Remember that Android 4.3 update that started rolling out to the AT&T Galaxy S4 last week? Well, you can stop waiting for it and hitting the update button every 10 minutes – there's been a little hiccup.


After hearing some reports, we were able to confirm that AT&T has indeed pulled the update while they investigate some issues. There is no word on when it will start rolling out again, or what the exact issues was with the last update. We were told the update was on hold so Samsung and AT&T could look into "potential improvements."

This update was supposed to include Galaxy Gear support, but it looks like the Note 3 will be the only device on AT&T with support for Samsung's smart watch for a bit longer. So if you haven't received the update yet, you probably won't be getting it for a while yet.

[Thanks, Logan Hall]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • _R

    I updated the other day with no problem, noticed yesterday that my phone had absolutely no signal in an area where I usually have fine signal. Restarted my S4, and was fine. That would be the only thing I've noticed on my device since upgrading to 4.3.

    • Nicole Michalene

      I have had no signal on my AT&T unlocked Samsung Galaxy 2, I use it with Simple Mobile. Luckily I have a back up phone a T-Mobile My Touch and I have full signal on it. I thought it was Simple Mobile's fault. Apparently not!

  • Th4nkMeLater

    I've noticed a bug. Once your phone battery drops to battery saving mode. And you charge the phone back up. Your touch keys don't vibrate anymore. I've tried a reboot to see if it fixes it. It don't work. Something else weird. I don't get LTE in LTE areas anymore. It's stuck on 4G everywhere. Before the update I had LTE. :l

    • Guest

      if you received the update you will need to do a software RESET. I had some issues when upgraded but once I did a complete wipe out I had not issues. same app now using less memory and battery life is running longer. Only issue is waiting for the firmware update for my galaxy gear to be able to read notification from the watch.

  • Bobby

    I've noticed that my WiFi signal keeps dropping saying that its too unstable or low and will switch to auto connect.Also some of the apps seem to suddenly stop working or force closing since the update.

    • Britt

      my stepsons is doing the same thing... did you find a solution? we didn't know it was dropping wifi and while suck in the house on a snow day, he racked up 2 GB in 2 days!!!!

    • MycaW

      Ive noticed this too. Another way to force more data useage and charge more money. For all our services from AT&T we pay over $500.00 per month. I guess that is not enough for them.

  • Marcell Lévai

    Yay for updates via carriers. Meh.

    • BB BB

      Carriers are the oil companies of the air waves.

  • Jeffrey Linton

    I noticed that my phone doesn't always charge from my car charger since the update. The charger seems fine on my wife's S3, and it seems fine on the house charger. I've also noticed the wifi unstable if I'm on a public hotspot. Cell strength does also seem weaker.

    • Mike S.

      Same issue on the VWZ S4 since the 4.3 update. Sometimes it will charge

  • CBNforum

    Oh man, I am glad that my attempt to upgrade my wife's S4 kept failing at 25%!!!, I tried like 5 times, changing the date of course....

    • Daniel Hickman

      My wife's did the same thing

    • LauraS826

      Mine did the same thing and I've been pissed trying to get it but now I know why

  • Erik Grudzien

    Running this firmware's baseband "EMJ9" on my S4 for the last 3-4 days. Prior to that I was running leaked EMJ6 baseband. No problems what so ever with Cell service, WiFi, or bluetooth. However I am running CyanogenMod11 (Android 4.4). Prior to the 8th or so I was running CM10.2 (Android 4.3.1). Funny how AOSP and 3rd party roms are always a entire version ahead of Samsung / Carrier roms.

    • BB BB

      Glad you rooted before the infamous Knox Flag. Youre right though CMod is the way to go if you dont mind void all warranties without return after the 4.3 update. Arrrrgh.

  • Rashawn31

    I got the update and haven't had any problems besides a few options like mobile data not being in the notification panel or using kies over wifi.

  • Victor V.

    where did the "turn data off" button go? i cant find it after the update.. it is extremely annoying . im sorry if i missed it somewhere obvious

    • Blowntoaster

      Tap on the edit (pencil) button to add the mobile data button back to the "group"

      • Victor V.

        this is how it looks after i tapped the "pencil" button. i keep thinking im just accidentally not seeing the "turn data off/on" button. it is still early in the morning but i cant seem to find it. i think they may have removed that option.

