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The words "no compromise" and "mid-range" would seem to be mutually exclusive, but Motorola would like you to think otherwise. The company announced the Moto G in a live event, promoting a cheaper and slightly lower-spec version of the flagship Moto X. This phone is Motorola's wide-ranging model, the first that's been introduced since the X, and it's intended to be cheap enough to be purchased without a contract.


We could tell you all the specs and technical details, but the most important factor in the Moto G is the price. The Moto G starts at just $179 for the 8GB model and $199 for the 16GB model. That's the unsubsidized, no-contract price, and the phone will be sold on Motorola's online store directly to consumers. That's an enviable price for any phone, but for a brand-new mid-range device, it's unbeatable - even the Nexus 4 started off at $349.

The hardware is basically a smaller and less-powerful copy of the Moto X. The screen gets a small downgrade to 4.5", while maintaining the same 720p resolution. The body itself uses the same glossy front and curved back as the X, complete with stock Android on-screen navigation buttons. Underneath you get a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM. (Yeah, that's a little low.) Motorola is saying that the battery lasts "33% longer" than its competitors, though it's only 2070mAh. The Moto G includes an FM radio tuner (for markets where data is too expensive) some models will have dual SIM functionality, and there will be CDMA variants. Cameras are 5MP on the rear and 1.3MP on the front.


When it comes to software, the Moto G will launch with Android 4.3 and some very light Motorola software on top, with an update to KitKat 4.4 scheduled for January 2014. Apparently the Moto G does not have the same touchless voice control or active notifications as the X or new DROIDs, but we're still trying to confirm this. The Moto G comes with 50GB of bonus Google Drive storage for two years, for a total of 65GB.


Motorola is pushing the customization aspect of this phone, but not in the same way as on the Moto X. The Moto G has a removable rear panel that can be swapped out for plastic panels of different colors. (It looks like the phone has an integrated non-removable battery.) The company will also offer "tough" impact-absorbing backs and a flip cover a la the Galaxy S4, and color-matched accessories from SOL and others.


The Moto G is launching today in Brazil and parts of Europe, with a wider release in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and some parts of Asia in "the next few weeks." The US version will be available starting in January. Motorola will be expanding availability to more than 30 countries in early 2014. Motorola has not announced its carrier partners for the US launch, but you can expect the on-contract price to be low, or even free, given that low starting price. 

Update: Here's Motorola's first Moto G commercial.

Source: Moto G Live Event, Motorola.com

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    At laaaaaast.
    An international Motorola phone that is actually good!
    Might get one.

  • Keith

    "The hardware is basically a smaller and less-powerful copy of the Moto G"

    Whaaat?... the Moto X. :)

  • Justin Foster

    Hmm similar to the LG l9, but cool I guess.

    Also, I think this is a typo, "The hardware is basically a smaller and less-powerful copy of the Moto G"

    Shouldn't it be "copy of the Moto X"?

    • KoukiFC3S

      L9 is qHD no?

    • tyguy829

      except the l9 is qhd, has an no-name dual core 1 ghz processor vs. the moto g's snapdragon 400, and runs 4.1, where it will probably stay forever.

      • yash khatri

        A no name processor hello it's a Texas instruments (TI) chip set to it @vardan_nazaretyan:disqus
        also it has a micro SD card slot expandable to 64 GB

        • didibus

          Really wished Google didn't try so hard to have us move over to their cloud servers and pay premium prices for hard drive space. SD cards are a must, what are you going to do with 8GB of space...

          • Ben

            I agree, the lack of SD slots always gets glossed over in every review, but it is a huge omission on any phone. It's so stupid that my android from 2010 can be expanded to have more storage than most of the current flagships.

            They just do it so they can charge an extra $50-$100 for 16GB more. This was originally an Apple idea to screw their customers, I never thought it would be accepted by android users.

      • omegavesko

        OMAP is hardly no-name..

