTA updates. If I had slightest idea I had to wait this long for an update even after owning a Nexus device, I'd not have bought it ever. If this is going to continue, sadly this will be my first and last Nexus. Im so much disappointed.

    • grandautotheft5

      people wanted all android phones to update faster and when that happen complains like this appear. instead of complaining give kudos to Motorola for pushing the update in less than 3 weeks

      • Rahul Gupta

        Agreed, Motorola does it ans it will get all the appreciation. But I do care about my Nexus and the promise of fsstest Android updates. :/

        • grandautotheft5

          they released factory image 2 weeks ago. u can update from that.
          I am using kitkat on my N4

          • Rahul Gupta

            I tried it buddy with Sideload but it didnt work. I dont know how to do it with the ADB commands, :/ Im kinda noob with this

          • Brett Livingston

            Factory Image cannot be sideloaded, it must be flashed. If you have trouble with it try finding the AP post about the OTA for the N4 ("OTA" is sideloadable) and adb sideload it using Wugfresh's Toolkit.

          • EowynCarter

            Don't want to unlock the bootloader. One of the reason i got a nexus was to ba able to have a working and reasonably up to date phone without pains.

          • Jadephyre

            You don't need to unlock the bootloader to flash the factory images.

        • gierso

          nexus 4 is already updated (factory images are UP )
          but i think the STAGED update google has the tendency to have is the problem here. it slowsly pops up on phones
          but come on it has been 3 weeks, mostly you have to wait several months in other oems to get the update
          google is always weeks within the anouncment, its almost never on day one or week one for that mater.

          kudos to Motorola!
          now MOTO X on other carriers please (TELCEL MEXICO)

    • EowynCarter

      Because of an update ?
      I'm disappointed , but we'll have a bug free update in a resonable time, and bug free. More than HTC or sony did with my previous phones.

  • TTech37

    Probably not a soak test. Just started the update after manually checking for a system update. I'm not registered on the Moto website much less a soak test candidate.

  • Jon

    Downloading now, I'm pretty excited.

    • Jon

      Installed and currently enabling ART. Does anyone know why my install of Google Wallet still lists Tap and Pay as unavailable?

      • Tim242

        I'm guessing that there will have to be a Wallet update.

      • Tim242

        https://db.tt/MGfWa7ms. This is the Nexus 5 APK. It gets your tap & pay working.

        • Jon

          You're doing God's work, Tim. Thank you.

  • Cesar

    Fast updates being pushed out on a Verizon phone? And is that a pig that just flew by my window? What is happening here???

  • Виталий

    Thanks Google for my "updated" Nexus 4!!! (((

  • Rovindra Singh

    This is crazy, I haven't even received the OTA update on my 2013 Nexus 7 or Nexus 4 as yet.

  • VerizonBlo

    No...hell freezes over is when Verizon let's customers keep unlimited data.

    • blumpkinator

      And goes VOLTE and allows unbranded, unlocked devices on their network.

    • Scott

      It did temporarily freeze over a while ago... it's pretty well thawed now though.

    • Tim242

      They are. You just have to pay full price for your device.

  • Paul


  • Shadowstare

    I don't even have 4.4 on my Nexus 7. My goodness. This is making me rethink which OEM's phone I want going forward. This has to be the fastest update push that Verizon has EVER EVER pushed. Where's my 4.2 update on the DROID DNA?

    I can't wait to hear Verizon rationalize the update coming this fast for the Moto X and so slow for everything else.

  • Shadowstare

    If only there was an actually good high-end motorola phone. Because the Droid ultra or whatever doesn't count.

  • Uncle_Rico

    Mr. Duarte... where are you man... when we need you the MOST!!

  • Mufasa

    If you wanna have fast update buy a nexus, they said

    • h4rr4r

      Yeah, and they still have not updated the last VZW nexus.
      VZW go EABOD!

  • Jadephyre

    This is putting Google into a really shameful position. I know we already have factory images, and i'm perfect happy to back up all my stuff and start fresh from there (which I did) but it still makes Google look bad if Motorola devices get the updates before the official Google product, which is a Nexus.

    • miri

      That the roll out has started doesn't mean that the update will magically appear on all devices. Just like with the Nexus devices, it could take upwards of a month for the Moto X's update to hit all devices. Nothing new.

      • Jadephyre

        I know, still doesn't fix the fact that it started for the MotoX first, and on Verizon no less.

        • miri

          The roll out has already started for all eligible Nexus devices save for the Nexus 4 which will get it soon. The only ones that'll take issue are those with an overblown sense of self entitlement that expect the update the day of the announcement.

  • Gabriel Del Moral

    What kind of world am I in?

  • KRS_Won

    Motorola also confirmed Kit Kat today for the HD / HD MAXX and Atrix. A jump from 4.1 to 4.4.
    The biggest part that makes me happy about this is that my HD MAXX has an SD card. I was considering switching to the new Droid MAXX, but i travel a lot and having music and movies on a SD card make a difference. 😊

  • Mike Horton

    Then surely the Droid MAXX and UTRA updates can't be far behind. Same Hardware, same carrier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Scarth

    So if I, uh, accidentally say that my Nexus 4 is being soak tested with 4.4 does that mean that the OTA will be pushed and kernel source released? Is that how this works?

  • Gearry

    Why buy a nexus??? I bought 1 so that I can have the fastest updates...If I wanted to side load or root my phone i would have bought a S4 or Note 3 or any other phone.

