The Adobe Reader Android app has received another update, but you're going to have to hand over some money to take advantage of all of its new features. Adobe has rolled out new "Adobe PDF Pack" and "ExportPDF," which users can purchase from within the app. The former let users convert documents into PDFs, while the latter does just the opposite.

Adobe1 Adobe2 Adobe3

Adobe4 Adobe5 Adobe6

In addition to the PDF functionality, Adobe has made the app's file browser more up to date, as options are finally accessible from an Action bar. The basics such as copying, pasting, and renaming files are covered, as is uploading data to Acrobat.com. The updated app also has multi-window support on devices that can handle it, such as the Galaxy Note 3.

What's new:

  • Buy Adobe PDF Pack and Adobe ExportPDF services from within Adobe Reader
  • Convert documents and images to PDF using Adobe PDF Pack
  • Export PDF files to Word or Excel using Adobe ExportPDF
  • New and improved Text Search using snippet views
  • Online help to learn more about Adobe Reader
  • New, modern File Browser UI experience
  • Multi Window support
  • Improved performance for x86 devices

The app is free to download, even if all of its content isn't available out of the gate. Regardless of whether you wish to create PDFs, Adobe Reader is still a well-known option for reading them. Check it out by hitting the widget below.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

    Does it scroll through PDFs reasonably smooth?
    I haven't found any PDF viewer that allows me to actually scroll smooth.

    You're not telling me my Xperia S and Nexus 7 aren't fast enough to view PDF files..?

    • lbrfabio

      You should try forcing the GPU rendering. It makes wonders for Adobe Reader

      • syntaxxerror

        I can confirm this works.

      • perfectlyreasonabletoo

        This helps in some apps and breaks others. It shouldn't be left on.

        • lbrfabio

          I know, but when you have 200 apps and don't have a single problem in any of them, I'll left the option on as long as I can :)

    • Michael Romano

      Try OfficeSuite. I just have the free version and it does a pretty good job.

  • Mystery Man

    Damn I thought I read adobe flash player.

  • syntaxxerror

    And now we know why it still has a menu button in the navbar ... the developers use Galaxy phones.

  • Bakaouji

    Still crap.

  • PuzzledObserver

    I am suspicious with anything related to Adobe & PDF. If you read, I recommend Moon+Reader Pro. Mutiple formats: PDF, mobi, epub even comics CBR, CBZ. It has a reflow mode for PDF transforming the native microscopic PDF into text. Several color themes. Good support, doesn't require unnecessary permission. Once a while the apps goes on sales 50% off for a month.

  • Martin Cohen

    My experience with "Save as Word" in Adobe Acrobat (on Linux and OS X) is that the results are generally garbage but that tables are saved quite well. Fortunately, for my case, the tables were what I wanted.

  • godutch

    Why did Steve Jobs kill pdfs instead of flash, then I would have really loved apple, in spite of their sleazy patent suits. I really hate pdfs, the readers are always slow like molasses, it's a pain to do anything useful with them, so filling out a form when you are sent a pdf still amounts to printing the pdf, using a pen to fill it out, scanning the filled out form and mailing the scan.

  • wurst

    Want a REALLY fluid and comfortable reader for PDF files?
    Take... Amazon Kindle app!
    Is not on many people's radar because you either have to use a file manager (like ES file explorer) and choose Kindle when the Open With dialog appears, or you can put all PDFs in the Kindle folder - there's no possibility to have Kindle include other folders in its library.
    Aside from that it's just perfect!

    • june

      Kindle is the worst mobile device you can buy.

  • niya

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    I think it is a good choice!

  • http://galaxynote3tips.blogspot.com/ Martens Nkem

    No, Thank you Adobe. My PC already offers me a way of doing all these. And i really doubt that the market (consumers not businesses) is there. There are decent alternatives abound to the Adobe Reader in the Google Play Store of which my favourite is the Kingsoft Office.

  • Ano

    Adobe and especially EZ Pdf Reader (not free but has trial-version) of about 15 tried most popular pdf apps in Play Store only ones with both (decent) reversed/night view and text reflow. Moon Reader Pro although in my opinion best epub reader does not have text reflow for pdf.

    Being used to EZ makes using Adobe almost feel like punishment, but it serves well as reserve pdf app.

    Any pdf reader on electronic display without text reflow and night view (easier for eyes not only at night but when reading for a longer time) does not deserve the name reader.-app.

    I can't remember what I disliked about Kindle, perhaps will try again. But installed using more than 35 mb makes it look sloppy programmed for just a reading app. (Like terrible Adobe Reader for PC's taking a ridiculous 350+ mb for simply reading pdfs and being slow as hell even on newest PC's)

    Very frustrating is that pdf is (almost) impossible to easy convert to much better epub-format without errors.

  • Amit

    Why is Adobe doing this? The real question is why wouldn’t they? They,
    along with Microsoft, are desperately trying to figure out how to make
    money in today’s age of Google Docs and DropBox. Whether or not your CTO
    will want to use these services is a decision he or she has to make,
    but if it’s considered essential to you company’s workflow, then Adobe
    stands to make a few bucks.


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