      • Barnassey

        Uh a Ti 4460 is NOT a no-name cpu...

    • markt9002

      It is similar to the LG Optimus F6.

  • Casper

    Anybody know where in europe its launching today?

  • guest

    last line...lol...

    "Motoorla has not announced its carrier partners for the US launch,"

    • Jeremiah Rice

      Yeah, you can thank Motorola for not giving us an embargoed press release so we could have a nice, shiny announcement post ready five minutes into the video.

  • Adam Truelove

    I love this new off contract pricing trend that's happening. Taking control away from the carriers is never a bad thing.

    • thartist

      God bless em for realizing that stupid prices wouldn't take them anywhere! I think Motorola is starting to show a 'very' interesting lineup with the X, G and forward.

    • Frekko

      And also good to know that Moto is returning to India with this mobile in Jan 2014.

  • Verizon Sucks

    Bet it wont be on Verizon.

    • Barnassey

      Sounds like you dont like that. You can always get a nexus device and move to att.. they have similar coverage...

  • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

    Should have been in US by the holidays

  • Jim Shepherd

    "The hardware is basically a smaller and less-powerful copy of the Moto G (sic)."

    But the Moto G is actually slightly larger and heavier than the X (except the display size of course). Per the Motorola site:

    Moto X:
    Height 129.4 mm
    Width: 65.3 mm
    Depth: 5.7 -10.4 mm (curve)
    Weight: 130 g

    Moto G:
    Height 129.9 mm
    Width 65.9 mm
    Depth 6.0-11.6 mm (curve)
    Weight 143 g

    • Freak4Dell

      Interesting. Definitely glad I didn't wait on this and got an X instead. This is still a great device for what it is, but it's weird that Motorola wouldn't try and make it smaller, considering they've been at the forefront of tiny-bezel devices for a while now.

  • shadow

    "even the Nexus 4 started off at $349." nexus 4 started at 299. i guess you meant nexus 5.

    anyways cool looking phone would sure like it better if it had the flashing screen notification thing on the x. but its under 200 cant be asking too much

  • HellG

    Underneath you get a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM. (Yeah, that's a little low.)
    Its really not that bad from what i have seen from benchmarks the Snapdragon 400 is as fast (sometimes a bit faster) than an Exynos Quad like the one in the S3, So just imagine it as a cheaper s3 with a better display (at least on paper with full pixels instead of Pentile)

    • Barnassey

      The snapdragon 400 isn a slouch. I have and old HTC first that i use for gaming. (humble bundle games only). Lets me play dead trigger 2 on high settings.

  • http://nicholsonrecords.com/paul Paul Nicholson

    NFC included? Qi wireless charging?

    • Thomas’

      NFC is not listed, which is certainly strange. Qi is probably not included, who would buy a $170 phone with a $60 charger?

      • yankeesusa

        NFC would have been nice for google wallet and file transfers but other than that your right about the wireless charger being $60.

  • david coffey

    wow. of course, i'm not in the mid range market, but this, right here, is phenomenal for the mid range market. for people who don't give an eff about having the best phone out there. i wish i had that mindset at times.

    • NinoBr0wn

      This is the perfect phone for my girlfriend. One thing she might need is wifi calling though, so I'm hoping either they carry it or there is an apk somewhere.

      • David Margolin

        throw her on republic wireless... wifi calling unlimited...

      • av

        does having no sd card cause problems?

  • david coffey

    one more thing, yeah, 1gig of ram is a little low, but with all the hoopla about kitkat and how memory conservative it is, 1G of ram may not be that bad.

    • Mayoo

      Specially if it gets 4.4 in the coming months.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Yea, kitkat.

  • a.d.AM

    You know there will be dummies out there who will sign a 2 year contract to get this.

  • Luca Comellini

    In what parts of Europe is launching today?

