Regular readers will recall that yesterday AT&T suspended the rollout of the Android 4.3 update to its carrier-branded version of the Galaxy S4. It looks like US Cellular is doing the same today. The following is a statement given to Android Police when we asked a US Cellular representative about any possible delays to the update, which was started on November 8th:

We have suspended the release of the Android 4.3 upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 at the request of Samsung.   This was a global decision made by Samsung and we are working with them on a new resubmission of the software and will have more details soon.

So, mirroring AT&T's statement on the suspended update, there are no concrete reasons as to why the update was pulled or when it might be coming back. You'll note in that carefully-crafted wording that there's no indication of a bug or other problems; an AT&T representative mentioned that either they or Samsung were "investigating some issues."

The delay is particularly annoying for GS4 users because in addition to an upgraded version of Android, the latest Jelly Bean update was set to add compatibility with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, among other enhancements. So far AT&T and US Cellular are the only carriers to suspend the active update, so either other carriers aren't so quick on the trigger, or they'll be implementing whatever changes there are in a later patch.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Josh Williamson

    So I guess that means I shouldn't wait and just root my phone?

    • Dave Wong

      Yeah, root your S4 and flash it with another 4.3-based ROM. About a year ago is when I converted from iOS to Android, getting an S3. As much as I liked the phone, I found TouchWiz and AT&T's bloatware problematic. 2 months later, I rooted the phone and flashed CyanogenMod. It gave me the next best thing to having a Google Nexus phone: a stable, bloat-free user experience, with frequent, ongoing updates. I have since sold the S3 to get the Nexus 5, but honestly, I would have been fairly happy keeping the CM-powered S3 for several more months. I'm done with relying on OEMs and carriers for their firmware updates.

  • BP

    If it's anything like the Verizon Update for 4.3, then i'd understand why. The contacts app keeps crashing and the phone dialer locks up when that happens. It's a mess. I'm actually surprised none of the main blogs (android police, droid life) has caught this yet since it's on a lot of troubleshooting blogs and verizon's website. Verizon keeps telling people to reinstall 4.3 through a hard reset, but it's not working for me and it doesn't seem like it's working for many other people either...wonder if it's the same issue?

    • Sylar

      It's lots of issues, apps keep crashing, my battery life tanked down the drain, phone has no service in areas where i had 3 or 4 bars before, wifi wont stay connected to save my life, phone is as laggy as my original galaxy s. Basically right now my phone is an expensive paper weight.

      • RetsuUnohana

        Try disabling many of the features like scroll by watching your eyes, gestures etc. Only keep NFC, GPS, Wifi on and S-beam (main phone options on).This fixed my battery issue on the Note 3 phone. I also let the phone fully die out, re-plugged while off and let it power up to 100% when off.That is an old battery drain trick to reset itself.

        • Sylar

          I already have all of those things disabled, I could get through two days on one charge now I'm lucky if i get through more than a couple of hours before the phone is dead.

        • ruretard?

          Old battery drain trick lol, u r retard.

          • RetsuUnohana

            Yes. By letting the phone die out fully than full charge while off idiot

          • dopescally

            That's actually not true. If you let your battery die fully you're actually harming it. It's best to charge your phone when it's between 60 & 80 percent.


          • RetsuUnohana

            then I guess you'll have to take it up with every single cell phone provider who actually recommend that is a very well known Trek

          • dopescally

            Did you even read the article in the link? I'm not trying to argue - I'm just pointing out that some long held beliefs about draining your battery once a month are wrong. I understand that has been recommended, but do you really think the guy behind the counter at a wireless store understands the science behind the batteries in the phone's he's selling? Or cares? These are different types of batteries than the one's that they used to use. And it actually doesn't harm the battery to leave it plugged in. Once the battery reaches 100% it automatically starts discharging until it reaches about 95% and then starts charging again. It keeps doing this in a loop. What you posted, and I'm saying this as respectfully as possible, is completely the opposite of what is true.

          • RetsuUnohana

            There isn't a need for me to read that plus im busy. I suggested something that has worked for people before, including myself. I even said take it up with the phone reps who say the same.The matter still stands it does not hurt to try it out and see if it works in his situation. It worked in mine and many others.. (which is why I suggested it) I did it one time and from 7-8 hours got a over a day.

