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While the Nexus 5 launched nearly three weeks ago in some parts of the world, as we all know, the Google Play Store doesn't exactly ship to every corner of the globe. Today, we're getting a little closer to that goal, though, as India and Hong Kong can now purchase the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) direct from Google, as confirmed by the Nexus page on Google+.


Starting with Hong Kong (Play Store pictured above), pricing for the Nexus 5 is HK$3,198 for the 16GB version, and HK$3,588 for the 32GB variant. The 2013 Nexus 7 will run HK$2,398 at the 16GB level, HK$2,798 for 32GB, and HK$3,598 if you desire the 32GB LTE mobile data model. Devices will begin shipping today.

In the Indian Play Store (shown below), prices are as follows. For the Nexus 5: Rs. 28,999 for 16GB, Rs. 32,999 for 32GB. For the 2013 Nexus 7, it is: Rs. 20,999 for 16GB, Rs. 23,999 for 32GB, and Rs. 27,999 for 32GB with LTE support. All devices will begin shipping today, as with the Hong Kong Play Store, but some have already had their estimated ship dates pushed back as orders pile up.


Why no Nexus 10? Well, we know Google's working on a successor to the device, so it'd probably be a bit of a waste to start selling it only to stop a few weeks or months later. After all, the Nexus 5 and 7 (2013) really are the hot devices to have at the moment. Accessories are listed as coming soon, for the most part, though at the time of this writing Nexus 5 bumper cases in red and gray colors were available on the Indian Play Store.

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On the Hong Kong Play Store, only the gray Nexus 5 bumper case is showing as available presently, though both the white and black LG QuickCovers are up for purchase, as well as all colors of the Nexus 7 sleeve. If you're in India or Hong Kong, get to the Play Store quick - there's no telling how fast shipping wait times will grow as news of availability of these devices spreads.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Mehmet Fatih

    Turkey, please!

    even nexus 4 is close to 600 Dollar here. Help us google.

  • Albin Hermansson

    Even though 28,999 Rs is over 450 dollars, i guess it's progress...

    • SpoorthyVemula

      That's why its 20,999 Rs. Not 28999. Its actually 10$ less than it is here

      • Ashwan

        Rs 20,999 is the price of the Nexus 7. The Nexus 5 is Rs 28,999

        • SpoorthyVemula

          Oops. My bad.

    • Imparus

      Is that with or without tax?

      • Satish

        Everything included. The final price will be 28,999 without additional cost of any tax or shipping.

        • apu roop

          tax and shipping are additional...not sure about the exact price though

          • Richa

            No additional tax or shipping charges.

          • apu roop

            is it the same for 16gb? like all you have to pay is 29k??

          • shaff

            ya same fpr 16gb no extra cost

          • shaff

            no extra penny for tax and shipping enjoy :)

        • Suraj S

          What is the price after shippping and tax
          Need to know

          • srinivasan v

            32999rs for 32Gb incl all in india

        • Imparus

          Then I don't see why Albin Hermansson is complaining, when it is cheaper than what they sell it for in play store in EU.

    • Karthik Kumar

      It is. Even at 450, the phone is damn good value. Others with comparable specs come in at 36000+.

      • One

        More like 40k+

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Even though the US Play Story price tag shows $349, shipping ain't free. After shipping and taxes, it comes to $390 almost, That's about INR 24400.
      Given that shipping is free in India and INR 28999 is including taxes, it still is a pretty darn good deal.
      Basically, Snapdragon 800 and 2 GB RAM at 29k. Look at the other parallels.
      Yes, it is pricey as compared to the US. But then WHICH DEVICE ISN'T?

      • srinivasan v

        jus 5k difference in india ..its ok ..im waiting for my nexus5

        • Prashanth Akunuri

          same here!!

      • Droid lover

        Buttttt you don't get warranty if you buy from US.

    • guest

      Well Rupee has been falling down...

    • Aadithya

      In US they were charged for tax and shipping after the initial 349$, but I booked my N5 32 at 32,999 with free shipping and 0 tax in play store today :) So I think it bridges the gap more

  • jameskond

    Sure, Hong Kong and India.. what about The Netherlands? :(

    Luckily LG hasn't overprices the Nexus 5 as much as the Nexus 4...

  • hellerox

    México next, please!

  • Alex

    What about Belgium ... :-(

  • Nathan

    Don't forget our little country, Google!

    We really like you and your products!


    The Netherlands.

    • DevliegereM

      Same with people in Belgium though. They should open a European warehouse that could ship to the whole of europe :).

