We heard yesterday that the newest Transformer Pad was slated to get its Android 4.3 update on November 18th, but it looks like the bits are dropping a little early. Android 4.3 for the TF701T has been posted on the Asus support site, and you can download it right now.


In addition to the Android 4.3 goodies, this new ROM will include battery life/charging improvements and tweaks to the dock's trackpad. Keep in mind there are two different firmware versions, one for the Taiwanese SKU and one for the rest of the world. Make sure you grab the right one if you're going to flash it.


November 18th might still be the date for the OTA to hit devices – it looks like that hasn't started yet. The downloads are about 1GB each and look final, but proceed at your own risk.

[Android 4.3 TF701T: Taiwan, Worldwide]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • gtg465x

    Oh man, my company issued TF300T needs 4.3 so freaking bad. The I/O has slowed it down to a crawl. Need dat TRIM. Then, if only I was able to charge it with it powered on, that would be swell.

  • radi

    OTA has also started. I just got mine an hour ago.

  • Zomby2D

    Let's hope the TF700T is next in line. It needs that Trim bad. It's almost unusable as it is.

  • h4rr4r

    After 4.4 has already shipped?
    Pathetic. There is really no excuse for this. Google should step up and force these folks to either support their tablets properly or disallow the use of their trademarks and market.

    • Ror

      That's adorable.

  • didibus

    Damn, the TF701T is a sweet tablet.

    My roommate wanted to buy a tablet to get some of her phd work done on it. It would involve browsing the web, taking notes, reading pdfs, and maybe writing essays and stuff on it. She wanted it over a laptop for price and convenience (more light and portable) and also for stuff like movies and music.

    She bought a Nexus 10, and she's waiting for it, I'm sure she will like it, but I also realise it's lacking some key features for her needs. The only thing holding tablets back is input/output and storage size. Why nobody makes tablets with a full fledge USB 2 or 3 drive to accommodate thumb drives, external hard drives and printers. And making non bluetooth keyboard and mouse possible to use with. It's also awful to not have at least 100gig of memory, expandable SD cards are a must.

    • dan

      It could be a sweet tablet but there are a lot of people having issues with it. The dock connector is seemingly poorly designed and the slightest movement causes it to dis/reconnect. No good.

      Not to mention that the Tegra4 is only ever going to be OGL ES 2.0 compatible, which is pretty bass ackwards for 2013/2014.

      • didibus

        Hum, that's sad. I think the best android tablet currently is the Sony Xperia Z. It's slim, lightweight, relatively powerful, has an almost stock experience, a somewhat good camera, and a full fledge USB 2.0 on it. It also has a microSD card slot, fm radio and the dust proof and water proof is an added bonus.

        It's still hard for me not to recommend a Nexus, because of the update cycles for Android, but the lack of SD card slot and full USB is a real bummer on a tablet.

    • CommentatusMaximus

      I have a TF701T and I love it. BUT here are the negatives: no front facing speakers, custom charger, dock connection is not as reliable as it should be, no SIM support, no NFC, and 64 GB (limited markets) is the max internal storage. A stylus and digitizer would be a bonus. Why can't some manufacturer just make the BEST and trounce all the competition?

  • CY Lim

    what about transformer TF201????

  • haragog

    So now we're just waiting for all the other premium (in price at least) Asus devices to be updated...

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Holy crap, a 1 GB update!? That's the biggest Android firmware I ever saw

  • O hunt

    ASUS make a good product, but does not keep it updated with new releases on my TF model which was only 16 months old, so I had to go to another tablet this month because of that. So beware it will not updated outside 2 small releases.

  • sutoro fastcars
  • spatchy

    how do I flash it?