So far Samsung has been right on the money when it comes to the much-anticipated Android 4.3 update for its major phones. Today customers with the AT&T model of the Galaxy S4 are getting the last version of Jelly Bean, according to this (very long) thread on XDA. It looks like the update file started going out to customers a few hours after midnight, so technically Samsung is a day late - then again, the schedule was leaked, so it's hard to hold that against them.


Image credit: XDA poster Lavman72

The update adds all the bells and whistles in Android 4.3, plus a few tweaks to Samsung's TouchWiz skin, mostly to update it to match the newest "Nature UI" found on the Galaxy Note 3. More importantly, it extends support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, previously restricted to the Note 3 and eventually coming to all versions of the S3, S4, and Note II.

You know the drill - either wait for the rolling update to reach you and alert your phone automatically, or manually check for the update via the Settings menu. But if you're really impatient, you might just want to wait for the update to come to you: some of the XDA posters report that the update check function on the Galaxy S4 will only work once every 24 hours. As always, if you've got root and you want to keep it, hold off on the software update until further notice.

Update #1: It looks like some of the AT&T Galaxy S4 users started getting their updates late last night.

Update #2: Samsung has posted the official changelog:

Effective November 14, 2013, a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be available to AT&T customers. This software package updates the Baseband version number to I337UCUEMJ9, and includes multiple improvements.

The size of the update file is 719MB, and is available to download over Wi-Fi only.

The 719MB update includes:

    • Android 4.3 OS upgrade
    • Samsung Galaxy Gear compatibility
    • Group Play 2.5
    • Samsung Apps
    • Knox
    • Drag and drop to uninstall or disable applications
    • Call reliability improvements

Source: XDA-Developers - thanks, Nathan Troester!

Jeremiah Rice
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  • frafri

    can the 4.3 be rooted?
    just wondering :)

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      Probably not yet.

      • Jose Mendoza

        The leaked s3 build was rooted within hours of it coming out the big thing is Samsung Knox is disabled due to issues with root so that should be something you take into consideration.

  • Dale

    Does this apply to the active as well?

  • me24you

    Actually I updated mine at 11:50pm on Wednesday, so right one time (barely...) Also, changing the clock one day ahead allows you to keep checking for updates.

    • eric

      Did you get anything new besides protection and better Bluetooth functionality

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Can't believe I got my S4 4.3 update....and I'm still waiting for my Wi-Fi '13 N7 KitKat update.

  • Mohamed Haamdi

    Meanwhile My international galaxy s4 i9500 didn't re├žoive any update yet :(

  • Roy

    When will it update to cricket?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.damiani.pr Tony Damiani


  • Bill Roberts

    I updated the software to jelly bean 4.3, and now it says that I can check for an update in 3400 hours! Anyone else have that problem or know how tp fix it? Thanks

    • r4zrbl4de

      Try moving the year up to like 2015

  • Bill Roberts

    I just updated to jelly bean 4.3 and know it says that I have to wait 3500 hours until I can check for an uupdate again, also the knox app didnt download either anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

    • Justin Kracke

      I didn't get it either.

  • t4exanadu

    Anyone have success updating to 4.3 on the AT&T Galaxy S4? I tried yesterday and it stopped halfway through and told me to try again in 23hrs 59 mins. Tried again today, and as soon as I tapped "check for software updates" it told me my software is up to date (its not) and to try again in a day. What gives? Looks like I'm not getting the 4.3 update :-( My phone is rooted, could that be why?

    • John Gray

      The exact same thing happened to me and I have no idea whats going on.

      • Toastyy

        The update has been pulled... :(

    • Erik

      no i was unable and I am on the phone with Samsung right now and they said there is a problem and have pulled the update (4.3) to work out the bugs

    • jewels

      That also happened to me....and I got a hold Samsung and they told me that my s4 is up to date and the release will be posted on the Samsung website.

  • poop

    I didn't get the update yet and I have AT&T. Wtf.

  • atom1cs

    The Android 4.3 update for AT&T was pulled apparently.

    Link to check for current update (Bookmark this):

    There are a few threads in the AT&T Community forums discussing this. Rumors say the current update has some bugs that is hurting battery life, and texting may not work. Hopefully they "fix" whatever needs to be fixed, and release it.

    I am learning toward going straight Google Nexus for my next phone.. I don't care for these update games and would prefer to get the updates directly from Google when released.


  • S4

    I have the S4 and am regretting it so far, since Samsung seem to be the slowest out of the lot for OS updates.

