Last Updated: November 20th, 2013

Google made a big deal out of the Qi-compatible wireless charger last year, but it took months to finally arrive. This year Google's updated Nexus Wireless Charger is making its entrance in a much more timely manner. You can order it right now and it'll ship on or around November 22nd.


The Nexus charger is compatible with all recent devices with Qi technology – the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and 2013 Nexus 7. Unlike the last wireless charger from Google, this one is flat and parallel with the surface it sits on. The orb was, well, an orb.

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The charger only comes in black and weighs 105g. The 6x6cm surface seems small, but it has magnets to help keep your phone or tablet stuck in place. This part will only work with devices that have the magnet, probably only the Nexus 5 and 2013 N7. If you're game, it's $49.99 plus shipping.

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Two of the four official bumper cases and both of the QuickCover cases are available as well. The red and yellow bumpers are going for $34.99, but black and gray are still listed as coming soon. The black and white QuickCovers are on sale for $49.99. Yeah, Google's official accessories are expensive.

Update: The Canadian Play Store is live with the same selection of accessories too.

[Nexus Wireless Charger, Red Bumper, Yellow Bumper, Black QuickCase, White QuickCase]

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  • Zach Mauch

    49.99 actually isn't that bad for a wireless charger. Given that it has the magnets, I might actually pick that one up. That's one additional feature I see worth the premium.

    • Chris Seward

      I'd expect those magnets to be able to at least suck the phone out of my pocket when I enter the room to justtify the $25 premium...

      I do like that it is usb though.

      • Brayden Reesor

        Yeah, except I bought that exact Nokia charging plate for my Nexus 4 and it didn't really work at all. Had to set it JUST right, and even then, it would stop charging or charge VERY slowly.. So you're also paying for knowing this was designed very well and specifically for your device...

        • Chris Seward

          I have heard that the Nexus 4 is a lot touchier with wireless chargers than newer models. My Nexus 5 charges in any orientation on the nokia plate though. But as far as I know, the nexus 4 lacks the internal metal disks that would make these magnets in the Google charger helpful? So then I don't think this will help you...

          • andy_o

            The N4 also has a ferromagnetic back plate.

          • Chris Seward

            It may be somewhat magnetic, because of all the metal in the battery, but it does not have the four metal magnet alignment disks that the nexus 5 and 7 have, so the magnets do not help you align the phone at all...

          • andy_o

            It's not "somewhat magnetic", it's not magnetized itself, but the magnets attract it. It's also not the battery, it's the sort of sticker that goes on top of the coil, on the inside of the back. So it does help align it. It even gets aligned pretty well on the old Palm charger (which of course doesn't charge it).

          • Chris Seward

            But you're missing the point... like I said, it doesn't matter if it is magnetic... it matters if it is magnetic at those specific four points that will align the phone's qi receiver to the pads qi transmitter exactly. If the entire back is magnetic, it will just stick anywhere, which doesn't really help.

            the nexus 5 (and 7 i believe) have four metal disks that not only make the phone stick to the pad, but make it stick in exactly the right spot... Which would be nice I guess, but still not worth $25 imo, because the nexus 5 doesnt seem to mind about placement as much as the 4 did.

          • andy_o

            I think you're missing mine. I'm saying that the N5 doens't only stick to the four points, but the whole area. Have you tested it with a small magnet? It will stick to the whole area that covers the coil. It won't differentiate those 4 points.

            And about the N4, I behaves similarly. It has an area over the coil where a magnet sticks with the same force. And it does help it get aligned. I have tried it myself, I had an N4, and I have a Palm charger which had the magnets. I have tested all this myself.