    • deltatux

      Ummm, the point of the Nexus program is the reason why you would have bought an S4 or Note 3. Honestly, Samsung adds barriers to hamper you from doing what you stated. They don't outright block you but makes it harder for you to do those things. Nexus devices are meant for sideloading, modding, rooting and etc.

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        Nexus devices are MEANT to be used as DEVICES. Not MEANT to be modded, rooted, sideloaded and shit. I own a Nexus, doesn't mean I am MEANT to be a developer/tester/modder, as you suggest.
        Besides, Google is MEANT to be providing direct OTAs for Nexus devices. What about THAT?

        So don't give me this shit about "MEANT to blah blah".

        • deltatux

          They are meant to be used as devices, but at the same time the point of a Nexus device is to mod, root or sideload. You don't need to be a developer, tester or modder to do this. That's the beauty of Nexus devices. The Nexus program originated as a program for developers and is still one of its mandates. While you have every right to opt to not do this, one shouldn't complain about not getting their updates if it's already available in the official channels if they have a Nexus device because there are ways to get the update even if it's not a simple "update" button. It wouldn't even void your warranty for doing these as Google know that people will do it, just as long as you don't unlock the bootloader. The adb sideload function doesn't require this.

          As for OTAs, they will eventually come to the devices, Google never said that you're going to always be in front of the line but that it will come sooner than most of the other devices. Speaking of the Nexus 4, the OTA has already been pushed.

          • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

            My point is... although it "started for devs", that is no longer a mandate. The basic, first, and most important feature of a Nexus is: "TIMELY, INSTANT UPDATION TO LATEST FIRMWARE". And that's that.
            3 days delay is fine. 5 days is ok. 1 week is just about allowable.
            3 weeks is not. Follow?

          • deltatux

            It is still part of the mandate, Google has offered the Nexus device as a development platform for developers to create Android apps on stock Android and having the latest version when possible.

            Google NEVER committed that they HAD to give you an update during a specific window within a week for your device. The Nexus 4 is no longer a focus device as the Nexus 5 has been released. It's just one of the legacy devices that Google supports within its 18 month window.

            The quick update just became a side-effect that benefited the mainstream consumer, but wasn't the original intention of the Nexus program. The program's first and foremost goal is for accelerating development and set a standard for manufacturer as to what Android is all about. The second mandate is to provide a showcase of the latest version of Android. The third mandate is to offer a computing devices that are affordable. This last mandate is the only mandate that's really mainstream consumer oriented.

            Does this mean the device is only for developers? Nope, I'm not a developer. Will I complain that my Nexus 4 didn't get the update though? No because I can easily sideload the device if I'm impatient, or what I did personally was to flash a custom ROM ... but to whine like a baby about it because the Moto X got it a couple hours before the Nexus 4 did is ridiculous since the Nexus 4 officially already got the update, just not in an OTA form.

          • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

            And the OTA got pushed JUST about when you were typing THIS comment. So smart to just add that at the end of your comment, eh?

          • deltatux

            Actually the OTA started to push about 2.5 hours ago. If you're trying to be a smartass, at least get your facts straight.

          • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

            REPORTS started coming in JUST.
            Pretty sure you ain't a Nexus 4 user anyway.

          • deltatux

            Android Central already reported OTA pushing 2.5 hours ago, and I do own a N4.

          • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

            Yeah good. I'm talking for the masses. Not just about you and I sideloading everything.

          • deltatux

            Point is, update is already available. If you're impatient, don't complain and do it yourself. If you don't want to sideload, that's your choice, just wait but don't complain because the option is there to manually update ahead of time.

          • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

            Exactly my point. I'm not impatient. I did a sideload ages ago.
            But I said there should be not a delay of THREE WEEKS from Google/Android for a Nexus. There should be no need for SUCH A LONG WAIT for an OTA. Staged rollout delays, fine. But staged rollouts starting 20 days late? Not fine. That's all.
            Besides AOSP enables even other devices to go through the hassles of flashing manually, via CM or CM-based communities.

            But then one bought a Nexus for DAT INSTANT OTA UPDATE. It isn't about being impatient. Nexus meant you need never be impatient in the first place!
            If you still don't follow my point, peace.

  • Xanderalmighty

    Did anyone ever think maybe Verizon is doing this to show Google they can update stock android in timely matter so they can carry the nexus ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

    Moto X BEFORE Nexus 4.
    M O T O X B E F O R E N E X U S 4.

  • Blazerjim

    Ok, not all roses over here. I got my update this am. I installed it and now I cannot keep a data signal to save my life. This thing used to lock on to 4G and never let go. I went to the Verizon store to see what the issue was or if they had any reports of issues following the update. The response: "You're our first one to get the update and come see us with a problem. We'll swap your sim card to see if that helps." Well, I'm here to tell you, it didn't. Hopefully it'll get ironed out, because I'm pretty ticked right now.

  • amber

    Why can't I use the emoticons in any apps, Facebook, gmail_? Only text message?

  • Mitch

    Yep got it Friday and it totally ruined my phone. Active Notifications no longer work and after 4 hours of tech support and numerous factory resets it does not work. "Corrupted" part of the update I was told. Sure now I gotta get another phone, lost all my messages, lots of pics, conversations and numbers and the phone is a mess. I hate KitKat.