        • ProductFRED

          AT&T purposely removes the "network mode" menu from all of its phones, so I wouldn't be surprised if they also turned off the ability to disable data (more overages = more money)

          • Victor V.

            yea i was thinking the same thing but i thought i might just be a little paranoid.i guess at&t truly has no Shame. what a slimy company.

          • Victor V.

            i found a work around. i have to long press the "airplane mode" toggle then click mobile networks and then finally uncheck mobile data. they really made it a pain in the ass to do this.

          • heath

            or you could get a dataon/off widget from the play store

            https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.miabit.android.dataonoff&hl=en for example

          • jeffr

            Or... he could scroll the list of icons up... the mobile data button may be on the next row, off the screen, mine was.

          • Victor V.

            please don't tell me this is true ha.. I'm going to check right now

          • vzio

            long press the power button and press "data network mode" hope that helps

          • Crusader

            Thanks, that will work well for me until they fix it since all the third-party toggle apps are widgets which do not work in Easy Mode which I have to use because I am visually impaired. Will now add Airplane Mode to top of my pull-down menu; great idea, thanks again!

          • Paul Koenig

            Of course u wouldn't HV this problem if u were with sprint truly unlimited. But at the the same time you l be giving up a better network..lol..it never ends.

          • rohit

            yes att removed it and it annoys me!!!

    • Nick

      Jesus christ, is that an actual screenshot? That is actually what Samsung did to Android?

      • Victor V.

        this is how it normally looks.the previous pictures are the full "button toggle" menu. you can choose which five toggle buttons to show up on your notification panel.

        • Marc Heatherington

          Thanks, this will save me time!

      • RetsuUnohana

        "That is actually what Samsung did to Android?"

        Those are shortcuts. Not the full layout.. you can add as many as you need or remove to just 3.

    • CBNforum

      That is how my Note 3 looks, I don't see a "turn data off" button.

    • BB BB

      Same damn problem with the Canadian AT&T aka Rogers / Robbers. No Mobile data toggle either and to think I just showed this off as a great feature to iSheep who have it buried in their settings. Well looks like we are all on the same4.3 ship w

    • Oleg

      Same thing, I am pretty pissed that they removed Data shortcut in notif. panel. They better put it back as I am also annoyed by going into settings every time to turn it off or on

      • vzio

        long press the power button and press "data network mode"

        • Greg

          NOT correct. On 4.3 it does not show data network mode on long pressing the power.

          • vzio

            perhaps on the S4, but on my galaxy note 2 I have this option in android 4.3

    • mistrcoffe .

      My beef as well. Why should they go backwards with something in an update, especially when it really is what I found most helpful to have handy. Now you have to choose settings, then more networks, then mobile networks, and you can then turn data off and on. Now every time you have to accept the cautionary statement there is no "don't ask again" box. I don't think I should lose a function when a devise is updated.

  • Mattx28025

    Glad I'm not the only one that had the update fail @ 25%. I thought it was because I had rooted and deleted all the Samsung bloatware that 4.3 was updating in the process. Now I feel stupid for having a rep for Samsung @ best buy reflash stock 4.2.2 back to my phone. Oh well...

  • ClausewitzBro

    I'm hoping and praying somebody from AT&T leaks us a way to get around the bootloader soon... I bought mine after the update that stopped Loki and I've just about had it with TouchWiz.

    You now have to have root for Adblock Plus to work. On addition to removing the data toggle. It's enough to make a poor college kid dream of saving for a Nexus.

    • BB BB

      AdBlock works with Firefox on mine and I'm not rooted.

  • Chris

    My wife's S4 got the update and she hasn't had any issues.

  • tj dania

    I have been asking this question all over the interwebz but am yet to get an answer. Would I get the ota update on my phone if it is carrier unlocked with a simple mobile sim card?

    • BB BB

      My phone is unlocked. I got the update from my current carrier Rogers. Not sure if I stuck another Sim in here if I would have got the update so I would say of you stick the Sim card with the carrier you purchased the phone from then yes you should get the update. But I say hold your breath and let the dust settle.

  • sinbadissailor

    Will there be any more Update coming for Samsung Galaxy S2 ? I mean Kit Kat ?

