The Moto X is one of those rare devices that skips the spec war in favor of a more elegant approach. This device has interesting voice and notification features most other devices can't touch. If you're a Verizon customer with a hankering for active notifications and touchless control, today is your lucky day. You can grab a Moto X on Big Red for zero dollars with a new contract.

2013-11-15 00_34_24-Moto X

Verizon has temporarily lowered the Moto X from $100 to $50, but only until November 18th. So you're down to $50, but that's a long way from free. Add the coupon code vzwdeal to your online order, and they shave another $50 off.


This deal is only valid on regular black or white devices ordered from Verizon's site. So no in-store purchases and no Moto Maker deals. Now's your time, so don't procrastinate.

[Verizon Moto X – Thanks, Lindsay]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://twitter.com/ryocoon Kurtis Whittington

    ... I would be _REALLY_ tempted to pick it up... if it didn't include me giving up my unlimited data on two different lines...

    • Nicholas Snowdeal

      Me too man, but I really need that data especially since I started using it for my job.

  • b00sted

    I need a code for the note 3 *sad face*

    • Kevin

      That code might work with the Note 3 too. I used it last week when the G2 went on sale for $50.

      • b00sted

        I have tried every code I could find with no luck.

  • ickyboo

    It's not FREE.. It's just $0 upfront but you still have to pay back the phone subsidy via monthly repayments. I also forgot you need to pay taxes.

    • Cody Revels

      Yes.......This is how phone contracts work. Everyone knows that.
      Thanks for sharing though.
      Cool story

    • Maison Pulaski

      Um yeah - I bought my phone full price off contract and still pay that subsidy. So I would go ahead and call this free.

    • PhillipCun

      Nothing is free.... we all know that.

  • Peter Blanco

    Does this apply for moto maker phones as well?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Says right there in the post.

      • Peter Blanco

        Oh wow, I totally missed that. So sorry, I just woke up when I read this article.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    When I tried to order a phone through moto maker by using an upgrade on one of my three lines (that line does not have unlimited data, but mine does) why does it ask to do a credit check as if I'm a first time customer? Also, will moto maker force me into a share everything plan?

    • Peter Blanco

      It may, Verizon is transitioning to pretty much just that in order to be "simpler" I believe. Don't quote me though.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Anyone out there have success keeping their unlimited on a specific line while utilizing an upgrade on another line on the same plan using the moto maker ?? Please explain how this works and why it wanted to do a credit check.

        • rkeller

          Go into a VZW store, transfer upgrade to non-unlimited line and pay for custom Moto X in store. You will be emailed a PIN code to enter into the MotoMaker site. Just did this today and ordered my Custom X. I did have to pay $149.99 (32 GB version), but got a Mail in Rebate for the $50 off promo they are having until 11/18.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Where do you enter the PIN code at?
            Also, will doing it this way prevent me from that credit check?
            I tried to get the phone online without using Moto Maker, using the code above. Was ready to get it and then it hit me that it's only the 16gb version. FAIL
            I'm about to just give up on this phone and look into switching to Tmobile.

  • flosserelli

    Awesome deal if you don't mind being married to Verizon for 2 years.

  • http://www.nexus5.com.es/ www.nexus5.com.es

    This phone is faster than the Galaxy S3 !

  • Huey

    Would this work on buying the phone off contract?

  • Rosemarie Radford

    The deal is no longer valid. waiting for black fridayyy