Update: The US update just hit our unit in the wee hours of the morning, right on time. It's 273.17MB and takes about 10 minutes to install if you've got the mobile dock (less if you don't). You should be able to get the update by hitting up the system OTA menu. Remember, the full images for the Taiwanese and worldwide SKUs were posted a few days ago, so you can go that route if you want.

The newest device in Asus' Transformer Pad line, the TF701T just hit virtual shelves at the end of October, but already Asus is preparing a system update for it. The Tegra 4-powered tablet ships with Android 4.2.2, but Android 4.3 is rolling out on November 18th, according to Asus.


The update will include the following improvements:

  • Improved battery life
  • Improved trackpad responsiveness (in dock)
  • Improved dock battery charging
  • Standard Android 4.3 features


Okay, so it's not quite KitKat, but at least Asus is getting within striking distance of that lofty goal. The update should arrive on all devices via an OTA update, so if you're one of the lucky few with this device, get ready to mash the update button.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • http://seapip.com/ Thomas Gladdines

    what's the button for on the bottom left?

    • Ivan Myring

      Floating apps/widgets like on Sony devices

      • http://seapip.com/ Thomas Gladdines


  • Jonathan Berry

    Any word on a timeline for older models? I have the TF300T.

    • MrLockOut

      Wondering the same thing about the same device ;)

      • MrLockOut

        Although since the latest update I have been plagued with battery draining issues so I am even more concerned with getting that fixed!

        • rogue3

          Same here. Performance overall has seriously degraded since the last update. I've considered rooting it and loading cyanogenmod, but the most up-to-date version they have for the TF300 is only Android 4.1. I don't want to go backwards, but I'm seriously considering it.

          • Bram Degryse

            There's Cyanogenmod 10.2 nightlies for the TF300T. I have it, it's amazing.

          • rogue3

            How stable is it? I'm always nervous about the nightly builds so I've never used them.

          • aenews

            You realize you can also use the latest Stable release 10.1.3 (4.2.2). And the 10.2 RC (4.3.1) just came out which means virtually stable and official stable will be out in a couple weeks.

    • New_Guy

      Was thinking the same thing.

  • Bram Degryse

    Hopefully they'll get something for the "older" models too...

  • bassman418

    My kids have a TF700T each and their on 4.2.1 I think. I don't see why the 700 wouldn't get the same 4.3 update the 701 is getting.

    • renz

      Almost the same name but the hardware inside between the two are very different. The only tegra 3 device i ever know get android 4.3 is the original N7

  • Mike C.

    My mom has a TF700T running Android 4.2. Over time the tablet has become slower and slower and is next to useless now. The TF700T was the flagship device from ASUS at the time. Given that Android 4.3 should solve the problem (by introducing trim), it is sad that ASUS seems to have given up on the device. It will be the last ASUS Android device in the family (unless there is another ASUS Nexus device).

    • Cousie G

      I have the TF700T and although TRIM does help ultimately the TF700T has bad memory chips the I/O speeds are terrible

    • BBXiong

      you can just either find more custom ROMs for your tablet on XDA, or try to root it and install some 3rd party TRIM apps to do that manually. I have been running TF101 on 4.3 for quite some time now, and it's still serving me well enough, before that too, i used an app to perform TRIM onto my internal storages( although it will take a long time to finish)

    • Steph Chi

      Same thing here ! :-/
      After intense digging on various forums, what I have found useful :
      - trim
      - once per year, do a factory reset and re-install app and data
      - alternate rom (trim aware and other improvements)
      But saddly Cousie G have the point ... only workarounds.

  • Armus

    im sorry but without true tablet ui 4.3 looks bad. No way I want that on my TF700

  • Eron

    What about updating the Padfone Infinity?

    • bl0wf1sh

      Wondering the same thing. The device is cool, but the update policy from Asus (promise, don't deliver, then keep quiet) is really bad.

  • haragog

    Asus makes good and refreshingly original devices, I will not buy another product from them in the foreseeable future. All due to buying a cellphone at least twice as expensive as a Nexus4/5 but being stuck with 4.1. The update promises drama does nothing to help.

  • CoffeeGeeker

    Asus makes interesting products, but their after-sales support is very low even by industry standards. Their TF201, a $500 device, was released with bad hardware that has horrible slowdowns and basically requires a fresh Android install ever 2-4 months because of how it handles memory / storage and because of hardware I/O problems. They gave up on this product after 9 months. New Android versions had built in TRIM support that would have helped the TF201 greatly, but ASUS has made the decision to abandon this poor performing product and not do anything to try and improve its owners' experience. Now that 4.4 is out and promises even better memory management and better TRIM, again ASUS is stating no further updates for the TF201.

    Because of this, I will never buy another ASUS product (except, perhaps, a Nexus product made by ASUS). Compare ASUS' support to a company like Fuji - 3 years after the X100 came out, and a year after they discontinued it and introduced the X100s, Fuji released their 2.0 firmware for the X100 making it essentially a brand new camera, and finally fixing most, if not all that camera's problems with auto-focus, manual focus, menu controls and the like. Fuji didn't have to do this. No one was expecting Fuji to do this. But they did, and as such, gained a LOT OF LOYALTY from X100 owners, who will no doubt continue to buy Fuji products in the future based on this action.

    ASUS could take a page out of this book.

    PS. Please save the "you can install a custom rom" comments. I know I can. But I expect ASUS to do what they can, officially, to help improve their own product, and not expect consumers to dive deep into hacking, unlocking, and custom ROMing their devices.

  • Joe

    Tf700t needs this update bad!! If Asus does not support this product I'm done with them forever!

  • John

    Anyone with a TF700t unlock then root then install CM11 kit kat ROM. Changes the device and fixes all the problems. Turned by unusable unit into a killer device!! Shame on you Asus for not fixing this!!! It's not easy to do but will worth it! I saved $500 from buying a new device. Awesome!!