Google-owned Motorola has already added several of the unique stock apps from the Moto X to Google Play for faster updating, but now it looks like the Moto G is going to get the same treatment. The FM radio app for the upcoming budget-friendly phone has hit Google Play.

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This app doesn't appear to be compatible with any other devices – not even the Moto X. The tab-based interface looks clean and you get around by swiping. Like other devices with FM radio capability, the Moto G will require wired headphones be plugged in to use as the antenna.

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More apps from the device might show up in Play before you can get your hands on it, but this is already an unprecedented level of service for a budget smartphone.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Abhijeet Mishra

    I was earlier thinking the lack of microSD storage is a bad thing for a phone aimed emerging markets, but it's good that at least they added FM radio on this thing, since the radio is perhaps the main source of music for many in those markets. Also nice to see it on the Play Store, nice to see Motorola doing what Google's doing for stock Android apps. :D

    • Roh_Mish

      Right. Although now many dont use radio, there are many who want radio. My dad did not liked the note 3 for not having fm radio. (Which Note 2 has)

  • YBinnenweg

    That looks very nice!

  • Deinde

    FM Radio? I'm in. I'll sell my N4 and get this thing. Is there any other close to stock android phone with FM built-in? I hate TuneIN, unreliable as Satan himself.

    • Firelight

      Reminder: this is a 3G only device. No LTE radios included.

      • Deinda

        I live in Europe and LTE is just starting to roll up here, not really that important. In 2 years when LTE converage will be full, that's another story. But by then there will be probably a Nexus 6 o a Moto XXX.

        • neolid

          And neither will have FM radio. Alas.

        • SimMac

          Hehe Moto XXX "cuz internet is 4 p0rn" :P

    • Ambroos

      Get an Xperia Z. Has had a fully stable KitKat for over a week now, and has FM! Or a Z1 if you don't have a problem with Sony software (you shouldn't, it's pretty good).

  • Marco Mendoza

    Why do low end devices have FM radios but not high end?

    • Jeff Badger

      Because it's a way of getting music without using any data, since by nature, FM radio is free.

      • Marco Mendoza

        Right so why not put FM radios on high end devices

        • ProductFRED

          Because carriers are greedy and tell manufacturers to disable or not include them. The first Android phone I had that had FM radio was the HTC Evo 4G (the original) and the last was the Galaxy S3 i9300 (Euro/International version).

        • BJRCollins

          Basic Economics: He said it's a low end phone, which are usually purchased by those with less disposable income. FM radio is free and can be used without having to use expensive data.

      • yeahman45

        yup kind of sucks! i still listen to traditional fm radio a lot! radio talkshows etc.. not just music

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Because they think because you bought a high-end device, you also have awesome internet speeds and lots of data limits to stream music. :P

    • iboalali

      for that buy a Sony phone

    • Mexnoob

      I really miss this feature on the S4 :(

    • Mathias

      Greed basically, same as with SD slots.

      Bundling streaming apps/subscription services earns more money. Those bundled can also have their monbetization system changed down the road, unlike FM whose terms are stationary and you dont need to insert coins for it to keep working.

  • Roh_Mish

    Waiting for them to get this worldwide. I see those speedtest results of LTE and mostly my HSPA gives more than that nearly 90% of times.

  • Lalit Mali

    Looks sweet. Anybody know if sideloading this on Galaxy S2+CyanogenMod will work?

  • Robert Adger-Barton

    so, why isn't this compatible with my Moto X? I'm confused by this article.

    • catiremedina

      The moto X probably does not have the necessary hardware or it is disabled.

  • NERV

    If it is not compatible to any other devices what is the point putting it on the Store?
    To show off they have FM radio?

    • jm9843

      To update the app without having to update the entire system image?

  • Guest

    Would anyone have the APK by any chance?

  • http://quickthink.co.cc vk2r

    Someone might share the APK to test it on my phone?