          • Chris Seward

            Yeah I have. The entire back of the nexus 5 is magnetic when I put a buckyball on it. I understand that. But there are four points that have significantly stronger attraction, above the four metal disks you can see on the ifixit teardown. If the phone were lacking these magnetic disks, and was just uniformly metallic across the entire back plate, like the N4, sure magnets would stick, helping keep the phone on the plate, but it would not help align the phone coil directly above the charging coil. It would have exactly the same affinity to bind to the top third of the phone as the bottom third of the phone and the middle (where you want it to be). So if the phone is placed on the pad in the wrong position, it will not slide itself into the correct position, as a N5 or N7 should. So to me, that would be the benefit of the magnets... It might be helpful on a N5, but it seems to have a much larger coil target area than the N4, so it doesn't seem as necessary. If the N4 had alignment disks, that garunteed a proper alignment every time on its much more picky target area, then this charger would certainly be worth the premium price, but it doesn't... So I don't see the value...

          • andy_o

            The N4 does seem to align to the Palm charger, I don't see why not with a Qi charger. But in any case, I'm not arguing about the value of this Google charger, or even the value of magnets. It's finally come to the point where Qi chargers are very cheap and there's enough variety. Just in the past week I bought 3 different ones, including one Qi enabled power bank.

      • thewafflehouse

        The problem with that charger is simply the fact that it is a 750MaH output. Factor in the fact that there is a loss wirelessly charging, it isn't efficient. I used one when I got my N5 (Boss was selling his Lumia and the charger) and it barely charged my phone faster than USB power. For that extra $25? I'll get a charger that won't trickle charge the shit out of my device.

        • Chris Seward

          I would expect the 1.2 amp USB charger to charge faster than the .750 amp wireless charger, but I have not actually noticed a difference between the charging times of wireless and not personally... The phone fully charges in about 2 hours.

          The wireless charging does slow down a little bit if the battery gets warm, which happens if I try to wirelessly charge while playing a movie, so i would be worried that a higher amperage wireless charger might actually increase heat and slow things down.

          • thewafflehouse

            Sorry, I don't mean the USB Wall charger, I mean off a USB port. The USB ports with the N5 seem to only allow a charge of 500MaH, the N4 actually charged off a USB port.

            The D900 took 5 hours to fully charge my N5 whereas I was fully charged in 2 hours off the main charger. If we factor in the USB charger on the computer? It is about 5.5 hours or so. If we assume that the Nexus Wireless charger is 1.2-2.0 output, then it should achieve a 2-3 hour charging time. Taking about 2 hours off a wireless charge is enough to justify that extra $25

          • Chris Seward

            My N900 seems to charge my N5 significantly faster then... I consistently can get a full charge in 2-3 hours on the pad. Is your phone getting hot and slowing down wireless charging or something?

          • thewafflehouse

            Nah, when I used it the phone didn't actually get that hot. I also have a Qi Charging battery pack that seems to work perfectly. It's a 1.0A output that will do about 3-3.5 hours. With that, it does get warm after a while, but not too much overall.

  • Brian Menius

    Ordered the charger. I found an OEM LG on eBay last night for $50, but this one will work just the same and I won't have to wait on shipping from Asia.

  • Mystery Man

    $50. meh I'll stick with my Nokia wireless charger

    • MrLockOut

      $29! We ordered 5...

      • CA719

        There's a discount going on for them now. I bought 3 yesterday for $55!

        • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Tony Sarju

          I ended up buying 4. The Nexus charger is wayyyy overpriced.

        • Ivan Martinez

          Does anyone know how they work with the Nexus 5? I'm seeing the same 3 for $55 deal, I'm strongly considering it.

          • Chris Seward

            they work great on mine. I have two. They are not very picky about placement, and charge pretty fast. works great for the nexus 7 too.

          • Ivan Martinez

            Thanks Chris! I'm sold on them, but I'm looking through ATT's hot deals to see if maybe something else would be worth getting as a third accessory (for the 25% off). If not, one for home, one for work, and one for car (modded onto a phone holder) sounds nice :)

          • Ivan Martinez

            Everything else sucks :( .... but I bought 3 chargers! Can't wait to go wireless!

    • iandouglas

      i bought 3 of them when AT&T was selling the DT-900 for $19.

    • thas ★

      Unfortunately those Nokia chargers are quite expensive here in Canada.

  • RitishOemraw

    As much as the nexus fanboy within me wants to buy all the things
    My reasonable side showed me that these are just way overpriced.

  • IT Recruiter

    What's more sturdy, the bumper or lg cover?

