Dropbox's Android client received an update today, adding a few new features to the file-sharing service's mobile software, as well as introducing a new, cleaner (inverted?) logo.


Left: old logo; right: new logo

The newest version of Dropbox now supports direct sharing of files to all of your contacts via email from inside the app, via the newly-added contacts permission. Just choose the share action on a file, hit "send to contact," enter the appropriate info, and Dropbox will send the share link to them immediately. Neat! There's also a notification history area (see left screenshot) that shows you recent, or not-so-recent, activity in your Dropbox, which is certainly handy if you regularly receive new shares - you can easily lose track of them.

Screenshot_2013-11-19-13-50-55 Screenshot_2013-11-19-13-51-12 Screenshot_2013-11-19-13-51-30

And If you want to upgrade your Dropbox account, it's now easier than ever to allow the app to shut up and take your money, as all you have to do is take a quick snapshot of your credit card, at which point the information for payment will be auto-filled. Dropbox duly notes that this adds the camera permission to the app, should such a change have made you suspicious.

Head over to the Play Store to download the update to version 2.3.11 now.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • mgamerz

    I would say it's kinda seedy taking a picture of your credit card... but then if you don't you enter your details anyways.

    That seems really lazy, and I doubt its much faster. It wouldn't work on my Simple card, white on white.

  • lol


    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Haha awesome! Hey guys this dude was first!

      *crowd stands in awe of such a stunning feat*

      *children gather around and take photos*

      *parents tell their children an event like this is as rare as Halley's Comet*

      *a statue of lol is erected years later and becomes a popular tourist attraction*

  • wilflare

    how I hope they included a Dark Theme though :/

  • squiddy20

    I haven't updated (yet) and just checked, yes the icon is inverted. Where there was blue, it's now white and where there was white, it's now blue. I wouldn't exactly call that a "new" logo, but that's just me.

  • Andrew Maynard

    Probably still not as good as just connecting DropBox to ES File Explorer

    • smeddy

      I love both methods, but ES sure is useful for folder transfers. Official app really needs that, or apps like dropsync or foldersync

    • xnifex

      you can do what now?

      • Andrew Maynard

        1. Install Es File Explorer
        2. Connect to a network/cloud
        3. Choose DropBox and enter your information/authorize the app
        4. Manage your DropBox as if it is just another folder

        • xnifex

          Hmm, I've never tried this, may have to give it a shot.

        • Jon

          Awesome! Another point for ES, they really have a great file explorer. Only annoying thing to me so far, is that whenever you open an external .apk it insists on installing it through their own .apk installer instead of using android's default screen.

          • xnifex

            There should be a setting to disable that

          • Jon

            I agree with you, but never saw an option for it...

          • xnifex

            Try unchecking the box for install apk in the settings under app manager. If that doesn't work, then clear the defaults for the app to see if it gives you back the option of choosing es file explorer or the android package manager.

        • Guest

          better install Solid Explorer, the best file explorer on Android.

    • Roh_Mish

      Solid explorer does that too.

  • Pratik Holla

    Can you guys get some people to work on a tablet app please?

    • shonangreg

      And much more granular control of when photo syncing is allowed to happen. Both Google and dropbox should follow Dropsync's lead and add SSID filtering. Dropsync only syncs when I'm connected to specific routers. Google Plus and Dropbox sync photos when I connect my tablet to the charger; that's the finest level of control I have. But I use my phone as a tether at one worksite, and both apps gobble up my monthly data allowance. I've actually had to turn photo upload of on both of them due to this problem. Dropsync stays updates automatically never using my mobile data plan.

  • Michael Romano

    How do you get the unread email count on the Gmail icon?

    • rdk87

      Nova Launcher + TeslaUnread

  • Thomas Wong

    What's with the frequent logo change? It's been their third time in recent months.

    • Gino

      Dropbox becomes even more minimalistic. And the textual logo is now less prominent in the Dropbox website itself.

  • DKDigitally

    What's the icon next to the app drawer?

  • The Needlemouse

    Yeah.. you just forgot to mention the access change for "accessing to your camera live, network and credit card" change in dropbox. It stoped at least me from upgrading

  • Ehw

    I noticed that on the new upgrade I have to allow them access to all my contacts and apparently they track who and how often I talk to people etc
    is this for marketing purposes or some spook agency
    makes me nervous that my rights to privacy are being eroded at a remarkable pace
    Also feel I do not have the right to hand out my friends personal information

    did not install the upgrade
    If I give the keys to the store away,,,I want to know to Who