    • BB BB

      I wouldn't expect anything not unless you go with custom Roms

      • sinbadissailor

        Thanks.. I know that it's possible with custom Roms.. But i was thinking if there will be any Kitkat for S2

  • andrew__des_moines

    I performed this update. If I am in another app and someone calls, I get a blank screen with only a non-responsive notification bar. I have to reject the call with the power button and call the person back.

    I had a worse issue a year ago or so when I updated my GSII. I no longer am among those that clamor for speedy updates -- better to be sure they don't break the device.

    • BB BB

      Factory reset factory reset factory reset. Thats what every website will tell you. I say F Factory reset. thanks Samsung!

  • Fabiané Calderón

    if you received the update you will need to do a software RESET.

    I had some issues when upgraded but once I did a complete wipe out I had not issues. same app now using less memory and battery life is running longer.

    Only issue is waiting for the firmware update for my galaxy gear to be able to read notification from the watch......

    • BB BB

      Every forum I've read regarding all issues "factory reset" is the solution. Can't the S just work without a damn factory reset? Dont see the mobile data toggle? Factory reset. Lol. Resets dont fix everything. I would like to do a reset since it will help with the battery calibration after upgrading but I don't want to lose all my stuff

  • James Sarino

    On my wife's GS4, some of her texts fail to deliver for no reason. After reading various issues from others, looks like I should look at XDA to flash the previous version back in...I don't see AT&T re-releasing this right away.

    • jessica k

      Mine did that too. Make sure her text message center is 3123149810. Somehow mine had changed, and every once in a while I notice it again, so I have it saved as a contact.

  • Peter

    Android Police got a mention on the BBC News:


  • Brokephone

    I have sprint and the update also got rid of the data on and off button. ALSO it broke my phone. It no longer works, gets no service, nothing, it's also saying to insert SIM card which was replaced with a new one the day after the update was installed. So now I have to get a completely new phone after handing over some money for something that this update did to my phone.

  • poopoobutts

    When is it supposed to come out on T-Mobile?

  • Angelo

    This at&t update has lead to real inconvenience. The vanish of the data toggle button is the first. The second is the changes to the music player. Each time a track is played it switches over to the album art view instead of staying on the list. This leads to it taking extended periods of time to actually play the song because it needs to load the album art. Plus, switching through songs has never been this painful as it requires the user to constantly hit the return button. Not to mention that the alphabetical listing occasionally fails to work or lags terribly. A fix is required as early as possible

    • elliott

      I like the fact the music player switched because I could only skip through sections of songs on the album art page. And if I'm going to scroll down my library or playlist, don't mind pressing back once. I disliked how the music player widget on the lock screen would take me out of my play list and back to the select a playlist screen before the update. Haven't checked if it still happens

  • More Fromgroup

    We've had problems with the S3 Jelly Bean 4.3 update on the S3. These same fixes might work > ow.ly/qR0Pq

  • vinay080

    Have any of u tried Netflix after the upgrade? Mine isnt working

  • Tripp

    I updates my Galaxy S4 and it were 4hrs before download completed just to to freeze on me ,and no change but missing my turn off data weren't there any more, so I call AT&T stay online 2 more hr. Just to get another phone sent to me. I will not be download the new updates
    It not worth it

  • Zach Cage

    Where is the outrage for this? ACA gets dumped on, but this is acceptable? LOL hilarity.

  • mohaasin

    "No update yet", getting same message on daily basis

  • Christine S

    Am I The only one whose music player (On pause thankfully) keeps showing up on my lock screen and notification tab since this stupid update on the galaxy s4?

    • BB BB

      I use spotify and google music which takes your awesome 6gb of onboard storage hostage so my awesome s4 has an amazing 1gb of free space despite a 64gb sdcard

      • Toysoldier

        You can manually put the music on the SD card and Google Music will play from that. Google Music just won't save to the SD card on its own but it will read from it.

    • andre

      No u r not the only one, I keep getting the same pop up on my s4 on the lock screen.

  • http://ottodestruct.com Otto

    I've been running the stock Android 4.3 firmware on my Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition for over a year now, with no real problems other than a very few apps that don't work properly, which is more the fault of the apps than of the firmware.