  • Fabian Pineda

    But Google posted on the release that it works with the N4 as well

  • wmarcel

    Those bumper cases sure are overpriced and look ugly to boot compared to the Nexus 4 bumper which had at least an elegant look and feel to it. Kinda ruining the look of the device. Also, the orb wireless charger that was initially sold for the N4 works fine with N5. But at least it's a bit cheaper.

  • Mayoo

    I am worried the magnets will make the whole thing stick to the phone when picking it up.

  • Danny Holyoake

    "Coming Soon" in the UK :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    Eh I like my orbs better. I like the phone sitting up so I can see the screen better.

  • RockAndRock

    Coming soon for France too

  • Mlibbey

    Might be a dumb question but what's googles thought process on releasing these accessories weeks after the phone has been released? People have *probably* already bought cases and chargers elsewhere AND for cheaper... Or they've smashed the phone already and the case is too late Lol I really don't get it

    • Elemetrix

      Adding to that it means another shipping charge just for a case. I'd have probably added a bumper to my order.

    • John Smith

      manufacturing limits? phones are a priority.

    • http://papped.webatu.com papped

      Considering how they used to release phones in the past at least it's an improvement in some regards...

  • Matt

    Ordered a charger and red bumper. The charger was a no brainer, and I know the bumper is overpriced, but i really don't like the other [few] options out there now (Spigen) and the bumper covers the device well.

    • John Smith

      Diztronic TPU. $9.99. awesome.

      • Ivan Martinez

        Ringke Fusion Hybrid. $8.99, have this on the N4 and enjoy it on the N5

  • guest

    WHY GOOGLE!!! Should of given us an orb charger with magnets....

    • gues

      To respond to my own comment, I guess to work the the N7. Hopefully some 3rd party makes an orb charger with magnets eventually

  • alexio92

    In Italy is availaible all the 4 Bumper Case in all colors. Coming soon for the Quick Case and Wireless Charger.

  • iandouglas

    According to the FCC, the wireless charger's theoretical output is 1A, which is pretty high for a Qi charger (the Nokia DT-900 is 750mA, their earlyer Qi charger was only 500mA).

    • bluebanzai

      This charger aint Qi, I don't believe. It doesn't work with my Qi certified Droid Maxx.

      • iandouglas

        bluebanzai, the DT-900 is definitely a Qi charger: it sorta-kinda worked on my Nexus 4 (granted, my N4 was hardware revision r11 which was flaky on Qi chargers) but works perfectly with my N5. Perhaps your Droid Maxx has flaky hardware like the early N4 models? I've got two of these DT-900's and my N5 charges perfectly on both of them every time.

        • bluebanzai

          Right. I am saying that the new Nexus Wireless Charger may only charge Nexus devices (my Nexus 7 works perfectly) and that THE CHARGER may not be Qi compatible. All of my other Qi chargers charge my Droid Maxx, but this new Nexus charger does not charge my Qi compatible handsets and likely others.

  • SoffMouf

    On the topic of trickle charging - is it a limitation of wireless charging to /not/ be able to do it, or are we just waiting for somebody to implement it?

  • NinoBr0wn

    I'm fine with my orb. The angle is very convenient.

  • my95z34

    Is it weird that I'd rather have a bumper like the iPhone has? Like, that just goes around the outside edge and doesn't cover the back.

  • Matthew Fry

    Accessories! That's like those things they never released for the Nexus 10!

  • Johnny Bravo

    The orb works just fine with the n5, its just that since its taller, the bottom is closer to the table than the n4

  • Ivan Martinez

    The big question... will it blend?

    No seriously though -- tell me AP ordered one and will review it. A comparison to other Qi chargers on the market would be a nice touch too. I'm interested in getting a Qi charger, but I keep seeing pro/cons for all of them.

  • ehTuBrutus

    I wonder if the magnets would hold your Nexus 5 to the charger if you mounted it vertically to the wall?

  • bluebanzai

    Where does it say Qi compatible? Everyone is saying that it is but it doesn't claim to be, nor does it work with my Droid Maxx.