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Why don't they realize that these "500 million people buying smartphones" don't have the internet speeds/data plans to use Google Drive, and would be much, much better off with a microSD slot? Moto G looks like a great device, but to tout that 65GB cloud storage is useless, since cloud storage simply isn't an option for most buying cheap devices/living in emerging markets. But again, otherwise a great device on paper for the price.

    • David Hart

      I agree, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with patents costs.

      Something about not wanting to pay Sandisk/Molex for every sd slot in a phone.

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Or more about Google wanting people to use the cloud since they make money from it. When it comes to Google, it's all about selling the cloud IMO - not wrong from a business point of view, but ultimately useless for the people in emerging markets that they want to target next, with Android 4.4 and what not.

      • Thomas’

        ~Microsoft, but yeah.

        • David Hart

          I'm pretty sure that only has to do with the file system. As far as I know, microsoft does not have patents for the physical parts of the sdcard/port.

          An sd card could be sold with a non Microsoft filing system.

          • Thomas’

            Which would be incompatible to every other device.

            Also, afaik the patent is already violated if your device has a mixed internal/external storage.

    • Stylus_XL

      Why don't you realise that not everyone who uses Android wants to hoard masses of data on their device? The micro SD slot request is usually made by power users who probably make up around 1% of Android users.

      • David Hart

        I don't think I've ever seen anyone complain about too much storage though.

        Every time I see a phone released w/o a sd slot I always see tons of posts about it.
        I agree that power users are the ones the notice it most. but you can't say power users are the only ones affected by little storage.a

        It is an issue, media isn't getting smaller, 8gb is tiny and costs $6.

        • Stylus_XL

          "Every time I see a phone released w/o a sd slot I always see tons of posts about it."

          Yes - on mobile tech news sites and forums, whose audience is usually made up of tech enthusiasts and power users who are a minority amongst the general consumer. People who visit these sites still forget that the average smartphone user doesn't actually care about the same extras that we do.

          • David Hart

            I really don't give a damn about the sd slot. I just want adequate storage. 16GB or less is too little, 32GB is about right, anything above 64GB is perfect in my book.

            I did agree with you that power uses are the ones that notice these things. It's not a big deal, we don't need to go back and forth.

          • Stylus_XL

            Fair enough dude, I was trying to explain my position rather than argue.

          • TheAppleFanatic

            64gb = supreme overkill in my book.

        • gierso

          i have complained
          my nexus 4 16gb ran out very fast.. :P (photos videos titanium backup/mybackuppro
          but then i just connected to PC and sent it all to my 4 TB drive and start over again no complains for another 6 months :P

      • Kevin Thomas

        Exactly, I have 8-16 GB Micro SD on every device I own, in total I may have 2GB of stuff combined. Tomorrow I'm traveling to Houston, may save a movie or 2 plus a little music for the 4 hour trip, but it goes into my device storage, where it will barely touches capacity.

      • BigJohn89

        I would disagree with you on that. I come across plenty of "average" users that don't realize they can even combine the functionality of their iPod into their Android device. Though I live outside of Chicago, I live in an area where data coverage just isn't there or practical at times to sustain streamed media usage. Some people would like to set aside space to store a number of movies (gasp!) along with their music to watch at times where coverage may not be available (such as on a plane). The other reason for an SD card is for pictures. Sure, you could save them out to the cloud (when sustainable coverage is available), but saving them to the card is much faster and, in some cases, more secure. If your phone gets dunked, the phone may be unrecoverable, but most cards you can dry off and they will continue to function fine - or at least long enough to rescue the pictures. Funny thing is the people who I hear complain about this the most aren't the power users you refer to, but the average user who just wants their stuff to work without having to think about extra accounts or coverage.

      • abobobilly

        Okay so lets hear you propose a way for companies to offer "larger internal capacities" ... which they can't because of expensive NAND flash.