    I wont be buying Samsung again

    • YoungCarter765

      No, LG is the absolute worst when it comes to updates. I just got rid of my Optimus G Pro flagship handset because its still on 4.1.2. LG has always been the worst with updates. Samsung really isn't bad.

    • culper

      Me either. Rethinking leaving iphone. Was told the active was the cats meow but here it is now early Christmas morning and we have a 300 watch we can't use. Idiots as far as business goes. Wouldn't it make sense to have updates out IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS??

  • YoungCarter765

    Unexpected Bugs happen.. Nobody is perfect.

  • TJ

    Well the dumbass at AT&T sold me a Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy Gear watch. I love the phone, but have had zero luck with the Galaxy Gear watch. I saw the recall of the new 4.3 update, a few hours after my purchase. I went to the AT&T store and told them to give me the phone that the watch works with. Retard was about to; then I thought to myself, if it is a software update for the reg S4, then the Galaxy Gear would not work with it either. At this point I like and need the water-resistance of the active, so I say, I will hold on to it for 14 days. If it is not updated by then; I will end all business with Samsung and AT&T. Imbicles...

  • chawndro

    Reporting bugs: Samsung Galaxy S4 (Videotron Canada) 4.3 firmware update Nov 2013. DATA toggle switch has disappeared from dropdown shortcuts list. Now I have to go into Settings>Connrctions>Data Usage, manually check/uncheck Data option; plus turn off Wifi in order for DATA to work. KNOX is a great security feature, however I dont understand why MoBeam is forcefully integregated without full user acknowledgment given the humongous list of permissions it requires (from all personal Contacts Sms control over phone tasks) to perform its simlle tasks. So there goes your security.

  • Jesus

    Every time I check it all says the update isn't available. Any clues???

  • ThoHug

    Okay, so my phone got the update, but I don't want it because I am rooted. I am scared eventually it will update itself. How do I keep it from doing so?

  • Cujo

    Battery Life reduced and missing options.

  • Francisco Gomez

    I tried but it Is impossible I have a samsumg galaxy s4 active, It every time says that my samsumg is up to date, and I only have 4.2 version :(

  • Scott Purvis

    When will the update be available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I just tried updating and it said my phone is up to date.

    • Osvaldo Antunez

      It does the same thing to my also

    • try it now!:-)))

      try it now!:-)))

  • Cristian Sanchez

    Its already 12/26 and the update for the s4 active hasnt showed up. What happened to 4.3 on 12/24?

  • Michael Romano

    I just got off the phone with Samsung and was sad to hear that they do not know if there will ever be an update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The guy on the phone basically told me the S4 Active was for people unfamiliar with the smartphone and wasn't made for software updates. I was told that no one could tell me if they are ever going update it. One of the reasons I switched to Samsung was I thought that they cared about putting out better products. To be told that the only way I can use my Galaxy Gear is to buy a new phone seems wrong to me. If my phone technology is so old it can't be updated then why are they selling it in the first place. I got this phone brand new the day the new iPhone can out because I was unhappy with the direction that Apple went with their product. I thought I was getting a better product switching to Samsung. It appears I was wrong. Time to go back to the devil I know.

  • Sam

    Yea it was scheduled for 12/24... I'm getting kind of pissed off. I called att too and they ssid they have no idea when it will be released. I'm just trying to be James Bond and can't.

  • Kathleen Dailey

    Where is my update for s4 active... at t is acting like I am asking for gold!!!

  • G. Antonio Chavarria

    I just spoke to samsung and i was told that the update for the active, my srvc provdr att, has not yet received the update we are waiting for.

  • Duh

    All this crying about you're carrier but carriers don't control updatess smdh

  • Bubba

    Looked on the Samsung website and it lists the OS as 4.3 for the S4 Active. WFT? Anyone getting 4.3 yet?

  • Phil

    Any news on the 4.3 update for Active?

  • shawn

    I called samsung today and the said they where working on the 4.3 for the s4 active there's apparently specialsettings for the active that makes the update need to be customized

  • Victoria

    This is just ridiculous. Can we please get the update for the S4 Active? I really would like to use my watch without purchasing another phone!!!!!!

  • kevin

    Does anyone know if flashing 4.3 on the active works

  • WTF

    try it now!:-)) it works finally

  • Gabrielle

    My phone won't let me send emojis anymore since they updated to color can you fix that please I don't want to use an application

  • Nishit Nakrani

    frds.....plz help
    i m not able to get update my at&t s4(i900) its always show try after 24hrs............
    right now its 4.2 version .....i want to update plz. help.............