          • Too busy to think of a name

            Seems like you're not that busy to reply. Try reading that article. It'll be like a slap to your face.

          • RetsuUnohana

            if you look at the time, you would see it was within seconds and the link is paragraphs. so replying takes seconds. some of us have a life, not behind a PC 24/7. Also, that link gives info I'm already aware of. If you were not around when the conversation took place your late.

          • Too busy to think of a name

            I may have been late but thanks to the internet your ignorance and arrogance has been immortalized on the world wide web. So there. :)

          • RetsuUnohana

            lol your kind are always so funny.

          • Too busy to think of a name

            You must have a very lonely life if you wanna categorize people into different groups. :)

            Curious though. You said you had/have a life of not always being online 24/7 and yet after 9 hours of your so called previous conversation, you're still here online replying me within minutes. :)

          • RetsuUnohana

            "You must have a very lonely life if you wanna categorize people into different groups. :)"

            says the guy who has nothing better to do. yes because im busy 24/7 /s

          • Too busy to think of a name

            Yes, that's because I'm a full time psychologist and the way I collect data on different types of behavior is through the web and your "type" is always the fun type to mess around with as it's interesting to see how you reply. :)

            Oh, and I don't believe you're "busy" 24/7, depends on how you define "busy" ;)

      • BP

        No battery issues here. I will say my Verizon reception has been exceptionally bad the last month, but this was prior to the 4.3 install. May have actually started with the previous update, but I can't remember. My main problem is the "contacts has stopped working" failure that lots of people are seeming to have after the 4.3 update. Verizon doesn't seem to have a clue on how to fix it so i'm hoping it's related to why Samsung has held up this update across AT&T and other providers. I'm guessing we all have the same basic "contact" software regardless of network.

    • Michael Larmond

      What do u mean I have an s3 on verizon i haven't recieved any update I'm still using 4.1.2

  • RetsuUnohana

    If its anything like the Note 3 phones its probably that continuous scan wifi bug. Many kept having a constant reboot after restarting within hours.I had this same very situation till a poster in Android Police said shut off continuous scan.Since than my phone has worked perfectly.

  • Grace blackman

    So I did updated my phone so now what if there are going to pull it what happens if u have it already, are they going to uupdated to the kit kat instead. ...

  • Lina

    It seems that the problems are not only in the UK and USA. I live in Bulgaria and after the update my Galaxy S4 has the same issues. So what am I supposed to do now? Where can I report for these problems. Please advise.

    • BP

      I'd start with Samsung. I've had no luck with my cell carrier here in the US in regards to a fix.

    • Larry

      If your carrier stopped the OTA, you can always do a Factory Reset. It worked for me. I lost some things but had it all backed up.

  • o2psd4me

    My update, while very slow in downloading, installed fine, and so far NO problems with the update.

  • dan122686

    I updated on November 13th, just fine. Very few problems, however I am concerned now just for the simple fact that it was pulled...

  • kcga

    I changed from a DROID Maxx HD to the S4 about a month ago. I found a great deal on Ebay. I'm on Verizon and updated to 4.3 and have not had any issues. The S4 has been great. I have better 4G and Wifi reception than I ever did on the Maxx. I have had no problems with the contacts app. I have my work exchange mail on my phone with about 900 contacts and use it a lot during the day. The battery is lasting from around 4:30 in the morning until about 9 or 10 at night. The only thing I do with my phone is about every other day, I will power down and turn it back on and I have always done this with all phones i have had.

  • Larry

    I had it with AT&T and it killed my battery in a few hours. I tried to disable GPS and wifi to save the battery with no luck. Google Services was just draining everything so I went back to 4.2.2. The same day my Galaxy Gear arrived, that is when I found out you needed 4.3 to be compatible. Now I just have a watch with a screen trying to connect, sucks. Hurry up Samsung/AT&T!

    • jon

      Snap !!

    • Scott

      It's not a huge help but go to an att store and ask one of the guys working there if they will let you pair your watch with their note 3. At least you can use the watch and camera functions.