      • Duncankrebbers

        That's the funny part. I live in the Netherlands and got a friend that lives in Germany, so I ordered the Nexus 5 there. The shipping log from UPS shows that the device started it's journey close to Eindhoven in the Netherlands and was then shipped to Germany.

        • DevliegereM

          You serious? :D Damn Google, why can't they open up shops in the BeNeLux :(. I can order one in Germany as well but it's such a drag...

          • Richa

            You can get the address of the warehouse when you place your order.They clearly mention the address of the warehouse there. In India they are shipping from Singapore.

      • Mathias Kenting

        That's the stupid thing about this. They already sell in Germany, Spain, UK, France and Spain, it shouldn't be a problem for them to ship to other parts of the EU - That's what it's is all about after all.

    • Nathan

      Add the fact that we can't buy the 32GB version here.

  • Sethu Sankar

    I did ordered 32 GB White 90 mins back via Google India Playstore. Though the initial screen said 1-2 business days,the updated receipt that came in after i placed the order tells me "Leaves warehouse by 24 November 2013"

    • hj

      how much does it cost in india including taxes & shipping from playstore???

      • Sethu Sankar

        32999 INR is all what i was billed for,no shipping/VAT charges.

    • srinivasan v

      me too got the same , it ships from singapore

      • Sethu Sankar

        is yours shipped? reading a few reports that there are already few units which are shipped...

        • srinivasan v

          nope google store says it leaves warehouse on 23rd nov

          • Manav

            Guys is it available on play store in singapore as well? i mean is it possible for someone in singapore to order the phone there itself? and if yes how much will it cost?

          • htbd

            Nope, Not available in Singapore yet (or anytime soon based on past records). I know it's weird since it shipped from Singapore, but Nexus 4 was only made available in Singapore some 6-7 months after international release and was at a substantial markup so don't get your hope up too much when it is (finally?) release in Singapore.

        • Suresh

          Hi Sethu, did you got your delivery?

          • Sethu Sankar

            nope.Bluedart messed it up and sent the phone to a different city which is not even remotely close to where i currently live...expecting the rerouted package to arrive by tomorrow

      • Mikel Syn


        • Lionel

          Various reasons, could be local telco or government doesn't allow it to do so.

  • crackinthewall

    Not bad, $462 (HK) - $530 (India) for the 32GB. Would be nice if they sold devices here in the Philippines but if ever they do, I can imagine the price being somewhere in between those two. Prices here are tax-inclusive and when the Nexus 4 was released here by LG, it was around $573 for the 16GB. Hella overpriced even with tax.

  • Ivan

    Bulgaria still waiting for MUSIC, MOVIES, BOOKS, DEVICES, TV SHOW! Google mutherfu*kers! We Pay here 800$-900$ for Android devices... Do your job as*holes!

    • Ivan

      Losers all day are waiting for comments so they can give DOWNS.. You are so pathetic.. I really feel sorry for you :-)

    • keithmaxx

      Why not bring your case to your state's taxes and/or shipping conditions? Many other places have it worse. (Case in point, though of a different kind, Sony's PS 3 in Brazil)

  • My name is….

    Greece next please!

  • TY

    Note that for Hong Kong, shipping cost is ZERO. Presumably because the warehouse is actually located in Hong Kong. Also, no tax. This places the actual price very close to the US.

    • Brian DSouza

      not really 16 GB Nexus is for USD 349 which comes to 2722 HKD (using 7.8) now unless there is a tax in US that I am not aware of, its overpriced by about 400 $ HKD

      • http://www.suburbankid.tk Terence Wang

        Some states in US have sales tax, for example, plus there is shipping cost that presumably HK does not have. This will push the price up to around $370-380.

        • Ananth

          Nexus 5 16GB is $396 with tax in US. But in India it is $466 (INR 28999) before tax.... At this price we can buy 32GB version in US...

          • srinivasan v

            @Ananth m enjoy pricing ...

          • shruti

            currently in US,on the google play store, what's the price of d nexus 5 16gb? After shipping charges and tax? also, is it in stock and available within 12 days?

  • Seeder

    Come on, non-Play Nexus 5 is even more expensive than the latest iPhone here...

  • Vince Longman

    Hey Google, there is a little country next to Australia called New Zealand, the 16 GB Nexus 5 is currently NZ$700 (~US$590). Please at least allow shipping from Australia, even if you charge $200 for shipping, we'll still save $50.

    • Shaun Hammond

      The exact reason I bought an HTC One instead of the N5, no point in the N5 if it's just the same price as a flagship from HTC, Samsung etc.

  • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

    I still find it ridiculous how I can take a train to Germany without a passport or visa, buy a Nexus 5 two or three times cheaper than here, and go back home the same day. Segregating market by better and worse countries (especially in EU) feels so weird nowadays.

  • godnikeboy

    Does anybody know how to access the Hong Kong play store? I have a relative in Hong Kong coming home (Philippines) in December, I want to buy and ship it in their house. Tried to create new google account in hong kong, but google still knows my location. Thanks in advance!

    • godnikeboy

      Hey David, how did you get screenshot of the Hong Kong playstore? Did you access it? Please tell me :)

    • Richa

      You will have to tell your relative to book it for you because you can't access the Hong Kong play store from Philippines as google tracks the location and then re-directs you to the respective play store. But I am not sure you will be able have a grab at it (if u havn't booked it by now) as the phone is already out of stock (black 16/32 GB) here in India.

  • hj

    how much does it cost in india including taxes & shipping from playstore???

    • Suraj S

      Read 2 comments above this,
      He ordered the 32GB from Playstore and wasnt billed VAT/Shipping

    • Pankaj

      the cost shown on website includes all taxes and shipping thats the final price

  • Ashwin

    Aaaaaaannnnnnnnddddddd, They are gone :( (Out of Inventory).
    Wow totally didn't expect that

  • Chirag

    In India, The Black 16GB/32GB model is out of inventory...
    White is available.

  • Chirag

    In India, The Black 16GB model is already out of inventory...

  • Ra

    They didnt start selling Play Store devices in India, they started selling the Nexus 5 and the new 7. The 2012 Nexus 7 was being sold almost a year ago.

  • Leeroy J.

    I can't believe we have 7(!!!) Google offices including the HQ in Dublin and Ireland still has no play devices...

    • Mathias Kenting

      Dat low corporate tax.

  • abobobilly

    So its made available officially in India but Pakistan gets forgotten. Nice Google! Well played.

    • dickson

      Go better to war...

      • abobobilly

        lol. Apparently you are just another dickhead brainwashed by the media.

        Go away.

  • RL010

    Damn it Google, please start selling in the Netherlands. Now we always have to pay to much for it

  • Roh_Mish

    Nexus 7 (2012) was already sold in india via google play

  • Artem Rusakowsky

    That's stupid because hindu don't have money for apps and games so they cannot buy them (what civilizated people do). And nexuses are so cheap because Google want to get rest of money via google play.

    • Prashanth Akunuri

      you mean Indians?

    • Sethu Sankar

      you could have used a better language rather targetting a specific group

  • http://shadesofgray07.blogspot.com/ Luna E.

    Google please start selling your products here in the Philippines! We need top tech devices with affordable price tags.

  • katslosa

    US Google store $349, if I add Swedish VAT $374. The lowest i seen in Sweden is 602 USD.

    That is an $228 (62%) markup. Wonder who is taking the largest cut LG or local retailers.
    BTW there is no custom duty on mobilephones.

    Wonder why Google have nationalised device sale in europe, when there is no restrictions on trade inside EU. Nike have an EU-shop and ship all over EU. Is it local tele networks that blocks it? So they can "subsidize" the phone (from a artficial high price) selling plans?

  • xylys

    google shipping nexus 5 without the shipping address in India my phone was sent back to Google... i dont know what is happening,,,, did anybody have the same problem???? this is so frustrating!!!!!

  • olllvi .

    My brother lives in Germany and he can't buy the Nexus 5, cause when he click buy and clicks to googlestore it goes to US site and he puts his address etc. it says it ca't be delivered there or the address.. are wrong. Someone help pls!

  • shruti

    Currently in New York,on the google play store, what's the price of d nexus 5 16gb? After shipping charges and tax? Also, is it in stock and available within 12 days? please someone reply with the information ASAP! need to get it from someone there in next 12-15 days.

  • Bob Hart

    I work in Seoul and ordered through local Google Play Store.

    I got a Nexus 5 32GB(821) and a Black Bumper case.

    The items were shipped here FREE from Hong Kong

    Sorry to say the Nexus Wireless Charging Pad is not on the Store.

    It's amazing that Amazon has/had it but not the Google Store here.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/rod4truth/ Rod4Truth

    I hope you guys get your Nexus devices. I have the Nexus 4 (16 GB) and the Nexus 7 2013 (32 GB). Both are running Android 4.4 KitKat with the GEL. My iPad 2 (even with iOS 7.04) has been collecting dust ever since. 😇