    Seems like the real problems here are in Samsung's customizations to the code, as well as all the carrier-crap that they overload onto these things. When you just run it stock, then it works fine. I'm frankly looking more forward to an update to KitKat, which Google should be releasing soon.

    • thepeddle

      Wow...that's impressive. Running stock 4.3 for over a year when the phone didn't come out till June.

      • Paul Koenig

        The peddle made a very interesting point there..lol

      • BB BB

        Hes talking in phone years. Maybe its a glitch in the matrix.

      • http://ottodestruct.com Otto

        What can I say, I'm good.

        I meant since I got it, of course, which was in July. So, 6 months. My previous phone, a galaxy s2, is also running 4.3, but I rooted and installed that myself.

        My S4 GPE just got 4.4 KitKat in an official update. Works swell.

  • baz the guest

    I updated my GS4 and have suffered the following problems:

    Screen freezing.
    WiFI connected message keeps popping up when already connected.
    Poor battery life.
    Struggling to send text messages.
    Keep receiving the same text message twice on some occasions.
    Unsafe app trying to connect message popping up on home screen.
    Apps disappearing.

    • BB BB

      My damn screen flickers with chrome. Switching between apps and going back to the page I was reading will give me a nice black screen. This update is rushed and not polished

      • Steven Straub

        I fixed my screen flashing in Chrome by going into settings, my device, display, scroll down and uncheck "auto adjust screen tone"

  • jasmine

    Mine wont update

  • Paul Koenig

    Updates just make things worse. So I never look forward to them.

  • BloodyStool

    Since the update on s3, only the volume control adjusts font size for texting. You have a text size choice of 8, 10, 12, and 70. Nice job a s s h o l e s.

  • Gary jp4

    I updated my S4 today.

    I checked for updates. After I found 4.3 was there I tried to back out. It wouldn't let me. So I started the download. I had to leave the WiFi area I was in after about and hour and fifteen minutes. It wasn't finish downloading so I turned off mobile data to avoid charges. Amazingly, when I got to another WiFi spot it started downloading where it left off. When it finished I let it update and restart.

    At first the internet didn't work. I rebooted and that didn't help. I did a hard reboot and the fixed it.
    It lost the password to my work WiFi and I had to re-enter that.
    I had to get on the internet to find out how to turn mobile date back on.

    I like the post about long pushing the Airplane Mode icon in the Notification Panel) -->Mobile Networks --> and check the Mobil Data box

    Still very irritating that they removed the Mobile Date icon form the notification panel.

  • Guest

    Victor V.. Yeah you missed the whole thread.

  • B!ZO

    a lot of problems with this update 4.3 ..
    -no mobile data button
    -problem with connecting WiFi any where what ever the signal is strong or weak it tells me that the connection is to slow to connect with WT F!!
    -the notification bar that u grab from the top of the screen is going into lag didn't respond going down nothing at all,, i got notifications from any app and cant open it ..damn this version.

  • bling

    My phone turn off everytime :(((

  • SheeniG

    So apparently you have to download an app if you want to be able to turn your data on and off. It's called Data Toggle Widget and once you download it you just add it to your homepage and you're good to go.

  • Rick

    Our 2 Galaxy Note 4's got updates to 4.3 android and noticed that the notification icon for data is missing also. Rather odd, sneaky, since if you have to jump around to find it they hope you will forget and stay on the system, more $$ for them. They did the same thing to the Note 2's also that I have.

    • sharon rikkileah

      Reeeally. . . I'd have thought most people to have unlimited data these days. Someone prolly forgot to add it lmao! there's "gotta" be SOME logical reason? ((i knOw there's nOt)) Been searching for some trick to add it back to, "WHERE 😡 IT BELONGS"! ah ha ha
      . . . .I pay Sprint/Samsung good 💰 so why they can't keep a simple but important short cut & tiny icon where needed "for us" 😰 is beyond me, and these batteries sUck too, so I /we, reeeally neeeded/liked my 😫 short cut!
      . . . .Acually, this short cut "should" be imbedded into the phone! Just as they did with those useless apps, "some actually ⚠ INCOMPATIBLE 😱 yet still loaded"!?! Wait, "WHAT"?!?
      AND, THEY ARE 30+mb EACH 😡 ((What?! The?! Hell?!?)),
      that we can nOt UNinstall either! .......G😳tta find someone to write to! lol
      . . . .@ ANGEL, OMG 😱 'why' can't you get a refund?!? AT&T should & are suppose to know the products they're selling, the Watch ((whatever it is lol)) should NOT have been for sale! If AT&T, who sounds responsible 😡 can't help you, then SAMSUNG SHOULD! that's bull! grrrrrrrrr. . . . ! lol bye 😎