        So that leave microSD Card to be the cheapest option for users. Heck i can use a puny 4GB microSD Card for my Music and that 'alone' would help me GREATLY. And if someone comes forward with "power user" argument then a power user would format the card with EXT4 and "extend" his internal storage for apps and games etc. Not to mention there are microSD Cards available in market which offer incredible read/write speeds.

        The point is, you can't ignore the benefits of microSD card slots and frankly there are quite a lot of them to be honest.

        HOWEVER, all these things on one side and the price of MotoG on another side ... one just can't complain about anything in this price range.

        And on a rather subjective note, if they are delay the release to Jan2014 which is 2 months (give or take), i don't think this is gonna matter any more given the hardware its using. A used Nexus 4 (16GB) might become even cheaper than this by that time and not to mention, that offers 2GB of RAM and an 8MP camera. So Motorola should release this NOW (worldwide i mean).

    • rap

      For a phone aimed at emerging markets,the point of having an SD slot is especially valid. Data isn't necessarily as available. SD card could be used for extra picture storage too.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      I'm sure they do realize it, but it won't happen. Motorola is owned by Google, and the Android team's hardware Public Enemy #1 is the SD card. They truly do loathe it. I doubt we'll ever see a Motorola device with an SD slot ever again, because as Motorola has rather proudly made a point of, it's their goal to provide an Android user experience that falls closely in line with Google's vision of the OS.

      Dan Morrill said 2 years ago that the Android team was "thinking about compromises" for later versions of Android in terms of SD support. Given 4 OS updates have passed since he made that statement, I'm pretty sure we can give Google-sanctioned SD support in Android a headstone.

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Yeah, I read that interview that was posted on AP (it was originally from Reddit I think, and I do agree with the fact that two storage options can be confusing), not at all hopeful we'll ever see SD card support added to anything Google. But still, it's a glaring issue IMO for devices aimed at the emerging markets (in India, and other nations), where internet speeds are piss poor/not very economical (not on home broadband, not on mobile data).

        But again, the Moto G is looking like a great device, it's great Motorola (and Nokia, whom Motorola are taking quite a few cues from, including colorful shells and now affordable but devices with good experience) are focusing on making a good experience at the low-end price point. Let's hope it doesn't get a $100 price increase when it launches in India, like the Nexus 5 did (probably won't, since it's a lesser device).

    • Al Bowering

      Does it support usb otg? With this software support it would leave expandable storage cost and size up to the user while not increasing the hardware cost. I use a 256gb flash drive with my HTC one s as it has support.

  • David Hart

    I'm looking forward to 2014, and the devices it brings us.

  • obarthelemy

    No SD. Turns into a paperweight whenever there's no 3G: train, plane, metro, back country... Why do they keep messing this up ?

    • yankeesusa

      Not having an sd is more secure if your phone gets stolen. Plus most people backup their pictures and music to the cloud. If you want an sd for apps and have more than 32gb of memory then you have way to many apps. Google would get rid of sd slots in all android phones if they could.

      • obarthelemy

        "Not having an sd is more secure if your phone gets stolen." How so ?

        "Plus most people backup their pictures and music to the cloud." What does that have to do with it ?

        "If you want an sd for apps and have more than 32gb of memory then you have way to many apps." No, for media. **ONE** HD movie is 4-8GB, my music collection 32+GB... I'm supposed to not have movies on my phone, and/or make sure I change them daily ? Or re-compress each and every one for my phone ? Or not watch movies whenever 3G/wifi is bad or absent (as if we could stream HD over 3G, ?

        "Google would get rid of sd slots in all android phones if they could." Maybe there's a reason they can't ? Like, because customers want/need them ?

        • yankeesusa

          Its been in dozens of articles and google has said it dozens of times that not having an sd card is more secure. The biggest reason i can think of now is, imagine you lose your phone... you are able to remote wipe in only couple minutes... great its wiped... oh wait, your sd card is also in the phone which has hundreds of files and personal pictures. That takes about 10 minutes to remote wipe... oh wait the phone has been turned off and memory card has been taken out. Oh well, your screwed.--this is one reason why its more secure without the memory card.
          The media part I understand wanting a memory card. I still have a bunch of media I used to use. But lately I posted all my music on google play and i use internet radio over 80% of the time. But I definitely understand the media part. But that slowly is becoming less and less now with unlimited music like google music.