    • Feryl

      My S4 connected to my new Gear running 4.2. It doesn't have all the features enabled but should still connect.

  • JimmyCanCorn

    I'm on Sprint with the Galaxy S4 and my battery life has absolutely tanked since the firmware update to Android 4.3. I was generally getting 16-28 hours of battery life on a single charge. Now, it has 10% life remaining after 5-6 hours. Phone runs quite hot, at times, as well.

    • ordo

      I am having same with battery. I also cannot stay connected to wifi since the 4.3 update

  • jon

    Hi guys, can someone help me please. I got a galaxy gear for my birthday, so pleased only it dose not work on my S4. I found out I need the jelly bean 4.3 update for it to work but samsung said its not availible :-@ I have read about routing my phone but just cant follow any instructions on line ???? :-(

    • john

      Just watch several you tube videos. That's how I started. I just unrooted my note 2 and reset the binary count so that I can get the 4.3 update. Doing it out of curiosity. Said that to say. Do ur home work because if u mes something up ur gonna be pissed. Btw is pronounced root. Not route. U better do ur homework. Uve been warned.

      • Englishnazi

        Route and root are both pronounced the same, they are SPELLED different. If you're going to educate someone please do it right!

        • al

          Route and root may sound the same but mean totally different things .... and its SPELT not SPELLED

          • Al

            I love the game of who can make the random guy on the net feel like an a$$ because he sux and I am the master of all that is lame in the world. Let me join in. Starting with "Uve warned" that is the lamest thing you could have said, LOSER. Haha this is fun.

            The meaning of route & root are different but the pronunciation is region dependent, like ant & aunt, coke, pop, & soda. Anyone that doesn't know this must have gotten their stupids from Yale, not the famed halls of the local community college for $10.99 a credit hour.

            Now to the 2nd grammar douche that is too incompetent to know spelled and spelt are the same, they both work. Put down the spellchecker and pickup a dictionary. Use your vowels

            I am way better then the rest of you f@cktards, bow before my lameness. None of all are 1/9 of the educator that I am.

            This is jolly good fun I left some easy meaningless errors for the slow kids to join in also.

  • Johnny Gainey

    AT&T has restarted their updates. Im getting mine right now

    • Larry

      not on the S4, I just called both Samsung and AT&T

      • Xavier

        Did they tell you when is it going to be released for the s4?

        • Larry

          Nope, it was just some person on the phone who I think uses google to find the answers. I knew more than they did about the problem. I guess I can get a job if I lose mine..

          • Xavier

            Lol... That's pathetic

  • Imran Khan

    If samsung won't provide android 4.3 for galaxy s4 before end of november 2013 then samsung has to push out kikat 4.4 before december 2013. Otherwise it will affect on samsung next flagship device Samsung galaxy S5. Nobody buy samsung device. they take so long

  • Schreefer

    Verizon S4 after 4.3 my WiFi has gone from excellent to non-existent. The dang thing won't work at Starbucks. I get a smarmy message on the phone that the connection was disconnected because it was too slow.

    • Oli

      Wifi problems too! Come on Samsung, surely you can release a fix in the meantime?

    • ordo

      Wifi problems also

    • Schreefer

      I sincerely hope this can be fixed; I'm fit to be tied since I live in NYC where going back and forth between WiFi hotspots is required at all times. It appears that the device is "evaluating" the connection and disconnecting - even when the connection is perfectl

  • Brittney

    This is BULLSHIT!!!! all i want to do is move my applications from my device that are movable and put them on my SD card. I am hating T-Mobile for this shit. Please update so i can be able to move them!!!!!

  • o2psd4me

    I updated my ATT S4 last week to 4.3. So far No problems.

    Im Happy

    Also upgraded my fathers and his is also running fine.

  • jagar

    After I updated my android os is draining my battery life by like 70% on ots own with the screen turned off

  • Dioratikos

    For those guy's with battery problem a fix is to disable Samsung WatchOn. And probably for those with wifi problems just try to change the selection of security service to normal. That steps will fix my phone problems.

  • Cmm405

    I just downloaded the update. Now it is Continuingly downloading pictures the same pictures over and over again. So that means is draining my battery very fast. I have AT&T.