  • evans12356

    I no longer have service on mine. Could I still update without at&t service and just with wifi

  • Angel

    I bought my husband the watch for Christmas at an AT&T store. The salesperson there didn't bother to tell me that he would never, ever, ever be able to use it because AT&T halted the S4 upgrade to 4.3. When I called their customer service to try to figure out what was going on, they rep told me that AT&T had nothing to do with it, that its a Samsung issue. I just dropped $300 for a paperweight. I'm so mad!!

  • shocked!!!!!!!

    Long story short. I have Samsung note 3. When you have mobile data on it prevents your phone from receiving a strong wifi signal. It' fools you into thinking you ha e a weak wifi signal. Soon as I turn off the mobil data (if you can find the button) it shows that the wifi signal is strong. I am completely shocked that that Samsung has ripped off its customers for millions in unnecessary data charges. No I find myself turning mobil data off and on every time I leave my house. I'm shocked at how blatantly they have installed a feature designed to lie to you about your wifi Connection. Any thoughts on this???????

  • MycaW

    Is the entire purpose of removing our mobile data shortcut to make us burn more data? Make it more difficult to control? I thought I had lost my mind when I could no longer toggle back and forth.

  • Fabio

    They did the same thing with the Galaxy S3 when the Galaxy S4 was going to come out. Now that the GS5 is coming out, they screw us over with the GS4

  • Ashley Pamias

    I have the galaxy s4 and I used to be able to edit The home screen. Like change the color of the font and put a larger message on it. I might have deleted or something can I bring it back?

  • ScottyB

    My problems since eagerly accepting the OTA update...
    1. Will randomly close apps, with a message giving hint to it being a problem with the app itself (but we know better).
    2. Will only charge efficiently when hooked to an official Samsung charger like the one packaged with the device. Thing is that I actually get the best and fastest charge I've ever received.
    3. Have received error message regarding wifi signal strength a few times.
    4. Ping significantly increased after update, usually stating there is no network signal even when the lte icon is there and full bars... further extending data consumption by a good bit as it was the same time last month, and i have logged less internet time.
    5. Toggle gone, but i use Next launcher 3d with a widget anyway... not Crap-whiz so its not a problem with me.
    6. Default settings coming undone at different times... like home interface or just the email i prefer with different sites. Oh and some passwords have disappeared as well, which worries me.

    Will keep you all posted as the problems continue... and we all know they will. The most annoying thing for me is the lag combined with the connectivity issue, which is causing me to rack up twice the data with less actual time online.

  • SoSorry

    I work for a company in distribution... where my wife works as a programmer for the same company. I wasnt into all that tech talk stuff back when - so i missed the boat there. Here's the truth. Remember this because im preparing to blow the whistle so loud that it will bring the airwave pirates to their knees... Firstly, download a widget to replace the one that is gone. Then, ...


    Now that I have your attention, let's look to one problem that has been brought to your attention by concerned programmers of the carrier barrons. If you notice on some devices (not all due to personal configurations... workers had to be discrete in alerting the public as to the gravest of injustices thus far) you will receive the warning about wifi and you may be directed to switch to wifi or it may shift over automatically... again due to same thing. When this happens, turn your mobile data off (this is where the widget comes in) and you should notice that your wifi signal strength corrects itself. Theft revealed...

    There are many more that you have been alerted to in this update; updates usually prior to or following the release of new models. The timing is significant for the reasons such as urging users not so tech-savvy to upgrade to the newest model or seek out warranty and paid repairs as a means to supplement potential financial pitfalls in case the new handset or whatever doesn't sell as predicted. This one makes me think it is in response to the reports of current iPhone sales and projections of future sales.
    The discontinuation of this OTA update was done in response to the awareness by the company as to the attempts made by one programmer in particular to inform you... the fooled consumer. I am sorry it has continued this long.
    More info to come, hopefully.