          I don't know what you mean in your last statement... " Like, because customers want/need them? Is this a question or a statement? If its a question then the answer is, google doesn't care to much if the consumer wants an sd, they will never have it on a nexus device and the moto x has a lot of nexus drive behind it.

          • obarthelemy

            Yeah, 'coz someone getting a copy of the MP3s and movies abnd ebooks and abooks on my SD is such a big security problem.
            The cloud is fine and dandy, except it's not there when you most need it: on trains, planes, treks, abroad, and in a surprising number of other places...
            I'm a customer, not a Google: SD matters to me, I don't care if Google sez it shouldn't.

          • yankeesusa

            mp3 and movies aren't the only thing people keep on sd. People keep pictures, files and a whole bunch of other stuff. But hey, everyone is different. I'm glad its not a security issue for you.
            That's why as a consumer we have a voice, don't want a phone without sd then don't buy it. Its that easy

        • Kevin Thomas

          HD movies and 32GB of music saved on your phone?? In our busy work and school day, when do you have time to listen to all of that music or watch an entire movie? I understand long trips, but then it's just making sure you have what you want to watch and listen to, remove it when done, and add new stuff for the return trip.

          I'm saving stuff at this very moment for a weekend trip to Houston I leave for tomorrow. In all truth I'll probably be sleep by the time I start watching the movie, and music will probably be background noise to wash out voices around me, LOL.

          • obarthelemy

            says the man who is " saving stuff at this very moment for a weekend trip to Houston". Do you understand irony ? Me, I uploaded once and for all a good chunk of my music and several years of several series, plus a few movies, ebooks, abooks... and I don't have to spend time doing that thing **you** are doing everytime I go on a trip...

          • Kevin Thomas

            Why would I want to keep all of that on my device when I'm not traveling? I guess it's personal choice, but I much prefer keeping apps, movies, and music to minimum. I don't even take more than 20 pictures while traveling, which I do almost monthly internationally.

            I'm also a heavy reader, but keep very few ebooks in my phone or tablets. I opted for a dedicated reader, Kindle 3G,because battery life is outstanding and it also holds my audio books.

          • obarthelemy

            "all that stuff" doesn't make your device more heavy, so why would you prefer to have to put some of it on your device *every time* you move a bit ? I'm not sure what's the issue is with just loading it up once and for all (well, almost ^^)

          • Kevin Thomas

            Very simple answer, because I don't want to lol.

            That's the issue about these comment threads, people share their view as the most educated answer, when in truth it's only our personal preference.

            Being aggravated and saying manufactures should include SD space "because I need it for all my movies or music ", as many argue, is not true for everyone.

            I suggest , "please provide a secondary option for those of us who would like to use SD cards", seems more reasonable, not probable, but reasonable.

          • obarthelemy

            Well, you started off using time as the justification for lack of SD, and suggesting an alternative that's a lot more time consuming, and now devolving to "because I don't want to". I'm only pointing out the flaws in your position.

          • Kevin Thomas

            No, LOL, that is not what I said. My questions was when in day to day rush with work or school would one have time to watch an entire movie or listen to more than a few songs? You can't do it while driving, maybe in a public commute by bus or subway, but not driving.

            As far as changing my movies or music, with Verizon FIOS broadband, it takes less than 5 minutes for me download from the cloud.

            Now when I'm at my home in Mexico, that changes as access to wifi or a reliable 4G network is limited to void. However, I would argue living outside the USA is a different entity all together, I no longer care about what's on my phone or tablet because I'm enjoying real outside relationships and festivities, not like here in the USA where we live insulated form life and only derive our pleasure from brain numbing movies and tv.

          • obarthelemy

            Because I'm not worried about "a day", I'm thinking about the 1 or 2 years I'll keep my phone ? I take several hours trips monthly if not weekly, and don't want to bother about what's on my phone for each trip.
            I'm not sure why you have a different lifestyle in the US and in Mexico. I here there's "outdoors" in both places.

          • Kevin Thomas

            So you're going to keep the same movies and music on your phone or tablet for 1 or 2 years??? No, eventually you'll change them out.

            Life outside the U.S. is different because the people, culture, and manner of creating friends is different. Our lifestyle in the U.S. is more accelerated and time is priority, hence my asking when one has time to watch all those movies, LOL.

            Life in "some" parts of Mexico, I live in Southern Mexico on the Border with Guatemala, time takes a back seat and people take time to listen and not argue so much like we're doing now, LOL.

            Thanks for the discussion or personal preference, great time, but time for me to pack. Have a great weekend.

      • GraveUypo

        most people? that's very relative. here in brazil absolutely no one does that. at least i've never met anyone who uses the cloud for anything other than work related stuff.

        my father is far from a tech guy, but he still gets annoyed by the shortage of storage on his phones. he chews through storage pretty fast just from photos and videos.

        and thankfully google can't just pull an apple like that. if it did, i might start looking at windows phone a bit differently, because google has been consistently pissing me off over the last two or so years.

  • KB

    ... for the price I was hoping Motorola would have offered the Moto X for.

    • xsirxx

      They should have...

  • Mayoo

    Is the guy pointing directions in a car that has no driver?

    Google's self-driving car CONFIRMED!

    • JiGSaW525

      In the back seat maybe???

      • David Hart

        Yeah it's the back seat

        • Mayoo

          Let me dream guys! ;-)

  • david coffey

    i love how people come pouring in looking for typos to denounce the awesomeness of the AP contributors. 'OMG YOU SAID MOTO G WHEN YOU MEANT X OMG!!!'

    • Jeremiah Rice

      They're only two keys away. Clearly Motorola doesn't care about crappy typists. This is a bigger crime than omitting a MicroSD card which, as the commenters below will testify, Moto should be flogged, beaten, drawn and quartered for. /s

  • Cesar

    A good, mid-range phone for $199 off contract? Motorola just became my new favorite OEM.

  • Simon Belmont

    Quite a nice deal for $199 (for the 16GB) off contract. The Snapdragon 400 is no slouch, and the 1GB shouldn't be too much of an issue, especially with a KitKat update down the road.

    I'm sad to see the touchless voice commands go away, but it's understandable given the price point. I really love this lower cost off contract trend that's been happening lately.

  • Nicholas

    I would so totally get this phone for my parents. They need a good, solid mid range phone that will not break the bank and the Moto G looks like the perfect fit. Let's hope we get a direct currency conversion on that $199 price. Come on Motorola.

  • PhantomPtI

    Looks like a phone for the gf.

    • csgabor

      That was my first thought.

  • atlouiedog

    I love this idea and it looks great, but the storage options are a deal breaker. I spend some time outside of range of any sort of data and want offline maps and my music stored on my phone.

    • csgabor

      I've a 16gb nexus 4 and have about 1.500 songs on it with loads of space to spare. To be honest I convert songs on it to mono, but I'm not big on the stereo effect anyway and I like to have only one earplug in when on a bike.

      • atlouiedog

        I also like to mess around with things like custom ROMs so I need space for backups and things of that nature. It goes quickly. It's not that I need all of that space for my maps and music, but I need it all on there because I sometimes cannot supplement with the cloud.

        • csgabor

          I'm on CM 10.2 nightly too.

  • Cuvis

    Why in the world would you have an integrated battery when there's already a removable back?

  • CERN

    Love it! Gonna buy!

  • Superparakeet

    Might sell my Galaxy S4 for this or a Moto x, clearly Motorola is on the ball here, stock android, good battery life, and price point. I think with all the optimizations Motorola is doing to the hardware and software, specs are the least to worry about.

    • Freak4Dell

      If you're looking to sell your S4 and get a Moto phone, I'd highly recommend the X. While the G will be a capable device, the X is better and will offer you an experience that is just as good as, if not better, than your S4. The G might leave you wanting for more.

  • GraveUypo

    aside from storage, this is the best kind of phone to get nowadays. cheap, more than fast enough, decent screen. anything more than this is wasted on most users.

  • Asphyx

    Something bothers me about this...
    If this is the MID RANGE Device they are offering does that mean they think the MotoX is a HIGH RANGE device? Cause if so then I'm a bit disappointed.

    • thartist

      Performance will be excellent as in all the new Motos, and and that's what's MID RANGE. Remember the price.

      They are not going for ultra high specs anymore.

    • deadpenguins

      If you think the moto x is a "mid-range" device, you haven't used it.

  • DS

    I'm glad we're seeing things like this as well. Something like this is perfect for the wife. We're off contract in December & being able to get her a nice mid range phone for $179 OFF contract is very appealing. I'm hoping things like this continue down the road. I'm tired of paying for a contract phone & being tied to a carrier for 2yrs. This is a win for Motorola.

  • iconwodan

    I love reading comments about how much music people have and how they have 32gb +. I have somewhere around 350-360gb of music alone. So really you cant pick 4-8 gb of music you want to listen too? I can and I have way more music than the average person.

    Now I will agree with the movies part. I have recently started buying digital films from the play store and I can barely fit one oe two films let alone full seasons of tv shows on my phone. I do find that infuriating and I have 26 gb phone, sorry it's listed at 32gb but not really.

    I personally don't like sdcards, they were great when android first came out but now I have more issues with them than they are worth. I have had to reformat one card three times now and it is a top of the line Sandick. Now I do wish manufacturers and carriers would start high end phones at 64gb rather than 32gb but hey until they see the average consumer clamoring for it that wont happen.

  • br_hermon

    This is HUGE. Think of how this impacts: A. Phone Insurance (basically acts as or eliminates the need, depending on your scenario); B. Parents with T(w)eens (It's impossible to argue the value and price); C. Prepaid consumers; D. Older Adults (perfect, inexpensive phone to get the older generation onto smartphones) and E. The mobile industry as a whole. This will force other OEMs to reconsider their pricing strategy and force carriers to be more aggressive with their pricing structure as well. (Although knowing the greed of carriers, I wouldn't doubt for a second they figure out a way to snuff out what Moto is trying to do. They'll charge MVNOs more, causing us to pay more. They'll refuse phones like this to be permitted on their network citing "compatibility" issues. Or something, they'll figure out a way to get our money. In the mean time, enjoy it while it lasts. It's a back and forth with Moto being far ahead right now. Carriers will soon catch up and make adjustments to get more $ but ultimately, this will prove positive for consumers. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.)

    • NeedName

      Carriers, from what I've read in interviews with the CEO of VZW & AT&T, know that unlocked device are the future, especially because of the all-LTE devices of the future, thus I don't think they are going to fight this issue, it's inevitable. Phones will become cheaper one way or another.

      Just look at T-Mobile's current strategy — bring your unlocked device and get on for $50/month, add second line for $30 and every additional line (up to 5 lines) for $10 each, and if you want higher speed data add ten bucks, etc.

      Then you have startups offering even cheaper service, if you use wifi (republic wireless) or will live with ads, etc. . .

      They can fight all they want, but at least one carrier will have nationwide LTE that'll be offering low priced contracts for you unlocked devices. Just a matter of time.

  • arturodelac

    Why dotes every one keeps saying yhe Nexus 4 was mis range its annoyin te hell out of me

  • GeeKLoRD

    This Moto sure does hit the....spot.

  • flosserelli

    Not available until January? Motorola needs to release this for the holidays. They would make a killing.

  • Arthur Dent

    The G is looking really nice for the price! Great job Moto. That seems like it leaves a very large gap in the market though ... $199 for the G and $549 for the X.

    No new price drop on the X announced for the holidays? Given the large price disparity, I was hoping so. I want a 32GB X for $99 or so, as it's still $149 on Motomaker. Dammit, I wish Amazon, Best Buy, etc. would get the 32GB model, since they would discount it much quicker than the Motomaker site. Doesn't seem to be in the cards.

    Anyone at AP know if the 32GB X is going to ever be marketed through regular stores?

    • FrancoMacagno

      The X is $479 now

  • Mark Smith

    Reminds me somewhat of the Gnex specs, which isn't a bad thing, and for that price I'd be tempted to get this to replace my gnex until the next Nexus phone comes out in 2014.

  • ginobili

    I'll move from Nexus 4 to this

  • Andrew

    No LTE though. Bummer. (just HSPA+, up to 21mbps, according to the spec sheet above)

  • Mystery Man

    I would have considered this as a christmas gift to people

    guess not ._.

  • Lamm

    If I had a device w/o a microsd slot, I would probably have a usb thumbstick hanging from it the whole time.

    Actually, I use storage a lot, for movies, series, games, music... My phone has 48gigs (16 internal + 32) and I'm often forced to delete stuff to add new content.

    Also, I tend to use the camera a lot, especially for 1080p filming. So, storage is a mUST.

  • gooner13

    What is that blue flip case that is in the promo? Is that G exclusive? Haven't had a chance to read up on the G yet, busy work day. Maybe wouldn't mind something like that for the X.

    • Brad

      I'd think so... the x doesn't have a removable back plate.

  • Freak4Dell

    So this is basically an HTC One Mini, in terms of hardware, but $250 cheaper. Not bad, Motorola...not bad.

  • Barnassey

    This phone would make a great gift for my mom on herbirthday. she needs a decent phone not a galaxy Y...

  • Jon

    So, let me get this straight: You CAN remove the back pannel, but you CAN'T reach swap a battery or a memory card? Really?

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    Correction Jeremiah, the Nexus 4 started off at $299 for 8g (but with taxes and shipping, = $330ish) (unless you mean out of the gate in 2012, then it might be more)

  • Markoff

    so correct me if I understood correctly, they took Xiaomi Hongmi (Red rice, available to end users for 131USD), lowered the specs (smaller display, camera for example), raised the price by 25% and now they offer it in western countries as "cheap" phone ?

    btw. I find it amusing to promote "all day battery life", that's quite sad fact I would not be very proud about to show off to customers that my phone can last only one day

  • Derail Doax

    So. Apple releases the "cheaper" iPhone 5C, which is plastic and colorful. The Moto G has a bigger screen that's higher resolution, has a higher PPI, has an interchangeable colorful plastic piece instead of being stuck with your first choice, has 7 color options vs the iPhone 5Cs 5 color selections and is $199 for a 16 GB model while the plastic colorful iPhone 5C in 16 GB is $549. That's stupid! Apple you're doing it wrong.

  • Pedro Pinto

    Will the Moto G have a white version or only black? I mean the front panel.

  • vcvcdfdf5


  • Ginger

    Nice specs and look but it's still a phone without a charger included... What's more on the Motorola online shop says "Micro USB power cable coming soon". WTF?!

  • av

    Will having no sd card create a problem? How will the games storing data on sd card work?
    Has someone who bought this phone experienced a problem with not having expandable memory?

  • ALLO

    Does having no sd card affect?

  • Sam Hopes

    "Chinese consumers have long been at the leading edge of smartphone use, blazing trails in mobile messaging, media and more. Motorola's pure Android-based devices will give them new choices in how they connect to the world."Its return will increase a good competitation in chinese market. This shall change a lot of things in mobile market.